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eXp Realty kvCORE CRM & Agent Website – Top 15 Features!

eXp Realty kvCORE CRM Top Features

What is eXp Realty kvCORE?

eXp Realty kvCORE is an all-in-one, highly capable lead generation, marketing, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Agents will have both a front end client-facing website with listings from their MLS area as well as a back end suite of tools for customer management, marketing, automation, lead generation, and more.

What’s the cost of kvCORE?

eXp Realty kvCORE is included for eXp Realty agents who pay an $85 a month brokerage tech fee. If you were to go out and get kvCORE on your own as an individual agent, it would cost at least $500 a month! Pretty cool perk, huh?

Check this post out for more on eXp Realty Costs and Fees.

Top 17 eXp Realty kvCORE Features

While we could spend over an hour just introducing the capabilities of the eXp Realty kvCORE CRM platform (and we’d love to, just schedule a call!), here are our national eXp Team’s top 15 most powerful features of eXp Realty kvCORE:

1 – Customizable Client Website with MLS Listings

The front end of eXp Realty kvCORE is a beautiful, customizable website that includes full integration of your local MLS listings using IDX (internet data exchange). So your site is just as searchable as your MLS for clients!

When clients start browsing, they will at certain strategic points be asked for their email and phone number as login information to continue browsing listings. Boom, lead generated! Not only that, but you’ll be able to add pages, write blog posts, pick which types of listings are shown, and more.

eXp Realty kvCORE CRM Website Front End
Charlie’s kvCORE Site

If you’d like an example of a kvCORE site, check out one of the Agent Wealth Hustle founder’s sites:

2 – Fully Customizable Email, Text, Video, & Voicemail Drip Marketing Campaigns

eXp Realty kvCORE comes loaded with a bunch of customizable marketing drip campaign templates for email, call, text, voicemail drop, and video (in email). So you can set up any inbound client lead or database lead automatically with the right marketing campaign to automate your follow up!

There are seller campaigns, buyer campaigns, renter campaigns, home valuation campaigns, market report campaigns, campaigns based on where the lead came from, and more!

This allows you to automatically market to, send emails to, send text messages to, be reminded to call, drop voicemails to, and send videos to your prospects and leads to turn them into CLIENTS.

Seller Lead Email-Call-Text Campaign

3 – Lead Generation Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages are a great free way to generate client leads as a real estate agent. You can create four types of squeeze pages in eXp Realty kvCORE to capture leads from social media! The squeeze page types are:

  • Home Valuation Squeeze Page
  • Multi-Property Squeeze Page
  • Single Property Squeeze Page
  • Market Report Squeeze Page

The home valuation and market report squeeze pages will offer leads a home valuation report or a market report in return for providing their email and phone number to send those to.

Single property squeeze pages are for specific listings and a page is created for that property branded to you as the agent (regardless of whether you are the listing agent or not!). Multi-property squeeze pages are a list of properties that meet the criteria you set. Here’s an example:

eXp Realty kvCORE CRM Multi-property Squeeze Page
eXp Realty kvCORE CRM Multi-property Squeeze Page Example

Once you capture a lead’s contact information, you can automatically apply a follow up marketing drip campaign we already mentioned!

4 – Email & Video Newsletters

Simply put: send monthly or weekly newsletter to your entire prospect database and sphere of influence to turn client leads into clients! Or divide up mass emails by type of client and market that way. Pro Tip: Newsletter perform far better when you provide local event and places to visit information rather than only real estate info!

5 – See All Client Website Interactions

See exactly what listings clients are browsing on your eXp Realty kvCORE website with the backend dashboard or by selecting a specific client. Know what homes they’ve viewed and ones they are particularly interested in so that you can better follow up and serve them!

kvCORE will automatically send emails and texts following up about specific properties they’ve visited, sending things like “Hey when would you like to go see 123 Main Street?”

eXp Realty kvCORE CRM
Client website interactions shown on kvCORE Dashboard

6 – Fully Automated Client Marketing & Reports

On that note, based on client interactions with your website, eXp Realty kvCORE is smart enough to set clients up with market reports of areas they’ve browsed, follow up about specific areas and specific listings automatically, and allows clients to set up their own searches and reports!

