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eXp Luxury Ultimate Guide – #1 Luxury Branch Has Arrived!

exp Luxury

eXp Luxury, the future of luxury real estate has arrived!

eXp Luxury is the new luxury real estate branch of eXp Realty, the fastest-growing real estate company in the world, and is the luxury division for agents who focus exclusively on selling luxury residential real estate. The launch of eXp Luxury and expansion of our luxury real estate business model is a game changer for agents in the industry because it allows luxury agents to take advantage of eXp’s business model.

eXp Luxury is housed under eXp Realty, the cloud-based brokerage under eXp World Holdings, a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Agents at eXp Realty have the unique opportunity to earn equity awards as the form of stock in the company from their real estate transactions as well as build a residual income stream from attracting agents in the revenue share program.

It is no question that eXp has the most agent-centric model out there for agents giving agents a full suite of brokerage tools and real estate tech solutions including its innovative residential and commercial brokerage model, professional services, collaborative tools and personal development, that has helped the overall company growth, but now, eXp has introduced a whole new suite of benefits for luxury realtors.

In this article we will break down the details of one of eXp’s new programs, eXp Luxury, explain the difference between the eXp Luxury program and the eXp luxury certification courses, as well as share with you the breakdown of eXp luxury program’s and eXp luxury certification’s fees.

The Breakdown of eXp Luxury

It’s important to understand how the eXp Luxury division is set up and the two different and separate benefits of the luxury branch and how they work together.

The first benefit of eXp Luxury is the introduction of a luxury real estate certification course that trains agents specifically on how to sell luxury homes. This certification course is a separate program from the eXp Luxury program and agents who choose to take the course are not obligated to join the eXp Luxury program.

The second benefit of eXp Luxury is the actual Luxury division of eXp. This is a division of eXp Realty that gives it’s members exclusive access to luxury listing tools and resources that allows them to generate luxury listings and feature their high end clients’ listings to get the absolute best exposure. Agents of the eXp Luxury Program are not required to take the eXp Luxury Certification but may do so if they choose to.

eXp Luxury Certification

exp luxury certification

The eXp Luxury certification is a course designed to help agents break in to the luxury real estate market by teaching them the skills necessary to work with luxury clients and take on luxury listings.

Although any agent at eXp can take this course, it was specifically designed as an introduction to luxury real estate for agents who want to break into this market. This means that although existing luxury agents may benefit from the information in the course, they will not benefit as much as an agent who is trying to break into luxury home sales.

The eXp luxury certification course is a 6 module self-paced online training course that can take anywhere between 3-5 hours to complete and covers the following topics in each of the respective 6 modules:

  1. Understanding Luxury: The Market and The Mindset
  2. Personal Branding for Luxury Real Estate Agents
  3. Defining Your Target Market
  4. Luxury Marketing: Growing Your Sphere & Mindshare
  5. Marketing Your Luxury Listings
  6. The Art of Luxury Negotiation

Each module has 3-5 training videos and a “test your knowledge” quiz at the end to certify that you have honed in on the information taught in the certification.

The eXp luxury certification is a 100% optional training course for agents at eXp to take if they choose to. The cost of the certification course is a one time payment of $595 and will grant you access to join the eXp Luxury program anytime in the future if you wish to do so.

eXp Luxury Program

eXp Luxury Program

The eXp Luxury program is the subdivision of eXp Realty that provides its members with exclusive tools to provide exceptional services to luxury clients. Many luxury agents in the past have complimented the business model of eXp Realty but decided not to join the brokerage because they did not believe that eXp Realty’s brand aligned with their individual brands that catered to luxury clients.

Now luxury agents can take advantage of eXp’s model and align their brand with eXp through the new eXp Luxury Division and not only grow their business but also better serve their high-end clients.

eXp Luxury Requirements

Agents who wish to join the eXp Luxury program must be with eXp Realty first and sign up with an existing eXp agent as their sponsor to the company before they can join eXp Luxury.

eXp Luxury agents must also meet one of two different requirements before they can be affiliated with eXp Luxury. These requirements are:

  1. Production Requirement (One of the Following 2 Must be Met):
    • (3) closed sides within the last 24-month period at 3x Average Sales Price of local MLS*
    • OR (3) closed sides within the last 24 months at $1,000,000+*
  2. Certification Requirement:You may qualify to join the division by holding ONE OF THE FOLLOWING luxury certifications:
    • eXp Luxury Certification (The one mentioned above in this article)
    • Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™ (CLHMS) from the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing
    • Luxury Listing Specialist Designation (LUXE)
    • OR the Luxury Homes Certification from the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Once an agent joins eXp Luxury, they will have access to the following tools, resources, benefits, and assets that they can use to differentiate them in the luxury market as real estate agents.

