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About eXp Realty: Everything you need to know on the #1 eXp Resource Page Online!

About eXp Realty - eXp logo

There’s a lot to love about eXp Realty! Partner with us you get access to resources, training, tools, masterminds, courses, coaching, mentorship, and support all for free from top agents focused on helping you grow your business & achieve total freedom!

eXp is the Fastest Growing Brokerage In The World

Setting records for growth and winning awards year after year as the best real estate company to work for.

Illustration showing real estate growth

eXp is the Fastest Growing Brokerage In The World

Setting records for growth in the united states and abroad and winning awards year after year as the best real estate company to work for.

Learn More About eXp Realty: Table of Contents

This page is focused on eXp Realty, as much of the value, benefits, tools, training, value, and resources are the same across all of eXp worldwide – the financial model just varies slightly by location and by Realty, Commercial, Referral divisions and production teams. 

Founded by Glenn Sanford in 2009, real estate professionals everywhere are joining eXp Realty, making it the fastest growing brokerage in the world. eXp Realty is consistently Glassdoor’s Best Place to Work every year and is a top company in real estate transactions and performance in Real Trends, and is now the largest residential real estate brokerage . 

eXp’s unique cloud-based brokerage model is revolutionizing the industry and quickly replacing the traditional brokerage model. Learn all about the exciting opportunity at eXp Realty right here on the internet’s most comprehensive eXp resource website! 

Table of Contents

eXp Realty Commission Split & Cap

eXp Realty Commission Split

The commission split is 80/20 – that’s 80% of each pre-cap transaction to agents and 20% to eXp Realty. The eXp Commercial commission split is also 80/20! 

This 80/20 split is significant because the value you receive for all the 80+ hours of live training a week, powerful lead generation CRMs and tools, support from over 2000 staff members at your fingertips, a sponsorship team like the Lion League, and more is hard to beat anywhere in the world. 

Many brokerages that provide tools, training, and support are no better than a 70/30 split and charge additional office and franchise fees while eXp does not!

eXp Global commission splits vary by location.  Official eXp Teams can have higher splits and lower caps. There are team productions and other requirements and changes in those cases.  

Schedule a call to learn more about eXp Teams or eXp Global!

eXp Realty Commission Gap

The eXp Realty commission cap is $16,000 a year. After paying that $16,000 to eXp Realty through your 20% split, you will cap and go to 100% commission for the rest of your anniversary year! Your anniversary year starts in the month you join eXp Realty.

While you will learn more in the equity & stock section below, you can get your entire $16,000 cap BACK as EXPI stock shares when you hit the ICON top producing agent production requirements at eXp! 

Agents wishing to join eXp Realty that have recently capped at their current brokerage can choose to do an eXp Realty Cap Deferment.

This means that eXp will allow an agent to come to eXp already capped until their anniversary year is up.

To learn more, schedule a call with us!

Most real estate agents have heard of the amazing 80/20 eXp Realty commission split and the awesomely low $16,000 annual cap. But what does that mean?

Ready To Take Your Real Estate Business to the Next Level with eXp?

Join eXp Realty with the Lion League for Free! The #1  partnership team at eXp Realty – here for your success, growth & freedom! 

eXp Realty Fees & Costs

First Month Free To Join!

What are the brokerage's fees?

First Month Fee To Join

The initial fee to join eXp Realty is $149. This includes absolutely everything, including your first monthly fee (normally $85). So in reality think of the cost to join eXp Realty as just $149 – $85 = $64!

Pretty amazing, right? Consume live training on contracts, lead generation, business growth, and more all month for $150… name anywhere else you can get that much value for such a reasonable cost!

Monthly Fee + What It Includes

The eXp Realty monthly fee is just $85, which includes:

eXp Realty Transaction Fees

Here is a breakdown of the eXp Realty transaction fees:

Learn about eXp Realty costs and fees: a straight-forward, yet comprehensive guide of the costs and fees to join eXp Realty.

eXp Realty EXPI Stock & Equity Program

eXp Realty is Agent Owned!

eXp agents become shareholders immediately upon closing their first transaction at eXp. How many agents can say they own the brokerage they work in? 

Exp agents earn EXPI stock shares for free and also have the option to purchase shares at a discount on every transaction. 

These free and opt in stock options are an amazing benefit as eXp agents ultimately control the direction of the company. eXp Realty agents can also amass equity over time as they sell real estate! We’ve personally known eXp agents who have paid off their houses with their EXPI stock holdings! 

eXp World Holdings Stock (EXPI)

eXp is a publicly-traded company EXP World Holdings is a NASDAQ stock with the ticker symbol EXPI. Owning EXP World Holdings is far more than owning a share of just eXp Realty. Here are some of the sub-companies you own as an EXPI shareholder:

Personally, we love owning and amassing EXPI stock. We see the growth of the company every single day: from number of agents worldwide, to countries opening, to commercial division growth, to revenue, to transactions!

