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The #1 Best Retirement Plan for Real Estate Agents

The #1 Best Retirement Plan for Real Estate Agents

The #1 Best Retirement Plan for Real Estate Agent - Real estate agent retirement plan that works

What is the best retirement plan for real estate agents?

It’s no secret that real estate is a difficult industry to break into, and it can be even harder to make a good living in it. 

But what nobody talks about is how difficult for realtors to retire.

As a real estate agent, it can be difficult to even think about retirement. The traditional retirement plan for a realtor by saving up money from commissions earned over the years and then living off of that income through a retirement account is tedious and takes extreme discipline (we will touch on this later).

With no employer sponsored retirement plan with employer contributions as independent contractors and no proven plan or formula to follow, unfortunately for most realtors, a comfortable retirement is nothing more than a dream.

With the changing landscape of the real estate industry, there are now new and better ways to retire as a realtor in 2023.

The fastest-growing real estate company in the world, eXp Realty,  is changing the way that real estate agents are being compensated around the world and will forever change the landscape of realtor retirement.

There is an old saying in the industry that real estate agents don’t retire, they expire. Although extremely morbid and perhaps dark to think about, this statement is nothing short of the truth. Real estate agents work until they die.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the changing landscape of the real estate industry, there are now new and better ways to retire as a realtor in 2023.

In this article, we will go over why it’s so hard for realtors to retire, how they would actually retire with a traditional retirement plan, and go over why revenue share is the leading Realtor Retirement Plan in the entire industry at eXp Realty.

What Do You Really Want in Life: What Are Your Retirement Goals

Before we give you the different details and strategies on how to retire as a real estate agent, it is important for you to first be very clear on why you even want to “retire” and to have a vivid mental picture of yourself accomplishing your goal of “retirement”.

A lot of real estate professionals claim that they want to have financial freedom so they can retire, but they have no idea why and what they will actually do with that free time and extra income.

What’s even worse is that most agents don’t even know how much money they will need to earn in order to “retire”.

It is true that most real estate agents and real estate brokers don’t have income limits that those with traditional employee jobs do, but what they don’t have is time and money freedom, and that is exactly what “retirement” will give you, time and money freedom.

Financial freedom is a term that gets thrown around a ton in the business world, and now even the mainstream world as well. Although it’s a good mindset to have, what most people don’t understand is that financial freedom is simply just a nontangible buzzword for your true goals in life.

Many real estate agents who claim to want to have financial freedom in their lives never reach their goals because they are easily discouraged, lack discipline, and become unmotivated in their business. If you are feeling or experiencing any of these issues on your way to reaching your goals, it is not because you are lazy, it is because you don’t have a clear goal in mind and have just been thinking about your business the wrong way.

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

In order for you to feel motivated as a realtor to accomplish your goal of “financial freedom” and “retirement” you first need to be extremely clear on what those terms mean to you.

Paint a picture of your dream life scenario. What will you do if you don’t have to worry about money? What do you really want to do in life? Where are you? Who are you with? What do you feel?

Really be specific in developing a vivid mental image of your dream life scenario. This image can and will be different for everyone. Remember that you are first and foremost responsible for your happiness, so be very clear on the kind of life that will make you happy.

What is your vivid vision? What does your dream life look like?
What does your dream life look like?

As you go through this exercise you might have imagined yourself going to the beach with your spouse, taking your family to the park on a weekday, or even taking a 2-week vacation to a new exotic location every 3 months.

Whatever your dreams might be, I can tell you with certainty that you deserve to live it, especially after years of hard excruciating work.

But unfortunately for many realtors, that dream is nothing more than just a fantasy.

The reason why so many real estate agents struggle in their retirement planning is that they have no idea how to even get there.

Most Realtors by nature are independent contractors who are self-employed professionals and don’t have employer match 401k contributions like most other jobs do. This lack of a steady income throughout the years makes it difficult for them to save up money and forces them to work constantly in order to maintain their lifestyle.

