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The Best Real Estate Companies to Work For

The Best Real Estate Companies to Work For

The Best Real Estate Companies to Work For

Choosing the best real estate companies to affiliate with can dictate a significant portion of one’s success in the industry. As a career that often depends on self-motivation and adaptability, aligning with a company that provides robust support, favorable commission structures, and professional growth opportunities is vital. The best real estate companies not only foster a culture of success but also provide the tools, technology, and training necessary to navigate the competitive real estate landscape.

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Each company brings its own unique advantages to the table, be they innovative marketing tools, a collaborative environment, or comprehensive mentorship programs. For aspiring and seasoned real estate professionals alike, this translates into a range of considerations when evaluating potential brokerages. It’s not merely about the split of commission; it’s about the overall package of services of real estate companies that will bolster a real estate career.

Beyond the tangible benefits, a company’s reputation and culture can greatly influence an agent’s day-to-day satisfaction and their long-term career trajectory. Best real estate companies that prioritize a supportive and engaging work environment often stand out as the best places to build a real estate career. They not only attract top talent but retain them by creating a sense of community and shared success within the fast-paced world of real estate.

Best Overall Real Estate Brokerage

eXp Realty

Founded in 2009, eXp Realty has rapidly become one of the standout real estate companies. It was named the #1 Independent Brokerage in the 2020 REAL Trends 500 Report and the #1 Mover in Transactions, boasting a 77.8% increase from 2018 to 2019.

eXp Realty stands out as my top choice for the best real estate company to work for due to its comprehensive training, competitive commission split, stock options, and unique retirement and residual income opportunity through its revenue share program.

eXp’s focus on company culture is another reason it ranks high on my list. The company emphasizes agents working together as a community to achieve success.


eXp’s training platform is designed to onboard new agents seamlessly. It offers live orientation and interactive classes covering all the essentials for a successful start. Additionally, agents have access to over 50 hours of live classes and events weekly through eXp University, covering topics from basic introductions to navigating eXp’s systems to accounting and best real estate practices.


eXp is committed to providing agents with the best resources and support needed to build their real estate business. Whether it’s onboarding, tech support, accounting, or transaction assistance, eXp’s customer service is available Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 8 pm EST and some departments are even open 24/7! Through eXp’s tech based operating system, eXp World, agents are able to speak directly with brokers, staff members, and concierges anytime and anywhere without having to set up meetings or go into a physical location, saving agents precious time throughout their day!

Company Stock

One of the major perks of being an eXp agent is the opportunity to acquire company stock and actually become an owner of eXp World Holdings LLC. eXp offers several ways to earn stock, such as through the Sustainable Equity Plan, the ICON Agent Award, and the Agent Equity Program. These programs allow agents to earn stock and ownership in eXp for various achievements and milestones.

Commission and Revenue Share

eXp Realty offers an 80/20 commission split and a $16,000 annual cap to all agents, with agents also having the opportunity to participate in a game changing revenue-sharing program. This program rewards agents with a percentage of the revenue generated by agents they bring or recruit into the company, providing a source of passive income and a legacy that grows as they succeed in their real estate career.

Bottom Line

Having been with eXp for the past 4 years, we can say with confidence that eXp provides agents with the absolute best resources and value proposition. eXp is currently the only brokerage in the world that allows agents to build wealth and not just an income stream with their real estate license.

Best For New Agents

Keller Williams

For new agents in real estate companies, Keller Williams is an excellent choice for a real estate partnership. They provide extensive hands-on, in-person training to help agents kickstart their real estate careers.

Founded in 1983, Keller Williams remains a prominent presence in the industry, led by co-founder Gary Keller, a highly influential figure in real estate known for his best-selling book, “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.”

Keller Williams is recognized as the largest real estate technology franchise in terms of agent rosters and was ranked the #1 franchise brand by sales volume in 2019.


Keller Williams’ BOLD training program focuses on lead generation, communication skills, and building a successful real estate business. It helps agents overcome self-limiting beliefs and maximize productivity.

