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21 Best Real Estate Shows To Watch in 2023

There are so many real estate shows out there, some great, some not so great. So, we’ve done the research and are sharing the very BEST real estate shows you can binge-watch this year.

Best Real Estate Shows to Watch

Not only will these home reno and real estate tv shows give you inspiration, but more specifically they’ll show you:

  • How to stage a home
  • The right ways to flip a house
  • What NOT to do when selling or undergoing a home renovation
  • Creative ways to make a house a home
  • Tips for short-term rental real estate investors
  • Home improvement how to’s

21 Best Real Estate Shows To Watch in 2023

Let’s get into it –  the best list of real estate shows to watch this year.

1. Home Town

This super popular HGTV show is hosted by Erin and Ben Napier. Erin (an artist and designer) and Ben (a carpenter and builder) are slowly transforming their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. 

They work with clients to find the perfect home to renovate – bringing back the historical charm of the house whenever possible.

Home Town is ideal for those who love cozy, southern style, historical homes, and cheesy jokes (that are actually funny – ahem, thank you, Ben).

Where to watch: HGTV

2. Property Brothers: Forever Home

The Scott Brothers, Jonathan (contractor), and Drew (real-estate agent) come together for another season of Property Brothers: Forever Home. This Canadian twin-brother duo helps couples turn their fixer-upper homes into their perfect dream home.

Property Brothers: Forever Home is ideal for anyone looking for home renovation ideas and who loves a little Scott Brothers’ competitive banter.

Where to watch: HGTV

3. Good Bones

One of my personal favorite real estate shows, Mother and daughter team, Karen and Mina take on a revitalization project of buying homes in Indianapolis (their hometown) and turning rundown homes into beautiful masterpieces. 

Karen, a former lawyer, and Mina a real estate expert are a dynamic duo that takes on big projects that are transforming neighborhoods into something extra special.

Good Bones is ideal for those interested in real estate investing and house flipping.

Where to watch: HGTV

4. Love It Or List It

Love It Or List It is a long-running real estate show with hosts David Visentin (realtor) and Hilary Farr (designer). They work with homeowners who have fallen out of love with their homes. Hilary renovates the homeowner’s house, while David shows the couple real estate listings to help them find a new home. At the end of the home tour and home renovation, the homeowners have to decide if they’ll “love it or list it”.

Love It Or List It is perfect for those who want some knowledge on what it takes to renovate a house and the potential problems that can arise.

Where to watch: HGTV

5. Battle On The Beach

A competition real estate show with 3 teams that renovate a beach home room by room. Expert interior designers and contractors come in to be the judges and determine a winner for each completed room. Teams are made up of pairs and everyone is given the same budget to work with as well as help from hosts Ty Pennington, Alison Victoria, and Taniya Nayak.

If you love classic competitive renovation shows this is perfect for you. 

Where to watch: HGTV

6. Rock The Block

Hosted by Ty Pennington, Rock The Block is another competition real estate show. Top designers and builders come together to renovate 3 identical homes (new builds) on the same block, one room at a time.

Rock The Block is really great to get a sense of each design team’s style once the rooms are completed.

Where to watch: HGTV

7. Fixer To Fabulous

Husband and wife duo, Dave and Jenny Marrs are taking fixer-uppers in their hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas, and turning these historical homes into fabulous gems. Dave’s skills as a general contractor and craftsman and Jenny’s eye for design, plus their hard work result in stunning renovations.

Fixer To Fabulous is ideal for anyone looking for inspiration when renovating an old house.

Where to watch: HGTV

8. No Demo Reno

As the name says, No Demo Reno doesn’t do the typical huge demolition that so many other shows do. Hosted by fun and quirky Jennifer Todryk, Do Demo Reno shows fantastic home renovations you can accomplish without going too crazy. No demo but still big results.

This show is perfect for those who want to flip or renovate but have smaller budgets.  

Where to watch: HGTV

9. Married To Real Estate

Married couple and real estate duo Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson work with prospective home buyers to get them into their dream neighborhoods. See the team in action getting the best real estate deals and design solutions for her clients and delivering beautifully renovated homes their clients fall in love with.

Married To Real Estate is a great show to see some real estate negotiating, high-quality designs, and solid builds.

