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5 FREE Valuable Real Estate Agent Resources!

While on the mission of building generational wealth for Realtors everywhere, we have generated our own free real estate agent resources to help agents be successful. We hope you find these useful, and if you have any questions, as always feel free to chat with Kobe and Charlie using the Facebook messenger widget, call us, or schedule a free strategy session!

And DEFINITELY join our real estate agent success group to collaborate with other agents helping each other win!

One of the best free real estate agent resources we have is our Facebook group of real estate agents helping other Realtors succeed!
Join our Real Estate Agent Success Group to collaborate,
share referrals, and help each other win!

New Agent and Trainee Resources

7 Secrets to Crushing the Real Estate Licensing Exam

These less well known tips and secrets will catapult you across the real estate licensing exam finish line so that you can start crushing it as a licensed real estate agent! Most of the prep courses don’t want you to know about these strategies because they’d be out of business, but we want you to win!

Get the guide: 7 Secrets to Passing the Real Estate Exam Quickly

7 Secrets to Passing the Real Estate Exam

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Join the Private Real Estate Agent Success Group!

A value-focused collaborative community of agents helping agents succeed, this is one of the best free real estate agent resources in existence! New, experienced, part time, doesn’t matter! We love ALL agents and together we lift each other up to new levels of stratospheric success.

Join our Realtors helping Realtors group below to collaborate, succeed, and even trade clients and business! Click on this image of a post below:

Choosing a Brokerage Resources

Fillable Brokerage Comparison Worksheet

Choosing the best Brokerage is crucial for your success as a Real Estate Agent! As you explore different options, use this worksheet to compare the benefits of each. We went ahead and filled out the last column for you, as one option available to all agents we are extremely passionate about.

Get Your Printable Broker Comparison Fillable Worksheet now!

14 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Brokers Plus 5 Bonus Questions to Ensure Your Long Term Success

This list of questions will help new and experienced agents more easily choose a brokerage to call home. By the time you answer all these questions you’ll know if it is or isn’t a good fit. Plus we threw in 5 bonus questions to help set you up for instant and long term success and growth!

Get the List: 14 Questions to Ask Brokers During an Interview + 5 Bonus Questions to Ensure Your Success!

Lead Generation Resources

9 Low Effort, High Quality Client Lead Generation Strategies Booklet

You can spend SO MANY HOURS spinning your wheels and trying to chase leads all over the place in lots of different ways. But by focusing on just a FEW ways to generate high quality leads, you can reduce your efforts and close more transactions WAY easier. Check out out:

Get the strategy guide: 9 Low Effort Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads that Actually Convert!

9 Low Effort Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads that are High Quality

50 Ways to Generate Client Leads + Free Strategy Call

In work – coming soon!

What Resources are We Missing?

We hope you got some AWESOME value out of the content and free real estate agent resources above. We’re trying our best to build a value-based community of real estate agents helping each other succeed. We’re also helping them leverage multiple streams of income to build generational wealth as a real estate agent!

If you have a suggestions for free real estate agent resources we should include, please chat with us using the Facebook messenger widget on this page – we love to hear from our audience!

Feel free to chat with us directly right now using the chat widget in the bottom right corner!