Keller Williams University (KWU)

KWU offers a variety of real estate-specific classes, continuously updated with insights from top agents. The platform provides on-demand streaming and structured learning paths to support agents’ professional development. Additionally, agents can access interviews between Gary Keller and successful agents, sharing their strategies for success.

Keller Williams vs eXp for New Agents

Although Keller Williams is a great choice for new agents, we believe that eXp offers just as valuable of a proposition for new agents as real estate companies stack up as any other real estate company out there. On top of eXp’s 50+ hours of live training, brand new agents at eXp are actually paired with a local experienced mentor for their first 3 transactions. We have helped countless new agents succeed at eXp and launch a successful real estate career! Learn more about how we have specifically helped new agents at eXp by clicking the button below!

Best For Part-Time Agents

Fathom Realty

Similar to eXp Realty, Fathom Realty is a rapidly growing cloud-based real estate brokerage. It currently ranks as the 11th largest independent brokerage in the nation and has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in America for six consecutive years by Inc.500 and Inc.5000.


Fathom Realty offers attractive options for part-time agents seeking flexibility and higher earnings. They provide flat-fee commission plans, eliminating commission splits on residential transactions. Agents pay a $450 transaction fee for the first 12 sales per year, which reduces to $99 per sale afterward. Additionally, there’s a $500 annual fee applied to the first transaction each year.

For leases, there’s an $85 fee per lease, and a 90/10 split is available for commercial real estate transactions.

Fathom Realty also offers stock grants for every successful real estate sale or agent referral.

Fathom Realty vs eXp for Part-Time Agents

As far as real estate companies for part-time agents go, we have had first hand experience both as part-time agents and helping other part-time agents succeed to unprecedented levels at eXp. For example, an agent in our very own team not only transitioned from being a part-time agent to being a full time agent at eXp, but they actually became a recognized top producer in their 2nd full year in real estate selling over $50 million in volume of real estate!

eXp’s cloud based system allows part-time agents the flexibility to succeed on their own time and save time in their busy schedules. On top of that, by partnering with our group we will give part-time agents the exact blueprint that we have helped many other part-time agents succeed and become successful full time agents!

Best For Luxury Agents


Century21 is a standout choice for luxury agents, with a brand centered on luxury homes and a roster of accomplished luxury agents.

Established in 1971, Century21 is globally renowned, with over 11,600 independently owned franchise brokers across 83 countries.


Century21 understands that steady development is crucial for long-term success. Their training platform, Century21 University, helps agents enhance their real estate brands and reach their goals.

Agents can access various training formats, including live online instruction, classroom sessions, social network groups, and a video library.


Century21 offers a 50/50 commission split and an 8% franchise fee. There are no desk fees or upfront monthly costs with Century21, making it an attractive option for agents.

Century21 vs eXp for Luxury Agents

Many agents may not know this when it comes to learning about the best luxury real estate companies in the world, but eXp has actually jumped to the top of the market in luxury real estate companies rankings due to their recent launch of eXp Luxury, a division within eXp Realty specifically catered towards luxury agents!

eXp Luxury has allowed eXp to become one of (if not THE) top luxury real estate companies for agents to work with because of it’s luxury specific tools, resources, marketing assets, exposure, and global network of luxury agents and referral partners. Luxury agents from around the world are now taking advantage of eXp Luxury’s assets and business model to better serve their luxury clientele as well as build wealth through eXp’s business model.

To learn more about how eXp Luxury has propelled eXp to become one of the top luxury real estate companies in the world for agents click here!

Best For Commercial Agents


CBRE specializes in commercial real estate properties and is the world’s largest commercial real estate service and investment company. It has maintained a position on the Fortune 500 since 2008.

The company provides a wide range of services, including property management, mortgage services, and development services.

Employee Benefits

CBRE offers a comprehensive benefit plan to full-time employees, including medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance. Employees also have access to a 401k plan, employee assistance programs, discount programs, paid vacation, and company holidays.


CBRE places a strong emphasis on training and continuing education to help agents succeed in the real estate industry. They offer nearly 100 training packages and a variety of tools to support agents in advancing their careers, catering to both experienced agents and newcomers to the industry.

