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The Complete eXp Realty Revenue Share Guide: Build an Income Stream by Helping Agents Win!

The Complete eXp Realty Revenue Share Guide: Build an Income Stream by Helping Agents Win!

eXp Realty Revenue Share

eXp Realty revenue share is an exciting opportunity to build an additional, scalable income stream while selling real estate by introducing a better brokerage model to other real estate agents and then helping them succeed at eXp.

This is an income stream IN ADDITION TO income from commission checks, referrals, stock awards, and team splits, that new agents and experienced agents alike can use as an exit strategy for financial freedom to retire from actively selling real estate.

Let me be clear: there is no other unique opportunity like this in the entire real estate industry to build a massive, willable, scalable income stream that grows on it’s own.

Welcome to completely revolutionary eXp Realty revenue share program.

What is Revenue Share?

eXp Realty revenue share is a broker-like income stream that is paid entirely out of eXp company dollars to agents in return for helping to grow the company by attracting producing agents, sponsoring them to eXp, and helping them succeed here. Revenue sharing creates a true win-win.

eXp Realty Revenue Share Plan Introduction

Agents are automatically paid a percentage of the revenue produced by the agents they’ve attracted to eXp. This happens for every agent you’ve attracted to your revenue share “team,” “organization,” or “downline” on every sale until they cap each year. After a cap resets each year you earn revenue share again!

While local brokers and some companies spend thousands or millions or dollars to recruit agents, eXp instead allows the agents to lead the growth of the company and compensates them instead of spending millions in advertising.

For example, in 2021 eXp paid $157 Million in revenue share to eXp agents!

This allows the company to grow organically and provides agents with the opportunity to build an additional, scalable monthly income stream to agents. eXp agents can use revenue share as an exit strategy and retirement plan from the daily sales grind! You won’t see revenue share plans like this at a traditional brokerage.

If you want to build generational wealth and you are a serious entrepreneur that enjoys helping others succeed, keep reading!

Top 7 Benefits of Revenue Share

  1. Revenue share is an exit strategy opportunity. Most agents spend decades in the industry with no plan or opportunity for a legit retirement after all that work – it’s not part of the traditional real estate business model. With revenue share, agents can build an income stream to retire off of without having to stay active as a team lead or broker.
  2. The attraction opportunity is massive. Not only can you earn revenue share by attracting residential agents in the United States, but you can attract commercial, luxury and referral agents, but you can go GLOBAL – and there are around 5 Million agents worldwide. Yes, you build an international team and we will show you how!
  3. No cost to the agents. Because this is all paid out of company dollar from the 20% commission split paid to eXp, there is no additional cost to participate in revenue share – it is all paid out of company dollars!
  4. You succeed together with your team. This creates a win-win team culture and really incentivizes collaboration and helping each other succeed.
  5. It grows on it’s own. As you grow your team (or downline), they will attract as well. So your team will start to grow on it’s own. Many team builders find that after a certain number of agents it grows on it’s own like wildfire! Regardless of whether you are an experienced elite agent or one of our newer agents you can crush this!
  6. You can earn revenue share forever. Not only can you retire off revenue share and still earn just as much after you stop selling houses one day, but your revenue share is willable to a family member! This income stream lives longer than you!
  7. You can attract entire teams & brokerages. Hundreds of teams and brokerages have come to eXp, and many more would switch today if they understood how the eXp Realty model is build to help teams thrive and grow. Your revenue share income can instantly grow by leaps and bounds by attracting an entire team or brokerage.

How is Revenue Share Paid?

Revenue share is paid out of eXp company dollars. That means that agents you sponsor to the company never pay you directly to earn revenue share, instead revenue share comes out of the company’s income.

Here’s how it works: every time an agent pays their 20% commission split on a sale to eXp, half of that is immediately paid back out to eXp agents as revenue share. This happens before eXp pays for any additional expenses or benefits! That means that as long as the agents in your revenue share team are successful, you earn revenue share!