  • Luxury Real Estate Advertising and Marketing Center
  • Luxury Listing Presentation Tool Box
  • On-Demand Marketing Plans
  • Luxury Listing Distribution
  • Private Trainings, Masterminds, and Luxury Referral Partners
  • Premium Brand Partnerships
  • Global Exposure

Luxury Real Estate Advertising and Marketing Center

As a eXp luxury agent you will have access to a suite of advertising, branding, and marketing tools including luxury logos, business cards, listing signs, property brochures, postcards, listing presentation pages, card stocks, and more!

This will allow you to brand yourself as a luxury agent in your market and give you the tools necessary to get in front of luxury real estate clients and create marketing pieces with ease through the eXp marketing center available to eXp realty agents.

Luxury Listing Presentation Tool Box

On top of branding and marketing tools, you will also have access to your own listing presentation tool box as a luxury agent at eXp that you can use to showcase your clients’ listings with comprehensive and custom listing presentations perfect for luxury listings.

This includes…

  • a 16 page interactive media kit that can showcase your client’s listing in mockups of all of eXp’s online listing distribution platforms
  • a mobile optimized website for your listing
  • a video tour of the home that you can use to showcase on social media platforms
  • a branded e-brochure
  • weekly activity reports of market conditions and more
  • and posts on eXp’s Facebook and Youtube channels.

On-Demand Marketing Plans

Another benefit of becoming a luxury agent through eXp is the access to on-demand marketing plans that allow you to create dynamic marketing plans to showcase to your potential clients so that you can stand out from your competitors.

With the eXp Marketing Plan Creator, you can instantly create custom branded listing presentation pages to show your clients your marketing capabilities that can get their property the maximum exposure through the best advertising placement in listing distribution channels exclusive to luxury agents at eXp.

Luxury Listing Distribution

At the luxury division of eXp, you will be able to showcase your client’s listings to over 90 listing distribution platforms that are specifically designed to target affluent and high end audiences, getting your listings the exposure it needs to sell for the best price.

You will be able to display up to 10 properties at a time through a portfolio of luxury digital advertising and presentation materials, worth approximately six figures, that is included in your membership at the Luxury Division of eXp.

Your listings will be distributed to international media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Barron’s, Robb Report, UPMKT, and more, guaranteeing that you will provide your clients with the best service.

Private Trainings, Masterminds, and Luxury Referral Partners

Another one of the important factors of the luxury division of eXp is the access you will get to luxury focused trainings, masterminds, coaching calls, private events, and referral networks across the globe.

On top of the over 80 hours a week of training available to all eXp agents through eXp University, you will also get access to Luxury specific events and private masterminds to develop your skills and learn and network with the top luxury agents in the world today! Not only that, you will also get access to a wide network of luxury referral partners the moment you join eXp Luxury that you will be able to send your referral clients to.

Premium Brand Partnerships

One of the most important benefits of partnering your luxury real estate brand with eXp is the access that you will get to premium brand partnerships that are associated with eXp World Holdings, eXp Realty’s holding company. This includes discounted rates with SUCCESS Magazine, SUCCESS Coaching, eXp’s professional development brand, and Follow Up Boss CRM system.

Get access to these premium brand partnerships at discounted and reduced rates when you become a member of eXp Luxury!

Global Exposure

eXp is not like other real estate brokerages, it is a collaborative community of real estate professionals across 22 different global markets. This gives eXp agents a wide marketing reach that agents at other brokerage firms do not have access to.

This means that you can give your luxury listings a global reach. At eXp Luxury, you will able to share your listings with top local agents in over 22 countries to promote your properties to buyers in their regions, a benefit that most experienced agents do not have at local firms.

With agents in over 20 countries in all continents including the United States, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Mexico, India, France, Italy, Poland, Dubai, Portugal and more, your real estate listings will get maximum global exposure through a global network of eXp luxury agents making eXp Luxury the perfect property marketing platform for agents.

eXp Luxury Fees

In order to get access to the unparalleled technology of eXp Realty, over 80 hours of training weekly, luxury listing distribution, global reach, on-demand luxury marketing plans, custom branded luxury listing presentations and more you will need to be an agent with eXp Realty and a member of eXp Luxury.

To join eXp Realty costs only $85 a month, with a one time join fee of $149 that covers your first month’s $85 monthly fee. The split for eXp Realty agents is 80/20 with a $16,000 cap that resets annually.

On top of that, members of eXp Luxury must pay an annual membership fee of $2,500 each year that they wish to be apart of eXp’s Luxury program. This will get you access to all of the luxury specific tools we discussed in this article ON TOP of the benefits available to all eXp Realty agents.

*NOTE: These figures are subject to change with the continued evolution of the program and continued growth of our agent count.

Join eXp Luxury Today!

So now that you know the benefits and breakdown of the eXp Luxury division it’s time to make a business altering decision and join eXp Luxury today! Take advantage of the exclusive tools available to eXp and luxury agents, hit your production goals, and take your business to the next level with the future of luxury real estate!

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