As a real estate agent picked your career path because you were looking for freedom, so that you can make money and have an abundance of time in your day.

But sometime or another during your career as a realtor the harsh reality hits you that being a real estate agent probably meant working even longer hours than being an employee, with less stability of income, less free time, more stress, and worst of all, no exit plan, leaving you chasing your next closing just so you can finance your current living expenses.

What difference is that from the dreaded corporate “rat race” that employees are stuck in? In fact, if anything, you are in a worse scenario because you have no retirement to even look forward to as an independent contractor.

Now that you know the truth about your future as a real estate agent, you are probably thinking to yourself:

“How do I live the life that I have always dreamed of?”

How You Can Actually Live Your Dreams: Residual Income (Time, Money, and Health)

When people say want to “retire” what they really mean is that they want to live a life where they can have both time and money freedom so that they get to choose what they do with their time every single day and live their dreams.

With that being said, having a monthly residual and reoccurring income is the only way to have both time and money freedom so that you can “retire” and realize your dream life scenario.

Residual income is when you work for a certain period of time so that you can be paid over and over again for a very long period of time without working. Thus giving you time and money freedom.

But when we talk about “residual income” in this context, we are not referring to making a few hundred dollars per month. Now that might give you time freedom since you are being paid from month to month without having to work, but it certainly does not give you any money freedom to live your life however you choose.

You might have a lot of time, but only a limited amount of options on how you can spend that time.

In order to truly be able to live the life that you actually want to live, you must have both an abundance of time and an abundance of money.

Traditionally the only way that realtors can “retire” and live a residual income driven lifestyle of both time and money freedom is by investing parts of their commission income towards a retirement fund or into other real estate investments such as investment property for rental income.

Over time, as you invest more money into these assets (rental properties, stocks, alternative investments, etc.), your wealth will grow and you will be paid dividends on those investments, which will help fund your lifestyle one day when you decide that you no longer want to work.

Although the strategy of becoming real estate investors and purchasing rental property over time to raise your passive income level will help you accomplish your goal of one day living a freedom driven lifestyle where you can choose what to do every day of your life and finally obtain that dream life you have always wanted, it can take a substantial amount of discipline and time (nearly 40 years, we will explain this later) for that goal to come into fruition.

And although this is something that not many people want to hear. By that time, you will have a very limited amount of time to actually enjoy the life that you have created.

The third component besides time and money, to being able to live a life where you can choose what you do with your time every single day and live your dreams is health. Without a healthy functioning body, you are not able to enjoy your abundance of time or money.

Unfortunately for the realtors who are disciplined and lucky enough to actually retire from their business, they can only enjoy that freedom-driven lifestyle for a short period of time.

That is why it is so important for real estate agents to chase their dreams and to do it fast. And that is why the traditional realtor retirement plan never works, because it takes too long.

If you want to learn more about this Realtor Retirement Plan and become an agent at eXp Realty so you can take advantage of their generous Revenue Share Plan for agents Click Below!

The Old Paradigm: How The Traditional Realtor Retirement Plan Works (it doesn’t)

Old paradigm of realtor retirement

As self-employed individuals, realtors do not have a set retirement plan like most employees working at a corporate job.

Although many real estate agents are independent contractors and don’t have any sort of employer matching 401k program, that does not mean that real estate agents can’t save for retirement by themselves.

Realtors, just like anyone else, are able to open up their own personal retirement account and start saving money from commissions earned over the years usually choosing between a traditional IRA, SEP IRA, or Roth IRA.

Before we start showing you what your retirement plan will look like as a real estate agent through traditional means of saving and banking your commissions, first let’s take a look at how much money you would need to have saved up throughout your career in order to “retire”.

Like we mentioned earlier, retirement is simply just another term used for living a lifestyle of time and money freedom so that you have an abundance of time and the ability to choose what you want to do with that time. In order to do that, you first must have a “freedom number” in your mind.

Your freedom number is the amount of money you want to earn every year without having to work. Another way of putting it is that it is the amount of residual income you want to earn every year.