That’s right, half of eXp’s income is immediately paid back out to the agents as revenue share. In 2021, eXp Realty agent earned $157 Million in revenue share! Glenn Sanford’s agent-centric model at work!

You will earn revenue share on EVERY transaction an agent in your revenue share organization sells a home until they cap each year. When an agent’s cap resets each year, revenue share does to and starts again!

Revenue share is calculated and paid automatically by direct deposit in the middle of the month for the month prior. Too easy for an originally cloud-based brokerage!

Who Can Earn Revenue Share?

Any real estate agent or broker with eXp Realty (including the Luxury and Referral divisions), eXp Commercial, or eXp Global with an active real estate license earns revenue share for sponsoring agents to the company. This is true regardless of whether you are a brand new agent or you’ve been in the industry for 40 years.

Because eXp spans every state and dozens of countries worldwide, any agents sponsored anywhere in the eXp enterprise are included in your revenue share earnings!

Do You Have to Sell Houses to Earn Revenue Share?

There is no production requirement to earn revenue share. So, whether you still sell houses or not, you will earn the same amount of revenue share! Market conditions may impact overall revenue share income, but actual results will be based on the productivity of your team. So as long as they succeed (and you can help them do that!), your eXp revenue share program income will still flow!

This is why this can be such a great exit strategy to retire from active sales and can be one of the important factors when considering eXp. There are even agents at eXp who only do attraction – many agents will stop selling homes after their team grows to a certain size to focus on helping their team succeed.

Keep in mind: revenue share is only created by the sales of homes and there are production requirements for agents to count as front line qualifiers for revenue share calculation purposes. More below!

How Massive is the Revenue Share Opportunity?

While the eXp model has grown massively as it revolutionizes the real estate industry domestically and globally, there is still a LOT of room to grow. As of December 2022, there were over 86,000 agents at eXp worldwide. But eXp has plans to grow to 500,000 worldwide within the next few years!

Nationally: eXp Realty continues to be the fastest growing brokerage in US history and will keep breaking records for years to come. It just makes sense: agents get more value and opportunity at eXp than most brokerages. With new referral and luxury divisions, and a never-seen before model in the commercial industry, the opportunity just keeps getting bigger!

Internationally: There are an estimated 5 million real estate agents worldwide and eXp is opening in new countries every single month. You could literally open a country yourself by networking with real estate professionals there. Imagine having most of an entire country of real estate agents in your revenue share organization – that would be life changing!

eXp Realty Revenue Share works Globally!
This is way outdated, but it’s hard to keep up to date when eXp opens new countries every month!

How Do You Grow Your Revenue Share Team?

There are five things you need to do to successfully build your revenue share team:

  1. Partner with a sponsorship team with the coaching, resources, presentations, and support geared toward helping you build YOUR team (something we do!)
  2. Connect with open minded agents, team leads, and brokers
  3. Show them how the eXp model will improve their business
  4. Follow up until they join
  5. Help them succeed at eXp!

You want to show agents, team leaders, and broker owners how their business, growth, and freedom will improve when they partner with you at eXp. Once they see the value and opportunity of the model, it is impossible to unsee it! Check out our About eXp Realty page to learn more about all the benefits of eXp.

So how do you connect with agents in order to show them the model and the benefits of partnering with your sponsorship team? The most common ways to connect with agents are:

  • Networking: talking to agents you know, meet, and work with
  • Outbound prospecting: reaching out to agents, teams, and brokers about the opportunity
  • Inbound lead generation: attracting agents already interested in eXp to you! (Think about how you ended up reading this text… inbound lead gen! We will teach you how to ATTRACT agents to you when you partner with us.)
Our Team Talking about How to Grow Revenue Share!
When you partner with our team, you’ll be able to come to Wolfpack Team Building live training every week to help build your revenue share organization!