Ways eXp Realty Agents Earn Stock

Learn about eXp Realty stock, EXPI. EXPI shares are traded publicly on the NASDAQ. While eXp Realty real estate agents earn EXP stock in multiple ways, anyone can go out and buy EXP stock shares…

eXp Realty Revenue Share

What is eXp Realty Revenue Share?

eXp Realty revenue share is a company paid, automated, scalable, referral-like income stream eXp Realty pays agents passively each month in return for helping to grow the company! This works for 7 Tiers of recruiting, so over time your revenue share income stream can grow and scale on it’s own. 

Unlike residuals or profit share at other brokerages, eXp Realty revenue share is paid before the company makes a profit and offers much more income. Every time an eXp Realty, Commercial, or Global agent pays their 20% commission split to eXp, eXp immediately takes half of that and pays it back out to agents as revenue share immediately! 

Our favorite part about eXp Realty revenue share is that you win together with the team of agents you attract to eXp: you get revenue share when they successfully sell houses! Many agents build a team by introducing agents to the eXp Realty model and eventually step away from selling homes to focus on helping their team succeed. 

Revenue Share As An Unlimited Income Stream

eXp Realty provides agents with an opportunity to build a passive income stream they can retire off of as fast or as slow as they want thanks to revenue sharing. Agents can even attract entire brokerages and teams at one time. This is a life changing opportunity to not only achieve financial freedom and stop selling houses, but also to scale to any level – all by helping agents succeed at eXp Realty! 

If eXp Realty revenue share interests you, be sure to partner with the eXp sponsorship team with the best agent attraction training, tools, resources, masterminds, and coaching! Our team!

eXp Revenue Share Calculator

We built a revenue share calculator to better demonstrate eXp Realty revenue share potential income. Check out our team’s revenue share calculator in the post below – this tool is one of the many benefits provided to our team for free.

What if I told you, that you can build a whole new scalable cash flow stream while you are already doing your job as a real estate agent? Check this post to learn more about eXp Realty revenue sharing! 

eXp Realty Training

Live Training Classes in eXp World

woman on laptop

Live Training Classes in eXp World

It is important to know about eXp Realty training: eXp Realty takes the top agents in the 90,000+ real estate agent company and puts them in front of you for 80+ hours of LIVE training every week in the eXp World virtual environment. This is a virtual world where you can instantly log in and get training thanks to our unique cloud-based platform built by Virbella (which eXp owns!). 

Attend as many classes as you want on topics ranging from every lead generation technique, contract knowledge, team building and social media! Ask questions, collaborate, and learn!

Virtual Training Environment

A virtual training environment is an incredibly convenient, efficient, and helpful way to learn. At most brokerages you will be limited to what a broker and a few experienced agents know. At eXp, you get insights taught by the world’s experts on every real estate topic, every lead generation technique, every social media tactic, and more! 

Try it out! Your eXp World Guest Pass

See for yourself the amazing training from top producers and live support from 2,000+ staff!

Recorded Training Classes

Don’t have time during the day to attend live training classes? Well you’re in luck because the live classes are recorded and are available all the time to watch in eXp University!

This is great for part time real estate agents just starting out.

That’s where eXp Realty training is dominating the industry. It’s done completely different. At eXp Realty, training is taught by the top agents at the company! Learn more about eXp Realty training in this post.

eXp Realty Sponsor Provided Training

Not all eXp Realty sponsors are created equal! In addition to a local mentor, local market agents, your state broker team, your managing broker, and 2,000+ staff, at eXp you get additional support from your sponsor! By partnering with an exclusive sponsorship organization like our Lion League, you will also get access to additional live training masterminds and events as well as training courses to help grow your business, team, investments, and freedom! 

For example, here are just a few unique training benefits at the Lion League at eXp Realty:

Helping agents level up their business for free. Learn about eXp Realty’s best sponsorship team!

Ready To Take Your Real Estate Business to the Next Level with eXp?

Join eXp Realty with the Lion League for Free! The #1  partnership team at eXp Realty – here for your success, growth & freedom! 

eXp Realty Tools & Systems

eXp Realty kvCORE CRM, Website & Lead Generation

At eXp Realty, a kvCORE CRM and website is included for every agent (a $300/month value!).  kvCORE is an incredibly powerful lead generation, marketing, and client database tool that includes a whole suite of features. 

You’ll have a customizable front end website with actual listings from your MLS for clients to browse. Squeeze pages can be used with social media to collect client leads. Customized email and text automated marketing campaigns can be applied to any existing or recently added leads for automated follow up and long term lead fostering. Property search alerts, market reports, and sales price estimates can be manually or automatically generated for leads. Done-for-you Google and Facebook ads can be added for even more client leads getting automatically added to your database and marketing campaigns applied. 

