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Best Brokerage For Real Estate Teams: Top 6 Reasons to Move Your Real Estate Team to eXp Realty!

Are you a real estate team leader? If so, you may be considering moving your team to eXp Realty. If you are a real estate team leader, then you know that choosing the right brokerage is essential to your success. eXp Realty is quickly becoming the best brokerage for real estate teams, and there are several reasons why.

In this article we will be covering the 6 reasons why eXp is the best real estate brokerage for real estate teams and the benefits of running your real estate team with a “virtual brokerage”.

The Top 6 Reasons Why eXp Realty is the Best Brokerage for Real Estate Teams

  1. Best Technology in the Industry
  2. Unlimited Earning Potential
  3. World-Class Training and Support
  4. Equity for Agents Through Stock Ownership
  5. Branding and Marketing Systems
  6. Partners Committed to Your Success

1) The Best Technology in the Industry.

The first reason why so many real estate team leaders are moving their teams to eXp Realty is because eXp provides them and their agents with free access to some of the best lead generation, business, and marketing technology platforms in the world.

eXp Realty is one of the only brokerages in the world that offers teams and their agents free access (as a part of your $85 Monthly desk fee) to KVcore, a powerful lead generation website and CRM system.

KVcore allows agents to generate more leads as well as close more deals through their system, sometimes allowing agents to double or even triple their production in one year!

KVcore is a fully customizable lead generation webstie, contact validation system, landing page generator, marketing automation, and CRM system all in one. This will help you as a team leader to better manage and track your leads if you are giving leads to the agents on your team, as well as help your agents close more deals which will increase your income.

In addition, eXp Realty offers teams and their agents free access to its proprietary back-office system called eXp enterprise.

This system allows team leaders to manage their team’s finances, expenses, commissions, and closings with ease.

With these powerful tools at your agents’ disposal, they can focus on what they do best – selling real estate…and you can focus on what you do best – recruiting more agents to grow your team!

2) Unlimited Earning Potential.

As a team leader at eXp Realty, you now literally have an uncapped and unlimited income earning potential through the eXp revenue share system.

eXp Realty’s revenue share system allows team leaders to recruit agents to their team exponentially and go from being a local business to a global business with an international market share.

Because eXp is not a franchise brokerage, but an independent national brokerage, an individual agent or team leader is able to grow their business in any real estate market, not just their local market, without paying a franchise fee or buying a franchise office.

Because eXp is a cloud based independent brokerage, not only are you able to recruit agents under you in any state, but in different countries as well without ever needing a physical office.

When an agent or team leader recruits an agent at eXp, (meaning that an agent names you as their sponsor when they join the company) the agent that you attracted will fall on your tier 1 of compensation. This means that you will receive 3.5% of their gross commission paid from the company’s share of the commission split on every sale that they close up until they cap (paid 16,000 in splits to the company).

Since revenue share at eXp has a tiered compensation structure, every agent at the company has the same opportunity to build residual income and attract other agents to the company from the day that they join. This means that if an agent that you personally sponsored on your tier 1 of compensation attracts an agent to the company, that agent will not only fall on their tier 1 of compensation but also your tier 2 of compensation.

An illustration of all 7 tiers of Revenue Share Compensation
An illustration of all 7 tiers of Revenue Share Compensation

Learn More About eXp Realty’s Revenue Share System Here

At eXp realty as a team lead, your agents will duplicate your efforts to recruit other agents to your team because they will be incentivized by the company to do so.

This can be a massive growth opportunity for team leaders who may have a limited team of agents because they do not have as much start-up capital to invest in their recruiting campaigns or do not yet have the time to focus on recruiting agents themselves because they are still in personal production or spend time managing the team.

It’s also important to note that team leaders at eXp can continue running their split teams with their agents at eXp on top of earning revenue share from the brokerage.

To learn more about how to structure your team at eXp Realty check out our article on the 4 Types of Teams at eXp Realty.