7 – Customizable Text Codes

eXp Realty kvCORE comes with a Smart Phone Number that you can use for calling, voicemail drop, and text messaging. One really cool feature most don’t know about is you can setup up custom text codes so that when a lead texts a word or phrase to your smart number, that lead is captured and you can automatically text back a message! See this example:

eXp Realty kvCORE Custom Text Codes
Custom text code example

You can have a group smart number or get your own custom smart number.

8 – Paid Lead Generation Options on Autopilot

Not only are there a bunch of free ways to generate leads as a real estate agent with eXp Realty kvCORE, but there is a whole library of paid lead generation options as well.

Like I tell my team, why go out and learn Facebook ads, Google ads, neighborhood farming, retargeting, and other lead gen strategies when you can have it done for you, and all the leads automatically added to your database and the right smart marketing campaign applied?

If you’re going to spend money on leads – nothing wrong with that – you may as well do it in the smartest and most efficient way possible! Spend less time on learning and less time on follow up by leveraging kvCORE’s Inside Real Estate team to do it for you!

eXp Realty kvCORE Lead Generation Options
kvCORE Paid Lead Generation Options

9 – Agent App with Open House Sign In

The kvCORE CRM platform also comes with a smartphone / tablet app that you can use on the go for lead generation, client interactions, and as a digital open house sign in sheet to IMMEDIATELY capture those leads as potential buyers to add to your prospect database!

10 – Craigslist Listing Posting Plugin

One really amazing way our team is generating clients is with none other than Craigslist – yes, you read that right! eXp Realty kvCORE comes with a Chrome browser plugin that allows you to with one click take an MLS listing and turn it into a Craigslist post!

You can do this with multiple listings, multiple times a day in seconds with kvCORE! Though keep in mind that the rules about which listings you can post vary by state – be sure to consult your brokerage team.

eXp Realty kvCORE Craigslist Posting Plugin
Example One Click Listing Craigslist Post

11 – Agent-Branded Client App: Home 360

The new eXp Realty kvCORE Home 360 agent-branded client home search app was just released! This allows clients to search for homes using your own agent branded app and links to kvCORE so you’ll know exactly what clients are looking at and stay TOP OF MIND with that client! How cool is that?!

eXp Realty kvCORE Home 360 Branded Client App
Just Released: eXp Realty kvCORE Home 360 Branded Client App

12 – Vanity Domain

While you have a free kvCORE website at an subdomain, we highly recommend you spring the extra $10 a month to have a custom vanity domain. For example, one of the Agent Wealth Hustle founder’s sites is rather than

Be sure to do this before you start building squeeze pages because the links will change.

13 – Built-in Blog

eXp Realty kvCORE has a built in blog function where you can write blog posts and post them for your clients to read, post on social media, and generate organic traffic from Google and other search engine searches!

14 – Live Support & Training Library

The Inside Real Estate Team, who created and runs kvCORE, have some of the best support we’ve seen with a primarily digital company. There’s a chat button in the bottom right corner to reach support associates live or get an email response if it’s after hours.

Additionally, there’s a MASSIVE video course training library. This is absolutely necessary, as you can see how complex and how many features eXp Realty kvCORE has – you’ll need a good setup guide.

eXp Realty kvCORE Training Course Database
The Training Library!

15 – Property Boost Listing Ads

The property boost function allows you to instantly run ads for a specific listing to generate buyer leads and generate buyer and open house interest! Again, it’s far better to have this done for you than have to figure it out yourself!

eXp Realty kvCORE Property Boost
Property Boost 3 Day Open House Campaign Results

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