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eXp Referral Division – #1 New Referral Agent Brokerage

eXp Referral Division – #1 New Referral Agent Brokerage

Introducing the eXp Referral Division: A new division of eXp Realty has been launched and it is designed specifically for real estate referral agents to join the fastest-growing real estate company in the world!

Real estate agents who want to hang their license in referral status can now join this new division of eXp and get the same support and resources as other eXp agents while only paying a fraction of the fees associated with becoming an eXp Realty or eXp Commercial agent!

This is a massive opportunity for referral agents around the world to take advantage of a global referral network of close to 90,000 agents and brokers at the fastest-growing real estate brokerage in the world while getting to build revenue share like any other agent at eXp could!

In this article we will break down the eXp Referral Division and explain what this means for agents and referral agents around the world, the benefits associated with joining the eXp Referral Division, and also how the eXp Referral Division and eXp Realty stack up side by side!

eXp Referral Division Explained

The eXp Referral Division is housed under eXp Commercial, a core subsidiary of exp world holdings. eXp World Holdings is a publicly traded company and the overall holding company founded by Glenn Sanford, CEO of eXp World Holdings, to house the different brokerages under the eXp ecosystem and model.

eXp Realty, founded in 2009 is the brokerage that handles the residential side of real estate transactions and provides residential real estate agents with the tools, support, training, and resources to become the best agents in the world. eXp Commercial is a sister company of eXp Realty, that handles the commercial real estate transactions and gives commercial real estate brokers and agents the tools they need to be successful.

The eXp Referral Division is a division of eXp Commercial, because the eXp Commercial brokerage model is NOT associated with NAR or any local or state level realtor boards, which means all agents who join the eXp Referral Division are NOT Required to pay realtor board or MLS fees, and do not have to be a member of NAR.

The eXp Referral Division was created specifically for referral real estate agents and any agent who wishes to only refer clients to other agents in exchange for a referral fee instead of representing clients on their own. This means that agents who join under the eXp Referral Division are NOT allowed to represent any clients in a real estate transaction and receive a commission from a non licensed individual, including family and friends.

Agents with the eXp Referral Division are only allowed to receive referral commissions paid as a percentage of a commission from another licensed real estate agent.

Currently the eXp Referral Division is only available for agents to join in all 50 states in the United States , although eXp is a world wide company with presences in foreign markets such as The United Kingdom, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, and multiple other countries. This means that eXp Referral Division agents can generate referrals and send them to agents in those countries to receive a referral fee.

eXp Referral Division Fees

There is no question that eXp is the most agent-centric model with an industry-leading agent value proposition in the real estate industry, this is the same for agents who want to join eXp Referral. Here are some important factors to consider including eXp referral’s fees and tools.

As an agent at eXp Referral, you will pay a $50 monthly fee that will give you access to the following full suite of brokerage collaborative tools, resources, real estate tech solutions, trainings, systems, and assets.

  • Workplace: eXp’s internal database of agents, resources, recorded trainings, archived files, and social media platform that allows you to connect with over 86,000 agents in over 20 different countries to share referral deals across as a referral agent. This will allow you to generate premium referral opportunities and share them with a vast network of agents that covers every corner of the earth.
  • eXp World: eXp’s cloud-based brokerage operating system that allows you to get instant access to admin support, broker support, legal and liability support, tech support, and access over 80 hours live training sessions a week without ever having to leave your desk or computer. eXp World is a “metaverse” operating system that allows you to communicate with other agents, staff members, and brokers just like you would in a physical office through the cloud. Many agents have been able to work in their home office because of this tool.
  • Skyslope: eXp’s transaction management system that allows agents to upload and generate referral agreements in a matter of SECONDS to other agents across the world and get their forms, contracts, and agreements reviewed by a licensed state broker who is an employee of eXp to guarantee your compliance with state laws and regulation.
  • eXp Enterprise: eXp’s proprietary back office system to track your business and get immediate access to all of your other tools and resources in a central business hub that allows for ease of navigation for the agent without having to look for links and websites every time they need to access a different eXp software.
  • eXp University: A training library vault of recorded trainings, live events, and courses that covers topics from lead generation to client conversation to agent attraction and even commercial real estate. All trainings are recorded and put into this library for your On-Demand Access.
  • Revenue Share: The opportunity to build your “downline” of agents through the revolutionary revenue share opportunity and create a residual income stream through the agents that you introduce to join eXp Realty, Commercial, or Referral. This is a powerful 7 tier growth model based on Keller Williams’ 7 tier profit share model.
  • Sponsorship From Top Real Estate Entrepreneurs: When you join eXp Referral you must name a sponsor (this can be any agent in eXp Realty, Commercial, or Referral). When you name a sponsor you will receive ADDITIONAL training, courses, live coaching, and resources ABOVE AND BEYOND what eXp has to offer because your sponsors are INCENTIVIZED by eXp to help you generate business through the revenue share model. This includes investment training, social media mastery, personal development and more!

eXp Referral Division Commission Split

The eXp Referral Division has two different commission splits for agents. One for agents who were already a part of eXp Realty and one for agents who is joining eXp Referral for the first time as someone who is new to eXp.

