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8 (plus!) Reasons to Join eXp Realty California and the Agent Wealth Collective

eXp Realty California is the fastest growing brokerage in California! eXp Calfiornia is a part of the larger combined company of eXp Realty, which covers the United States and over 12 countries and counting. eXp Realty California is NOT a franchise, and because of that, eXp agents have no franchise fees or office expenses! Regardless of where you are in California, whether it’s Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Fresno, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, or a tiny town like Kernville or Solvang, you are part of one amazingly revolutionary brokerage. Here are just a few advantages that sets eXp Realty apart from any other brokerage models in the history of real estate:

Zack Newman
eXp Realty California REALTOR®
Zack Newman
eXp Realty California REALTOR®
  • In most cases, agents who switch to eXp take home more commission with our low 80/20 split.
  • eXp agents have the flexibility to get training, tools, support, mentorship, and more from anywhere at anytime, from home, on the road, at the beach, in a coffee shop, no limit to the possibilities.
  • At eXp, agents are owners of the company! Anyone can opt into earning shares of EXPI stock as you sell real estate.
  • The model is perfect to start, build, and scale agent teams and host existing teams and brokerages because it’s always a win-win for everyone.
  • eXp agents can build a revenue share cash flow stream that can be an exit strategy from sales to retirement.
  • Agents have access to powerful tools and 50+ hours of weekly live training from the top agents in the world
  • Agents who sponsor with the Agent Wealth Collective get additional collaboration, tools, masterminds, courses, and constant support at no cost on lead generation, team building, revenue share, investing, and more.

Overview of eXp Realty Calfornia

Here are some quick facts about eXp Realty California and eXp Realty as a company. The best way for a more in depth look is to get on a call with an eXp Realty California expert! You can also check out the additional value agents get when they Partner With Us at eXp!

Fantastic 80/20 Split

eXp Realty agents receive 80% of their commission until they cap, and then go to 100% for the rest of the year. There are ZERO franchise fees or office fees. This is a very favorable split for most agents, especially when you consider the low cap! The split can be more favorable for high performing teams that opt for a specific team structure.

Low $16,000 Cap

A $16,000 cap is one of the lowest in the industry. Once an eXp Realty California agent has hit $16,000, they go to a 100% commission structure for the rest of the year. Top performers (ICON agents) can earn their $16,000 cap BACK as EXPI stock each year as well! The cap is only $16,000 for agents licensed in multiple states as well. Because of this low cap, most top producing and luxury agents with higher caps or no caps will take home more at eXp!

eXp Realty Fees and Commission Split
All of this at eXp for $85 a month.

Teams at eXp

The eXp Realty model is perfect for building your own, or hosting a team – at eXp you are encouraged to build your OWN brand. By partnering with eXp, you and your agents get brokerage operations support, training, tools, benefits, and more so that you can focus on team production and growth – and let eXp handle the rest!

Agents interested in joining a team can check out optional local teams upon joining eXp!

Incredible Flexibility and Value with Unmatched Tools and Training

As an agent-first, technology-centric brokerage, eXp Realty California agents are provided with top tools to help them be market leaders while giving them the complete flexibility to work from anywhere at anytime.

eXp World is the live training and support environment everyone is talking about.

kvCORE is an extremely powerful CRM that gives agents a sleek website with their MLS listings integrated in, free and paid lead generation, text/email/video/voicemail drip campaigns, client organization, newsletters, and much more.

Workplace is Facebook for eXp: where 50,000+ agents collaborate and support each other. Watch recorded trainings, get state-specific support, trade agent-to-agent referrals with eXp’s network, and partner with agents everywhere.

Your Website with MLS Listings by kvCORE

Revenue Share: A Unique Scalable Income Stream & Sales Exit Strategy

eXp Realty California Revenue Share
Partner with Us for Coaching, Tools, and Resources from the Top Attractors at eXp Realty

eXp Realty compensates agents to grow the company in a totally unique way: revenue share. By showing the model to other real estate agents and by helping them succeed, eXp agents can build and scale a cash flow income stream as slowly or as quickly as they want. While it’s completely optional, many eXp Realty agents have been able to use this as an exit strategy to retire from selling houses and instead choose to focus on helping others succeed.

For example, for each capping agent you directly sponsor to the company, eXp will pay $2,800 in revenue share every year. That’s in addition to commissions, referrals, stocks, and other perks! And the real magic kicks in when you help agents sponsor others.

Agents Own the Company they Work in with Stock Earnings

eXp Realty California agents are shareholders – and therefore owners of the brokerage they work in – on their FIRST transaction! This benefit is on top of commissions, referrals, revenue share, and team splits for team leads. Ways eXp Realty California agents earn EXPI stock:

Equity Opportunity for Real Estate Agents in EXPI Stock, NASDAQ Listed
  • Upon first transaction at eXp
  • When an agent you sponsor does their first transaction
  • Each time you hit your cap and go to 100% commission
  • If you achieve ICON agent status eXp gives you your $16,000 cap BACK as stock
  • Agents can opt to receive 5% of their commissions as stock at a 10% discount

Revolutionary Partnerships, Healthcare, and More!

And the list goes on. eXp Realty partners with companies and industry leaders around the world to provide the best possible value and support to the agents. For example, eXp is one of the first brokerages to offer a nationwide healthcare partnership – greatly reducing costs for agents. eXp also recently announced a partnership with Grant Cardone – allowing all eXp agents to gain access to all of Cardone’s sales training program.

Support for eXp Realty California Agents

The biggest misconception about eXp’s cloud-based model is that there is no support. I can tell you from personal experience, that it’s exactly the opposite. eXp agents have the luxury of getting support from their brokerage staff, mentor, sponsor & sponsorship organization, and fellow agents at anytime, from anywhere, in many ways! Check it out:

Who eXp California Agents Get Support From:

  • California Brokerage Staff
  • Fellow Agents (50,000+ agents who collaborate daily)
  • eXp Support Staff (hundreds of staff members)
  • Assigned Mentor (for new agents)
  • Sponsor & Sponsorship Organization
  • Team Members (joining a local team is optional)

Where eXp Agents Can Get Support:

  • Workplace – It’s just like Facebook for eXp! Hundreds of groups, including the eXp Realty California group!
  • eXp World – Virtual Training and Support Environment, with weekly eXp Realty California meetings!
  • Email
  • Phone/Zoom
  • In Person – With local mentors and fellow agents
  • Slack Workspace (Agent Wealth Collective)
  • Facebook Private Communities (Agent Wealth Collective)

Learn More About eXp Realty California & the Agent Wealth Collective at eXp!

eXp Realty California Agent Wealth Collective
Learn why agents everywhere choose to partner with the Agent Wealth Collective at eXp

As an agent that started with a local “traditional” brokerage, and then moved to eXp Realty California, I can sincerely say that the support I’ve received here as well as the opportunities for growth, knowledge, diversification of skills, tech tools, and collaboration with ICON agents has been an experience that has given me more confidence than ever to take on any market. Ready to learn more or take the next step?

Check out our home page for free resources and content on building wealth as a real estate agent!