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eXp Thrive Program for Teams

eXp Thrive Program for Teams

If you are a real estate team leader looking to partner with eXp, I want to share something that’s going to make your real estate dreams take flight! eXp Realty has just launched the eXp Thrive Program, the latest game-changing incentive program for teams.

eXp Realty, the ultimate agent-centric real estate brokerage, is back with another fantastic incentive program called the eXp Thrive Program for real estate teams. In this article, we will break down what the eXp Thrive Program is, what the incentive team leaders can expect to receive through the eXp Thrive Program, as well as the benefits of partnering your team with eXp.

eXp Thrive Program

What is the eXp Thrive Program?

The eXp Thrive Program is here for teams that are ready to build, grow, and get the support they need to take their real estate business to the next level with the eXp brokerage platform.

The eXp Thrive Program is the third incentive program launched in 2023 by eXp Realty, following ‘Boost’ for independent brokerages and ‘Accelerate’ for individual agents.

So what exactly is the eXp Thrive Program? The eXp Thrive program is an equity incentives given to qualifying real estate teams that choose to partner their business with eXp that is based on their team’s production from the previous 12 months.

As a participant in the eXp Thrive Program, real estate team leaders who join eXp can expect a stock award incentive given to them upon joining the company.

eXp Thrive Program Incentives

The eXp Thrive Program offers a model that rewards teams for making the move to eXp Realty. The team leader will receive an equity award – That’s EXPI stock – based on your team’s previous 12-month production. This equity value is equal to 100% of the hypothetical retained company dollar your team would have earned during that period.

So what does that mean? Let’s pretend you were at eXp for the last year. For every dollar that your team would have paid to eXp through the eXp brokerage model – that eXp would have retained as company dollars – you will receive an equity award of that entire amount! 

This equity award vests after your team’s first three years with eXp Realty, depending on your team’s average retained company dollar during that period. 

So that can be a pretty big incentive! But to future out the exact amount based on your specific production, we will need to work through your numbers. To see what stock incentive your team may qualify for through eXp’s Thrive Program click the button below and book a private 1-1 confidential Zoom call!

But that’s not all!

As part of eXp’s unique culture, teams will receive top-notch training to fully integrate with eXp’s innovative brokerage platform and access all the resources available. Teams won’t be left on their own either. You’ll get administrative and operational support, access to cutting-edge technology, tools, and so much more – both during the transition and after joining eXp!

Team leaders at eXp will also have the opportunity to take advantage of the revenue share model, additional equity incentives, and an attractive commission model for you and your agents. It’s a win-win for your team’s success and gives you more benefits to offer your team!

P.S. – Read About the 4 Types of Team Structures at eXp Here!

And perhaps one of the biggest unsung benefits for teams who choose to join eXp is that eXp takes the workload off of you as the team leader by providing all of the support, training, tools, mentorship, paperwork handling, broker support, etc., so that you can put the boring stuff aside and focus on what you want to focus on: crushing it with your team! 

eXp Thrive Program Qualifications for Teams

Team leaders who wish to join eXp and take advantage of the eXp Thrive Program must meet certain cultural and production qualifications before they are eligible for consideration of receiving an equity award.

Producing teams with more than 10 agents (in addition to the team lead) and a minimum of $40 million in sales volume over the past year qualify for an equity incentive through the eXp Thrive Program. You must also be culturally aligned with eXp Realty, committed to your team’s growth, and agree to any incentive and retention terms.

eXp Thrive Program Qualifications Checklist

  • Must Have a Minimum of 10 Agents
  • Must Have a Minimum of $40 Million in Sales Volume Over the last 12 Month
  • Must be culturally aligned with the eXp Brokerage Platform
  • Must be Invested in the Continued Growth of Their Team at eXp
  • Must Participate in eXp’s Revenue Share Program
  • Must Agree to Incentive and Retention Timelines

The Purpose of The eXp Thrive Program

Why is eXp Realty offering Thrive?

eXp Realty is committed to pushing the boundaries of the real estate industry and being the most agent-centric brokerage in the world! eXp is providing a unique platform, a compelling compensation model, and attracting like-minded agents and leaders to shape the future in real estate.

The Thrive program is simply a “cherry on top” incentive for team leaders who wish to retain more of their agents and invest in the growth of their organization by partnering with a platform like eXp.

