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About eXp Realty – Everything you Need to Know

About eXp Realty – Everything you Need to Know

Everything You need to nkow about Exp Realty

There has never been a more powerful agent-first opportunity for business, income, and personal growth in the history of real estate.

eXp Realty LLC is unlike any company in the history of real estate that is changing the lives of over 88,000 agents across the world. eXp Realty allows agents to scale their businesses beyond what they can ever imagine with the most technologically advanced tools and resources and the most agent-centric model that the real estate industry has ever seen.

If you want to build long-term wealth as a real estate entrepreneur, then you need to pay attention! Welcome to eXp Realty, the fastest growing real estate brokerage in North American history.

eXp Realty just released this new logo!
New eXp Realty Logo

By now you might have heard of this unique brokerage already. That’s why in this post I am not only going to introduce you to this game changing revolutionary real estate business model and present the information accurately like never before, but also show you how you can duplicate and replicate the success that we have with this model.

eXp Realty Business Model Explained

In this post, I will explain the different components of the eXp Realty business model in detail such as:

  • How agents are keeping over 100% of there commissions with our unique financial model
  • How agents have built true wealth through our equity incentives
  • How agents are building national and international teams with our one of a kind revenue share team building model
  • How you can centralize and organize your business using our state of the art CRM and lead generation system KVCORE
  • How you can expand your referral network internationally through WorkPlace
  • How agents are getting more business done through our revolutionary cloud based campus
  • How you can get access to the most advanced and sophisticated agent training academy in the world
  • How you can save massive amounts of both time and money by partnering with us
  • How new agents can succeed just as much as seasoned agents through the expand mentorship program
  • How you can build true wealth as a real estate entrepreneur
  • and MORE!

Unique financial model of eXp Realty

The first revolutionary aspect of eXp realty is the impeccably agent-centric financial model. What I am about to share with you will not only shock you, but it will also be incredibly hard to believe.

Agents at eXp Realty can earn over 100% of their commissions!

That’s right…OVER 100% of commissions. And here’s how.

The commission split with eXp realty agents is 80/20 (80% to the agent/20% to the company). On top of that estate agents are able to run their very own business as independent contractors and earn multiple streams of income at the same time by partnering with eXp Realty.

The commissions rate and cost table of eXp realty.
eXp Payment Plan Table

On top of the already favorable 80/20 split (80% to the agents/20% to the company), there is also a yearly $16,000 cap. This means that you will get to keep 100% of your commissions once you cap every year as an agent at eXp realty! Also investors are very favored at eXp because agents are allowed to keep 100% of their commissions for the transaction on their own home for up to 3 deals per year.

But that can only help you earn 100% of your commissions you say…if you read on, I will show you how you can make over 100% of your commissions just by doing your job!

Stock Awards

At eXp realty, agents just like yourself can instantly become shareholders in the company just by doing their job.

Since eXp realty LLC is held under the publicly traded company EXP World Holdings (NASDAQ: EXPI), you are able to earn shares of company stock for reaching certain milestones in your business each year cycle!

eXp Realty Canada EXPI Stock Awards Earnings

Agents at eXp can earn stock shares in a variety of ways from making their first sale every year all the way to becoming company recognized top producing ICON agents. That way you can become an instant shareholder at the company and build wealth through equity.

The prestigious eXp Realty ICON Agent Award

Becoming an ICON agent is just one way agents at eXp are making over 100% of their commissions.

Once you’ve hit ICON status at eXp realty and close 20 additional transactions after you’ve capped, you earn your entire cap back in shares of company stock.

You can also earn stock shares and make over 100% of your commissions by sponsoring other agents to eXp realty and building a revenue share organization. This is the second and most lucrative way to build long term generational wealth as a real estate agent and is the main reason why eXp has become the fastest growing brokerage in North American History.

Revenue Share

The most powerful and scaleable way that you can build a duplicatable residual income business here at eXp realty is by sponsoring other agents to the company and building a revenue share organization.

Agents at eXp realty can receive revenue share income paid to them by the company from the sales activity of agents that they sponsor into the company. For each agent you personally bring into the company you can earn up to $2,800 in revenue share income every year as long as the agents you sponsor are continuing to make sales.

Revenue share is not a one time payment and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so powerful, as long as an agent you sponsor makes a sale, the company will pay you revenue share.

But revenue share doesn’t stop there. Revenue share at eXp is cascading. And that’s what makes it such a powerful income producing model, because it is duplicatable and will allow you to grow it at an exponential pace.

The agents that you sponsor into the company are also incentivized to produce sales and attract other agents into the company who also produce sales with the same revenue share payment. And in addition to your bonus for the sales production of the agents you bring into the company, you will ALSO earn revenue share for the production of the agents that they bring in!

Now this goes on with varying amounts of payment all the way for 7 levels of agents. Here is a graphic that you can refer to for details:

eXp Realty Canada Revenue Share Plan Chart

Learn how you can become an industry leader in your market instantly by partnering with our elite collective and leveraging this exact model immediately where we will show you how you can duplicate our success with this model in your local market!

