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eXp Realty Revenue Share: How to Make an Extra $3,000, $5,000, or $11,000 a Month While Selling Real Estate

Get ready, because I’m about to blow your mind. What if I told you, that you can build a whole new scalable cash flow stream while you are already doing your job as a real estate agent? This is IN ADDITION TO income from commission checks, referrals, stock awards, and team splits! Welcome to completely revolutionary eXp Realty revenue share.

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The most revolutionary and agent-centric model in the history of real estate.

What if all you had to do was introduce a revolutionary brokerage model to residential and commercial real estate agents you already work with on a daily basis? What if the opportunity was so massive that you can win by introducing the model to 4-6 million real estate professionals worldwide?

This is not only a low effort way to make cash each month with no equity required, but it can be your exit strategy from the daily sales grind! Real estate agents rarely have retirement plans – problem solved!

Let me be clear: there is no other opportunity like this in the entire real estate industry to build a massive, willable, continuously growing income stream that only requires sweat equity.

This is called revenue share and it’s brought to you by none other than the real estate company revolutionizing the industry: eXp Realty.

Listen – if your goal as an agent is to sell some houses to put food on the table forever, you can do that anywhere.

But if you want to build generational wealth with multiple real estate streams of income and endless business building opportunities, then you belong with us at eXp. If you are a serious entrepreneur with an open mind, keep reading!

eXp Realty Revenue Share requirements

Mind blown!

Let’s go over the requirements to get revenue share income before we jump into these awesome examples using our very own Agent Wealth Hustle revenue share calculator:

  1. Be part of eXp Realty, eXp Commercial, or eXp internationally
  2. Partner with our top revenue share organization at eXp for access to exclusive coaching, training, and masterminds from the best at eXp
  3. Introduce the revolutionary eXp Realty model to others

Yeah. That’s it. Mind blown.

My top 3 favorite things about eXp Realty revenue share:

  1. There is a massive opportunity to build a long lasting and unlimited income stream as the company expands rapidly.
  2. You win in revenue share by helping the real estate professionals you sponsor to the company win! You only win if they win. That’s fun!
  3. You get to introduce and present the most valuable real estate model in history – real estate professionals everywhere fall in love immediately!
A Modern Approach to Real Estate | New American Funding
Build your revenue share simply by
talking about real estate! It’s PEFECT!

How to make an extra $3,000 a month while selling real estate

Here’s how to get started with eXp Realty revenue share, using a hypothetical scenario that you could do! Here’s what to do:

  • Let’s say you interact with 24 agents this year.
  • You offer to introduce a revolutionary model to all of them.
  • 12 are open to learning about the model. You show it to them.
  • 6 agents decide it IS the best fit for them so you sponsor them to eXp.
  • Over time each of those agents sponsors 1 more agent to eXp.
  • You now have 12 agents in your revenue share organization.

For ease of example, let’s say all these real estate agents sell enough real estate to hit their cap at eXp. For reference, that’s about $2.7 Million in gross sales price at a 3% commission per sale. This is equivalent to selling one $223,000 home a month at a 3% commission each. This is what it looks like from our simplified revenue share calculator:

eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator demo - how to make an extra $3,000 a month while selling real estate
You sponsor 6 capping agents to eXp Realty, and they each sponsor 1 more.

As you can see, this can be an awesome way to – it just depends on how much time and effort you want to put towards introducing this model to others.

The kicker is, this is just two tiers of revenue share and is a VERY small downline. There are agents at eXp with 11,000+ agents in their downline. Think about THAT.

How to make an extra $5,000 a month while selling real estate

Let’s say after working a few hours a week on introducing the most valuable and revolutionary real estate brokerage model in the world to agents you interact with in your sales business, you’ve sponsored TEN agents to eXp. Just ten real estate professionals anywhere eXp exists nationally, internationally, residential or commercial.

Then those agent each just go bring ONE agent to eXp. Here’s what that looks like using our revenue share calculator if they all do the bare minimum to cap at eXp Realty:

eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator - Download yours when you partner with us at Agent Wealth Hustle!