Although the eXp Thrive program is a massive incentive for team leaders, allowing them to earn eXp stock and become a shareholder in the company the moment they join eXp, it should not be the main consideration when you are deciding whether or not eXp is the right platform for you and your team.

Multiple team leaders have partnered their entire teams to eXp to take advantage of the eXp platform BEFORE the eXp Thrive program was even announced and here’s why…

6 Reasons Why Teams Are Joining eXp Realty

  1. Attract More Agents
  2. Retain More Agents
  3. Increase Your Agents’ Production
  4. Expand Your Team’s Market Share
  5. Reduce Business Expenses
  6. Create an Exit Strategy

1) Attract More Agents

realtor at networking event

Team leaders who join eXp Realty are more likely to attract more agents and better agents to their teams because of the multitude of incentives that they can offer to potential recruits through the offerings of the eXp platform.

With the revenue share model, not only will your agents be incentivized to attract agents to join your team, you will also get to work with 7 partners who are invested in helping you grow your team and increase your agent’s production. This means that you will be able to attract more agents to your team by leveraging the aligned interests that the eXp platform creates between you and your agents.

2) Retain More Agents

Aside from simply attracting more agents to join eXp, team leaders can also retain more of their agents through the eXp platform. eXp offers both you and your agents incentives to not just join your organization but stay and grow their business with you as well.

While the revenue share model allows your agents to build a recurring income stream of their own by attracting other agents to join eXp, the eXp Agent Equity Incentives will actually make your agents owners and shareholders of eXp Realty by giving them stock awards based on their production milestones. This means that the agents on your team are more likely to stay with you even if they outgrow the need for a “traditional” team structure, you will continue to earn income from their production through the revenue share model.

3) Increase Your Agents’ Production

One of the many benefits of eXp for team leaders is the ability for team leaders to provide their agents with training, support, and resources that they didn’t have access to before in order to increase their agents’ production.

At eXp, you will not be solely responsible for training and coaching your agents as the company will provide both you and your agents with over 80 hours of training every week as well as a slew of software, resources, and tools that you and your team can leverage to generate ore leads and sell more houses, all at no expense to you!

4) Expand Your Team’s Market Share

Another benefit of the revenue share model at eXp is the ability for team leaders to grow their organizations outside of just their local market. The revenue share model at eXp allows team leaders to attract agents in all 50 states and multiple countries around the world, removing any and all geographic limitations on your team’s growth.

Instead of only being able to recruit agents to your team in just your local market, you are now able to work with agents anywhere in the world and offer your expertise to help them grow their business while earning recurring revenue from their production every time they close a transaction.

5) Reduce Business Expenses

As a team leader who joins eXp, you are also able to reduce your business overhead expenses and no longer have to personally invest in support systems for your team out of your own pocket.

eXp provides every agent their very own website, lead generation software, CRM, transaction management, live brokerage support, mentorship, and follow up system all as a part of the $85 monthly fee they pay to the company. This means that you are able to provide all of these additional tools to your agents for no more than $85 month, effectively reducing the overhead expenses it takes to run your team.

6) Create an Exit Strategy

One of the many reasons why agents start their own teams is to eventually create an exit strategy for themselves for the day that they want to exit the business and enjoy a recurring revenue stream from the efforts. The reality for most team leaders is that running a team is actually a lot more work and a lot more stress than even being an individual agent.

At eXp, you no longer have that problem as a team leader. While most traditional team leaders struggle to build a scalable team and spends most of their time supervising, mentoring, and “babysitting” their agents, team leaders at eXp enjoy the flexibility of being able to run both a traditional real estate team in their local market and a revenue share organization that effectively outsources all of your supervision responsibilities to eXp. This means that team leaders no longer have to worry about building a scalable structure for their teams and can simply plug into eXp’s revenue share model as an existing scalable structure for modern real estate teams!

Take Advantage of the eXp Thrive Program Today!

So, if you’re ready to Thrive and take your real estate team to new heights, don’t hesitate! Click the button below to get started with eXp Realty and see what equity incentive you may qualify for through the eXp Thrive Program!

P.S. – Plus, you’ll be partnering with the most supportive and collaborative organization at eXp focused on 10X-ing your growth.

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