Partner with our top revenue share organization at eXp for access to exclusive coaching, masterminds, live attraction presentations, 3 way calls, lead attraction training, and other resources to help you grow your revenue share team!

How Does Revenue Share Work?

Directly Sponsored Agent Revenue Share

On the simplest level, before we talk about all seven tiers you can earn revenue share on, you earn revenue share for any agents you directly sponsor to eXp Realty.

For each agent you directly sponsor (we call this “Front Line Agents”) you’ll always earn 3.5% of the gross commission for every transaction an agent closes that brings income into the company (this includes sales, referrals, team splits, etc.).

Since an agent has a $16,000 cap, the max earnings from an agent you directly sponsor is up to $2,800 per year. Once they cap, you won’t earn additional income from that agent’s production until their cap resets each year. So you can earn up to $2,800 in revenue share per year, per directly sponsored agent!

So if all you did over time was sponsor 12 capping agents to eXp Realty, you’d bring in an extra $2,800 a month on average on top of any other commission, stock, or other income!

Cascading Revenue Share from Team Growth

As the agents you sponsor to the company bring agents in, you’ll also earn revenue share for THEIR production until they cap each year. This is true for seven tiers – so it can add up!

For example, for agents attracted by the agents you directly sponsored – or your second tier – you can earn up to 4%, which is $3,200 per agent per year. That’s on TOP of the $2,800 you will earn from your directly sponsored agents.

Think about this: if you can figure out how to sponsor some agents to eXp by showing a better model to the millions of other real estate agents out there, do you think you can teach your revenue share team how to do the same?!

This cascading effect can be MASSIVE with time and effort. Take a look at the examples below, as we will go in how to achieve financial freedom from revenue share and how to build a generational wealth income stream.

But before we do that, let’s break down the tiers. Take a look at this chart:

The important things to know here about the revenue share plan tier structure is that:

  • You will ALWAYS get the eXponential share of 3.5% of transaction gross commission for every directly sponsored agent until they cap each year
  • You will ALWAYS get the eXpansion share of transaction gross commission for every Tier 2-7 agent until they cap each year
  • You can “unlock” the eXponential share IN ADDITION TO the eXpansion share of transaction gross commissions when you have the number of Front Line Qualifying Agents (FLQA) shown above.

For an agent on your front line (= Tier 1 = directly sponsored) to be a Front Line Qualifying Agent for the purpose of unlocking eXponential Share on each Tier, they must complete a sales transaction or earn $5,000 in gross commission income every six months. That is very minimal transactional activity to quality!

This will make a lot more sense with the examples below!

What if agents don’t cap?

Don’t worry if some agents in your downline do not hit their annual cap, because:

  1. You still receive revenue share on ALL transactions every year until an agent caps – you get revenue share continuously, not as a lump sum.
  2. Even if every agent HALF caps each year, plop that in to the calculator. Even HALF of $30,000 a month would be awesome!

eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator

As a former Air Force weapons development engineer, I like math! So I created the perfect eXp Realty revenue share calculator for our team to help show the agents interested in joining eXp Realty the power or revenue share.

Here’s a screenshot of the calculator – and yes, those numbers are legit:

eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator Example
It’s mind boggling, but the numbers are 100% legit!

If you’d like to run through some revenue share calculator examples together, schedule a call with us! We can also show you our brokerage comparison calculator.

Revenue Share Examples

Let’s walk through some eXp Realty revenue share earning examples. Keep in mind that this takes time, effort, and a good upline team (like ours!) to help you build this!

For ease of the examples below, let’s say all the agents you attract to eXp sell enough real estate to hit their cap at eXp. For reference, that’s about $2.7 Million in gross sales price at a 3% commission per sale. This is equivalent to selling one $223,000 home a month at a 3% commission each.

Keep in mind the average home price in the USA is over $400,000 so most agents will cap at eXp by selling just over a half dozen homes a year – not bad!