Tools for Agents at eXp Realty

On top of the multiple ways that agents at eXp Realty can build wealth, eXp Realty also provides agents with the most technologically advanced tools to succeed in their business like never before.


Upon partnering with eXp realty agents will have access to a state of the art Lead Generation and CRM system called KVCORE that helps them with their daily clientele tracking and transaction needs.

This can include:

  • Lead tracking
  • Templated emails
  • Task management
  • Showing and open house tracking
  • Match buyers to properties
  • Text and Email Automation
  • Sales progression
  • Personalized websites to capture leads
A graphic example of the front end of your personal exp kvcore site.
Personalized Lead Generation Website KVCore

KVCore is a two platform system that has a free customizable lead generation website on the front end and a state of the art CRM and automation system in the back end. This allows agents to not only create beautiful and personalized marketing pieces for free on their website, but it also allows them to automate most of their follow up and get in contact with leads immediately after they are captured on the website or many landing pages that you can create.


Another fantastic tool that allows agents to network and share and locate resources within eXp Realty is WorkPlace by Facebook.

WorkPlace is a centralized resource hub where company staff, associates, and agents can locate resources and communicate with each other in a work environment geared towards remote working.

In Workplace agents, brokers, staff, associates, and partners are able to communicate and collaborate instantly in a central database platform. This allows agents to access shared resources, archived training, company announcements, and public files at an instant.

eXp Workplace example photo
Workplace by Facebook

But that’s not where the tools stop. I am about to show you just exactly how business is done at eXp realty, and why we are the world’s leading and pioneering cloud based brokerage simply by implementing this one ultra powerful tool…

eXp World

eXp world is the foundation of eXp Realty and the one tool that all agents at eXp must be familiar with because it is vital to our success at the company. It is essentially the cloud based brokerage that we operate our businesses through and is the single most powerful tool in the real estate industry.

eXp Realty exp world demo
eXp World

In eXp World, you can create an avatar representation of yourself to represent you so that you can do business remotely in a cloud based environment where agents, brokers, staff, and partners can interact and do business.

Although this may seem like a silly concept, it is the single most powerful tool that has helped over 30,000 agents in North America scale their businesses by allowing them to free up more time during the day and conducting their business activities without the need to spend time commuting from one location to another.

This tool has allowed many new and part time real estate agents to absolutely explode their businesses because it allows them to save time and do business quickly.

Here are all of the functions of eXp World

  • eXp University
  • Meeting rooms
  • Regional managing broker rooms
  • Onboarding center
  • Attraction services
  • Tech support
  • Payment Processing
  • Accounting services
  • Brokerage operations
  • International operations
  • and more…

One of the most important functions of eXp World is eXp University, the agent training and development center for all eXp agents.

In this next section I am about to show you exactly why eXp Realty is the single most advanced brokerage for new real estate agents in the world and how they will help new agents succeed immediately.

New Agents

eXp Realty exp university graphic
Get access to 40+ hours of live training in eXp University

eXp University is the state of the art agent training and skillset development center in eXp World. This is where all eXp agents can access trainings from the top real estate producers in the company and continue to develop their skillsets.

New agents at eXp has access to over 40 hours of live training from the company’s top producing agents from around the world in eXp University. That is because the company’s top producing ICON agents from around the world will personally teach the training and coaching sessions. New agents at eXp will immediately get to pick the brain of and mastermind with the leaders of the industry from the moment they hang their license with the company.

New Agents are also offered a chance at hands on support and mentorship through the expand mentorship program at eXp. New agents will be set up with a local mentor who will guide them through at least their first three transactions to ensure that they are getting their questions answered from the start.

eXp Global – The next great evolution in real estate

eXp Realty was founded in the US in 2009 when former Keller Williams franchise region owner Glenn Sanford took the real estate company cloud based and allowed for agents across the USA to collaborate and partner with each other. This method has proven to be extremely successful due to the extreme growth we have seen at eXp Realty.

eXp Realty agent growth chart
eXp North American Growth Graph

But the best is yet to come…

In addition to its massive United States presence, eXp Realty LLC just announced that they are opening operations in the global markets of Canada, India, Mexico, Europe, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia in the form of eXp Global. With the addition of cross border revenue share coming in 2021, eXp agents will have the ability to partner with industry leaders in global markets and foreign countries such as the one’s listed above. For the ambitious agents in these new countries, this is an absolutely groundbreaking ground floor opportunity to capitalize on in your very market. This can be a life changing opportunity for the real estate entrepreneurs who want to take the reins on this once in a lifetime opportunity and become instant market leaders in real estate.

exp realty global expansion map international footprint
eXp expansion map

Partner with the Most Technologically and Financially Advanced Real Estate Company in the World!

The biggest real estate disrupter in the history of the world is growing at a feverish pace! Take advantage of this opportunity now and find out how you can partner with us so we can help you grow your real estate business exponentially to unlimited heights!

Book a FREE one on one strategy session with us TODAY so we can show you exactly how you can take advantages of this ground floor business opportunity and become an instant industry leader in your market by duplicating our proven systems immediately!