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eXp Boost Program for Independent Brokerages

eXp Boost Program for Independent Brokerages

If you are an Independent Broker looking to expand your brokerage we have got some game-changing news coming your way! eXp Realty, known as ‘the most agent-centric real estate brokerage on the planet,’ has just dropped a bombshell announcement, and it’s called the eXp Boost Program!

The eXp Boost program is a financial incentive that Independent Brokerages who are looking to partner with eXp may receive if they meet certain qualifications through their brokerage size and production.

In this article, we will be diving into the eXp Boost program that’s all about giving a financial boost to independent brokerages when they join eXp Realty. If you’re a real estate independent broker, you’re going to want to keep reading!

P.S. – eXp recently announced ANOTHER incentive program for TEAMS, so be sure to check out the eXp Thrive Program if you are a TEAM LEADER.

eXp Boost Program

What is the eXp Boost Program?

The eXp Boost Program is the “cherry on top” for Independent Brokerages who are exploring the possibility of partnering their business with the eXp platform to provide their agents with more training, support, and resources while being able to reduce their own liability and increasing their scalability as a broker.

eXp Realty, the first ever cloud-based brokerage in history and the fastest growing brokerage in history, is offering FINANCIAL INCENTIVES to independent brokerages that are culturally aligned with the eXp platform.

eXp Boost Program Qualifications

In order to qualify for the eXp Boost program incentive, an independent brokerage must have over 50 agents, AND a minimum of $100 Million in sales volume over the past 12 month.

The brokerage also can not be affiliated with any non-independent franchises and must be invested to the growth of their organization through the eXp model.

Qualification Checklist

To be eligible, the brokerage:

  • Has more than 50 agents and a minimum of $100 million (US/CAN) in sales volume in the originating country over the previous 12-month fiscal period.
  • Must be culturally aligned with and committed to adhering to the eXp Realty model
  • Cannot be affiliated with any nonindependent franchise.
  • Must be invested in their growth with the eXp Platform
  • Must participate in eXp’s Revenue Share and Agent Equity Programs
  • Must Agree to Incentive and Retention Terms and Timelines

The Purpose of the eXp Boost Program

Glenn Sanford, the Founder and CEO of eXp Realty, says that eXp is on a mission to attract and retain the best agents in the business. The eXp Boost Program aligns the interests of independent brokerages with eXp Realty, creating a win-win situation.

As a participant of the eXp boost program, you can expect to get specialized and dedicated care designed to alleviate stress and streamline the transition process while moving to most agent centric model in the world!

What’s even more exciting is that independent brokerages that join eXp Realty through this program can immediately start reaping the rewards of eXp Realty’s model such as being able to earn equity in a publicly traded multi-national real estate company through stock-awards, eliminating your current overhead costs and liability, being able to provide your agents with additional support and services, revenue share to grow your organization of agents across state and even country lines, and more!

eXp Realty is here to help independent brokerages and their agents “boost” their business while transitioning to the eXp ecosystem. The eXp compensation model rewards agents and brokers for both production and contributions to eXp’s growth.

How Much is the Financial Incentive of eXp Boost?

So how much is the eXp Boost Program financial incentive for independent brokerages?

The financial incentive that you will receive as an independent broker who joins eXp is going to depend entirely on your brokerage’s production, and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. While the qualifications for the eXp boost program remains the same across the board, the actual incentive will be dependent on your specific brokerage’s production from the past 12 months.

To find out what that may be, all you have to do is schedule a call with the link below and we will walk through that evaluation process. 

3 Step Process to Apply for The eXp Boost Program

In order to qualify for the eXp boost program you must apply by following the 3 step process below:

  1. Book a Call HERE and Discuss Your Reasons For Considering Partnering Your Brokerage With eXp, After the Call You Will Complete a Compatibility Questionnaire
  2. We Will Direct You to a Member of eXp’s Corporate Growth Team and Set a Meeting to Discuss Details of Your Financial Incentive
  3. If You Are a Fit, The Incentive Will be Finalized and Agreement Details Will Be Signed.

Book a Call By Clicking the Button Below and Get Your eXp Boost Program Journey Started the Right Way!

Why Independent Brokerages Join eXp?

A question that arises for many independent brokerages is what benefits they can expect to have by partnering their business with the eXp platform. While the boost program is a small incentive for qualifying brokerages to partner with eXp, it should not be your main consideration when it comes to the benefits you will receive as a broker who partners with eXp.

Countless independent brokerages have partnered with eXp’s platform BEFORE the recent announcement of the boost program and for good reason. The eXp platform was built specifically for independent brokerages to be able to run their business in a way that they never imagined before and here’s why.

