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eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator: How to Grow a 5, 6, or 7 Figure Income!

eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator

eXp Realty’s revenue share program is absolutely revolutionary and is a part of our agent-centric model at eXp! It creates a unique opportunity to build a continuously growing, life changing income stream without equity or liability on top of commissions, stock awards, and other benefits!

We created our own fully functional eXp Realty revenue share calculator to make it easy to demonstrate potential revenue share income and the power of revenue share. This tool has motivated our team to work harder on building a successful revenue share team and we hope it helps you do the same! We’ve even created international versions as well!

Learning about the REST of eXp Realty

The revenue share plan is just one of the hundreds of things that make eXp Realty agents love our brokerage. There is so much more to the eXp Realty business model for new agents and experienced agents alike.

Check out the biggest about eXp Realty resource guide on the internet to learn more about eXp and the value provided by the most agent-centric brokerage in the world including things like commission split, benefits for top agents, stock options, commission cap, collaborating with fellow agents, support and training in our virtual office, and much more.

What is eXp Realty Revenue Share?

eXp Realty revenue share is a broker-like income stream that is paid entirely out of eXp company dollars to agents in return for helping to grow the company by attracting producing agents and sponsoring them to eXp.

eXp Realty Revenue Share Plan Introduction

Agents are automatically paid a percentage of the revenue produced by the agents they’ve attracted to eXp. This happens for every agent you’ve attracted to your revenue share “team,” “organization,” or “downline” on every sale until they cap each year. After a cap resets each year you earn revenue share again!

While local brokers and some companies spend thousands or millions or dollars to recruit agents, eXp instead allows the agents to lead the growth of the company and compensates them instead of spending millions in advertising.

For example, in 2021 eXp paid $157 Million in revenue share to eXp agents! All of which dollar is paid out of the company dollar!

This allows the company to grow organically and provides agents with the opportunity to build an additional, scalable monthly income stream to agents. eXp agents can use revenue share as an exit strategy and retirement plan from the daily sales grind!

eXp Realty Revenue Share is like Broker Income!
eXp gives the financial benefit of growing the brokerage to YOU as the agent!

Note: Revenue share to the sponsoring agents is paid directly by the company dollar from commission income. Agents you sponsor don’t pay you for revenue share. There is no added cost to agents to sponsor with you or to participate in revenue share!

The Ultimate eXp Realty Revenue Share Guide

eXp Realty Revenue Share

To better understand the advantages of eXp Realty Revenue Share, how it works, how to grow it, how it compares to other growth incentive models of other brokerages, and how to build $2,500, $11,000, and $50,000 a month in revenue share, check our our complete guide to eXp Realty Revenue Share!

How Can I Get the eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator?

Due to company rules, we cannot make this calculator a downloadable, BUT we can SHOW agents considering eXp Realty the life changing power of revenue share with a private, on-on-one revenue share demonstration using our eXp Realty revenue share calculator! This is also helpful for agents to see all the additional value of eXp Realty, since revenue share is just one of the many reasons agents join eXp.

Agents that partner with us will be able to use the eXp Realty revenue share calculator for their own goals and motivation and to demonstrate the power of revenue share to other agents interested in joining eXp Realty, eXp Commercial, or eXp Global!

Plus we’ll reveal secrets, tips, and help build your successful agent attraction strategy. Whether you have a network of agents or are an influencer already, or are starting from scratch, we will help you build your revenue share team and run your numbers together!

How Does the eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator work?

Let’s review some eXp Realty revenue share terminology, then go into inputting production and team growth numbers, discuss the difference between eXponential and eXpansion share


  • Front line or Tier 1: agents you directly attracted to the company
  • Tiers 2-7: agents that your front line agents and subsequent agents sponsored to the company
  • Downline: all the agents sponsored to the company as a result of your efforts in all 7 Tiers
  • Upline: the sponsor line of agents from the agent who sponsors you and (hopefully) provide unique benefits to make you successful (see benefits to partnering with us!)

Inputting Production Numbers

Our eXp realty revenue share calculator starts by entering the average number of homes sold by the agents in your downline and the average price of the homes sold to determine the Gross Commission Income and total commission paid to eXp for each agent. Those numbers will then apply to every agent in your downline calculations.