There are a whole bunch more features, including smart text codes, craigslist plugin, Nosy Neighbor listing farming, and more details in the eXp Realty kvCORE section below! 

eXp World

eXp World is a virtual training and support environment accessible from anywhere at anytime that is built by Virbella – which is an eXp-owned company! So as an agent owner, you also own Virbella and eXp World. eXp World is an incredible way to log in from anywhere to get instant support from your state brokers, technical, contract, payment, teams, revenue share, equity, healthcare, and other eXp partner support. 

One of the biggest misperceptions about eXp Realty is only a cloud-based brokerage and that eXp World is the ONLY way to get broker support, training, or collaborate with other agents at eXp. This couldn’t be further from the truth! eXp World is an EXCELLENT way to get live training every week from top experts on each topic and it is also an amazing way to log in from anywhere and get any support imaginable instantly, but there are many ways to get support and training outside of eXp World, like Workplace groups, Workplace messenger, email, phone, zoom, and at in-person events!

Check out the eXp Realty Training section above for how to get an eXp World Guest Pass where you can try out eXp World and take as much live training as you’d like for free! 

Learn about eXp Realty’s eXp World – the best time management tool for real estate agents! 

eXp Workplace

eXp’s Workplace is essentially Facebook for eXp agents and staff. It allows all 85,000+ agents and thousands of staff members to interact, collaborate, refer, train, and learn together through groups, workspaces, direct messages, and more! There are massive referral networks to give and get clients, groups to learn about kvCORE and any lead generation strategies, eXp partners and discounts, the eXp University full of recorded eXp World training, your state brokerage group, local groups, charity groups, investing groups, and so much more!

eXp Skyslope

The eXp Skyslope Transaction Manager is used to manage your documentation and commission compensation for each transaction. When you open a file for a specific real estate transaction, a document checklist will be created to coordinate all state required docs for broker review. Commission and title info will be collected so that eXp can send a commission disbursement authorization to the title company so that your commission check can be handed to you at closing!

eXp Realty kvCORE CRM & Website

What is eXp Realty kvCORE?

CRM software

What is eXp Realty kvCORE?

What CRM does eXp Realty use? kvCORE!

An extremely powerful all in one tool for real estate agents and teams. kvCORE is a cutting edge IDX integrated, agent customizable home search and lead generation website with a powerful back end customer resource manager (CRM) with additional free and paid lead generation tools, automated marketing, newsletters and more.

kvCORE, formerly known as Kunversion, is included for all eXp Realty agents, which would normally cost $300 a month for individual agents!

eXp kvCORE provides:

New Agent eXp Mentor Program

What is the eXp Expand Mentorship Program?

Being a brand new real estate agent can be daunting! That’s why having a local, experienced agent as a mentor is super helpful. New real estate agents at eXp Realty are assigned a LOCAL mentor upon joining and receive an additional eXpand new agent training series. 

This program is designed to support you through your first three transactions at eXp and is in addition to the support you’ll receive from your state broker team, your sponsor, live and recorded training, staff support, and (optionally) your team. You will have the opportunity to shadow your mentor on showings, open houses, and more!

Expand Program Commission Split & Duration

As part of the eXpand mentorship program, the eXp Realty commission split will be 60/40 for those three transactions with your mentor. After three transactions you’ll graduate and return to a normal 80/20 split. 

If you already have experience, you will not have to enter the mentor program. You do have the option to keep working with your mentor either officially in the mentor program or however you work out collaborating after the program! 

You’ve taken your pre-licensing courses and successfully passed your State’s Real Estate Exam. Now what? This is where our mentorship program comes into play. Learn the about eXp Realty mentor program.

Ready To Take Your Real Estate Business to the Next Level with eXp?

Join eXp Realty with the Lion League for Free! The #1  partnership team at eXp Realty – here for your success, growth & freedom! 

eXp Realty for Teams & Brokers

Reasons Teams & Broker-Owners Join eXp Realty

Hundreds of teams and brokerages have joined eXp Realty for good reason: eXp was designed to provide the perfect brokerage platform for teams! 

Here are some of the top reasons:

Types of Teams at eXp Realty

There are four types of teams at eXp. Each comes with it’s own requirements. Team splits are determined by the team leaders. But the eXp Realty commission split and cap can different depending on the team type. Standard and Mega ICON teams also have production requirements to meet. Team agents may not be eligible for ICON awards. 

There are a number of team types at eXp Realty. While you don’t need a team to join eXp Realty, you might want to learn about eXp Realty team structures here in case you DO join one after joining eXp!

Choosing Your eXp Realty Sponsor

What is an eXp Realty Sponsor?

