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eXp World – The Best Time Management Tool for Real Estate Agents in 2024!

eXp World – The Best Time Management Tool for Real Estate Agents in 2024!

eXp World: eXp Realty Live Training & Support Platform

Real estate agents around the world are constantly looking for more ways to save time and better budget, use, and manage their time more efficiently and more effectively. In 2024, where technology and industry standards have significantly and drastically improved and changed, real estate agents are finding that it is easier than ever to save time and reinvest that time back into their businesses or personal lives. But that leaves the question: What is the best time management tool for real estate agents in 2024?

Before we can answer that question and dive into the functions and benefits of a tool like Virbela, we first must answer the question of what constitutes as a great time-saving tool for real estate agents. When Realtors think about the various tools and functions in their day to day business and operations, they often think of the software that can get them to do their job and complete their most menial tasks as fast as possible. A good real estate agent, or any good business person or entrepreneur for that matter, is always looking for a way to spend the least amount of time and effort to accomplish the most.

As real estate agents, your business requires you to operate and requires your direct interaction and presence in certain functions in order for you to even run your business. Real estate agents are self employed solopreneurs, so that means that they are reliant, very heavily, on themselves and their own performance in order to run their businesses. Unlike most other businesses where the founder or owner can eventually remove themselves and their personal involvement completely from their businesses with the implementation of good systems, real estate agents must remain an integral part of their business in order to keep it running.

That is why a good time management tool for real estate agents is so important because they need to capitalize on their time more than others in order to maximize their efficiency in business which in turn will also help maximize their productivity and income. You can think of a good time management tool for real estate agents as a good bike for a professional cyclist, without it, they are not able to reach their full potential.

What is the best time management tool for real estate agents in 2021? eXp World!
What is the best time management tool for real estate agents in 2024?

But just exactly how can a real estate agent use technology and systems to efficiently budget their time throughout the day so they can invest more of their time towards income-earning activities rather than maintenance tasks that eat up a lot of time but accomplish very little? Well, for one, the time management tool must be able to operate on it’s own without the agent to be present, and also, it must eliminate or reduce transition time from task to the other so that way, the agent is able to resolve their maintenance tasks through outsourced automation while also being able to reduce the time needed transitioning from completing one task to the other.

When you take these factors into consideration, it is easy to see why eXp World, the cloud based office system of eXp Realty is the single most efficient time management tool for real estate agents in 2024 and moving forward. With cloud-based workspace technology developed by eXp Realty’s sister company Virbela, eXp World is the all in one real estate outsourcing system for real estate agents, team leaders, and brokerages alike to budget their time, reduce maintenance hours, and manage their productivity so that they can reinvest their time back into their businesses or personal lives to increase income and happiness.

In this post, we are going to cover the basics of eXp World and explain how this cloud officing system is the single most efficient tool for real estate agents around the world to save time and become more productive.

What is eXp World?

To recap, eXp World is the cloud-based office that eXp Realty operates it’s internal business affairs within the company. eXp World was created by the company Virbela, which is another company held under the publicly traded EXP World Holings LLC. In 2020, the Virbela office and workspace systems have been the experimental partner for many companies and accredited institutions around the world, having had test trials with the likes of Stanford University and PWC accounting.

eXp World is a cloud-based office for real estate agents.

Inside eXp World, real estate agents are able to communicate and interact in live time with company staff members, managing brokers, fellow agent colleagues, preferred partners, and company executives in a cloud-based virtual environment. What makes eXp World so unique and different from the likes of other virtual work place tools such as Zoom and Google Meet is its the ability for users to be represented by a virtual avatar of themselves and roam around an interactive environment instead of restricting the user inside a box on a screen.

Agents in eXp World are able to walk in and out of meeting rooms and offices just as they would be able to do so at a physical brick and mortar office and interact with real-life company support staff members within their office hours. In the past with tools like Zoom and Skype, whenever an agent would need to speak with or communicate with a company staff member, they would have to set an appointment time with said staff member and wait until their appointed time to resolve their issue or question.

But we all know as real estate agents, that some issues can not wait to be resolved in order for you to continue to run your business for the rest of the day. For real estate agents, some issues are just too urgent. In those cases, it can extremely inconvenient for real estate agents who are in a hurry to use traditional virtual work place technology because they are forced to stop their business and wait until their set time in order to resolve their issue and start their business back again.

time is of the essence for real estate agents.
Sometimes time is of the essence for real estate agents.

In eXp World, you will never have that issue because agents can get to their company’s staff members whenever they need to through their avatar so they can solve urgent problems instantly.

Let’s say for example that you are a real estate agent and your company given CRM suddenly locks you out of your account and you are unable to communicate with your new qualified lead who is urgent to buy your listing. Traditionally, you would have to submit a support ticket to your brokerage tech support team or contact a third-party company and risk compromising your login credentials. That method can take you hours, or even days to get a response, much less resolve your issue. By the time that you are able to log back into your computer, your lead would have found another home to buy or another agent to work with.

With a tool like eXp World, you can now solve that issue immediately by simply walking your avatar to the tech support outpost, sitting down with a live company paid employee who is a tech support specialist, and resolving your issue right away so that you can go back to selling houses.

Why eXp World is The Best Time Management Tool for Real Estate Agents

Earlier in the post, we talked about the criteria for a good time management tool for real estate agents and said that the two most important factors are that the real estate agent would not have to be involved in the operation of that tool, and two they can save time by not having to transition from task to the other. Let’s take a look at how eXp World can accomplish both goals.

