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Free Real Estate Agent Training Program to Boost Sales & Income! (12+ Classes)

FREE Real Estate Broker Comparison Fillable Worksheet (15 Categories)

Yes you read that correctly. Now over 50+ classes a week of live, free real estate agent training is available to you right now!

Free Real Estate Training Classes Including:

  • Build your Business Rocketship Right Now
  • Multiple Ways to Make Income as an Agent Right Now
  • Top 5 Actions to Take Today to Weather the Storm
  • Guaranteed Listing System
  • An Inside Look at the Financial Markets Right Now
  • How To Consistently Build Your Database
  • Building Certainty In Uncertain Times
  • Why You Should Take Massive Action During Social Distancing
  • Becoming a Social Media Influencer
  • The Exponential Growth Strategy
  • How To Protect Your Sales Pipeline Right Now
  • How to Find Buyers for 60%+ of Your Listings
From the stage of a live class inside eXp 
Realty's eXp World - exactly what the free real estate agent training sessions look like!
A look inside a live class from the Excel real estate agent training series!

How is Free Sales Training Possible?

It’s pretty simple: eXp Realty believes in their live agent training quality and value so much that they allow outside agents experience it for themselves!

eXp Realty, a nationwide cloud-based brokerage – with local agent teams and mentors – provides their real estate agents with 50+ hours a week of live training sessions. Teaching anything from leveraging social media to capture free leads, to state specific contract writing. Classes range from growing into a top producing agent to building long term wealth through revenue share. You name it, eXp has it!

Yes, we HAVE to collect your email in order to send you a guest pass. We’ll be connecting with you personally to get it sent ASAP!

That is why eXp Realty real estate agents can provide guest passes to their virtual training environment, eXp World.

Deep Dive on a Few of the Free Real Estate Agent Training Sessions:

Below are more detailed descriptions of just some of the free real estate agent classes you can take with an eXp Realty eXp World Guest Pass!

Unleash the Realtor Within

Learn from the very best about agent strategies and tactics to thrive in any market and optimize your business. Guest speakers like Stephen Hilgart, a Tony Robbins National Trainer, provide first hand knowledge and peak performance strategies to enhance YOU!

tony robbins image depicting guest speaker
Guest speakers such as Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, and even Robert Herjavec have spoken inside eXp World

How to Make Smart Media Choices to Build Your Brand

One of the most successful agents in the industry, like Don Hobbs, will show you how to make smart media decisions to build your brand! This program focuses on taking action:

  • Define your target market
  • Get practical ideas and best practices for building a powerful brand
  • Build strategic promotional events for market domination 
  • Boost your social media and video presence 
  • Get a flow of “Come list me’s” 
  • This event could change your business forever! 

How to Revamp Your Business

Learn from a top agents, like agent mentor Skye Leber, on how you can revamp your real estate business for 2020. Designed specifically for helping agents during strange and unprecedented times, you’ll learn strategies and tactics to adapt to any market condition and optimize your business!

What it looks like to take Free Real Estate Agent Training in eXp World by eXp Realty!
Just me standing in the middle of some state training inside eXp World!

5 Ways to Make a CRM Your Best Friend

Learn from a CRM expert like Sylvia Data, about ways to make your agent CRM your best friend. Maximizing the use of your CRM can allow you to build your sphere, generate additional business, circle prospect, generate free and paid leads, advertise listings, integrate with social media, send automated email/text/voicemail campaigns, and more!

Video for Real Estate

Learn about best practices for producing and creating video for your real estate business. Connect, collaborate, and engage with other agents and top resources, like Dwight Cook, to use video efficiently and effectively! Build a following and generate leads with social media.

eXp teaches interested agents how to get free client leads using social media and video. Free leads usually excite agents.
Have you ever wanted to learn how to create video content for your real estate marketing? Well now you can inside eXp University

How to Generate Leads Online

FREE leads? Yes, we said FREE leads. That means you don’t have to pay anyone else for those leads and you can keep that 80-100% commission! Where can one find such mythical FREE leads? Social media and the internet, baby! Facebook, NextDoor, Instagram, Twitter, Craigslist, YouTube, Google MyBusiness, and even LinkedIn. You name it, there are ways to generate your own leads, especially when leveraging a powerful CRM.

Goal Setting for Agents

Come get an Excel spreadsheet to help you use a specific formula to reach and exceed your real estate financial goals! Take some next steps to grow your business and construct it around your life-long real estate goals.

Productivity for Capping

A class for motivated agents to learn all the tips, tricks and best practices to become a capping agent! Join experts like Jeff Rubenstein for this weekly class that can potentially change your business life forever and boost your income to crazy levels at the 100% commission point!

The future depends on what you do today. Get started on valuable training with eXp Realty.

What are you waiting for? Start your free real estate agent training today to boost your sales income!

There is no better time to improve yourself and your business than today! Use the button below to get your free real estate agent training pass courtesy of us eXp Realty agents emailed to you ASAP!

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