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Our Mission

Lion League team at eXp Realty

We help real estate agents everywhere achieve massive success & freedom!

We created the Agent Wealth Hustle to help real estate professionals grow their businesses and create time, location, and financial freedom through real estate.

Lion League team at eXp Realty

We love to help our partners succeed...

Synergestic actionables. Organic growth deep dive but circle back or but what’s the real problem we’re trying to solve here?

lead generation

Lead Generation

We teach evergreen, organic lead generation strategies to attract clients rather than chase low quality leads.

team building

Team Building

Leverage your lead generation skills to scale a local, national, or international team to transition from direct sales income to team income.

image to represent growing income

Income Streams

Build multiple streams of income as a real estate agent to scale your wealth and create complete financial freedom.



Learn from the world’s top investors to grow cash flow and equity building to grow life changing, generational wealth.


Freedom Lifestyle

Create the freedom lifestyle you’ve always imagined by using time leverage techniques we coach for complete time and location freedom.

blocks showing strategy

Custom Strategies

Customized strategies for different types of agents, whether part-time or full-time, we tailor our support to help you maximize business growth.

Expert Tactics & More

We teach these expert tactics while providing additional real estate training, coaching, courses, masterminds, mentorship, tools, and resources all for free.

Together, we provide the best opportunity for growth and freedom at the best brokerage for achieving limitless success!

Introducing OUR

FREE International Real Estate Team

We provide real estate agents everywhere with the right tools and resources.

Grow Your Income. Scale Your Team. Invest In Your Freedom.

Grow Your Income.
Scale Your Team.
Invest In Your Freedom.

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Our Co-Founders

Charlie Cameron

Charlie Cameron

team leader

Dad, Air Force veteran, and Team Leader of the Lion League Team at eXp Realty. He is a top 1% influencer at eXp, and an experienced multifamily and short term rental investor. 

Charlie started at eXp Realty as a brand new part time real estate agent. Yet, he quickly hit 6-figures as a part time real estate agent! In just two years, he was able to leave the military nine years earlier than he thought possible after replacing his W-2 income with real estate and went full time thanks to eXp! 

Now Charlie focuses on helping real estate agents around the US and the world grow their business and achieve total time, location, and financial freedom through real estate at the Lion League Team at eXp Realty! 

He also enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family when not doing real estate!

Kobe Xin

Kobe Xin

international team leader

21-year old real estate agent, blogger, and international team leader of the Lion League at eXp Realty! At just 18 years old, he got his real estate license and within a year was named a top 3% influencer at eXp Realty out of 85,000 agents! 

Kobe is also the co-founder and head content creator of the Agent Wealth Hustle blog, which  is one of the Top 3 highest-ranking blogs at his brokerage.  He’s also the host of the Free Life Agents Podcast, where he interviews successful real estate professionals around the world to discover and share their success secrets with the world and the Lion League Team! 

Kobe is an expert at coaching evergreen organic client lead generation and at helping real estate agents around the world achieve financial freedom!

He’s also an avid Disney and professional wrestling fan! 

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