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10 Reasons Why eXp Realty is Perfect for Part Time Agents in 2024!

I’ve got news for you: you CAN be a successful part time real estate agent. I know because I started as a new, part time agent at eXp Realty, became a six figure part time Realtor by year 2, and was able to leave my W-2 and go full time real into estate, thanks to eXp and my sponsor team at eXp!

Charlie Cameron – Founder,

Regardless of your real estate experience, this is an incredibly important statement: your choice of brokerage can make or break your success as a part time Realtor and whether you are able to go from part time to a full-time job, should you want to.

Personally, I chose eXp Realty part-time exactly BECAUSE it is the only brokerage that could provide the flexibility and the support needed to learn, work, and grow a business outside of my regular work hours. As a part-time realtor who thanks to eXp was able to go full time, I’m 1000% convinced that this is the best real estate brokerage in the United States and the world for part-timers!

If you want proof from someone doing it, schedule a call and I will personally help you succeed as a part time agent in the real estate industry!

The value for eXp Realty part time Realtors is unmatched. It is one of the best real estate companies–scratch that, THE best real estate brokerage for part-time agents. So let’s dive in!

Becoming a wildly successful part time agent isn’t just possible, it’s inevitable when you take this advice to heart and you partner with our free team at eXp!

10 Reasons eXp Realty is Perfect for Part Time Agents

This is a lengthy post because we didn’t want to leave anything out. Here are 10 reasons eXp Realty is perfect for part-time agents:

  1. 100% Time and Location Flexibility
  2. Unlimited Live and Recorded Training
  3. Accessible Support Staff of 2,000+ that Work for YOU
  4. 88,000+ Agent Collaborative Workplace
  5. Earn & Keep More Commission from Day 1
  6. No Stigma Toward Part Time Agents (An Industry Problem)
  7. Assigned Local Mentors for New Agents
  8. Incredibly Valuable Lead Generation Tools
  9. Sponsorship Team Training, Coaching & Support who have Been There
  10. Multiple Additional Income Streams

1 – 100% Time and Location Flexibility

We can stream TV anywhere on any device. We can work from anywhere in almost any profession (as we have learned during COVID-19). Why shouldn’t real estate business be the same?

There’s no good reason an agent should HAVE to go in to the office, or pay for an office for that matter at a traditional brokerage, to get training, write a contract, set up a search, or anything else for that matter. We can do so much of that in a virtual office as remote work with a totally flexible schedule.

Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

John F. Kennedy

Perhaps the most obvious reason eXp Realty is perfect for part-time agents is the complete time and location flexibility. Even though you’ll have a local mentor and local support, you’ll also be able to access training and support anytime from anywhere!

We’ll go into more detail on specific virtual aspects of eXp Realty, but just know that you no longer need an office or to work a specific set of hours to be successful as a real estate agent and close real estate transactions.

And frankly, the last time a client asked me to meet them “at the office” was NEVER. Clients want to see homes and dine with you! Skip the office and make it happen!

While many people picture eXp Realty as a “virtual brokerage”, the virtual aspect of it simply provides easier ways to get managing broker, financial, and technical support, get access to more training, and collaborate on a higher level. You’ll still have a local eXp network, a local mentor, and plenty of in-person events!

2 – Unlimited Live and Recorded Training from the World’s Top Agents

A glimpse inside the virtual training and support platform called eXp World - another reason eXp Realty is perfect for part time agents!
Inside an eXp World agent training session – it looks goofy but it’s AMAZING to get live training and support anytime from anywhere!

Training is incredibly important, whether you just got your real estate license or whether you’ve been in the real estate industry for decades.

eXp World – our virtual training and support environment – gives real estate agents the opportunity to take 80+ hours of LIVE training every single week. Plus, each state holds their own state-specific new and current agent training and meetings every week.

Why does virtual training explain why agents succeed at eXp Realty part time?