How to Make $2,500 a Month in Revenue Share

  • Let’s say you interact with 20 agents this year in your regular sales activity.
  • 10 are open to learning about a better model, which you gladly show them.
  • 5 agents decide it IS the best fit for them so you sponsor them to eXp.
  • Over time each of those agents sponsors 1 more agent to eXp.
  • You now have 10 agents in your revenue share team.

Here’s what this example looks like with our eXp Realty revenue share calculator:

eXp Realty Revenue Share Example with 10 Agents
Imagine an extra $30,000 a year ON TOP of commissions, team splits, stock awards…

What could you do with an extra $30,000 a year – paid automatically each month – IN ADDITION TO your commissions, referrals, stock awards, team splits, etc.?

This is a two tier deep revenue share team and is a VERY small downline that can continue to grow. There are agents at eXp with 11,000+ agents in their downline. Think about THAT!

How to Make $5,000 a Month in Revenue Share

Let’s say after working a few hours a week on introducing the most valuable and revolutionary real estate brokerage model in the world to agents you interact with in your sales business, you’ve sponsored 10 agents to eXp: 10 real estate professionals anywhere eXp exists nationally, internationally, residential or commercial.

Then those 10 agents each attract one more agent to eXp. Here’s what that looks like using our eXp Realty revenue share calculator when everyone caps:

eXp Realty Revenue Share Example with 20 Agents
You can do this part time. I built a 80+ agent team in 3 years with just a few hours a week.

What’s cool is when an agent caps, that’s simply the top limit for revenue share per agent each year. Even if your attract newbies who only half cap, you’ll still net half the cash flow – you’ll receive revenue share on EVERY transaction up until an agent caps.

How to Make $11,000 a Month in Revenue Share

Let’s say you help the 10 agents you’ve already sponsored to eXp Realty go sponsor 2 agents themselves. Then those agents go and each sponsor just 1 more real estate professional to eXp Realty, Commercial, or Global. If they are all capping agents, here is what that looks like:

eXp Realty Revenue Share Example with 50 Agents
Yep. Financial freedom through revenue share!

This is eXp’s way of rewarding agents for growing the company. As you can see, there is a LOT more room for growth on that chart! By working on this part time, you can grow a MASSIVE revenue share organization at eXp over time and build an unlimited cash flow stream. Your effort determines your outcome here!

How to Make $50,000 a Month in Revenue Share

Don’t want to be limited to $11,000 a month? I didn’t think so. ON TOP OF commission income, agent to agent referral checks, EXPI stock awards, team splits if you have or build one, and any of the eXp income streams, you can continue to build your revenue share organization!

Below you’ll find a $50,000/month revenue share team by simply sponsoring 15 capping agents to eXp, who over time sponsor 4 more, who each sponsor 2 more, who each sponsor 1 more for a total of 315 agents. Boom, you’re at $51,500 a month on average.

Mind blowing, right?

That’s ONLY 4 of 7 tiers. Yes, there’s MUCH more room to grow from there.

YES YOU CAN build a revenue share income stream this massive with effort and time. Agents have, can, and will continue to do so as the company expands very rapidly! The best opportunity is as soon as possible (i.e. right NOW!).

How Does Revenue Share Compare?

Keller Williams Profit Share

We often hear “oh yeah, it’s just like KW profit share.” It’s hard not to wince because there are two major differences. The first is that profit share is paid AFTER all other expenses, franchise expenses, office expenses, etc. are paid for. That means you’ll get paid less per transaction since it is on final profit instead of inbound direct revenue.

The other notable difference is that the KW market center must make a profit in order for you as the agent to earn any profit share. So even if the agents you attract to the company succeed, you are not guaranteed to get any profit share. It is completely out of your control.

We can’t name any Keller Williams Realty agents who have retired off profit share.

EXIT Realty Residuals

EXIT Realty offers agents a small share of the commissions from agents they sponsor to the company, but just those agents rather than having additional tiers and growth opportunity.

