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eXp Realty Mexico – 6 Things you Need to Know Now!

eXp Realty Mexico – 6 Things you Need to Know Now!

We have some exciting News!

eXp Realty, one of the Fastest-growing Real Estate Companies in the World just Extended it’s Innovative Business Model to the Mexico Market! eXp Realty Mexico has officially opened!

eXp Realty Mexico is officially open for business!
eXp Realty Welcomes Mexico!

I am beyond excited to share this once in a lifetime opportunity with all real estate agents in Mexico because this opportunity has changed the lives of over 40,000 agents in the World and has allowed real estate agents across the globe to build a real estate business beyond their wildest dreams.

This one business model has provided agents with not only the most technologically advanced tools and resources in the world but also the opportunity to build long term wealth through equity, residual income, and duplication.

In this post we will go over the tools, trainings, and resources that eXp provides its agents as well as exactly how you can take advantage of this growing opportunity by taking part in our movement.

Here are the 6 things that you NEED to know about eXp Realty Mexico:

  1. How agents are keeping MORE commission with this unique Compensation Plan
  2. How agents are becoming shareholders of a publicly traded company on NASDAQ at exp Realty Mexico
  3. How you can build a international team of agents based on duplication and replication
  4. How agents are saving time and money in their businesses with the revolutionary platfrom eXp World
  5. How agents are outsourcing their businesses free of charge
  6. How you can take part in this growing movement and build a truly global real estate business

1. eXp Realty Mexico’s Unique Compensation Plan

Before we dive into the systems, resources, tools, and trainings of eXp Realty Mexico, I wanted to share with you the unique compensation structure of the brokerage that will be universal for all agents and teams that decide to take advantage of this opportunity and partner with the company.

Agent/Company Split

The first aspect that agents look for when they research potential master brokers is the commission structure that they split with the company.

At eXp Realty Mexico, sales agents enjoy a favorable 75%/25% split with the company. The agent gets to keep 75% on every sale and 25% of their commission is paid to eXp Realty Mexico. Although this is a very favorable compensation plan for real estate agents in Mexico, the truly game changing aspect for higher producing agents is the annual cap.

official company compensation plan of eXp realty Mexico.
eXp Realty Mexico Compensation breakdown

On top of the 75/25 split you get to enjoy at eXp Realty Mexico, there is also a 250,000 Mexican Peso Cap each year.

This means that after you’ve paid a total of 250,000 pesos in splits to the company you will get to keep 100% of your commission checks for the rest of the year!

For easier math that is a total of 1,000,000 in gross commission income for any agent to hit their cap at eXp Realty Mexico and enjoy a even more favorable 100% commission on every sale for the rest of the year.

2. Equity Opportunities at eXp Realty Mexico

Like I mentioned earlier in the article, there are ways for real estate agents to own stock shares of a publicly traded company on NASDAQ by simply completing transactions and without doing anything extra.

Since eXp Realty Mexico is held under the larger company EXP World Holdings LLC, a publicly traded company on NASDAQ (EXPI), real estate agents can earn up to 250,000 pesos of stock awards by completing sales milestones throughout the year.

Stock Plan

There are many ways for agents at eXp Realty Mexico to earn shares of EXPI stock. The simplest of which is by completing your first sale each year.

On the completion of your first sales transaction each year, eXp realty Mexico agents will get awarded a total of 2,500 pesos worth of EXPI stock.

That’s right…you can earn stock towards your retirement portfolio by simply doing the same daily business activities that you are doing now at eXp Realty Mexico!

Graphic of official eXp Realty Mexico stock compensation plan.
Official Stock Plan of eXp Realty Mexico

On top of that you can also earn up to 5,000 pesos in EXPI stock for hitting your cap each year and also by building out your own team. You can also opt in to a program to have a percentage of your commission be paid to you in EXPI stock at a discounted price.

Although those are the simplest ways to earn EXPI stock at eXp Realty Mexico, there is one program for top producing agents that will truly blow your mind.

Check out the 5 Easy Ways to Earn eXp Realty Mexico Stock.

ICON Agent Award

For top producing real estate agents that want to partner with eXp Realty Mexico there is a program where you can literally earn your entire cap of 250,000 pesos back in company stock awards!

As a company recognized ICON agent you have the option to earn your entire cap that you paid into the company back in EXPI stock shares. For many experienced producing agents this can be same as getting a 100% commission check or more on every single one of their sales for the year or better!

In order to achieve ICON status an eXp Realty Mexico agent must hit their cap for the year and complete an additional 30 transactions in the same year. If you are in bustling market and doing over 30 transactions annually, this program can change your life financially.

3. Build a Global Real Estate Agent Team

One of the key reasons why eXp Realty has been so successful around the world in such a short span of time, becoming the number one fastest growing brokerage in the history of North America is because of the built in team building system that eXp Realty provides its agents from day one.

