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How to Get a eXp World Guest Pass (80+ Hours a Week of Free Training!)

At eXp Realty, eXp agents (like us) can give out an eXp World guest pass to anyone interested in joining eXp Realty, eXp Commercial, eXp Global, and eXp Luxury to be able to try out the eXp World live training and support platform.

That means that ANY real estate agent around the world can take top training from the top producing real estate agents globally for free! That’s how much eXp Realty believes in sharing value with real estate professionals everywhere!

Get Your eXp World Guest Training Pass & VIP Tour:

What is eXp World?

eXp Realty’s eXp World is a metaverse like virtual environment where agents can log on from anywhere and get instant live eXp Realty training and live support from 2,000+ brokers and staff members! eXp World is built by Virbella, which is a subsidiary company owned by eXp World Holdings – this means that eXp agents own this too.

This is what eXp World looks like – this is a live training class:

Use an eXp World Guest Pass to access eXp Training
eXp World live training and support environment

eXp World Live Training: 80+ Hours a Week!

At this time, there’s over 80+ hours of live training EVERY single week in eXp World! Your eXp World Guest Pass with grant you access to training that covers all sorts of topics by the world’s experts, including:

  • Lead Generation of Every Type!
  • Prospecting & Farming
  • Team Building
  • Transactions
  • Listing & Buyer Presentations
  • Becoming a Top Producer
  • Schedule and Time Management
  • Agent Attraction
  • Investing
  • Activities for Increasing Production
  • Scaling Team & Business
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Luxury Real Estate

To learn more about other ways agents get training at eXp, check this post out.

Now, don’t worry if you can’t attend a live training as an eXp Realty agent, because most of the live training is recorded and available anytime on demand in eXp Realty Workplace (Facebook for eXp).

eXp World Live Support: 2,000 Brokers & Staff

With an eXp World Guest Pass, you can check out what the live support is like for agents! With over 2,000 staff members that all work for YOU (remember, eXp agents OWN eXp), you’ve got an incredible amount of support at your literal fingertips at any time.

Check this out–below is a screenshot of a teammate and I meeting with one of our Florida managing brokers about a contract interpretation question! We both logged in from different locations and had an answer within 5 minutes. We didn’t have to coordinate a time or meet up, we got it done and got back to work!

Here is a teammate and I meeting with one of our Florida managing brokers about a contract interpretation question!
We both logged in from different locations and had an answer within 5 minutes.

Remember, eXp World is just ONE way we get support; we also use phone, email, Zoom, Workplace, assigned mentors, sponsors, and more to get support from staff members and brokers. In fact, our staff is MORE available than a traditional brokerage and often times IMMEDIATELY accessible.

What is an eXp World Guest Pass?

An eXp World Guest Pass is a few week, free, obligation free pass for any agents from any brokerage from anywhere to access eXp Realty’s eXp World live training and support platform and try it ALL out. Take as much training as you want and check out how great and responsive the staff and broker support is!

With your eXp World Guest Pass you’ll be able to see how revolutionary it is to have the top agents in the industry hand picked to teach you their exact techniques to dominate their markets. With eXp, you aren’t limited to what the local broker down the street knows and when they have time to teach it.

This allows YOU to discover what lead generation, content creation, niches, and strategies you are passionate about implementing into YOUR business for massive growth and success!

We believe in this brokerage as the most agent centric, highest value, and best place for growth, opportunity, and freedom in the world and we want to see that too!

eXp Realty Guest Pass - Charlie Cameron teaching a course in eXp World!
Yours Truly Teaching a Class in eXp World on Lead Generation!


Do I have your attention? There’s something important that I want you to understand before you go exploring with your eXp World Guest Pass:

eXp World is just the tip of the value and support iceberg at eXp Realty. In fact, most seasoned and trained agents only pop in once or twice a month. So while a guest pass will show you this amazing and cool feature of eXp Realty, if you want to see the REST of eXp, be sure to schedule a call with our free eXp team and we will show you!

How to Get an eXp World Guest Pass

Want your eXp World Guest Pass? Scroll up and submit that form!

How to Use an eXp World Guest Pass

So you requested your eXp World Guest Pass. Now what?

You could simply watch the video at the top of this post. Or you can follow the instructions in the email I’ll send you. Or use this quick step list below:

  • If you requested it from me, confirm your email so I can send the pass.
  • When you receive an email from eXp that looks like this below, then hit the “Activate” link and use the login info provided
eXp World Guest Pass Email
eXp World Guest Pass Email
  • Once you activate your account by confirming your information, it will take you automatically to the eXp download center.
  • Select PC or MAC and download eXp World and install it.
  • Open the eXp World icon. It will take a minute to update to the latest version.
  • Now log in with the login information provided.
  • Create your avatar.
  • Navigate around! (Again, see my YouTube video on how to navigate eXp World!)
  • Choose the training classes you want to attend, add them to your calendar, and go!

eXp World Training Schedule

The eXp World training schedule is continuously updated and new classes and recurring trainings occurring every single week. The eXp World live training calendar can be found here. You can use this calendar to plan which trainings you might take for free using your eXp World guest pass!

Here is a screenshot of what the eXp World calendar looks like:

eXp World Training Schedule

We eXp agents use this calendar to decide which training to go to and to schedule important state and other meetings onto our calendars!

Use this calendar to really make the most of your eXp World Guest Pass while it is active!

Learn More About eXp Realty & Our Free Partnership Team!

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If you are interested in joining the best brokerage for agent growth, compensation, and opportunity in the world, be sure to partner with the best sponsorship team in the world as well! We provide additional training, tools, coaching, partners, collaboration, masterminds, and resources for your success!

We believe in massive growth and financial freedom for all real estate agents! Live your dream real estate lifestyle with us.

For more eXp Realty details, check out our comprehensive About eXp Realty – Everything You Need to Know article.