When you fill out the Independent Contractor Agreement upon joining eXp Realty, you’ll have the opportunity to name a sponsor: an existing eXp Realty agent. Every agent must have and name a sponsor. 

An eXp Realty sponsor is an agent you choose to help support you in your eXp Realty real estate journey. Each eXp Realty sponsor is different, and levels of support may vary. Because a sponsor is separate from a mentor, a team lead, support staff, and your broker team, the sponsor’s role is not location dependent and a sponsor can provide different training and support. 

How to Choose a Sponsor

An eXp Realty sponsor is defined as “the agent that influenced you the most to join eXp Realty.” As eXp Realty has become so well known as a game changing brokerage in the real estate industry, what we now see are agents searching for the RIGHT eXp Realty sponsor for their goals.

To choose an eXp Realty sponsor, we recommend you decide what kind of additional support you might need in addition to eXp Realty training and support. Learn about our team’s unparalleled value below or on our partner with us page

The Best eXp Realty Sponsor in the World!

You need to know about eXp Realty’s best sponsorship team! 

Our sponsorship team provides: 

If you are thinking about joining eXp Realty, learn what an eXp sponsor is and how to find the best eXp Realty Sponsor! More about eXp Realty sponsorship here.

How To Join eXp Realty

Joining eXp is as easy as 1,2,3!

Pros and Cons of eXp Realty as a New Agent

1. Get your state real estate license number

2. Choose an eXp Realty sponsor

3. Complete eXp Realty application!

New agents will be assigned a mentor after joining. If you plan to join a local eXp Realty team, you can also do so after joining.
If you are moving a team, have transactions in progress, want to do a cap deferment, or have other questions, be sure to schedule a call with us BEFORE completing your application with eXp. 

Find out how to join eXp Realty with this 6-step comprehensive guide. 

eXp Commercial

eXp Commercial is simply the commercial side of eXp, bringing a fresh, agent-centric model to the commercial real estate industry!

An 80/20 split is just about unheard of in the commercial industry, which is a large reason why eXp Commercial is growing so fast. eXp Commercial is open in all 50 States and offers the same 80/20 split to agents. 

eXp Commercial agents have the same revenue share and equity opportunities – although per-agent revenue share is slightly higher due to the higher cap.

Here are things that make eXp Commercial slightly different than eXp Realty:

As an eXp Realty agent, you can get training on the Commercial side for free and transition over if you desire! eXp Realty agents may also transact a few commercial transactions a year and vice versa. But if you plan to mostly do commercial, you’ll want to transfer over to the eXp Commercial side. Don’t worry, your revenue share team and equity doesn’t change!

See for yourself why eXp Commercial is the best choice for Commercial Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Team Leaders in 2023 and beyond!

NEW: eXp Luxury Division

The all new eXp Luxury division is bringing a whole new model to luxury sales agents everywhere. 

The Luxury division provides additional training, tools, certification, and more to allow eXp Realty agents to build and service their luxury client base. 

To become an eXp Luxury agent, eXp agents must either meet a production requirement or get one of a number of certifications, all of which is outlined in the article below!

The eXp Luxury division provides agents with exclusive training, tools, and partnerships to provide exceptional services to luxury clients.

eXp Realty Luxury Division Unique Benefits

Learn all about eXp Realty’s new Luxury Division in this comprehensive breakdown:

NEW: eXp Referral Division

The recently launched eXp Referral Division is a new division of eXp Realty specifically designed for real estate referral agents!

Many agents decide to hang their license in a referral only status to be able to seek a referral commission income stream but carry far fewer expenses. Now you can do that with eXp Realty Referral Division!

eXp Realty has a MASSIVE referral opportunity with over 90,000 agents worldwide all connected together and trading referrals constantly. 

Here are some of the perks of the eXp Referral division:

Check out this breakdown about eXp Realty’s new Referral Division for referral real estate agents:

eXp Global

The eXp Model is taking over the globe!

eXp Realty Global map

The eXp Model is taking over the globe!

eXp is now open in 23 countries worldwide! This includes Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, India, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Greece, Poland, and Israel! 

The international eXp footprint is known as eXp Global. The plan is to expand to 50 countries with over 500,000 agents worldwide within the next few years! 

The eXp model varies slightly by country, which of course makes sense since real estate is handled a little differently in each country. Interestingly, the revenue share and equity opportunities are a part of eXp Global as well! That means even if you are an agent in the US or anywhere else, you can build revenue share team and attract agents ANYWHERE ELSE in the WORLD!
To learn more about eXp for your country – whether it is open now or whether you’d like to be a part of opening eXp in your country, schedule a call with us and we’d be happy to look at country specific details and connect you with the eXp Global expansion team! 

This is Your Defining Moment!

Are you ready to live a life of growth and freedom through real estate collaboration with the best team in the world at the best brokerage in the world?