CBRE vs eXp for Commercial Agents

Although CBRE is a company that specializes in commercial real estate for many years, eXp has recently claimed a spot on the top commercial real estate companies as well! In 2020, eXp launched eXp Commercial, a commercial real estate specific division for commercial real estate agents. eXp Commercial in only a few years, has shot up the charts as one of the best real estate companies to work at for commercial real estate agents.

eXp Commercial’s insanely competitive commission splits of 80/20 and a $20,000 cap, something that we have never seen any other commercial real estate companies offer, and their network of global commercial agents allows commercial real estate agents to not only better serve their clients, but also keep more of their commissions and build wealth! eXp Commercial’s business model also allows commercial agents to provide ancillary services to their clients such as…

  • business brokerage
  • capital markets
  • BPOs
  • corporate services

eXp Commercial is one of the top real estate companies and destinations for commercial agents for a reason. With a industry best compensation model, forward-thinking tech based tools, a phenomenal network of agents and brokers, as well as specialization in commercial real estate, agents working at eXp Commercial enjoy the network and resource availability of a global real estate company while getting the absolute best commercial specific tools/services!

To learn more about the eXp Commercial advantage, click here!

Best Commission Split

eXp Realty and eXp Commercial

Whether if you are a residential real estate agent or a commercial real estate agent, eXp provides agents with the absolute best commission splits and overall compensation package of all real estate companies.

Commission Split and Compensation Model

eXp offers agents a 80/20 commission split and a $16,000 cap for residential agents and a $20,000 cap for commercial agents. Although this may look like only a “competitive” commission split compared to similar real estate companies, there is more to the story than meets the eye.

As eXp agents, we know that some agents here are actually getting MORE than just an 80/20 split and are actually netting over 100% of their commissions! This is possible because of eXp’s stock awards model and revenue share model, allowing agents to either earn up to their entire $16,000 or $20,000 cap back in stock EVERY YEAR, or build a leveraged income stream by referring other agents to join the company that can replace or even surpass their commission income with revenue share.

Many top producing agents are actually finding that they are LOSING money by not being with eXp and maintaining their current level of production simply because of the different income streams at eXp. Some agents have seen up to 5-6 figure annual losses by comparing their current production numbers at their current brokerage and the eXp model. If you would like an accurate side by side comparison of your net income as an agent at eXp, click the button below to have a private 1-1 conversation with one of our agents!

Recognized Real Estate Companies for Employee Satisfaction:

  • Camden Property Trust
  • Venterra Realty
  • BH Management Services LLC

These real estate companies have been acknowledged for their dedication to creating supportive work environments, which is instrumental for long-term success in real estate careers.

Emerging Players:

  • Opendoor Technologies Inc
  • The Morgan Group
  • The Garrett Companies

They have carved out novel niches in real estate companies, from simplified online transactions to development and management of properties, offering diverse paths for real estate professionals.

Lastly, real estate companies like Compass and Transwestern blend traditional real estate models with modern technology, fostering environments where agents can leverage innovation to drive sales. They emphasize empowering agents with data and tools for better client engagement.

Considerations in Choosing the Best Real Estate Companies

  1. Evaluating Real Estate Company Reputation
  2. Support for Real Estate Agents
  3. Compensation and Financial Considerations
  4. Culture and Work Environment
  5. Growth and Development Opportunities
  6. Industry Innovation and Technological Edge
  7. Real Estate Market Trends and Analysis
  8. Business Model and Franchise Opportunities
  9. Diverse Career Paths in Real Estate

1. Evaluating Real Estate Company Reputation

A group of people discussing real estate companies, pointing to a list of top-rated firms on a wall. They appear engaged and focused on evaluating reputations

When considering a career in real estate, the reputation of a company is paramount. It can influence client trust, job satisfaction, and career success. This evaluation will focus on the recognition of the brand, the company’s achievements, and the satisfaction levels of their clients.

Brand Recognition

A company’s brand is vital in the real estate industry, where name recognition can open doors. Keller Williams boasts a notable brand presence, focusing on education and technology innovation. RE/MAX is recognized for its global footprint and extensive network. Meanwhile, Coldwell Banker prides itself on a long-standing history of reliable real estate services, and Redfin is known for its technology-driven approach. Recently, eXp has become one of the most recognizable real estate companies in the world for it’s forward-thinking model and agent-centric approach.