  • At a smaller office, agents learn limited skills from whoever is teaching them only when they are available.
  • eXp takes the TOP agents of over 90,000 agents from around the country and world and puts them directly in front of you! (I’ve even taught classes!)
  • You get to ask questions and learn from these top producers directly! They are the very best at their niche, so why not learn best practices from the very best with years of experience.

Check out this post to learn more about eXp Realty training!

At eXp, the top agents in the WORLD are hand picked to present their skills and knowledge LIVE, directly to you. I don’t know any other brokerage doing anything close to this. This is incredibly helpful to get up to speed as a new real estate agent!

Would you like to take some live eXp training for free? Schedule a call with us and we will send you one, or check out our eXp World Guest Pass post! You can check out the current eXp Realty live training calendar here.

On top of all the live training happening all the time, most training is recorded and available on-demand on our collaborative Workplace! This is fantastic for those who can’t necessarily take a bunch of time off of work right now to get training.

eXp University Library Portion of on-demand training list available in eXp's Workplace
Just a FRACTION of the list of available-anytime on-demand recorded training within eXp’s Workplace collaboration network!

The ability to train when you want and where you want is a big reason why eXp Realty is perfect for part time agents.

3 – 2,000+ Accessible Brokers & Support Staff

There are over TWO THOUSAND staff members at eXp Realty, all working for the agents. Can you say the same about other brokerages?

The best part is, with eXp’s cutting-edge technology, they are accessible in many ways. During weekdays, you can INSTANTLY pop in to eXp World and meet with your broker, broker support staff, tech support, legal assistance, marketing, and more! Just a little glimpse of what visiting the Florida broker office is like:

Inside the Florida broker virtual office in eXp World! Another reason eXp Realty is perfect for part time agents.
Florida Brokerage Offices and Support Staff

As a part time Realtor, I find this incredibly helpful because in seconds I can pop into my brokerage office and get a question answered! You can check out all these support functions yourself, we can send you an eXp World Guest Pass.

4 – 90,000+ Agent Collaborative Workplace

There are over 90,000 agents with eXp Realty across the US and globally. Perhaps the coolest part about eXp is the Facebook-built Workplace where all the real estate agents collaborate with each other!

No one cares if you are new or experienced, full time or part time, everyone helps everyone else all the same. There are groups for each state, city, marketing groups, commercial groups, CRM groups, and so much more! While – like any other brokerage, we are independent contractors at eXp – you really feel like you are part of a big team that helps each other succeed.

Got a question? Pop on over to Workplace and post it! You’ll get answers!

A glimpse inside the back office of eXp Realty's Workplace. Here you can find support, ask questions, and network with fellow motivated agents.
What Workplace looks like (Built by Facebook)

Want free leads for your area, or know someone moving to a different market? Hop on the Referral Network on Workplace to get or give referrals for a cool 25% or so referral fee! You can find agents all over the US for your clients and vice versa to supplement your income and increase your clients!

5 – High Value 80/20 Split and Low $16,000 Cap

As a part time real estate agent at a brick and mortar brokerage, you may feel like you are paying more in fees than you are actually using or getting value from.

Why pay for what you don’t need or use? If you can’t actually attend that in person training at that time, why pay for it? Why pay for that office you don’t use? If you generate your own leads, why split 50% with your broker? Agents can boost their take home commission just by switching to eXp, especially with low monthly fees and no franchise or office fees!

Not only that, but the cap is super low, at just $16,000. After that, it’s 100% commission, less a transaction fee (similar to many brokerages). At eXp, you can truly earn more than at many other brokerages, especially as a part time agent.

What really breaks my heart is when part time agents want to leave their full time job to become a full time real estate agent but have a hard time doing so because the Realtor income doesn’t justify making the leap yet. At eXp Realty, you can make 20-40% more on every transaction, which equates to THOUSANDS MORE PER CLOSING. It’s far easier to justify the switch when you make more money!

It’s simple: at eXp the split is 80% to the agent and 20% to the broker, and 100% to you after the low $16,000 commission cap. That means you keep more hard earned money as a part timer at eXp and can more easily transition to full time real estate!