If you are an agent that is already at eXp Realty and want to switch to eXp Referral, you will go on a 75/25 split for every referral transaction that you generate.

Agents joining eXp Referral Division as individuals who are new to eXp and have never been associated with eXp in the past are going to be on a 70/30 split.

Here is an example of how the commission split breaks down.

Let’s say that you generated a referral client who is selling a house for $500,000 and the real estate agent that you referred to that client is receiving a 3% commission on the sale of that house. In this scenario, you and the agent have agreed to an industry standard 25% referral fee paid to you by the agent. Here is how the math breaks down:

  • The agent representing the client would receive $15,000 or 3% of $500,000
  • You would then receive $3,750 as a referral fee or 25% of $15,000
  • At the eXp Referral Division you will get to keep $2,625 or 70% of $3,750
  • eXp Referral will receive $1,125 or 30% of $3,750

*Note: eXp Referral agents do not have a cap on their split, unlike eXp Realty and Commercial agents.

eXp Referral Division Revenue Share

One of the key benefits for agents who join the eXp Referral Division is the ability to recruit or sponsor agents to eXp and receive revenue share from the agents that they sponsor to eXp both directly and indirectly.

The eXp revenue share model is the company’s growth model and one of the industry-leading programs in real estate. Revenue share is a 7 tier growth model based on the Keller Williams profit share model that allows agents to sponsor other agents to the company and receive a percentage of the revenue that the company generates each month from the agents that you had a hand in bringing to eXp.

Here is how revenue share works.

eXp referral agents can sponsor agents to eXp Realty, eXp referral, or eXp Commercial and receive revenue share from their production. Let’s say that you are an agent with the eXp Referral Division and you sponsored John Smith, who is a real estate agent to join eXp Realty.

In this scenario, John, the agent you sponsored, will fall on your “tier 1” of compensation. This means that whenever John closes a transaction, you will receive 3.5% of the gross commission income on every transaction that he closes up until he caps at eXp ($16,000 paid in splits).

Here is how the math works.

Let’s say you sponsored John and he closed a transaction that earned him $10,000. eXp Realty agents have a 80/20 split and a $16,000 cap as opposed to the 70/30 split and no cap for eXp Referral agents.

  • John gets to keep $8,000 or 80% of $10,000
  • eXp receives $2,000 or 20% of $10,000
  • You, as his sponsor, receives $350, or 3.5% of $10,000 paid to you out of the $2,000 that eXp received in splits.

You can continue to earn revenue share from a single agent’s production up until they cap each year in which case you would have earned a total of $2,800. As their cap resets the following year, you will be able to earn revenue share from their production again.

Remember you can sponsor as many agents to the company as you wish. Also remember that revenue share is a 7 tier growth model. This means that if an agent you sponsor directly goes out and sponsors an agent on their own, both you and your agent will receive revenue share from their production as well. You can continue to do this for 7 tiers deep.

For more information on the unique opportunity of revenue share and the exponential growth it can provide for agents please book a call with us below!

eXp Referral Division vs eXp Realty

Although agents at eXp Referral Division gets access to most of the same tools as agents at eXp Realty, there are some differences between eXp referral division vs eXp realty and here are a few:

1) Monthly Costs

Agents at eXp Realty pay a $149 start up join fee that covers their first month’s expense at the company when they first join and then a $85 monthly fee every month after that.

Agents at eXp Referral division only pay a $50 monthly fee and no join fee to be part of the company.

2) Equity Opportunities

Agents at eXp Realty have the opportunity to earn EXPI stock in the form of equity awards and become shareholders of the company by accomplishing milestones in their production all the way up to $16,000 worth of stock each year or opting in to the agent equity program to receive a portion of their commission as a form of eXp stock at a 10% discount.

Agents at eXp Referral Division do not have any opportunity to earn stock from their referral transactions.

3) Split and Cap

Agents at eXp Realty have a $16,000 cap on their 80/20 split. This means that once they’ve paid $16,000 into the company in splits they will no longer pay a split on their transactions and instead go on a transaction fee basis of only $250 per transaction for the remainder of their anniversary year.

Agents at eXp Referral Division have a 70/30 split and do not have the ability to cap. This means that agents at eXp Referral must split ALL of their referral commissions with eXp regardless of how many referrals they do in a year.

The upside to this is that for any agent looking to sponsor agents to eXp Referral Division, they are able to earn revenue share from their referral transactions in perpetuity unlike sponsoring agents to eXp Realty where your revenue share caps at $2,800 per agent per year, you can earn “unlimited” or “Uncapped” revenue share from any referral division agents you sponsor.

4) KVCore Access

Agents at eXp Realty are given access to KVCore as a part of their $85 monthly fee. KVCore is a lead generation, CRM, and follow up automation tool that real estate agents can use to generate leads online, build a custom website, and nurture those leads for up to 720 days automatically through email and text.