Where to watch: HGTV

10. Windy City Rehab

Alison Victoria, interior designer and host of Windy City Rehab, buys and renovates and old homes in Chicago. Focusing on restoration and high-quality, up-scale design you’ll find next level designs quite different from other real estate shows out there – Alison is a true artist with her creativity. Definitely more gutsy of the real estate shows!

Perfect if you love seeing historic homes restored to their full potential – with a modern twist.

Where to watch: HGTV

11. House Hunters International

If you love to travel and dream of living somewhere else in the world, House Hunters International is definitely the show to watch. House hunters meet up with a local real estate agent to find a new home in the new country they’re moving to.

The house hunters are usually surprised to find that homes are very different from what they are used to so the tv show really gives a good idea of what different countries have to offer, which is much different than a typical American home.

Where to watch: HGTV

12. Selling Sunset

Reality TV show meets luxury real estate brokerage firm (The Oppenheim Group), Selling Sunset has been confirmed for a 6th season (date tbd).

Follow these high-end agents in LA as they reveal drama in their personal and professional lives and with elite clientele. Perfect for those who love to see luxury properties and listings. We can all dream right?!

Where to watch: Netflix

13. Instant Dream Home

Orange Is The New Black star, Danielle Brooks hosts the heartwarming Instant Dream Home. A huge team of experts makes over an entire house in just 1 day!

The homeowners are sent away for the day (by friends and family) and little do they know, they’ll be returning to a full dream home makeover. The perfect show for those who love classic home improvement makeover shows.

Where to watch: Netflix

14. Help! I Wrecked My House

Jasmine Roth, a long-time HGTV designer helps property owners who’ve created huge DIY disasters in her latest show Help! I Wrecked My House. Jasmine comes to the rescue to fix these home disasters and create a beautiful space for her clients.

Where to watch: HGTV

15. The Nate And Jerimiah Home Project 

Married couple and design team, Nate Berkus and Jerimiah Brent help families and everyday people create a space that represents who they truly are.

They focus on telling people’s stories through their meaningful belongings, plus take existing pieces and recreate their form and function in a new way. 

Where to watch: HGTV

16. Tiny House Big Living

Featuring tiny home seekers who work with builders or do it themselves to create their ideal dream tiny home (average size: 180 square feet).

You’ll get an inside look and see the entire process of people creating their own tiny homes. This show is perfect for those interested in tiny houses or even those looking to get into short-term rental investments. 

Where to watch: HGTV

17. Unsellable Houses

Twin sister team and real estate experts Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb come together to help desperate homeowners sell their Unsellable Houses. 

They complete projects, renovate, and stage homes to create big demand and sell fast. They share original listing photos and new listing photos to see the before and after shots. They show open houses and share the final sale price.

Where to watch: HGTV

18. Fix My Flip

Real estate investor, flipper, and broker, Page Turner helps flippers who are losing money, are stuck and don’t know how to move forward. Page brings in her team and money to finish these flips in exchange for a profit share of the sale.

Fix My Flip is the ideal real estate show for anyone interested in learning how to flip homes the right way.

Where to watch: HGTV

19. 100 Day Dream Home

The hosts of 100 Day Dream Home, Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt, are a husband and wife developer and realtor team. They design and build their client’s dream homes in just 100 days, sharing the process from the ground up. This amazing duo also won season 2 of Rock The Block (mentioned above).

Where to watch: HGTV

20. Vacation House Rules

Real estate investor and contractor Scott McGillivray shows vacation homeowners how to fix up their beloved cottages/cabins on beautiful Canadian lakes and turn them into short-term rental hot spots.

Focusing on design, functionality, and adding in those little touches like smores for campfires and fun family games to create mass short-term rental appeal.

Perfect for anyone interested in short-term rental investments. Just follow his ‘rules’ to create the perfect atmosphere for guests. 

Where to watch: HGTV

21. Fixer Upper

Last but certainly not least, we have the famous Chip and Joanna Gains – the dynamic duo of Fixer Upper. Combining Chips’ crazy sense of humor, and solid workmanship with Joanna’s stunning design skills – they create cozy, charming, rustic spaces for homeowners in their hometown of Waco, Texas.

Where to watch: HGTV

Final Thoughts

There you have it – the best real estate shows to watch in 2023. You’ll find a combination of great makeovers, full-on renovations, and some great house flips to give you inspiration for your next real estate listing.

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