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eXp India – 5 Reasons Real Estate Agents Need to Join!

eXp Realty India - Learn about the Fastest Growing Brokerage in History That Just Opened Operations in India!

You might have already heard about eXp India, a global real estate phenomenon’s official footprint in South Asia. But what do you know about eXp India and what makes it such a unique real estate business model for real estate brokers in India and all across the world?

Aside from being the fastest-growing real estate brokerage in the history of the world, what are the major components of eXp realty that make it the most unique and most advanced real estate brokerage that India has ever seen?

History of eXp India

Interview with eXp India Designated Managing Broker – Shashank Vashishtha

Before we dive into the 5 major reasons why you need to partner your real estate business with eXp India it is important to understand the history of eXp and eXp India.

eXp India was launched in November of 2020 as one of the major international expansion markets outside of North America by United States based real estate company eXp Realty, the first ever cloud-based brokerage in history.

As a part of an aggressive expansion plan headed by Michael Valdes, the President of eXp Global Growth, eXp opened market operations in India alongside South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, France, and Portugal to grow the eXp business model into international markets.

eXp India is currently headed by Shashank Vashishtha as the executive director of business operations and designated managing broker of all eXp real estate activity in the Indian market.

In less than 3 years, eXp India has proved to be a success in one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world by becoming the fastest growing global market in terms of agent count out of all the international markets outside of the US that eXp is currently operational in and has set up a strong foundation for great potential of future growth.

The popularity of the model amongst real estate agents and brokers in India is due to a variety of factors including aspects such as the ability to leverage the technology platform known as Virbela, the ability to grow your current business into foreign markets outside of India, equity ownership opportunities in eXp, and the ability to partner with other real estate professionals and earn residual income from the revenue share model.

There is no secret that eXp is the most agent-centric model out there in the world today that has improved upon the traditional landscape of the industry, and in this article we will be covering the 5 most important reasons why so many agents (including companies of over 100 agents at one time) are joining eXp in India.

The 5 most important factors that you need to know about eXp India now!

eXp India Podcast Interview With Shashank Vashishtha
  1. eXp India Offers 3 streams of income
  2. eXp Brokers operates in a cloud-based office – eXp World
  3. The Most Advanced Global referral network to do business internationally
  4. Lead Generation Systems to Separate yourself From the Competition
  5. Wealth Building Opportunity for Brokers of all Levels

1) eXp India Offers Brokers 3 Streams of Income

The first and most important fact that all real estate brokers in India should know about eXp India is that you are able to earn 3 different streams of income as a broker here. Most traditional real estate brokerage business models in India can only earn one stream of income through sales commissions. At eXp India, brokers can earn income 3 different ways through:

  1. Commissions from Sales
  2. Stock Awards
  3. Revenue Share

Let’s break down these 3 streams of income.

Commission From Sales

The first way that a broker at eXp India can earn money is through commissions from property sales. Since that is the backbone and purpose of the brokerage business, it is the main focus of the company and the basis for how the other two streams of income will be paid out as well.

Breakdown of eXp India's Commission Compensation Plan.
Breakdown of eXp India’s Commission Compensation Plan

At eXp India brokers receive 75%-100% of their total commissions on the sale of a property. That is significantly higher than the average commission split of 50% for brokers in India who choose to partner with a company. On the sale of property costing 15 lakhs at a payment of 1% commission, the broker will earn 0.15 lakhs or 15,000 Rupees. On a 50% commission split the broker will earn a total of 7,500 Rupees on the sale. At eXp, the broker can earn from 11,250 Rupees all the way to the full 15,000 Rupees depending on if they have reached their cap.

A cap is the amount of money the broker would have to pay to the company in commission splits each year in order to earn 100% of their commissions on all remaining sales of properties for the rest of the year. At eXp India the amount a broker would have to pay to cap is 15 lakhs or 1,500,000 Rupees.

Broker Stock Awards

The second stream of income for eXp India brokers are stock awards. The brokerage eXp India is a global subsidiary of the company EXP World Holdings LLC, a publicly-traded US company based in Washington listed on the NASDAQ as EXPI. Since the philosophy of eXp Global is to put their brokers and agents first, brokers in eXp India are able to earn shares of EXPI stock through various mediums in their business.