In our example, we will be using an extremely conservative number for what that might be. $36,000 every year or $3000/month.

In 2023, a typical financial advisor would recommend saving up roughly $800,000-$1,000,000 by retirement age when looking at the traditional lifespan of the average individual.

For the purposes of our example, we will use $900,000 (after tax) as the target amount of liquid cash you will have saved up by the time that you are ready to retire. This will allow you to take a 4% annual distribution which equates out to $36,000 a year or $3,000 a month as your retirement income.

real estate agent traditional retirement plan without exp revenue share.
Traditional Retirement Example.

Now let’s take a closer look at how you can get to that “freedom number”, which I think we can all agree is definitely not a thriving income.

Let’s say that you sell just over $3,000,000 of real estate in volume each year on a 3% commission rate at a brokerage where you are keeping 100% of your commissions (highly unlikely due to transaction fees). Your annual net income from your commissions will be close to $100,000 before taxes. At a 28% tax rate, you will have $72,000 leftover. 

Now if we use an extremely conservative example and say that your current monthly expenses are only $4,000 or $48,000/year, you end up with $24,000 leftover in disposable income every year.

Now I think once again we can all agree that living off of $4,000 a month is extremely difficult even if you are single, and nearly impossible if you have a family.

Here’s where it gets kind of hard for most agents to manage this money.

If you had the business maturity and discipline to never spend a dime of your disposable income your entire life and you saved all $24,000 every single year towards your retirement, dividing that back into our target of $900,000 ($900,000/$24,000), it will take you roughly 37.5 years to retire.

Let that sink in.

That’s literally 38 years of performing at the same level, earning $100,000 a year, never spending a dime of your disposable income, living off of $4,000 a month, never taking a single vacation or a night out or even a trip to the movie theaters.

And what are you left with at the end of those 38 long grueling years? A whopping $36,000 every year to finance your lifestyle.

This is exactly why realtors can never truly live the dream life that they’ve always wanted. I think we can all agree that an income of $36,000 a year can not finance week-long trips to Maui every 3 months or access to vacation clubs in Puerto Rican Resorts.

But even if you could live a comfortable life on just $3,000 a month and don’t have such big dreams and aspirations for your ideal lifestyle, this traditional method of realtor retirement almost still never works.

Why this Method Never Works

Business Maturity and Discipline: In order for you to follow this traditional forumla of retirement as an agent you need to have the discipline to produce sales at the exact same level every single year for nearly 40 years. And once you have done that and actually earned the income that you need, you need to have the discipline and willpower to never spend a single dollar of your income that isn’t going towards your livinv expenses.

This means, no movies, no vactions, no dates, no family, no eating out at resturants, and essentially no fun in your life for 38 years.

Life Emergencies: What’s even scarier is that even if you did have the maturity and discipline to never spend a single penny of your disposable income for 40 years of your life, there are still life events that are out of your control that will force you to dip into your $24,000 a year of disposable income such as health issues and other emergencies.

Although we don’t like to think or talk about it, personal health crisises, car accidents, and natural disasters happen, they are a part of life whether we like it or not. In 2023, I think that most of us can agree that the world doesn’t cater to us, emergencies, especially ones related to health can and does happen to everyone. And since realtors do not have health insurance, another major issue in the industry, it only takes one emergency to reset your retirement savings back to zero.

Inflation: You don’t have to be a PhD in Economics to know that money loses it’s value over time. Especially a long period of time. In looking at the traditional realtor retirement plan, it can take an agent 40 years to finally achieve their desired income.

Although we can not predict the future, I think we can all agree that $36,000 now is worth a lot less than it was 40 years ago, and using that same logic and method of thinking, we can only assume that money will be worth less in 40 years than it does now.

Changes in the World and Your Life: It has been said that a life-changing event happens every 90 days of a person’s life. Although this is a little extreme, we can not discount the fact that our lives, both internally and the world around us, changes over time.