What’s cool is when an agent caps, that’s simply the top limit for revenue share from that agent each year. Even if your attract newbies who only half cap, you’ll still net half the cash flow – you’ll receive eXp Realty revenue share on EVERY transaction up until an agent caps. Crazy, huh?

How to make an extra $11,000 a month while selling real estate

So now let’s say you stop attracting agents all together. All you do now is spend a few hours a week helping the 10 agents you’ve already sponsored to eXp Realty go sponsor 2 agents themselves. Then those agents go and each sponsor just 1 more real estate professional to eXp Realty, Commercial, or Global. If they are all capping agents, here is what that looks like using our custom eXp Realty revenue share calculator!

How to make an extra $11,000 a month while selling real estate - an example from our eXp Realty Revenue Share calculator

Yes, this is all legit. No, your sponsored agents never have to pay you in some sort of crazy scheme. This is eXp’s way of rewarding agents for growing the company – FOREVER. By working on this part time, you can grow a MASSIVE revenue share organization at eXp over time and build an unlimited cash flow stream. Your effort determines your outcome here!

Bonus: 2 Ways to make an extra $50,000 a month while selling real estate

Don’t want to be limited to $11,000 a month? I didn’t think so. ON TOP OF commission income, agent to agent referral checks, EXPI stock awards, team splits if you have or build one, and any of the eXp income streams, you can continue to build your revenue share organization!

This path to $50,000 isn’t even that much work. Below you’ll find a $50,000/month solution that simply involves sponsoring 15 capping agents to eXp, who over time and with your support sponsor 4 more, who sponsor 2 more, who sponsor 1 more. Boom, you’re at $51,500 a month on average.

And that’s ONLY 4 of 7 tiers you can cash flow from. EVEN if everyone in your organization only hit HALF their cap, would you be cool with $25,000 a month of cash flow? I’m guessing the answer is an emphatic YES!

This is an interesting example using our revenue share calculator of another way to bring in $50,000+ a month in eXp Realty revenue share because it essentially involves you hustling a bunch up front and then sitting back and letting the dominoes fall.

In this one, we assume EVERY sponsored agent in your organization are only able to sponsor ONE more each (even though YOU sponsored 40). In this very pessimistic projection, we find that over time you STILL achieve $53,000+ a month. Just think about what that number would be on this revenue share calculator if agents you sponsored attracted MORE than one agent each!

YES YOU CAN build a revenue share income stream this massive with enough hustle and time. Agents have, can, and will continue to do so as the company expands very rapidly! This opportunity is massive but will shrink as more of the industry comes to eXp.

How does bringing my brokerage or team to eXp work?

Our revenue share organization is very experienced at onboarding entire brokerages and teams to eXp Realty. Every time we present the 15+ perks for existing teams, how they will be better served at eXp, eliminate overhead costs, and net more income, it’s an easy decision.

Perhaps the greatest part is that broker owners and team leads get to bring their entire organization over and immediately receive revenue share income on top of your team split structure. Then your team can attract and build a massive, almost effortless cash flow stream FOR you since they win by attracting and so do you.

What if you have no brokerage or team to bring to eXp?

We didn’t either, and we’re doing just fine. Sure, it’ll take you a little longer to start feeling the revenue share cash flow love, but you can do this from scratch, so many of us have and it’s LIFE CHANGING! You don’t HAVE to be a broker, you don’t HAVE to have a team. You can do this from day one from zero!

Are you pumped?! Let’s DO THIS!

When you partner with us – the Agent Wealth Collective – at eXp Realty, you get all the training, coaching from top eXp attractors, masterminds, content creation courses from top eXp influencers, our very own eXp revenue share calculator, discovery presentations, 3 way calls, slides, and everything else YOU need to build your own revenue share stream!

Learn more about revenue share and see additional rev share posts from our Revenue Share for Real Estate Agents Guide