Breakdown of eXp India's Stock Award Plan.
Breakdown of eXp India’s Stock Award Plan

The first way a broker can earn EXPI stock is through the sale of properties. On top of making significantly higher commission incomes, a broker who performs a sale at eXp India will also earn shares of EXPI stock. There are 4 ways for brokers to earn shares of EXPI stock on property sales:

  1. Making their first sale each year = 9,500 Rupees worth of EXPI stock
  2. Reaching their annual cap = 19,000 Rupees worth of EXPI stock
  3. Completing 20 additional transactions after capping or producing a total of 20,000,000 Rupees in Gross Commission Income = 1,500,000 Rupees worth of EXPI stock
  4. Opting in to the VOLUNTARY Agent Equity Program and taking 5% of all sales commission and converting them to EXPI stock shares at a 10% discount.

There is also a 5th way to earn EXPI stock as a stream of income that is related to the 3rd way to earn income at eXp India which I will cover in the next section.

Revenue Share Residual Income

The third and most unique stream of income for eXp India brokers is revenue share. Revenue share is the built-in team-building structure for all brokers at eXp India where team leaders can earn residual income from brokers they bring to their team without having to take any extra splits. It is eXp’s way of giving back to the brokers for helping grow the company.

As a broker of eXp India when you bring another broker to join eXp Realty, the company pays you a percentage of the commission they receive from the sales activity of the brokers you bring to the eXp. For every broker that you personally sponsor to eXp, the company pays you 3.5% of the gross commission that the broker you sponsor produces on every sale. So if you sponsor another broker to the company that closes a 15,000 Rupee transaction, you will be paid 525 Rupees by eXp for helping to grow the company.

eXp India's Revenue Share Plan - Front Line.
eXp India’s Revenue Share Plan – Front Line

Since revenue share is paid to you from the company’s portion of the commission split and there is a cap on how much money that eXp can receive from brokers on the commissions of their property sales, there is also a cap on how much revenue share you can earn from each broker you sponsor to eXp. For every broker you directly sponsor to the company, you are able to receive up to 210,000 Rupees each year and also a 19,000 Rupee stock award for each broker that closes one sale every year. But revenue share does not stop with just the brokers that you directly introduce to the company.

Since all brokers have the same opportunity to sponsor other brokers and help grow the company, you will not only be eligible to receive revenue share from the brokers you directly sponsor but also any brokers that they sponsor to the company as well.

Here’s an example:

If you personally sponsor 6 brokers to the company who meet their sales requirements and they each sponsor one broker on their own, you can earn up to 240,000 Rupees for the production of each of those brokers ON TOP of the 210,000 Rupees you earn from the brokers that you directly sponsor. That’s a total of 2,700,00 Rupees that you can potentially earn from revenue share each year!

Now this payment structure will continue for 7 tiers of brokers with varying levels of compensation on each level. Here is a graphic depicting the potential revenue share you can receive each year from one broker at each tier:

eXp India Full 7 Tier Revenue Share Compensation Plan.
eXp India Full 7 Tier Revenue Share Compensation Plan

Revenue share is a fantastic opportunity for you if you are a broker who is looking to build a long term sustainable business or if you are a business owner with a team of brokers looking to grow your team in a fast and scalable fashion globally, something that we will get into more detail on in the last section.

2) eXp Brokers operates in the cloud-based office eXp World

Now that you know the three ways real estate brokers can earn income at eXp India, you are probably wondering how eXp as a company can afford to pay out so much money to their brokers. Well, eXp Realty has one major difference from other brokerage companies in India. And that is eXp India operates its entire business online in an interactive and collaborative cloud-based environment called eXp World.

eXp World - The World's First Ever Cloud Based Co-Working Office.
eXp World – The World’s First Ever Cloud Based Co-Working Office

This is truly a groundbreaking achievement in the real estate industry allowing brokers in India to save time, lower business expenses, and collaborate with real estate brokers in other parts of the world. But before we dive into the benefits of eXp World, let’s take a closer look at its major functions and components.

Many of you are probably familiar with the software Zoom, which as we know, exploded into popularity in the pandemic era. It has allowed us to be able to have professional and personal meetings with clients, partners, and colleagues remotely and in doing so opened the door for collaboration with partners in other parts of the world. But Zoom also comes with its limitations. You are essentially stuck in one place with your profile only able to remain in a computer window resembling a small box.

That’s where eXp World differentiates itself from other remote workspaces such as Zoom and Google Meet.

eXp World operates under the company’s cloud-based system, Virbela, a software technology system that is owned by eXp’s holding company EXP World Holdings LLC, and it offers a completely new realm of possibilities for remote work.

