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eXp Realty India – Learn about the Fastest Growing Brokerage in History That Just Opened Operations in India!

A once in a lifetime real estate business opportunity is coming to India.

Now that’s a bold statement.

Welcome to Agent Wealth Hustle, today I am excited to share an incredible, once in a life time opportunity that will change the way business is done in the real estate industry in India forever.

This unique life-changing opportunity has already changed the lives of over 35,000 agents in the US and Canada allowing real estate agents of all experience levels to scale their businesses beyond their wildest dreams using some of the most advanced technology and systems that the global real estate industry has ever seen.

This opportunity has helped real estate agents across the world build lasting, massive, long term wealth in a way that has never been seen in this industry, allowing everyday real estate entrepreneurs to acquire equity, build massive global teams, and achieve top performing status.

And these are all things that you can achieve too because eXp Realty, the fastest growing real estate brokerage in North American history, has just opened operations in the market of India!

eXp Realty India is now open
eXp Realty India

In this post I give you a breakdown of every competitive advantage that eXp Realty India has as well as show you exactly how you can leverage this exact model to create a duplicatable and sustainable real estate business like you’ve never seen before. In this post we will cover:

  • The unique financial model of eXp Realty India
  • How you can earn equity and own a share of the company immediately
  • The revolutionary team building model at eXp Realty India that you can duplicate
  • eXp Realty India’s state of the art CRM and lead generation platform
  • Our cloud based brokerage eXp World
  • The most advanced training academy for real estate agents around the globe
  • Save time and money by becoming partners
  • How to build long term sustainable wealth along with growing your business limitlessly
  • and MORE!

Unique financial model of eXp Realty India

Let’s start with the basics. Every real estate company’s success is based off of their financial compensation model between the agents and the company. Here at eXp Realty India, agents are not only paid a handsome commission split, they can actually earn over 100% of their commissions!

If you read on, I will tell you exactly how.

Commissions Split

We’ll start off with the commission splits with the company. Agents at eXp Realty India enjoy a handsome 75%/25% commission split with the company with the agents keeping 75% of the commissions.

At eXp Realty India there is also a cap on how much commissions you pay into the company at 1,500,000 Rupees. This means that you get to keep 100% of your commissions after you’ve paid 1,500,000 Rupees into the company in splits.

eXp realty India costs and fees

As you can see, the payment plan for agents at eXp Realty India is very admirable. But how can you earn over 100% of your commissions? We will discuss this in detail in the next section as you read on!

eXp India Stock Awards

At eXp realty India, agents just like yourself can instantly become shareholders in the company just by doing transactions or building your team.

Since eXp realty LLC is held under the publicly traded company EXP World Holdings (NASDAQ: EXPI), you are able to earn stock shares in the company for reaching certain milestones every year!

eXp realty India stocks

eXp Realty India’s agents can earn shares for reaching a multitude of milestones such as completing their first transaction each year, sponsoring other agents to the company, or hitting their cap.

Having the option to earn stock shares in a NASDAQ publicly traded company can be a great additional source of income to help real estate agents in India build wealth through acquiring equity.

But wait…there’s more.

How would you like to earn your entire commission cap paid to eXp Realty back as EXPI stock each year?

ICON Agents

No, we did not make a mistake. You can actually earn your entire cap of 1,500,000 Rupees that you paid into the company back as shares of EXPI stock!

At eXp Realty India, top performing real estate agents who have done an additional 20 transactions after hitting their cap are recognized by the company as ICON agents.

ICON agents have the option to earn their entire cap back as company stock by reaching certain additional criteria after they’ve hit ICON status.

Here is a graphic that breaks down these requirements in more detail

eXp realty India ICON agent

Revenue Share

The most powerful and scaleable way that you can make income here at eXp realty is by sponsoring other agents to the company and building a team.

Agents at eXp realty can receive revenue share income paid to them by the company from the sales activity of agents that they bring into the company. For each agent you personally bring into the company you can earn up to 210,000 Rupees in revenue share income every year. That means that revenue share will continued to be paid as long as the agents you sponsor are actively participating in sales activity.

Revenue share is not a one time payment, as long as an agent you sponsor makes a sale, the company will pay you 3.5% of their gross commission from the company side of the split.

Cascading revenue share

But revenue share doesn’t stop there. Revenue share at eXp is cascading. And that’s what makes it such a powerful income producing model.

The agents that you sponsor into the company are also incentivized to produce sales and attract other agents into the company who also produce sales with the same bonus payment. And in addition to your bonus for the sales production of the agents you bring into the company, you will ALSO earn revenue share for the production of the agents that they bring in!

Here’s an example:

If you personally sponsor 6 agents to the company who meet their sales requirements and they each sponsor one agent on their own, you can earn up to 240,000 Rupees for the production of each of those agents ON TOP of the 210,000 Rupees you earn from the agents that you directly sponsor. That’s a total of 2,700,00 Rupees that you can potentially earn from revenue share!

Now this goes on with varying amounts of payment all the way for 7 levels of agents. Here is a graphic that you can refer to for details:

eXp Realty India revenue share
eXp Realty India’s Revenue Share is an INCREDIBLE and UNIQUE Opportunity

Learn how you can become an industry leader in India instantly by partnering with our elite group and leveraging this exact model where we will show you how you can duplicate our success with this model in your own market to build a life changing income stream!