6 – No Stigma Toward Part Time Agents (An Industry Problem)

So you got your license and you want to start working part time. You interview with a few traditional brick and mortar brokerages but your reception is… lacking. I’ll tell you why: the brokerage wants top producing agents. If you are just going to do a deal here and there, even one a month, you’re probably not going to get the time of day.

It’s not personal, it’s just business. Traditional brokerages are expensive to local broker owners. If the broker only has limited time in the day, will he/she be more motivated to spend it on a new or established full time agent that will net them more income, or a part time agent who’s income is largely uncertain? Spoiler alert: it isn’t the part timer!

This stigma toward part time agents is a rampant problem across the industry.

But you guessed it: eXp is perfect for part time agents because YOU determine your effort and outcome. The broker and support staff treat everyone the same. Your tools, training, website, marketing materials, and support come with the monthly fee of $85, regardless of whether you do 4 transactions or 40 transactions a year.

There is no discrimination against part time agents at eXp realty. All agents, no matter how big or small, are valued and have the same support.
At eXp, all agents are valued.
It is an atmosphere of “if you succeed, we succeed.”

That’s also why the fees are structured differently than most brokerages. For example, you pay $25 per transaction for your broker to review your contract and documents. Instead of paying $500 up front for E&O insurance as many brokers require, you just pay $40 per transaction up to that $500 a year. Again, why pay for more if you aren’t sure you’ll use it?!

7 – Local Mentor Program

Generally part time agents are newer agents, often trying to transition from a different full time or part time career – and this is totally cool! But it may be daunting to join a cloud-based brokerage without the safety net of local help to lean on. But never fear!

If you ARE a new agent, eXp Realty will enroll you in the eXpand Program for new agents. There you’ll get extra training and you’ll be assigned a local mentor after you join eXp – an eXp agent in your market with real experience.

A good mentor can really help a new or part time real estate agent get on their feet. They can offer one on one support and a direct source for advice.
You get a no kidding assigned, motivated mentor!

Getting licensed is one thing. But real estate street smarts is totally different – hence the need to have a mentor! Many brokerages may assign a mentor, but you may find that due to the stigma of being a part time agent, their motivation to help is lacking.

Unlike many brokerages, at eXp mentors are compensated: you share 10% of your commissions with them on your first three transactions. Call it what you will, but this motivates mentors to be active participants and actually give you the time and assistance you need to be a successful new agent!

And not to worry – if you don’t jive your your mentor, you can switch!

8 – Valuable Lead Generation Tools & Personal Agent Website

Another reason eXp Realty is perfect for part time agents is that the company provides a powerful CRM tool called kvCORE (also known as Kunversion). If a real estate agent was to go out and buy this tool on their own, it would cost $299 a month. At eXp, it is INCLUDED!

kvCORE enables agents to have a personalized website with listings from yourlocal MLS, with free and paid lead generation tools, automated marketing, squeeze pages, and management of their clients and leads!

A glimpse of the personal website you can customize with kvCORE. It is a great way to get leads and send potential prospects to.
Click on the image for a working example.

kvCORE comes with an amazing training program and is ready to be used by agents to build their sphere, manage leads, and grow their transactions! It comes with text codes, email marketing, text marketing, integrated Google and Facebook ads, a Craigslist plugin… the list just goes on.

Check this post out to learn about the top 15 features of eXp Realty kvCORE!

9 – Sponsorship Team Training, Coaching, & Support for free!)

To join eXp, you must be sponsored into the company by another eXp agent – this doesn’t cost anything at any time. Since eXp is cloud based, you are able to be sponsored into the company by any agent located in the US, not just a local agent.

A team can help you as a part time real estate agent. That way both you and the team leader can benefit and it creates a true win win scenario.
As a part time agent, a team supplies you will leads, accountability, and support

This is IMPORTANT because Each sponsor brings different additional value – and we bring the MOST value at eXp Realty! Make sure to choose your sponsor wisely and ask them about the different resources they have that can add value to your business.

When you partner with us at eXp Realty, you’ll have an incredible direct source of additional support, training, tools, resources, and coaching from the top agents in the company that will help you grow your business to unimaginable heights and achieve financial freedom along the way!