Not only will you have no growth leverage since your organization and income cannot grow without you directly attracting agents, but you’re limited by the market center or local office rather than being about to attract anywhere, globally.

It’s hardly even comparable, unfortunately.

Independent Broker Owners

Many agents believe becoming a broker is the ultimate freedom and growth move in real estate sales, but any active broker owner will tell you it’s as busy as it gets! Let’s touch on the two main benefits if I could boil the list down to just two categories: growth and freedom.

By partnering with eXp Realty’s model, brokers and team leaders can create unlimited growth:

  • You can earn revenue share on top of team splits for every transaction!
  • The team can now reach across 50 states and dozens of countries – you aren’t just limited to your local MLS for team growth
  • The company’s value and revenue share model will incentivize agents to grow your team FOR you
  • You now have access to the tools and training you need to truly scale to any level

When brokers and teams choose to move their brand to eXp Realty, they create a lot more freedom from their real estate business:

  • You can outsource paperwork reviewing and filing, financials, transaction management, and other time sucking tasks
  • You give you and your team access to 2,000+ brokers and support staff they can leverage for support rather than you being the ONE person for advice and support
  • You can leverage eXp’s high value tools and dozens of hours of training each week as benefits YOU provide to your team
  • You can spend less time and money on recruiting as your team grows on it’s own
  • You outsource the transactional liability back to eXp (woohoo!)
  • You can earn revenue share and step back from active sales to focus on the team – which can be done from anywhere!

For these reasons and more, many brokers and team leaders make the move to eXp to be able to grow, get time back to spend on either higher income or better quality of life activities, and to be able to retire from active sales!

How Does Bringing My Team or Brokerage to eXp Realty Work?

Our revenue share organization is very experienced at onboarding entire brokerages and teams to eXp Realty. Every time we present the 15+ perks for existing teams, how they will be better served at eXp, eliminate overhead costs, and net more income, it’s an easy decision.

Perhaps the greatest part is that broker owners and team leads get to bring their entire organization over and immediately receive revenue share income on top of your team split structure. Then your team can attract and build a massive, almost effortless cash flow stream FOR you since they win by attracting and so do you.

What if I Don’t Have a Team?

We didn’t either, and we’re doing just fine. Sure, it’ll take you a little longer to start feeling the revenue share cash flow love, but you can do this from scratch, so many of us have and it’s LIFE CHANGING! You don’t HAVE to be a broker, you don’t HAVE to have a team. You can do this from day one from zero!

eXp Realty Revenue Share Misconceptions

Is eXp Realty revenue share a pyramid scheme?

Simply put, a pyramid scheme is where money is taken from those being brought into the scheme to pay those already in it. Pyramid schemes are completely illegal and is not even close to the eXp Realty model. With 86,000 agents and counting with 14 years in operation, it’s safe to say revenue share is NOT a pyramid scheme!

Revenue share is paid out of commissions paid to eXp. So beyond the 80/20 commission split, there’s no cost to participate in revenue share.

Is revenue share multi-level marketing?

It depends on your definition of multi-level marketing. Usually in an MLM, the participants have to buy products for uplines to make money. So this isn’t the case at eXp.

Sponsoring agents aren’t selling a product at all, they’re providing an opportunity to agents to have a better brokerage model. Sponsors don’t collect any money or fees from the agents they sponsor – ever. So in that sense, no, eXp is not an MLM.

However, we WOULD consider it network marketing. Network marketing is where there is a monetary incentive for helping to grow an organization.

Take a look at this graphic below again. Let it sink in: eXp is allowing AGENTS to receive the benefit for growing the company rather than the broker. The only reason agents denigrate the eXp model is because they are afraid of something new!

eXp Realty Revenue Share is like Broker Income!
eXp gives the financial benefit of growing the brokerage to YOU as the agent!

Learn More About eXp Realty & Our Free Partnership Team!

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For more eXp Realty details, check out our comprehensive About eXp Realty – Everything You Need to Know article.