Instead of being only able to communicate and work through a computer window, in eXp World you are given an avatar of yourself to control freely and move around a virtual environment.

This technology allows us to do something that was never possible before, to move from location to location in order to meet with different colleagues in live time remotely without having to preschedule meetings.

Inside eXp World, Brokers Receive  Real Time Support.
Inside eXp World, Brokers Receive Real Time Support

As many of you have experienced in the past with remote working, it can be difficult and time-consuming for brokers to arrange meetings with their managers and administrative assistants through traditional remote working video conferencing systems. And when an issue is urgent, which is not unusual for real estate brokers, not having immediate access to these various departments can be detrimental to your business.

That is why the ability to move around a cloud campus is so important for eXp India brokers. With eXp World, brokers can now have live and immediate access to all 600+ real-life employees and managing brokers without even having to physically leave their locations!

For a FREE Guest Pass and Live Walkthrough of eXp World. Book a Call with Us!

To recap, all of the employees, administrative staff members, executives, and brokers are all real live people being represented by an avatar exactly like you! So you can be sure that you are never talking to an automated bot, and always getting personalized and immediate support 24/7.

Here is a list of the different departments and support functions inside eXp World:

  • Accounting
  • Onboarding
  • Agent Support
  • Growth and Attraction Services
  • Brokerage Operations
  • Commercial Real Estate Operations
  • Tech Support
  • Agent Compliance
  • Payment Processing
  • Training Auditoriums
  • Regional Broker Rooms
  • Private Team Suites

eXp World has two main benefits for brokers. We already discussed the first one: access to live and immediate support from company employees. The second is the world-class training system: eXp University.

eXp World Live Training and Support Environment.
eXp World Live Training and Support Environment

eXp University is the training system that is available to all brokers in eXp India and across the world. It consists of over 60 hours of live training sessions conducted within the various auditoriums and training halls of eXp World. eXp University trainings are broken down into various “series” each designed specifically to compliment a different skillset needed to run a successful and profitable real estate brokerage business.

Classes in eXp University ranges from universal trainings taught by global real estate leaders such as Grant Cardone and Tom Hopkins all the way to niche trainings for each specific region focusing on helping new brokers develop keen skills to handle and close transactions on their own in accordance to their regional guidelines.

It is no question that with the expenses of owning a physical office, harsh market conditions can be difficult to navigate for real estate brokers. By partnering your business with eXp India, you are able to reduce or eliminate that overhead completely and be able to operate your business with the same efficiency and effectiveness as before.

For a Free Guest Pass to attend a training eXp University, click below!

3) The Most Advanced Global referral network to do business internationally

In the last 2 sections we talked about the many internal company benefits that eXp India offers brokers. In the next two sections we will go over the two biggest advantages that eXp India brokers have over their competition when it comes to working with clients.

First we will go over the largest and most advanced global referral network in the world, eXp Workplace.

eXp Workplace is an extension platform derived from Facebook that is the single central source of information and data between all brokers, personnel, employees, executives, and partners around the world. It is a single private company mastermind for all 88,000 + brokers at eXp Global to share information, ideas, referrals, and business.

A screenshot of eXp Workplace.
eXp Workplace

eXp Workplace generally has two major uses for eXp India brokers. First, it is a platform to receive information and company news from your local regional support office. Second, it is the one platform you will use to do business with brokers and clients in other parts of the world.

Think of eXp Workplace as the internal version of eXp World. Inside eXp World you will get immediate and live support. In Workplace you will have access to shared files, other brokers’ contact information, and recorded archived trainings. eXp Workplace is essentially the company’s internal database where all company information is shared and accessed, easily accessible through keyword research.

But the most important aspect of eXp Workplace for brokers in India is the ability to do referral business with international clients and brokers in an easy and streamlined manner. Inside eXp Workplace, brokers from every country that eXp Global has footprint in are allowed and encouraged to post their referral needs for any clients they have that wants to buy or sell property in a different area or country than they are in.

eXp Referral Network to do Business Internationally.
eXp Referral Network to do Business Internationally

Not only is this a great way for brokers in India to add an additional branch of service to their clients in their business by providing international real estate solutions, but also a great way to find potential new clients from referrals being shared overseas for clients looking to buy or sell property in India.