Tools for Agents at eXp Realty India

Now that you’ve learned about all the different income streams that an agent at eXp Realty India has. I will show you the tools that are provided by eXp to the agents to ensure that they are providing their clients with the best customer service and how you can improve your real estate sales business instantaneously.

Upon partnering with eXp realty India agents will have access to a state of the art CRM system that helps them with their daily business management and tracking like the industry has never seen before.

Agents at eXp Realty India will have a competitive advantage upon joining due to the different functions that our state of the art CRM system allows you to power your business to the next level.

These functions include:

eXp Realty India CRM

Agents at eXp Realty India will also be able to market their listings on their own static website that will capture leads directly into your state of the art CRM software in the back. This website extension will be your main source of free lead generation and marketing that will propel your audience reach to never before seen volumes.

Here are some of the many functions of your personal lead generation and listing marketing platform:

eXp realty India Lead Generation website

But that’s not where the tools stop. I am about to show you just exactly how business is done at eXp realty, and why we are the world’s leading and pioneering cloud based brokerage simply by implementing this one ultra powerful tool…

eXp World

Now this next tool that I am about to show you will either immediately blow your mind or you will think that it is the silliest business proposal you have ever seen.

Now you know about all of the different benefits and tools that eXp is able to offer agents. The reason that eXp Realty is able to do that is because we have revolutionized the real estate industry by moving the real estate cloud based and cutting unnecessary expenses in the process to give the revenue back to the agents.

This was all made possible by one tool: eXp World

eXp world is the cloud based brokerage that all of eXp Realty India’s functions and support operate on. It was created so that all eXp realty agents can visit with and collaborate with fellow agents, staff members, support, and management. Gone are the days of having to physically go to an office and waste countless hours in a day.

In eXp World, you can create an avatar representation of yourself to represent you so that you can do business remotely from the comfort of your own home, saving you massive amounts of commute and waiting time.

eXp World india
eXp World

eXp World is the single most powerful platform that eXp Realty India has to offer and has helped over 35,000 agents in North America scale their businesses by allowing them to free up more time during the day and conducting their business activities without the need to spend time commuting from one location to another.

This allows agents to focus on the important aspects of their business such as closing transactions, marketing to new clients, and making sales rather than waste their time trying to commute to the office or get in touch with a support staff member.

In eXp World you can connect with your brokers and team members virtually and get your tech, accounting, processing, and onboarding troubles fixed in an instant with over 400 real employees and staff members at your service.

Here are the functions of eXp World:

  • eXp University
  • Meeting rooms
  • Regional managing broker rooms
  • Onboarding center
  • Attraction services
  • Tech support
  • Payment Processing
  • Accounting services
  • Brokerage operations
  • International operations
  • and more…

One of the most important functions of eXp World is eXp University, the agent training and development center for all eXp agents.

In this next section I am about to show you exactly how eXp University is the single most advanced training for real estate agents in the world.

eXp University

eXp Univeristy india
Get access to 40+ hours of live training in eXp University

eXp University is the industry’s top and most logically advanced agent training and skillset development center that is located in eXp World.

Agents at eXp Realty India has access to over 40 hours of live training from the company’s top producing agents from around the world in eXp University.

That is because top producing ICON agents that are leading by example will personally teach and lead the training and coaching sessions for agents of all experience levels to grow their businesses along with their skillsets.

Instead of outsourcing training to third party real estate agent training companies, eXp has elected to use their top agents, who are actively participating in sales and team building activities, to teach these classes. That means that the instructor that teaches these classes and the coaches that lead these workshops are all top producing agents that are actually experiencing the success that you want to achieve!

As a team builder, this can also be a powerful tool for the agents on your team. Instead of finding and outsourcing these classes or leading these trainings yourself, eXp will provide all the training that your agents need for FREE inside eXp University.

And if you are unable to attend one of the live trainings because of a scheduling conflict, no worries! All of eXp University’s trainings are recorded and archived in a massive database library inside of eXp Workplace.


Workplace is the database and collaboration platform that stores useful and important information and files that agents at eXp India will want access to such as recorded trainings, important documents, company news and announcements, collaboration groups, and other useful resources.

eXp India workplace

Inside of workplace you are able to network with other eXp agents in India and around the globe to trade referrals, ask questions, share knowledge and more! It is the all inclusive work suite that lets real estate agents in eXp Realty India to work together outside of eXp World.

Partner with the Most Technologically and Financially Advanced Real Estate Company in the World!

The biggest real estate disrupter in the history of the world is opening operations in India! Take advantage of this opportunity now and find out how you can partner with us so we can help you grow your real estate business exponentially to unlimited heights!

Book a FREE one on one coaching session with us TODAY to find out exactly how you can take advantages of this ground floor business opportunity and let us show you how to duplicate our massive success with our model to become an instant industry leader in India!

History of expansion

eXp Realty began its disruption in the real estate sector in the US in 2009, when founder Glenn Sanford shifted the traditional brick and mortar brokerage model with physical offices into a cloud-based brokerage where agents and employees can work and operate from the comfort of their own homes and connect with one another by logging into a cloud campus called eXp World.

exp realty expansion map international footprint
eXp expansion map
eXp Realty agent growth chart
eXp North American Growth Graph

eXp Realty India represents the 5th country that eXp realty has expanded to since 2009. In addition to its massive United States presence, eXp Realty LLC also operates in the markets of Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Portugal, and France with well over 35,000 agents in its global network.