In 40 years, you will not have the same dreams you do now, you will not want to earn the same amount of money, your perspective and even your values might change. 40 years from now you might not even want to be a realtor anymore, you might have picked a different career or started another business.

Like we mentioned earlier, most agents get into the business so that they can create a lifestyle they can enjoy. Instead of waiting 40 years, why not begin to create that now?

Now that you have seen firsthand, what a true realtor retirement looks like and have taken a glimpse into your future, you might be shocked, angry, scared, or even looking to change industries.

I don’t blame you. From the looks of a traditional realtor retirement plan, your future does not look very bright.

But do you know what’s so great about the future? It’s that it can be changed by your actions today.

Look around, take a moment to experience your life as it is in the present moment. Your life today is an accumulation of your goals and actions in the past. Did you plan your life to be the way it is now?

There’s nothing wrong if your life isn’t what you have pictured today. Because there is still time to change what tomorrow brings.

Just because you are on one path today, does not mean that you can’t be on a completely different one tomorrow. That is how lives are changed. Making the decision to plan your own life is what leads to living that dream life that you have always wanted and deserve.

The Best Retirement Plan for Real Estate Agents

The biggest issue for realtors today is that there is no formal sustainable retirement plan. But luckily for the industry, there have been some major changes and disruptions in the past few years.

eXp Realty is changing the way that realtors are compensated by offering a revolutionary revenue share plan to real estate agents around the world.

This new model of compensation for real estate agents has changed countless lives by helping agents add new components of income to their real estate business but has also created the best retirement plan for real estate agents in the industry today.

What is Revenue Share and Why is it the Best Way for Agents to Retire

If you’re unfamiliar with the eXp revenue share model, it is a unique way of compensating real estate agents at eXp Realty who are taking an active role in growing the brokerage. eXp agents are rewarded for helping grow the company by referring other quality real estate agents to eXp realty who are closing transactions through monthly recurring residual income paid in the form of a referral.

If you would like a detailed breakdown of the compensation structure of the eXp Revenue Share model, click here.

At eXp, you have the option to sponsor other agents to the company in order to earn residual income from their production, paid to you by the brokerage. The way that this works is the company takes 50% of the total revenue generated by their agents through brokerage splits before they cap and pay it back to the agents that had a hand in growing the company. In the 3rd quarter of 2021 alone, eXp Realty generated $1 Billion in revenue.

In order for you to earn revenue share at eXp, you will have to refer other agents to join the brokerage firm.

The way that this works is that when you refer an agent to eXp Realty and they name you as their sponsor you will be paid 3.5% of their gross commission income on every transaction that they close up until they cap.

The sales model at eXp Realty is an 80/20 split and a $16,000 annual cap, so this means that once an agent that you have referred to the company pays $16,000 into the company in commission splits which is around $2,660,000 in sales volume on a 3% commission rate, you will no longer earn revenue share from their production for the rest of the year.

This is because revenue share is paid to you by the company, from the company side of the commission split, not the agent side. This means that agents at eXp Realty are able to keep all of their commission after the split.

For example, if an agent that you referred to eXp Realty closes a transaction that generated $10,000 in GCI, they will receive 80% or $8,000, the company will receive 20% or $2,000, and because you were responsible for referring this agent to eXp, you will receive 3.5% of their gross commission or $350, paid to you from the $2,000 that eXp received.

If the agent that you referred closes a transaction twice that size and earned $20,000 in GCI, you will receive $700 in revenue. If they earned $30,000 GCI on a transaction, you receive $1,050. So on and so forth until the agent has capped for the year in which then you will have received the maximum $2,800 in revenue share from each agent.

Now if the agent that you referred to the company also begins doing what you do and they refer an agent to eXp, that agent will fall on their first generation of compensation and your second generation of compensation. This means that both you and your agent are able to earn revenue share from the production of an agent that they have referred to the company since you had an indirect hand in enrolling that agent to eXp.

Revenue share is paid to agents 7 generations deep at varying percentages, making this an extremely duplicatable fast-paced growth model for agents.