Track Record and Achievements

The track record of a real estate company can be reflected in its longevity and the accolades it has received. Century 21 has a reputation for comprehensive mentorship programs that have been influential in the industry, contributing to its respected track record. The achievements of a best company like Compass are noteworthy too, especially with their innovative strategies in revolutionizing the traditional real estate model. Additionally, industry recognitions like those from Great Place to Work are significant indicators of a company’s achievements and employee satisfaction.

Client Trust and Satisfaction

In real estate, client trust and satisfaction are indicators of a company’s service quality. Clients are more likely to work with real estate companies that have transparent practices and a high rate of successful transactions. Keeping Current Matters reports indicate that real estate companies holding a high degree of professional trust, such as Redfin and Coldwell Banker, ensure better customer satisfaction by empowering clients with knowledge and resources. Positive reviews and testimonials of real estate business often correlate with a firm’s ability to maintain and enhance client trust.

2. Support for Real Estate Agents

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Effective support mechanisms are crucial for real estate agents, whether they’re seasoned professionals or new to the field. Companies that provide thorough training, mentorship, and cutting-edge marketing and technology support can significantly impact an agent’s success in real estate companies.

Quality of Training Programs

RE/MAX stands out for its seasoned and best real estate agents, who bring an average of over 13 years of real estate extensive experience, translating to advanced training programs. Companies like Coldwell Banker allocate up to 13,000 clock hours annually for training, ensuring their agents’ skills remain sharp in the dynamically changing real estate market. Similarly, eXp’s training program is the best that we have seen from new real estate companies, providing training from the top 1% of agents from the entire company!

Mentorship Opportunities

Strong mentorship opportunities can be the backbone of success for new agents. Century 21 is noted for its comprehensive mentorship programs, providing guidance and support that can help in fostering a practical, hands-on learning environment. This approach equips new agents with the tools needed to navigate real estate challenges confidently.

Marketing and Technology Support

Aligning with real estate companies like Redfin, known for their robust social media marketing support, offers agents a significant advantage in reaching potential clients. Coldwell Banker enhances an agent’s online presence, which is increasingly important in today’s digital-first property search landscape. Technology tools and marketing materials work hand in hand to maximize an agent’s reach and influence.

3. Compensation and Financial Considerations

A desk with a computer, calculator, and paperwork. A scale or graph showing financial growth. Company logo displayed prominently

When analyzing the best real estate companies to work for, it is crucial to consider how compensation models can impact earnings. Key factors such as commission structure and fees play significant roles in the financial success of real estate agents.

Commission Splits and Structures

The commission structure of real estate companies is vital as it dictates the percentage of the sale price an agent earns from transactions. Various real estate firms offer different commission splits, which could range from a traditional 50/50 split between agent and broker to more favorable 70/30 splits for the agent. Some innovative companies, like eXp Realty, operate with entirely virtual offices, providing agents with a more significant commission split due to lower overhead costs.

  • Traditional Splits: 50/50 between agent and broker
  • Favorable Splits: Up to 70/30 or more in favor of the agent
  • Innovative Models: Virtual brokerages offering higher splits and multiple income streams

Potential for Passive Income and Revenue Sharing

A majority of real estate entities may provide options for passive income through revenue sharing or profit sharing. Agents can earn a portion of the commissions from the deals closed by their recruits, enabling a stream of income beyond direct sales. Several real estate companies also offer stock options as part of their compensation package, tying an agent’s financial growth to the company’s performance.

  • Revenue Sharing: Income from recruit’s transactions BEFORE EXPENSES
  • Profit Sharing: A share of the brokerage profits AFTER EXPENSES
  • Stock Options: Tied to company performance

4. Culture and Work Environment

A modern office with open floor plan, collaborative workspaces, and vibrant decor. Employees engaged in teamwork and innovation. Company values and awards displayed prominently

When evaluating the best real estate companies to work for, potential employees often consider the company’s culture, values, commitment to work-life balance, and diversity and inclusion initiatives. These factors significantly affect employee satisfaction in considering a new home and success within the real estate industry.