Agents at eXp Referral Division do not have access to KVCore as a part of their $50 monthly fee. eXp Referral agents DO get access to eXp World, Workplace, eXp University, Skyslope, and additional training from your sponsors.

5) Realtor Board/MLS

Agents at eXp Realty are required to be associated with a Realtor Board in their local area and have access to their local MLS in order to list homes and access showings for buyers. This can be an additional annual fee of anywhere around $1,000 to $2,000 a year.

Agents at eXp Referral Division do not have to be associated with a Realtor Board or MLS, this allows referral division agents to save money that they can then use to invest back into their business or personal lives while still being able to receive and generate income from real estate transactions.

6) Mentor Program and Teams

Agents at eXp Realty have the option to sign up for a mentorship program if they are brand new to real estate or to join a local production team to receive leads that they will then convert for an additional split.

Agents at eXp Referral Division who are new to real estate are not required to participate in a mentorship program and do not have the option to join a local production team. This makes it even more important for referral division agents to pick the right sponsor to join eXp with so that they receive ample training and support above and beyond what eXp offers at no additional cost, split, or fees.

Bottom Line – Who Should Join eXp Referral Division?

There are plenty of reasons to join eXp Referral as an agent and there are many agents who wish to take advantage of the eXp model but not sell real estate on a day to day basis. If you think that eXp Referral Division is the right move for you book a call with us by clicking the green button below!

Here are a few types of agents who should join eXp Referral Division and will benefit the most from this program.

Referral Only Agents

Many licensed real estate professionals want to only hold their license in “referral” status and park their license at a brokerage firm where it is cheap and simple to maintain based on their personal situation and the market conditions. These individuals usually have a full time job or business that they are running and simply got their license to do some real estate on the side.

For many of these types of agents, participating in the day to day of selling real estate and representing clients is not worth the full commission that they can earn from those activities. Instead they would rather refer any potential clients out to full time agents and simply earn a referral fee from those closings.

eXp Referral is the perfect solution for these agents because you can park your license at eXp for only $50 a month and receive access to the same trainings that are offered to full time agents while getting to participate in the revenue share opportunity and sponsor other agents under you to join eXp and build a residual income stream.

These agents usually have a big sphere of influence and have a lot of potential and able buyers or seller referrals that they can give to other agents.

Agents or Brokers Who Are Retiring

Agents and Brokers who are at or near the end of their real estate selling careers will find the eXp Referral Division to be the perfect solution for them to hang their license at with minimal expense.

Many agents and brokers are choosing to take their business to eXp and retire at the company through the revenue share model, for these agents, joining the referral division is the perfect solution because you no longer have to pay an inflated monthly fee or be part of any local boards or MLS systems.

Agents and Brokers who have a large book of business that they have built up through the years can now leverage these connections without having to represent them as clients by simply referring them out to other partner agents that you have in your network and still be able to monetize on these transactions.

If you are an agent or broker who is looking to retire in the next 3-5 years or less, eXp referral is the perfect solution for you.

New Agents Who Want to Learn The Business

A group of agents who might not have considered this option in the past but are actually perfect candidates to join eXp Referral are new agents who want to learn the real estate business without breaking the bank.

Many new agents are afraid to jump into real estate full time or choose to join discount brokerages with lower fees because they do not know when they would close their first transaction and be able to pay the business expenses that they spent upfront. For these agents, joining low cost discount brokerages also means getting little to no training.

At eXp Referral Division, new agents can join a brokerage that does not require you to be a part of a Realtor Board, charges only $50 a month, and still gives you the exact same training that a full time top agent would receive so that you can learn how to generate your own leads, refer them out, and make some income with real estate before you need to invest heavily into becoming a full time agent.

New agents who wish to learn how to generate leads before they start paying for MLS fees and Realtor fees are perfect for eXp Referral because you can now get trained as a brand new agent first before you spend any money on becoming a full service agent.

Who knows, maybe you would enjoy generating leads and referring them out so much you never even become a full service agent…

Agents Who Want to Build Residual Income With Their License

Lastly, agents who wish to build a residual income business with their real estate license need to join eXp Referral Division. Building a referral real estate business is the best way that any agent can use their real estate license to create residual income.

Through the eXp Referral Division, you are able to not only find agents to refer your clients to in all 50 states and 20 different countries, you are now able to generate a referral agreement in a matter of SECONDS through eXp’s new referral sharing portal, saving you time and stress!

On top of that, you get world class training on lead generation and marketing strategies that top realtors are using in their markets that you can then implement to generate referral clients in every corner of the world and monetize those leads.

And of course, the opportunity to build a duplicatable and automated global referral business through the revenue share model is a dream solution for any referral agents out there who want to build a business that creates residual income.

Join eXp Referral Division Today!

So now that you know everything you need to know about eXp Referral Division what are you waiting for? Join eXp Referral Division today and the many others that are building exp referral businesses with actual results in any real estate market today and build a business you are proud of!

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