Inside eXp World there are over 2000 paid employees that eXp Realty makes payroll for and manages that are at the real estate agents’ service 24/7. Because of that, the agent themselves do not have to worry about the operation, management, and compensation of these employees and the maintenance of the outsourcing system. In the past, whenever an agent would use an outsourcing system even close to this scale, they would either have to pay for it separately or have to manage on their own such as creating separate accounts and making sure that the third party company is providing sufficient support.

With eXp World, agents can now rely 100% on their brokerage eXp Realty to take care of the compensation, management, and operational leg of the massive 2000 people outsourcing system. Agents can now save time and mental energy by not having to worry about the staff and making payroll, as well as not having to supervise and judge the support and efficiency of their outsourcing tools and support teams.

eXp World brokerage support room

Secondly, eXp World is the single easiest tool to access for real estate agents at eXp Realty. We mentioned earlier in the post that in the past, when agents needed virtual support from their brokerage they would usually have to submit a time ticket or have to wait days for an appointment with a live staff member. With eXp World, the agent can simply open the application on their computer or phone and click on the support room that they would like to be at, which will in turn teleport their avatar to that room, so that the agent can speak with a live support employee instantly.

This function of eXp World saves the agent countless hours of transition time between tasks throughout the week. Now think about this tool from the perspective of a real estate agent working at a brick and mortar building, who has to drive 5, 10, 20, 30, or even 40 minutes from their home or their showing to their office in order to submit a contract or speak to a broker. With eXp World, agents can spend less than 10 minutes on a task that would normally have to spend 30 minutes just to commute to the proper location.

Also, think of the additional benefit of not having to drive or commute to a physical office as a safety measure as well as a money saving tool. By not having to commute you are saving transportation costs each month that you can spend on other aspects of your life or your business. Lastly, if you are not driving or commuting to an office, you are lowering or even eliminating the risk of a transportation-related accident which can not only cost you money but also a plethora of mental and physical anguish.

Functions of eXp World

Because eXp World is the all-encompassing backend business solutions tool for real estate agents at eXp Realty, there are over a dozen support departments that agents can access based on their needs and even the location of where they operate or plan to operate their business.

Inside eXp World, agents have access to support functions that include but are not limited to:

  • Tech Support
  • Accounting
  • Payment Processing
  • Live Broker Room Support
  • Human Resources
  • Agent Compliance
  • Information Desk
  • Global Operations
  • Agent Transitions Team
  • Attraction Support
  • Marketing and Brand Resources Team
  • Brokerage Operations
  • Training Auditoriums
  • Preferred Partners Hub
  • Private Team Suites

Within these support functions, agents can access both company-wide and local support based on their specific needs. If an agent had compliance or contract or legal issue, they would visit their designated local broker room and speak with a designated managing broker that the company has assigned to the region to help all agents of that region with contract and legal issues. This way, agents can get their contracts reviewed and get their legal questions answered immediately instead of having to wait to speak with their office managing broker at a physical location.

Also, all agent training and events are held within the virtual training auditorium halls that are designed similarly to college auditoriums. All training inside eXp World are held in live time with a live ICON instructor who teaches the training on a stage just as any live trainings are held. This way, instead of having to fly the instructor out to a physical location or fly the agents out to the instructors’ location, agents from around the world can now tune in to the trainings held by the top real estate instructors in the world from anywhere.

eXp World Live Training and Support Environment
eXp World Live Training and Support Environment

To demonstrate for you just how powerful this training platform can be, in 2020 amidst the pandemic, eXp Realty was able to hold their annual company-wide event EXPCON completely within eXp World. Over 50,000 agents, shareholders and guests from over 7 different countries were able to attend the event 100% virtually within the training halls, EXPO stations, and common areas of eXp World.

eXp World For Broker Owners and Team Leaders

In this last point, I want to emphasize that eXp World is not just a tool for real estate agents, but also a time-saving tool for real estate brokers and team leaders. The reason why so many brokerages and teams are opting to join eXp Realty is that they are seeing the potential to not only save money and get access to industry-leading tools, but save time through the cloud office system.

For brokers and team leaders, eXp World allows them to free up the time that they would otherwise have to have spent helping their agents or team members resolve by themselves. We talked a little about the ability for agents to access live broker room support and how at eXp, there are designated managing brokers and staff members helping agents with their liability, contract, compliance, marketing, and tech questions. Not only do these managing brokers carry the risk along with the company that broker-owners would formerly have to carry themselves, they are also salaried employees by the company to specifically help your agents with questions that you normally have to answer.

When you partner your team or brokerage with eXp Realty, you are essentially outsourcing your entire support leg of your business for just $85 a month to an employee force of over 600 people amounting to an equivalent of over $30 million in annual salaries so that your agents can get the immediate and personal support they need while you get to spend more of your own time on activities that build your business or you can put that time towards your personal life and spend it with your friends and family.

Take a Tour of eXp World Today!

Now you know the number one best time saving and budgeting tool for real estate agents around the world. With the technology and opportunity that eXp World presents for agents, real estate professionals can now save time, be more productive, make more income, and collaborate with partners, trainers, and leaders of the industry from around the world. With the newfound ability to save transit and maintenance time in their daily routines and focus their time on income earning activities only, real estate agents can now better serve their clients and run their businesses more efficiently.

If you are ready to experience this life-changing opportunity for yourself or would like to attend a Free complimentary training session or event guest pass to explore for yourself the wonders of eXp World, click the link below to schedule a discovery strategy call and get a free 2 week guest pass to eXp World!