The best part is, there are no limits or caps on how much money you can make as a team leader at eXp Realty through the revenue share system because you now have duplication in your business on the growth side, whereas in the past you are only able to recruit as many agents as you are able to generate leads for.

What other brokerage offers this type of earning potential?

It is also important to understand that the revenue share model is the single biggest factor in helping eXp become one of the best real estate companies if not THE best real estate company in the United States today, because it is compensating agents from COMPANY DOLLAR for recruiting other agents to join your team, allowing agents to build a legacy income with their real estate license.

3) World-class Training and Support.

As a team leader, one of the time and capital-intensive tasks is setting up a support system for your agents, especially as your team begins to grow. eXp Realty offers world-class training and support to its team leaders and agents through eXp World, our cloud-based office system and time efficiency tool.

Agents can access eXp World from any computer or device with internet access, meaning that they can attend live training, collaborate on documents from their managing broker rooms, get instant live support from one of our 2,000 paid employees 24/7, and more – all without ever having to leave the house or drive to an office again!

eXp world has over 2000 paid employees working in the cloud.
There are Over 2000 Paid Employees in eXp World Ready to Support You

In addition to eXp World’s many features and benefits for agents, it also offers team leaders a way outsource your management and agent support systems so that you can save both time and money.

In the past team leaders either had to answer all of their agent’s questions themselves, purchase automation systems, or hire staff members on their payroll to support their agents with any admin tasks, tech support help, or legal support.

At eXp, instead of coming to you, when an agent on your team has a question about contracts, tech support, live trainings, onboarding guidance, or accounting support, they will simply visit the correct department inside eXp World and get instant live support from a paid employee of eXp Realty.

Also, eXp provides all of its agents a comprehensive training program that is lead by some of the top real estate professionals at the brokerage. All of eXp’s coaches and trainers are ICON agents who have closed a certain number of real estate transactions or hit a certain sales volume the previous year.

This means that your agents will be trained by the top 1-2% of all real estate agents at eXp all as a part of their $85 Monthly fee that includes topics such as:

  • How to generate real estate leads
  • Luxury real estate and how to sell luxury homes
  • How to provide top notch customer service for potential clients
  • How to charge a higher listing fee and get higher commission splits
  • How to get listings
  • How to work with buyers
  • Social media strategies
  • Video marketing strategies
  • Cold calling and door knocking strategies
  • Commercial real estate
  • Etc.

As you can see, eXp is committed to your agents’ success and provides them with some of the best training programs at any brokerage.

4) Powerful Retention Tools Through Agent Stock Ownership

In addition to world-class training and support, eXp Realty offers its agents equity and ownership in the company through stock awards. Because eXp Realty is held under the publicly-traded company EXPI on the NASDAQ, the brokerage is able to offer their agents equity in the company in the form of stock ownership. This can be a tool to attract agents to your team and retain agents on your team as well.

At other brokerages, agents are simply renting their business. However, when agents are given equity and ownership in the company at eXp Realty, they have a vested interest in seeing that the company succeed.

For team leaders, this can be a fantastic way to get the agents on your team more involved with the success of not just the brokerage, but also the success of your team in the long run. Because all producing agents at eXp hold some form of ownership in the company, they are now more inclined to see the entire company succeed.

In fact, even brand new real estate agents can earn stock from the company by simply completing their first deal each year at eXp! On the other side of the coin, your top producers or best agents will be able to earn their entire cap back in the form of eXp stock from the ICON agent award.

As you can see, agents across the real estate industry from new agents to those running their real estate business for over a decade can benefit from the eXp stock program.

Also, since there are equity awards at eXp specifically for team leaders that run structured split teams, team leaders at eXp are able to earn company stock awards based on the combined production of their entire team!

This can be a huge benefit for top-producing or mega teams who have spent their whole real estate career building a business for their brokerage but are left with a team that has no value when they want to exit the business because you have essentially been renting your business from your brokerage.

At eXp Realty, team leaders are not only able to create both an active through sales and a residual income stream through revenue share from their team, but they are also now able to actually build a business that they own with real market value through owning stock in the brokerage that they work at.