Here is a chart depicting the different percentages that you will earn for the transactions of an agent in each of your 7 tiers.

Revenue share payment chart. Realtor retirement
eXp Revenue Share Plan

Here is a chart showing the maximum amount of revenue share you will be able to earn from each agent per year.

Maximum revenue share earned when each agent caps on each tier. Realtor retirement plan.
Maximum revenue share per agent on each tier

How Revenue Share Can Help Agents Retire Earlier

Like we mentioned earlier when you sponsor an agent directly to the company on your first tier, you can receive up to $2,800 a year every year in revenue share if they are a capping agent, which means that they paid $16,000 into the company in splits. This means that for every year that this agent stays at the company and caps, you can earn $2,800.

Now let’s say that you sponsored 6 capping agent in your first year as an agent at eXp realty, that means you would have sponsored one agent every other month, you now have 6 agentsx$2,800, which comes out to a total of $16,800 a year or $1,400 a month that you willl have earned from eXp revenue share.

one tier of 6 capping agents example with exp revenue share.
1 Tier Rev Share Example.

Think about that for a second.

That’s a residual income stream paid to you on the 22nd of the month following the month of every closing, direct deposit into your account as long as those 6 agents stay at eXp.

Also as a bonus, $16,800 a year covers eXp’s cap which is $16,000 a year. So if you really think about it, if you can sponsor 6 capping agents directly to eXp, you are earning 100% of your commissions on every sale, even before you cap at the company. More commissions means more income, more income means more money that you will have to put towards retirement.

Before we go any further in this example, you’re probably wondering how difficult it is to sponsor one agent to join eXp every two months.

At eXp ,agents have a 80/20 split and a $16,000 cap. Since eXp is an independent cloud-based brokerage, there are no extra royalty or franchise tax that is charged to the agents and every agent in the United States pays the exact same splits, has the same fees, and has the same cap. Compare this sales model to an agent at a traditional franchise sales model which typically gives agents a 70/30 split and charges a royalty or franchise tax on their commission income, you are essentially giving every agent a raise by referring them to join eXp.

If You Want to Learn More About the Different Benefits of eXp Realty for Agents Click Here

Ok so now you’ve sponsored 6 capping agents to eXp and earn $16,800 a year in residual income. Comparing that to the traditional agent retirement model, you now would have an additional $16,800 a year to put towards your retirement.

Although your situation looks much better now, I think it’s safe to say that living off of $16,800 a year won’t be able to finance most people’s dream lifestyle. So how you can expand on that even more? That’s where the duplication aspect of revenue share that we mentioned earlier comes into play.

As you now know, the eXp revenue share model has a very powerful duplication component because revenue share is paid 7 generations deep. Every agent has the same opportunity to refer other agents to the company, so that means the 6 agents you referred also have the same opportunity to refer agents to the company. And because of the cascading nature of the revenue share model, those agents that they sponsor to eXp will fall on your second tier, which means you will be compensated for their sales on top of the sales of the agents you directly referred.

In this example, let’s conservatively assume that the 6 agents you referred to the company all did 1/6 of what you did, and each referred one capping agent to the company in their first year. 

You would now have 6 partners that you directly attracted to the company who each sponsored one agent. This means you now have 6 agents on your first tier and 6 agents on your second tier. 

Assuming that all 6 agents on your second tier are capping agents as well, you would earn $3,200 a year for each capping agent on your second tier or $19,200 a year for all 6 capping agents.

2 tiers of 12 capping agents example with exp revenue share.
2 Tier Rev Share Example.

Now add that number back to the amount you would earn for the 6 capping agents on your first tier, that’s $19,200 + $16,800 which comes out to a total of $36,000 a year total or $3,000 a month that you would earn as a residual income stream from revenue share. 

real estate agent retirement plan

That is the same monthly residual income that would come into your bank account as if you’ve done it the nearly impossible traditional method, by saving $900,000 throughout your career. Except now, you are able to enjoy the benefits now instead of 40 years in the future.