Revenue share is paid for each and every transaction an agent in your downline closes until they cap each year. An eXp agent will cap at after paying $16,000 to the company, which at 3% commission per transaction is $2,666,666 in home value sold. For reference, that’s approximately equal to selling 12 $223,000 homes a year (which is about the median US price).

So we start by determining the projected transaction production of each agent in your downline, like this:

Adjust homes sold and avg price of homes to get total broker split for each agent

Inputting Your Projected Team Size

In the main table, we’d simply change the number of agents you want to attract or sponsor into eXp realty to determine how much revenue share income will result from your revenue share each year. You can then add the number of agents you anticipate your first tier agents to sponsor and so on for each tier in your team.

One great question we commonly get is: how do I know how many agents I can realistically sponsor?

  1. It depends on how much you are willing to hustle
  2. It depends on how much your sponsor can teach you on how to attract
  3. It depends on how many agents you know, are willing to network with, or are wiling to use an influencer platform to attract to you
eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator Tiers
Main Table – inputting number of agents sponsored per Tier!

eXpansion and eXponential Share

Okay here is where it gets a little complicated. If there’s something you don’t understand just schedule a call with us and we’ll explain! In ONE paragraph:

eXpansion share is always earned for each Tier. eXponential share is earned upon sponsoring enough qualifying front line agents. eXponential share is always earned for your front line agents (3.5%).

Let’s break it down, use this figure for reference:

eXp Realty Revenue Share calculator eXpansion and eXponential share
eXpansion share is always earned for each Tier. Exponential is earned upon sponsoring enough front line agents. Exponential share is always earned for your front line agents.
Earning Expansion Share

You will ALWAYS earn eXpansion share for any agents on your team.

Earning Exponential Share for Front Line Agents

Plus, you will always earn the 3.5% eXponential Share for agents you directly sponsor to eXp Realty.

What about the larger eXponential share for Tiers 2-7?

eXp will increase the percentage you receive from revenue share for agent’s in subsequent Tiers if you directly sponsor productive agents.

For example, if you’ve sponsored one agent to your front line, and they sponsor one more, you’ll receive 0.2% of that Tier 2 agent’s GCI (up to $160 a year per Tier 2 agent). But if you’ve sponsored 5 productive agents to your front line, you’ll receive the 0.2% eXpansion share AND the 3.8% eXponential share for a total of 4% of any Tier 2 agent’s GCI (up to $3,200 a year per Tier 2 agent!).

Yes, you are paid MORE for agents that your front line agents go sponsor than the ones YOU sponsor! This is incredible because it provides an incentive for everyone to participate and for you to help your sponsored agents successful sponsor others! This growth can quickly become exponential to your income and success!

Unlocking eXponential Share for Tiers 2-7

In order to earn exponential share percentages for each tier, you would need to directly sponsor to your front line:

  1. Always earn eXponential share for any agents you directly sponsor
  2. Sponsor 5 front line qualifying agents
  3. Sponsor 10 front line qualifying agents
  4. Sponsor 15 front line qualifying agents
  5. Sponsor 20 front line qualifying agents
  6. Sponsor 25 front line qualifying agents
  7. Sponsor 40 front line qualifying agents

eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator Example Scenarios

Let’s walk through some real math eXp Realty revenue share calculator examples. Keep in mind that this takes time, effort, and a good upline team (like ours!) to help you build this!

For ease of the examples below, let’s say all the agents you attract to eXp sell enough real estate to hit their cap at eXp. For reference, that’s about $2.7 Million in gross sales price at a 3% commission per sale. This is equivalent to selling one $223,000 home a month at a 3% commission each.

Keep in mind the average home price in the USA is over $400,000 so most agents will cap at eXp by selling just over a half dozen homes a year – not bad!

$5,000 a Month Revenue Share Calculator Example

  • Let’s say you interact with 20 agents this year in your regular sales activity.
  • 15 are open to learning about a better model, which you gladly show them.
  • 10 agents decide it IS the best fit for them so you sponsor them to eXp.
  • Over time each of those agents sponsors 1 more agent to eXp.
  • You now have 20 agents in your revenue share team.

