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About eXp Realty – 11 of the Many Reasons to Join!

About eXp Realty - 11 of the Many Reasons to Join!

eXp Realty is the fastest growing brokerage in the history of North America. A cloud-based brokerage born out of the 2008 housing recession, eXp has grown to be an enduring, technology driven company focused on providing value, support, and flexibility to the agents. Located in all of the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia, eXp Realty eliminates the expensive, agent-paid-for, franchise-based brick and mortar model and replaced it with an agent-owned company whose sole purpose is to put agents first.  Keep reading to learn about eXp Realty benefits from real eXp agents

When you’re ready to join, here’s why you should seriously consider partnering with us!

Earn More at eXp: 80-100% Commission and a Low $16,000 Cap

At eXp, there’s no productivity requirement to have a very lucrative 80/20 split – all agents start there and it only gets better! Plus there’s a super low $16,000 cap.  After that, agents receive 100% commission, even if licensed in multiple states!

Agents at lower split brokerage or a higher cap (or no cap) could immediately and significantly boost their income just by switching to eXp Realty!

Anytime, Anywhere Training and Support

eXp World – our virtual training and support environment – gives eXp real estate agents the opportunity to take 50+ hours of LIVE training every single week. Each state also holds state-specific training weekly. Plus many of the classes are recorded and available any time to eXp agents.

There are 400+ staff members at eXp, all working for the agents and they are accessible in many ways: in eXp World, in WorkPlace, by email, and by phone. In eXp World, you can meet with your broker, support staff, tech support, legal assistance, and more!

Website, Lead Gen, Marketing, and More!

eXp Realty provides a powerful CRM tool called kvCORE. This normally costs $299 a month, but at eXp it’s included as part of eXp agent’s affordable – cloud brokerage fee of $85!  kvCORE gives agents a personalized website with listings from their local MLS, with free and paid lead generation tools, automated marketing, and management of prospects. 

Use kvCORE to build and organize your contacts, manage leads, grow your sphere, and increase your transactions! It comes with text codes, email marketing, text marketing, integrated Google and Facebook ads, Making it Rain integration, a Craigslist plugin, a personalized home search app… the list goes on. 

Mentors, Sponsors, and Teams

Mentor – New real estate agents at eXp Realty are assigned a local, experienced eXp agent as their mentor through the eXpand Mentorship Program. Their mentor is responsible for guiding new agents through at least their first 3 transactions. This is a fantastic program – and a must – for new agents.

Sponsor – Your sponsor is the eXp agent that influenced you the most to join eXp Realty. They can be any agent in the company from anywhere. Your sponsor, and their upline of sponsors, should support you in your growth as an agent. Learn more about the many benefits to partnering with us as your upline.

Team – Teams are optional to join and are located all over and are structured in different ways. Some agents like to do their own thing, and some like to join or start a team. Usually there’s a team leader who generates client leads for the other team agents, who then close the transactions and split commission.

Equity Opportunities

Every agent at eXp Realty has the unique opportunity to earn EXPI stock shares in the company. This is allows agents to build wealth through equity, making them shareholders in this amazing company!

Agents earn stock on their first transactions and first transactions of sponsored agents. They can also opt in to using a portion of commission earnings to purchase EXPI stock at a discount. Qualified top producing ICON agents can also earn their entire cap back as stock!
Equity Opportunity for Real Estate Agents in EXPI Stock, NASDAQ Listed

Rev Share: Cash Flow Beyond Measure!

Agents at eXp Realty receive revenue share from productive agents they sponsor to the company (for 7 Tiers!). This is an awesome incentive to help grow the company and serves as a cash flow stream and eventual exit strategy! Revenue share doesn’t reduce agent commission and is paid by eXp. To understand this better, check out the calculator:

Collaboration and Referrals

eXp Realty’s Facebook-built Workplace is a fantastic platform where all 28,000 eXp real estate agents collaborate together! There are groups for locations, marketing, commercial, CRM, lead generation, and much more! Get ANY question answered.

Want free leads for your area, or know someone moving to a different market? Hop on the Referral Network to get or give referrals for a referral fee! You can find agents all over the US for your clients and vice versa to supplement your income and increase your transactions!

ICON Agent Recognition Program

eXp Realty celebrates all agents while highlighting those who achieve exceptional sales volume and exemplify our core values. We recognize their business acumen, integrity and cultural
contributions by offering the opportunity to earn ICON Agent status. ICON status is reserved for those agents who meet or exceed the minimum production during their anniversary year and
operate in alignment with our core values.

ICON Agents at eXp Realty have the opportunity to earn their entire cap back as EXPI stock. That means that if you are a rockstar agent, you could effectively pay NO commission each year! This is one of the least well known things about eXp Realty. Welcome to a better way to real estate. 

Benefits for Broker/Owners

Broker owners can eliminate costs and risks by partnering with eXp! With over 30,000 helpful employees and collaborative agents ready to help you with your transactions, accounting, training, tech support, and more, eXp Realty can help you run your business so you can focus on growth! Some benefits include:

  • Earning both commission split income AND revenue share income!
  • Giving contract routing, review, responsibility, and liability to eXp
  • Eliminating franchise fees, E&O insurance, and costs associated with a brick and mortar facility
  • Access to 50+ hours a week of training for your agents
  • kvCORE CRM, website, lead gen, marketing automation, and more provided by eXp to all your agents
  • Continue to earn split commission by converting from a brokerage to a team brokered by eXp
  • Earning more than previously possible by adding revenue share of your agents to your income stream
  • Opportunity for you and your agents to become company shareholders and ICON agents

Personal Transactions and Real Estate Investors

Every year, real estate agents can earn 100% commission on three personal transactions, regardless of whether an agent has hit their cap. This INCLUDES investment properties for that agent! This is a huge advantage for investor agents. Why should they have to pay their broker for their own properties? As investors, this is one of our favorite things about eXp Realty.

Partner with Us – Join the High eXplosive Team!

Another valuable aspect about eXp Realty is that every agent at eXp Realty has an upline – the line of sponsoring agents above that agent. If Charles Cameron or Kobe Xin influenced you the most to join eXp Realty, by sponsoring with us you’ll have access to heavy hitting sales and attraction experts, constantly helping agents grow as agents and grow their revenue. Upon joining, you’ll get access to multiple weekly video calls, agent attraction tools, one-on-ones, webinars, and more.

In addition to our upline resources, our on-boarding process, Slack channel, team collaboration, and projects like Agent Wealth Hustle will all help you grow your business. Active sponsorship is the way!
Passive Income Agent Charlie Cameron

Charles Cameron

Learn More About eXp Realty the Easy Way: By Chatting With Us!

You can learn more about eXp Realty’s benefits by talking with one of us directly! We love to network with other real estate professionals and aspiring professionals. Don’t worry, we aren’t pushy. We’ll simply show you all about the eXp Realty model and let you decide for yourself if it is right for you. Simply click on the little bubble in the bottom right corner to connect with us using Facebook Messenger. Happy hustling! 

– Charlie and Kobe, Agent Wealth Hustle
Passive Income Agent Kobe Xin

Kobe Xin