5) Powerful Branding and Marketing System.

In business, in order to create success you need to create attention so that clients and prospects will notice you and your services. That is essentially the task that all forms of marketing accomplishes. Marketing is an attention center so without it, you and the agents on your team will have a hard time creating any business.

As a team leader, you probably would want to offer your agents some form of marketing support so that the agents on your team can either have pre-made or templated marketing pieces that they can then leverage for their business. This is usually either a time or capital intensive task for the team leader because they either need to hire a third party graphic designer or create the pieces/templates yourself.

eXp Marketing center is great for real estate team leaders

At eXp Realty there is a full-service branding and marketing center that agents and team leaders can use to design, revise, and edit all of their marketing materials for free! From print to digital, our in-house marketing center can help you create the perfect materials for your market area – no more waiting weeks or months for someone else to do it for you!

In addition to creating your own materials, eXp offers a wide variety of pre-made templates and designs so that you can get started quickly without any design experience necessary.

Our online branding and marketing center is also a great place for team leaders to outsource their entire team’s marketing and branding so that they no longer have to coordinate with designers on fiverr or find third party marketing companies to get their agent’s marketing designed.

Also, if you partner with the right sponsor, like agents at the Lion League, you are also able to get access to free social media and video marketing training from some of the leaders and most influential entrepreneurs in the industry.

This means that you will be able to give the agents on your team a brand new skillset that you could not provide before for no additional cost simply by partnering with the right sponsor.

6) Partners Committed to Your Success

No one ever became successful by themselves. Behind every great individual is a team of people that have helped them get to where they are. The same is true for any real estate agent or team leader.

Success in this industry almost always comes as a result of having a good team of business partners that can help guide you and give you the advice and support you need in specialized areas of business.

In regard to eXp’s revenue share system, most eXp agents in the marketplace talk about the 7 tiers of compensation below them and how that can help real estate agents across the world build wealth through residual income. But what no one at eXp Realty talks about is the 7 tiers of agent partners above them and the value that they can add to your business.

You know that through the revenue share program, eXp agents are financially incentivized by the brokerage to attract other agents to the company and help them attract agents to the company across 7 tiers of compensation.

This means that the agent who sponsored you to the company and their sponsor and so on are also incentivized to help you grow your business whether if that is producing more sales or attracting more agents to your team.

Because of this, team leaders at eXp instantly get access to 7 partners with varying levels of experience specializing in different fields of real estate to help them grow their business the moment they join the brokerage.

That is why it is so important for agents, but especially team leaders who want to join eXp Realty to pick the right sponsor to join the company with. Having a good sponsor, backed by a value-stacked organization can be difference between having a little success or massive success at eXp Realty for team leaders.

Some revenue share organizations at eXp have gone above and beyond to provide more for their agents than just the value at the real estate firm. This is a huge improvement from running your team at traditional brokerages where you only get the value provided to you by the brokerage business model itself.

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See How eXp Realty can Help Your Team Today!

There are many reasons why team leaders should move their teams to eXp Realty.

From the free branding and marketing center, to the financial incentives for growth, to the revenue share program that provides team leaders and their agents access to a wide variety of experts in different areas of real estate, eXp Realty is committed to your success.

Join us today and let us help you take your business to new heights!

If you are a team leader who is considering joining eXp Realty, make sure you have done the proper research on who your sponsor is going to be and what value their team can provide you and your agents. If you are interested in learning about how you can partner with the Lion League and get free access to:

  • Social Media and Video Marketing Coaching from a Top YouTube Influencer
  • Real Estate Investing Coaching from Top Investors in the USA
  • Agent Recruiting Training from a Top 50 Recruiter at eXp
  • Private Video Training Academies with over 300 videos in addition to Brokerage Training
  • Private Memberships to 3 Weekly Mastermind Calls and Weekly Q&A Sessions
  • Direct Access to Top Producing Agents/Investors/Top Attractors

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