Company Culture and Values

Real estate companies that often rank highly as employers demonstrate a commitment to a positive company culture and a supportive environment characterized by mutual respect and support among staff. For instance, organizations like RE/MAX boast an average of more than 13 years of real estate experience among agents, underlining a stable and respectful working environment which contributes to employee longevity and success within the company. Another example is eXp, where all agents are shareholders of the company through it’s stock program, thus aligning the financial interests of all eXp agents.

Work-Life Balance and Flexibility

A key aspect of employee satisfaction is the ability to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Real estate companies that offer flexible working arrangements are attractive to industry professionals. For example, Brookstone has in-house services that may streamline processes, potentially reducing the pressure on agents and allowing for greater flexibility in balancing professional responsibilities with personal life. eXp also provides agents with work-life balance as one of the only successful cloud based real estate companies, allowing agents to get things done faster from the comfort of their own homes and on their own schedules.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Leaders in the real estate sector recognize the importance of cultivating diverse work environments and actively implement inclusion programs. Real estate companies that rank as the best places to work are those that gather feedback from their teams and are responsive to the unique needs of a diverse workforce, striving to ensure that all employees feel valued and included.

5. Growth and Development Opportunities

A bustling city skyline with various real estate company logos prominently displayed on towering buildings, symbolizing growth and opportunity

Real estate companies that offer robust growth and development opportunities tend to attract the best talent. Employees look for clear career advancement paths, comprehensive continuing education programs, and recognition mechanisms that reward their hard work and success.

Career Advancement Paths

Real estate companies with structured career advancement paths are highly coveted. At RE/MAX, agents can leverage their experience—averaging more than 13 years—to move into senior roles. They may start as an agent and progress to being a senior agent, team leader, or even into managerial positions, ensuring their career trajectory remains on an upward slope. At real estate companies that offer revenue share models like eXp, agents can easily leverage their skills as a producing agent to being a team leader by recruiting other agents to join the company and sharing their knowledge with them while earning income every time one of their recruits closes a sale.

Continuing Education and Professional Development

Continuing education and professional development are vital in staying ahead in real estate. Keller Williams, for example, offers exclusive lead generation opportunities which is a part of their suite for professional growth. Brokerages that prioritize up-skilling their agents, like Century 21 with their comprehensive mentorship programs, provide a platform for continuous learning and expertise expansion.

Recognition and Rewards

Effective recognition and rewards systems motivate real estate professionals to excel. Bonuses, awards, and internal recognition serve as incentives and affirmation of their hard work. Companies that celebrate individual accomplishments—as Coldwell Banker is known for with its enhanced online presence that spotlights successful agents—foster a culture of achievement and recognition. Another example of real estate companies giving out recognition and rewards to agents is eXp’s ICON program, which gives top producing agents their entire cap of $16,000 back in the form stock ownership!

6. Industry Innovation and Technological Edge

A modern office building with sleek architecture and high-tech features, surrounded by innovative landscaping and cutting-edge technology

The real estate sector has rapidly transformed with the integration of technology, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction. This shift not only streamlines operations but also provides a competitive advantage to companies adapting to the digital era.

Leveraging Technology for Better Client Service

Real estate companies like RE/MAX, recognized for its experienced agents, are now harnessing advanced technology to deliver superior client service. From virtual tours to automated client relationship management systems, they are innovating clients’ journey from searching to signing.

Adoption of Cloud-based Solutions

Firms such as eXp Realty* have embraced cloud-based infrastructures, permitting agents to work remotely and access critical data and tools at any time. This technological step enhances collaboration and simplifies transactions, reflecting a significant shift in how industry professionals operate.

Online Presence and Marketing Tools

An online presence and effective use of marketing tools are pivotal in today’s real estate technology landscape. Tools provided by platforms like Crexi empower agents to list properties efficiently, while innovative marketing software optimizes property exposure, attracting a broader audience to maximize leads and sales.

