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Top 5 Facts You Should Know About eXp Realty Stock EXPI

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About eXp Realty Stock EXPI

eXp Realty is the North America’s fastest growing cloud-based brokerage. eXp Realty is actually the US based company and is a subsidiary of eXp World Holdings, the parent company. So eXp Realty stock is actually shares of eXp World Holdings!

eXp World Holdings Inc. Rings The Nasdaq Stock Market Closing Bell

The eXp Realty stock ticker symbol is EXPI. EXPI shares are traded publicly on the NASDAQ. While eXp Realty real estate agents earn EXP stock in multiple ways, anyone can go out and buy EXP stock shares without being a real estate agent or employee of eXp Realty.

At the time of this writing in early February 2021, EXPI stock has topped over $120 a share before the planned upcoming stock split. See the current EXP stock price here.

eXp Realty Stock EXPI last 2 years from Yahoo Finance
Courtesy of Yahoo Finance

eXp Realty in large part has the COVID pandemic to thank for this meteoric rise, since eXp was already positioned to succeed during such a challenging time due to the largely cloud based support, training, and mentorship model. Investors recognized eXp’s ability to continue succeeding in 2020 and beyond as other well known brokerages struggled – and in some cases recorded losses for the first time since the 2008 housing crash.

There has been a TON of talk lately about eXp Realty stock as it has been soaring on the NASDAQ in 2020 and 2021. Here is what you need to know about EXP stock!

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5 things you MUST know about eXp Realty Stock EXPI

  1. eXp Realty real estate agents earn EXPI stocks on their first transaction and continue to earn stocks in multiple ways, and can even earn their entire commission split cap BACK as EXPI stock. Read more below!
  2. eXp Realty stock is currently paying dividends to their shareholders
  3. EXPI Stock was split 2:1 since February 16, 2021.
  4. eXp Realty stock can be purchased publicly.
  5. EXPI is actually shares of eXp World Holdings. This means that by buying EXPI stock you’re gaining shares in the GLOBAL enterprise. eXp is opening up about four countries a quarter now!

Ways eXp Realty Agents Earn eXp Realty stock Shares (EXPI)

eXp Realty, eXp Commercial, eXp Global, and real estate professionals everywhere earn shares in the company almost immediately and in multiple ways. Here are most of the ways eXp Realty real estate agents earn eXp Realty shares:

  • When you close your first transaction at eXp
  • When you hit your cap each year
  • When an agent you sponsor to eXp closes their first transaction
  • When you hit ICON agent status (high performer) eXp awards you all $16,000 you paid to the company in commission splits BACK as shares of eXp stock!
  • Enroll to be paid 5% of every transaction commission with stock at a 10% discount

Now think about this for a minute:

eXp agents are Shareholders. They are the owners of the company they work in.

Where else is that true?!

Guess what? Shares of eXp Stock are earned IN ADDITION TO:

  • Commissions (at a higher split than most brokerages)
  • Revenue share
  • Referral checks
  • Team splits (if you start a team, which you can do even as a newbie)
  • Workplace side hustles

There are a crazy number of benefits to eXp Realty – the value is totally unmatched in the industry for the agents. It’s not even fair!

What is eXp World Holdings?

EXPI stock is actually shares of eXp World Holdings, which eXp Realty is a part of. eXp World Holdings includes multiple entities, including:

Success Magazine Jan/Feb 2020 - Grant Cardone
  • eXp Realty
  • eXp Commercial
  • eXp Global (Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, Portugal, Mexico, India… and a new country every few weeks!)
  • Virbela (virtual training and support environment, eXp World)
  • Success Magazine (recently acquired!)

eXp and Stock Historical Growth

I want you to look at this chart below. Study it. And then realize that if you aren’t with eXp Realty yet, you will be soon (or your broker will be)! The opportunity it now! This is Amazon or Netflix when we just figured out what their names were.

This chart plus the global realization that real estate agents don’t actually need officers or local franchises to do business, ought to explain the massive growth of the share price.

It’s easy to understand how the stock went from a steady $8 a share for YEARS to over $120 a share by early 2021 – as eXp Realty succeeded and doubled in size during the first year of the COVID pandemic while other brokerages struggled to survive. Here is a 5 year history of EXPI Share prices:

eXp expanding MASSIVELY not only in the US but globally! We are taking over the globe and we welcome you to join us! eXp is expanding so fast and succeeding so incredibly that we are currently undergoing a stock split!

We welcome you to the company with open arms. And by partnering with the Lion League at eXp, we can help you succeed and grow massively. The sky is the limit with our constant support, training, tools, masterminds, and mentorship!