10 – Multiple Additional Income Stream Opportunities: Only at eXp!

Without a doubt, the best real estate brokerage for part time agents would have opportunities to earn extra income or build wealth aside from your primary source of income.

I’ve been a net positive agent since my second year as a new agent at eXp Realty (and still a part timer then). eXp Realty pays me more than I pay eXp! You can do the same thing, especially when you partner with us to show you how to best leverage and grow additional income streams at eXp!

At eXp, part time and full time agents have the opportunity to earn extra income through their agent centric programs:

EXPI Stock Awards

Being a publicly listed company on NASDAQ, eXp Realty gives agents the opportunity to earn company stock through achieving various milestones and recognition programs. For example, an agent will receive shares in company stock after completing their first transaction every year.

This means you, the agent, OWNS the company on a global level. You own all of the subcompanies that eXp owns, and all the brokers and staff at eXp work for YOU, the shareholder.

Not only that, but consider this: EXPI is a dividend stock. You can enroll to earn shares at a discount on every transaction. That means that you can get paid dividends FOREVER for every transaction you ever have at eXp. Mind blowing, right?!

Part time agents can really capitalize on this because they will be adding assets to their portfolio while simultaneously earning money from their sales.

Assets make money for you while you are away, giving you time freedom.

What other brokerage let’s the agents OWN the company in the form of stock? Just another reason eXp Realty is the best real estate brokerage for part time agents, as well as full timers!

Referral Opportunities

All agents have the ability to give and receive referrals for a fee no matter which brokerage or state you are in. As a part time agent, referrals can be an important way for you to earn money on deals that you might not have the time to work.

Referring agents can usually earn 25-35% of the referred agent’s commission.

Part time agents can have trouble finding another agent in a different market to refer their clients to. That is due to the lack of a platform that allows agents from around the world to connect and share referrals. Because eXp Realty is a national (and international) company, all of our 90,000+ agents are connected in a Facebook-like community called Workplace.

the best real estate brokerage for part time agents allows agents to share referrals within the company in a massive national network.
eXp Referral Network in eXp Workplace

Within Workplace, there is a national referral network of eXp Realty agents that you can share and receive referrals with. You can simply post your client’s location and the type of agent they’re looking for (buyer or seller) if you have someone to refer or check the group every morning for outgoing referrals that you might want to take on. It’s a win-win!

Not only can you give and get referrals, but eXp Realty now has a referral only division! This means you can use your license for just referrals and forgo some of the additional expenses and tools traditional agents require. This can be great for part time agents that just want to make income on a referral basis, or agents that want to stop selling homes but still continue earning commissions by converting to a referral only agent!

Revenue Share ( = Cash Flow!)

We talked earlier about how, in order to join eXp, you must be sponsored into the company by another agent. The company is set up this way because our founder, Glenn Sanford, wanted existing agents to profit off of the growth and expansion of the company. At eXp, agents are incentivized to help expand the company. Just another reason eXp is the best real estate brokerage for part time agents!

Since your sponsoring team of agents are all incentivized to help you succeed, as a part time agent, you will get all of the support and resources you need to be successful instead of being left out to fend for yourself. On top of the coaching you will receive, you can also benefit off of the revenue share model unique opportunity by sponsoring other interested agents into the company.

To learn more about how the revenue sharing model works, check out our in depth ultimate guide to revenue share for real estate agents.

Learn More About eXp Realty & Our Free Partnership Team!

Join our eXp Realty Team!
Join Our Team for Free for the most resources and collaboration for your success!

If you are interested in joining the best brokerage for agent growth, compensation, and opportunity in the world, be sure to partner with the best sponsorship team in the world as well! We provide additional training, tools, coaching, partners, collaboration, masterminds, and resources for your success!

We believe in massive growth and financial freedom for all real estate agents! Live your dream real estate lifestyle with us.

For more eXp Realty details, check out our comprehensive About eXp Realty – Everything You Need to Know article.