7. Real Estate Market Trends and Analysis

A bustling city skyline with real estate company logos and graphs showing market trends

In assessing the best real estate companies to work for, understanding the dynamic landscape of the real estate market is crucial. This includes current market conditions, the burgeoning markets across the globe, and the use of predictive analytics that influence industry strategies.

Current Market Conditions

The real estate market has seen various fluctuations, influenced by economic factors, interest rates, and consumer demand. As of 2024, the industry is experiencing a heightened emphasis on cautious investment and asset selectivity, mirroring the approach of seasoned real estate investors. For example, companies like Zillow Group adapt through data-driven platforms to accurately reflect these conditions and guide both consumers and agents.

Emerging Real Estate Markets

New real estate agents and markets are regularly emerging, driven by infrastructural developments and shifts in demographic preferences. Areas that once went unnoticed are now becoming hubs of activity, owing to urban expansion and investment opportunities. Real estate companies are honing in on these markets, as exemplified by the global expansion of companies like eXp Realty, spotlighting a significant shift within the industry.

Predictive Analytics

The industry is increasingly relying on predictive analytics to make informed decisions. By analyzing large data sets, companies are able to forecast trends and identify potential growth areas. These insights are crucial for companies looking to remain competitive and are being utilized by a range of entities, from bespoke real estate analytics firms to established organizations like Zillow Group. Predictive analytics empowers these companies with forward-looking perspectives that shape their operational strategies.

8. Business Model and Franchise Opportunities

A bustling city skyline with various real estate company logos displayed on towering buildings, surrounded by bustling streets and busy professionals

The real estate industry presents various avenues for career growth and business development, notably through franchise opportunities. Here, the focus will be on the operational structures of franchises versus independent brokerages, the financial commitments that come with franchise ownership, and the potential to establish a global presence in the market.

Franchise Model vs Independent Brokerages

Franchises offer a structured business model with established systems, brand recognition, and corporate support. Conversely, independent brokerages provide autonomy, allowing owners to establish their unique practices without adherence to franchise policies. According to Franchise Direct, owning a real estate franchise could involve initial investments ranging from $612,190 to $1,165,710, excluding real estate and construction costs.

Understanding Franchise Fees and Royalties

Franchise ownership in real estate requires an understanding of the financial obligations involved. A franchise fee typically spans from $10,000 to $50,000 as an upfront investment. Entities like Sotheby’s International Realty necessitate a franchise fee and a total investment that can vary significantly. Additionally, royalty fees are a recurring cost, generally a percentage of gross revenues, such as a 6% fee as noted by Small Business Trends.

Opportunities Other Than Franchising

With the emergence of revenue sharing models in real estate companies, agents can take advantage of a newer, more efficient opportunity than franchising if they choose to. Instead of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in a franchise, agents at real estate companies like eXp can build a long term leverage income stream and build a “brokerage within a brokerage” through the revenue share model, bringing agents to their organization and earning income from their production. This allows agents to begin building a retirement path much faster with much less risk and red tape involved than investing in starting a franchise.

9. Diverse Career Paths in Real Estate

A bustling city skyline with various real estate office buildings and signs of top companies

career in real estate offers a range of pathways, from flexible part-time engagements to specialized fields like luxury properties.

Full-Time vs Part-Time Engagement

Full-time agents in the real estate industry often benefit from higher earning potential and more consistent client interaction. They dedicate a substantial portion of their day to nurturing leads, property showings, and closing deals. In contrast, part-time agents balance real estate with other commitments. Part-time agents can use their flexibility to their advantage, cultivating niche markets or working with clients during non-traditional hours.

Specialization in Luxury Real Estate

Specializing in luxury real estate means catering to an exclusive clientele and dealing with high-value properties. This niche requires exceptional market knowledge, marketing skills, and the ability to offer concierge-level service. Agents in this sector stand out by building a strong network of affluent individuals and offering personalized services tailored to the sophisticated needs of luxury buyers and sellers.

Bottom Line

Like we mentioned, there are more than enough real estate companies to choose from as an agent! From traditional franchise real estate companies to newly formed and successful cloud-based real estate companies, agents have their pick at a real estate company that can help them achieve their goals in real estate!

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