Top 8 Reasons Why Independent Brokerages Join eXp

  1. Eliminate All Liability
  2. Outsource Supervision Responsibilities
  3. Reduce Overhead Expenses
  4. Remove Geographic Limitations
  5. Attract More Agents
  6. Retain More Agents
  7. Keep Your Current Branding
  8. No Franchise Agreements or Upfront Investment

1) Eliminate All Liability

One of the many benefits for a broker to join eXp is the ability to remove all legal liability and risk that you carry as a broker.

When you partner your brokerage with eXp, you are no longer liable for your agents’ actions as you will no longer be their “broker”, eXp will. This means that you can no longer be sued or held liable for your agents’ actions and do not have to stress about the potential of being caught up in expensive lawsuits.

2) Outsource Supervision Responsibilities

By partnering your brokerage with eXp you are effectively able to outsource all of your supervision responsibilities that you have as a broker to eXp.

eXp has at least 1-5 licensed brokers in every state on the company’s payroll that will supervise all of your agents’ activities, review their contracts, and answer their questions regarding state laws. You will no longer be responsible for supervising your agents’ actions which will allow you to free up more time to grow your business or spend that time with your friends, family, or hobbies.

3) Reduce Overhead Expenses

Joining eXp will also allow you to reduce your overhead expenses drastically as a broker since you no longer have to be solely responsible for providing your agents with office space, software, training, support staff, and resources.

eXp is a cloud-based brokerage platform that does not require you to own or rent any office space. Within eXp’s cloud-based system eXp World, there are over 2000 paid employees ready to help your agents at any time without you having to pay anything extra than the $85 monthly fee to be at eXp. eXp also pays for lead generation tools, software, over 80 hours of training every week, and gives your agents financial incentives without you having to pay for any of that out of your own pocket.

4) Remove Geographic Limitations

eXp Realty Revenue Share works Globally!

Brokers are traditionally limited to only be able to grow their business in the state that they are licensed in. At eXp, you will no longer have these geographic limitations and are able to recruit agents to your organization in all 50 states and even internationally in over 24 countries all while never having to get licensed anywhere else through the revenue share model.

eXp’s revenue share model allows you to attract and recruit agents anywhere in the world since you will no longer be your agent’s “broker”. This will allow you to expand your brokerage’s market share from just a local business that is bound to just 1 state to a global business where you can work with agents and brokers anywhere in the world!

5) Attract More Agents

One of the other benefits of eXp’s revenue share model is that it incentivizes bot your agents and your upline partners to help you attract more agents to your organization

eXp’s revenue share model is 7 tiered, this means that when an agent that you personally sponsor at eXp attracts an agent to eXp, that agent will fall on your tier 2 of compensation and you will get paid for their production as well. This model gives all of your agents an incentive to attract more agents to your organization by literally aligning their own interests with yours. This also means that (given you choose the right sponsor at eXp), your sponsor and even your entire eXp upline will help you attract more agents to your organization by helping you with presentations and agent conversations, saving you time.

6) Retain More Agents

eXp’s business model offers agents more incentives to stay at the company than any other company in real estate. Agents at eXp are more likely to stay at the company because they are shareholders of eXp and share in the revenue the company generates.

While eXp’s revenue share model allows your agents to refer other agents to eXp and earn revenue share from the closings of those agents every month, your agents will also be able to earn equity in eXp through stock awards given to your agents when they hit certain production milestones. These incentives combined with additional tools, resources, and systems to help agents run their business more smoothly will keep your top agents at eXp and therefore retain them in your organization.

7) Keep Your Current Branding

eXp is not a franchise. This means that you do NOT have to adopt eXp’s branding, marketing, or colors for your brokerage when you partner with the company. You can keep the exact same branding, name, and marketing colors that you currently have and just be simply “powered by eXp”.

By being able to keep your branding, you will not lose any brand equity by partnering your business with eXp. You will continue to market share business to consumers by leveraging the local brand that you have successfully built while simply running your business through a much leaner and more effective platform that provides both yourself and your agents with more incentives.

8) No Franchise Agreements or Upfront Investment

The benefit of working with eXp is that eXp is not a franchise company which means that eXp will not tie you down to a long term franchise agreement or ask for any upfront or even ongoing cash investment that a franchise company would.

eXp is a cloud-based independent brokerage. eXp does not sell franchises and does not tie any brokers down for long periods of times through franchise agreements. You can simply partner your business with eXp for only $85 month and that is the only fee or investment that you have to pay eXp in order to partner your entire brokerage with the eXp platform. In fact, with the new eXp Boost program, you may actually get paid to work with eXp!

BOOST Your Business With eXp Boost Program Today!

So, if you’re an independent broker looking to boost your business and explore the incredible opportunities at eXp Realty, I invite you to schedule a call with me. Let’s chat about whether eXp Realty is the right fit for you, and we’ll figure out what your additional eXp Boost Program incentives will be! Don’t wait, the future of real estate is alive and well at eXp!

P.S. – Plus, you’ll be partnering with the most supportive and collaborative organization at eXp focused on 10X-ing your growth.

Take Advantage of The eXp Boost Program Today!

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