Here’s what this example looks like with our eXp Realty revenue share calculator:

$5,000 a Month eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator Example

What could you do with an extra $60,000 a year – paid automatically each month – IN ADDITION TO your commissions, referrals, stock awards, team splits, etc.?

Revenue share works for residential, commercial, referral, and global agents! You can build an international team – we have and we will show you how!

This is a two tier deep revenue share team and is a VERY small downline that can continue to grow. There are agents at eXp with 11,000+ agents in their team. Think about THAT!

$11,000 a Month Revenue Share Calculator Example

Let’s say you help the 10 agents you’ve already sponsored to eXp Realty go sponsor 2 agents themselves. Then those agents go and each sponsor just 1 more real estate professional to eXp Realty, Commercial, or Global. If they are all capping agents, here is what that looks like:

$11,000 a Month eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator Example

This is on of the ways eXp rewards agents for growing the company. As you can see, there is a LOT more room for growth on that chart! By working on this part time, you can grow a MASSIVE revenue share organization at eXp over time and build an unlimited cash flow stream. Your effort determines your outcome here!

$50,000 a Month Revenue Share Calculator Example

ON TOP OF commission income, agent to agent referral checks, EXPI stock awards, team splits if you have or build one, and any of the eXp income streams, you can continue to build your revenue share organization!

Here is a $50,000/month revenue share team by simply sponsoring 15 capping agents to eXp, who over time sponsor 4 more, who each sponsor 2 more, who each sponsor 1 more for a total of 315 agents. Boom, you’re at $51,500 a month on average.

$50,000 a Month eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator Example

That’s ONLY 4 of 7 tiers. Yes, there’s MUCH more room to grow from there. Let’s look at what happens as your team grows to 7 Tiers over time:

7 Tier Revenue Share Calculator Example: $1M+ a year!

With time, your sponsorship team at eXp will grow! Here is it would look like if you sponsored 40 producing agents to eXp and over time they and their sponsored agents continue to sponsor a few agents across eXp Realty, commercial, referral, Global, etc. Here’s what that looks like once your team grows to a few hundred:

$1M a Month eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator Example

Yes, that’s over $1M, or $100K a MONTH. This calculator is NOT broken, it’s legit!

YES YOU CAN build a revenue share income stream this massive with effort and time. Agents have, can, and will continue to do so as the company expands very rapidly! The best opportunity is as soon as possible (i.e. right NOW!).

Why the Opportunity is NOW

While the eXp model has grown massively as it revolutionizes the real estate industry domestically and globally, there is still a LOT of room to grow. As of December 2022, there were over 90,000 agents at eXp worldwide. But eXp has plans to grow to 500,000 worldwide within the next few years!

Now of course, as the CEO of eXp Realty Glenn Sanford would say, it takes hard work to accomplish anything as an entrepreneur, including building your revenue share team. But as you can see above and with the opportunity available, we tell all of our sponsorship team members that it is worth working on for your future!

Nationally: eXp Realty continues to be the fastest growing brokerage in United States history and will keep breaking records for years to come. It just makes sense: agents get more value and opportunity at eXp than most brokerages. With new referral and luxury divisions, and a never-seen before model in the commercial industry, the opportunity just keeps getting bigger!

Internationally: There are an estimated 5 million real estate agents worldwide and eXp is opening in new countries every single month. You could literally open a country yourself by networking with real estate professionals there. Imagine having most of an entire country of real estate agents in your revenue share organization – that would be life changing!

Remember, eXp is growing very quickly. The opportunity to build a massive team will shrink over time. NOW is always better than later!

How does revenue share compare to Keller Williams Profit Share?

Bottom line: revenue share creates a much larger opportunity to build a bigger and more consistent revenue stream where if your sponsored team succeeds you succeed. As long as they win, you win. With Keller Williams profit share, you only are paid – and in a much smaller amount per agent – if the market center profits that quarter. Unfortunately, most franchise brokerages are taking a huge hit to profitability in today’s market with massive overhead. eXp doesn’t have that problem!

To learn more, check out this ultimate guide to eXp Realty revenue share.

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