How Revenue Share is the Path to Living Your Dream Lifestyle

Although the example above showed you exactly how you can achieve the same retirement numbers through revenue share in a year as compared to a traditional realtor retirement plan which would have taken 40 years, $36,000 in residual income still isn’t exactly “money freedom” and doesn’t allow you the luxury to live however you choose, now or 40 years from now.

This is exactly why revenue share is the only pathway for realtors to not only get to their “retirement number” but also live the life that they have always wanted to live. Because it is a duplicatable income stream that does not stop growing.

Using the same example as above, if your 6 agents were able to duplicate your exact eXp revenue share numbers and they each also refer 6 capping agents of their own on their first generations, you will now have 36 capping agents on your second tier of revenue share.

With 36 capping agents on your second tier and 6 capping agents on your first tier, your annual revenue share would now be $115,200 (36x$3,200) from the agents on your second tier and $16,800 (6x$2,800) from the 6 agents on your first tier.

That totals out to $132,000 earned in revenue per year.

Now if we extrapolate those numbers even more and you hypothetically enroll 10 capping agents personally on your tire 1, you will now potentially earn up to $28,000 each year in revenue share from your tier 1 agents if they all cap.

Again, if the 10 agents on your tier 1 all duplicate what you have done exactly and they each go out and enroll 10 capping agents of their own, you now will have 100 agents on your second tier of revenue share. 

100x$3,200 is $320,000. Add that back to the $28,000 and you are looking at potentially earning $348,000 in revenue share each year if all of your agents cap.

eXp Revenue share 10x10.

Not Every Agent Will Cap

To think that every agent you enroll will cap is unrealistic. But what if we took those numbers and cut them in half? What if every agent you enrolled only produced enough to pay half of their cap into the company each year.

In the example where you sponsored 6 capping agents and they each sponsor 6, you will still be earning $66,000 in revenue share each year.

In the example where you personally sponsored 10 agents, that’s $174,000.

Seeing these examples, it is hard for agents who are motivated and determined to stop themselves from fantasizing and creating hypothetical scenarios of revenue share numbers in their heads that amount to massive annual earnings that will allow them finally move from their current situation to their desired situation and be able to live the life that they have always wanted and deserved.

In my opinion, the eXp revenue share opportunity is not only the biggest opportunity in real estate but also in business.

Because the skillsets needed to be successful at building a revenue share team are so unique, anyone with any amount of experience in real estate can be successful at it, over the years we have seen brand new agents outperform even top producing realtors in building revenue share.

It truly is the “blue ocean” opportunity that agents are looking for to finally create a lifestyle for themselves where they can choose what they get to do with their time, every single day of their lives.

Retiring Through Revenue Share: Locking in Your Future

A lesser-known fact about eXp realty’s revenue share model is that agents must qualify to earn the full revenue share percentages for their 2nd to 7th generations by continuing to personally attract quality, producing agents to the company.

In order to unlock the maximum annual revenue share payments for each generation, you must personally sponsor a certain number of qualifying agents on your first generation.

At eXp Realty, for every 5 qualifying agents that you personally enroll to the company, you unlock a new tier of revenue share. This means that if you personally enroll 5 qualifying agents you will unlock the maximum annual revenue share for your second tier, 10 unlocks the third, 15 unlocks the 4th and so on.

For example, if you personally enrolled 17 qualifying agents to your first tier, more than 15 but less than 20, you will be paid the maximum revenue share amount on only your first 4 levels of revenue share.

In order for an agent that you personally enrolled to the company to qualify so that they can help you unlock your revenue share tiers they must be actively producing agents. In order for an agent to count as a qualified agent, they have to close at least 2 transactions every 6 months.

If you have agents on tiers that you have not unlocked, when they close a transaction, you will earn a significantly smaller percentage of revenue share than if you had unlocked that tier.

The number of qualifying agents needed to unlock each tier of revenue share.
If You Look on the Right, it Shows How Many Qualifying Agents You Need to Personally Enroll to Unlock Each Tier.