This team building model has not only allowed agents to build massive global teams in a matter of just a few years it has rendered most traditional team structures obsolete in comparison because of the easily duplicatable system that every agent can follow.

Revenue Share

This team building model at eXp Realty Mexico is called the Revenue Share team building system. It was modeled after the 7 tier profit share system at traditional brokerages but due to the cloud based nature of the company, which we will discuss in the next section, we are able to consistently share revenue to agents off the top instead of profit from the bottom.

As an agent at eXp Realty Mexico, the company will pay you 3.5% of the gross commission of every sale of every agent you sponsor into the company. This is paid continuously until the agent hits their cap each year and resets the following year along with the agents cap.

Graphic explaining eXp realty Mexico's revenue share model with one agent.
Potential of Sponsoring one agent

The potential revenue that you will earn from revenue share paid by the company to you every year for each agents you directly sponsor is 35,000 pesos per agent. Although that number may not seem like a lot it is the cascading duplication that can grow your team exponentially in only a matter of a few years.

Cascading Revenue Share

The reason why the revenue share model is so powerful is because of the duplication aspect involved.

We talked about the potential of sponsoring agents directly to your team but the real game changer is the fact that you will also earn revenue share for agents that they sponsor into the company as well.

For example if an agent that you directly sponsor decides to sponsor another agent into the company you will receive up to 40,000 pesos for sales activity of that agent on top of the 35,000 pesos for the agent you directly sponsor!

Now this goes on for up to 7 tiers of agents that you can directly and indirectly sponsor with varying levels of compensation for agents in each tier of your team. Below is a graphic outlining all 7 levels of compensation.

Overall Graphic of eXp realty Mexico's revenue share plan.
Potential 7 tier revenue share compensation plan

4. eXp World

I mentioned in the last section that the reason eXp Realty has been able to create such a favorable team building and compensation model due to the revolutionary cloud based nature of the company.

eXp World, the cloud based brokerages where all your back office transaction, trainings, and support will be done, is the single most powerful tool that has allowed eXp to cut expenses and is the backbone that holds the company’s and its teams’ systems together.

In eXp World agents are able to interact with colleagues, administrative staff, brokers, and management directly in live time using a computer generated avatar of themselves. Real estate agents at eXp Realty Mexico can simply log on to their computer and walk into their broker office or a live training session without ever having to leave their home using their avatar character inside eXp World!

A live photo taken from a eXp World training session.
Live Demonstration of an eXp World training session in Action

This has essentially broken down the physical barrier of real estate that used to exist and has allowed agents to interact with other agents and partners in other areas of the world from the comfort of their own homes through eXp World.

eXp World has allowed agents to save a massive amount of time and money by not having to physically travel down to an office location in order to complete their transactions and ask for support from the company staff. With more time agents can complete more transactions and spend more time working on their businesses rather than working in their business.

5. Outsourcing your Business

Like I mentioned in the previous section about eXp World, there are over 400 real life support staff members on office duty inside eXp World almost 24 hours every day of the week.

These staff members can range from your location’s broker to tech support to accounting and payment processing and more!

As a real estate agent, team leader or broker owner you want to spend most of your time building your team and working on ways to improve sales and hitting your goals for your business each quarter. Also being responsible for providing tech, contract, legal, accounting, and admin support can take a lot of time away from your day from creating more income producing activities.

A photo taken of an agent in eXp World going to their broker staff for support allowing team leaders to outsource their business.
Live Demonstration of Agents Going to eXp Staff for Support

eXp Realty Mexico might be great for agents, but it was really built for brokers and team leaders. A lot of successful broker owners and team leaders are growing at such a fast rate that they lack the infrastructure to contain their massive success and spending time to develop those systems for their big teams will take away from their efforts on growing their business.

eXp Realty Mexico provides the infrastructure needed for brokers, agents and team leaders who’s businesses are growing at an alarming rate. This allows you to focus only on growing your business while eXp Realty takes care of the contract, legal, admin, accounting, tech, processing, training, and coordination support.

6. How to Take Advantage of this MASSIVE Opportuntiy

Well now that you know the basics of how the eXp Realty Mexico business model works you can easily tell that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take advantage of. The real estate world is changing and it’s time you change too to grow your business and scale your income. A revolutionary real estate model like eXp realty Mexico only comes along once every so often so it is time that you take advantage of this opportunity how you see fit.

On top of the benefits of eXp Realty Mexico, it is still essential that you partner with the right organization to grow your business in such a new and emerging market. If done correctly, you can dominant your market instantly become a market leader in just a few short months.

That is what we want to help you do at the Agent Wealth Collective. With systems, training, and resources that no other real estate organization in the world offers, we are excited to build your business with you by your side and help you take advantage of this opportunity the right way.

Come learn about the most systematically advanced global real estate group with the fastest growing brokerage in North American history that is leveraging industry leading coaching strategies to help real estate professionals from around the world build multiple businesses simultaneously.