With the eXp Workplace referral network brokers around the world are constantly sharing referral opportunities 24/7 and as a broker of eXp India, you will have immediate access to all of these deals so you can take advantage of yet another possible stream of income for your business.

4) Access to Lead Generation Systems to Separate Yourself From the Competition

The second big tool that eXp India brokers have access to is a state of the art lead generation and CRM system for easy tracking of all prospecting, client management, transaction management, transaction processing, and marketing of properties.

With the global friendly REP real estate system, eXp India brokers not only get their very own consumer-facing website to capture leads and prospect information they also get their very own CRM system to manage and track the entire sales process all the way from meeting the client to closing the sale.

The state-of-the-art CRM has many different features that allow brokers to run marketing and sell properties with minimal effort by leveraging machine-learning technology and automation combined with both paid and organic tactics and strategies for online and social media marketing.

With the new machine learning technology, brokers at eXp India can now effortlessly match buyers to properties according to their unique buyer profiles. Whether if you are representing the seller or the buyer, with the ability to automatically match a property description to a buyer’s needs, brokers can now guarantee their clients the best service.

For those representing property sellers, you can now send their property to multiple renowned listing services such as 99 Acres, ListGlobally, and other new and emerging platforms while also getting their property featured automatically in a buyer’s inbox. As for the brokers who represent buyers, you can now guarantee that they will have first access to new property listings on the market that fit their specific criteria.

On top of property matching technology, you can also run automated marketing campaigns for your properties, run virtual viewings and open houses, create tasks, optimize listing presentation quality, automatically upload listings to multiple platforms, track referrals and easily upload your listings to social media. Here is a full list of the many functions of eXp India’s CRM/Listing Distribution System:

List pf eXp India CRM functions with side graphics.
eXp India’s CRM and Listing Distribution Functions

5) Wealth-Building Opportunities for Brokers of All Levels

The final and most important aspect of eXp India is a combination of all the other 4 aspects. And that is the opportunity for brokers in India to build a massive business globally without borders or restrictions. As you have seen, eXp India gives brokers the necessary tools to not only have a successful career in sales, but also provides brokers with the opportunity to expand their current or future business across state lines in India, and across country lines as well.

At eXp, you have the opportunity to build your business globally!
At eXp, you have the opportunity to build your business globally!

eXp India’s advanced listing distribution and CRM system allow for every broker at eXp India to have the same opportunity to streamline their sales business and have an immediate competitive edge over other brokers in their local market by leveraging newly established technology based on machine learning and automation.

Workplace’s referral sharing system provides brokers in India to expand their sales business to other parts of the world and add a new branch of global service to better serve their internationally minded clients while earning additional streams of income.

The revolutionary eXp World changes the way brokers run their business internally by providing a business outsourcing system built on live interaction with colleagues and immediate support from over 700 real-life employees without ever needing to even leave their homes.

And of course, the two additional streams of income in stock awards and revenue share is the basis for brokers in India to acquire assets building towards long term wealth and expand their real estate brokerage business across the world by sharing the model with their partners in active countries while earning passive residual income towards financial freedom.

For the brand new individual broker, eXp India provides the tools, training, mentorship, and ease to run your business from your home allowing you to learn how to navigate the business without needing to worry about purchasing tools, hiring concierge services, and finding partners. Immediately automating the internal side of your business as a new broker.

For the experienced brokers with size-able teams working under them, eXp India is the perfect opportunity for you to outsource all liability and management, significantly cut business expenses, attract more brokers to work for you to drive revenue growth, retain the brokers you already have by giving them an opportunity to earn more income, and expand your business to other states and countries immediately without any red tape restrictions.

eXp India allows you to reduce liability and increase scalability using all of eXp India’s tools and business systems without having to purchase a franchise with substantial investments and binding contracts.

Join eXp India – Opportunity Awaits!

Now that you know the top 5 reasons to join eXp India, it is time for you to make a decision as to whether or not you want to take advantage of this rapidly growing opportunity.

As you probably know, no business opportunity lasts forever and the same goes for eXp India. At the time of this post, eXp India having only been operational for just 36 months has already expanded to over 1500 brokers!

We understand that you probably have many questions and concerns about the opportunity. This is a serious decision not to be taken lightly.

That is why we are currently taking meetings with interested and serious brokers in India who are curious to explore this opportunity further. Book your free private consultation with a leader of the fastest growing organization at eXp based in the United States and we will see together whether this opportunity is right for you!

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