Now that you know this aspect of revenue share, many long-term thinking agents will pose a new question: How will I ever truly “retire” if I need to constantly attract agents to the company personally?

For more information on How Unlocking Revenue Share Levels Work Click Here.

Lock-In Rule

Since the inception of the company in 2009, many agents at eXp Realty have built quite a substantial revenue share income for themselves and have been looking for ways to protect that income.

In 2023, eXp Realty made a new announcement that will go into immediately in regards to the qualification status of high revenue share earners.

The new rule states that if an agent has been with eXp Realty for 5 years, they have the opportunity to lock in their currently unlocked levels of revenue share for the remainder of their lives.

This means that agents now can earn maximum revenue share on their unlocked tiers “forever” whenever they choose to lock in their revenue share.

Once an agent locks in their status, they are no longer allowed to attract more agents personally in order to unlock another tier.

For example. If you currently have 26 qualified agents who have closed at least 2 transactions in the past 6 months personally enrolled (which means you have 6 generations unlocked) and have been with eXp Realty for at least 5 years, you can choose to lock in your first 6 tiers of revenue share payments for life, which means you can earn maximum revenue share for the agents on your tiers 1-6 even if those 26 qualified agents on your first generation never sell a house again, which would mean you will have 0 qualified agents that you personally sponsor.

This is a massive advancement along with the newly announced eXp Revenue Share + plan, allowing agents who have built a substantial revenue share income to lock in their income, and live out their dreams with absolute peace of mind.

No later than a week after this plan was announced, eXp Realty has already had its first agent retire through revenue share.

Are You Ready to Live the Life that You Deserve?

I did not write this blog post to convince you to do anything.

I wrote this article because I want to make sure that you’re getting what you need so that you can get from where you are to where you want to go.

As of today, eXp offers the absolute best real estate agent retirement plan of any real estate brokerage out there, which don’t give self-employed realtors many retirement options at all.

For most sales agents, retirement and living a fulfilled life of choice and freedom is nothing more than a pipe dream that they had when they first started out in the business. As time goes on however, the harsh reality of the truth settles in and at some point in a realtor’s life, they realize that they will be selling houses until the day they die.

Although that sounds a little bit exaggerated, it paints a good picture of where the majority of realtors are at now. A stressful situation where they never wanted to be in, struggling to chase the next deal with no real end goal in mind.

Most realtors today have lost sight of their goals, their true passion and their purpose in life. After so many years in the business, trying to run and “scale” the actual business has replaced their true aspirations in life that so many young agents had when they first started in the business.

That is just the reality of this industry. Realtors are self-employed for life. You have no employer-backed retirement plan. Barely if any benefits. No union or “off days”.

If you can’t work you can’t eat. Even if you buy investment properties, it will take you no less than 5-10 years to have enough residual income to cover your expenses without selling houses.

But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. Just like any industry, the real estate industry goes through changes. It evolves. It improves.

It isn’t like the old days anymore when realtors simply accepted their fate and worked their entire lives. Realtors today want to be heard. Real estate agents around the world have spoken. And the industry listened.

In the past 14 years, over 88,000 ambitious real estate agents around the globe have come together in the biggest movement in real estate we have ever seen in history, sharing their stories of growth, success, and fulfillment with their fellow agents to change agents’ lives.

eXp Realty is a 74,000 agent and growing global real estate movement.

It is no secret that eXp Realty has taken the real estate world by storm. But it is not for the reasons that most people think. eXp Realty has taken the real estate world by storm because it is solving the biggest problem for agents.

By allowing agents to finally live full, fulfilled lives with an abundance of purpose and passion.

So My Questions to You Are:

Are you ready to be a part of this movement?

Are you ready to live a life that you never need a vacation from?

Are you ready to live the life that you have not only always wanted, but always deserved?

If you answered yes.

Then I invite you to change your life and take that fateful step into a better, brighter future.

Note: This article is not giving any financial planning advice, contact a certified financial planner for professional advice.

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