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Grant Cardone eXp Partnership – The Biggest Team Up Since Avengers Endgame!

Grant Cardone eXp Partnership - The Biggest Team Up Since Avengers Endgame!
Grant Cardone eXp Partnership!

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Breaking News – Grant Cardone eXp Partnership Announced!

You may have heard the buzz about a potential Grant Cardone eXp Partnership, but probably wondered what this all meant.

Well as of 3/31/2021, eXp Realty has officially announced their partnership with Cardone Training Technologies, Inc, and CEO Grant Cardone giving any and all eXp Realty and eXp Global agents access to Cardone University® asset!

Grant Cardone eXp partnership deal announcement

Who is Grant Cardone?

If you are in the real estate industry, or have any interest in real estate at all, or any business in general you should be familiar with Grant Cardone.

But for those that are unfamiliar, Grant Cardone is a real estate mogul who built a near $2 Billion multifamily real estate portfolio from scratch and New York Times best-selling author of the 10x Rule, a renowned book for business and real estate professionals. On top of that, he is also the star of Discovery Channel’s “Undercover Billionaire”.

Grant Cardone Glenn Sanford chatting about eXp
Grant Cardone and Glenn Sanford Talking about the Potential of eXp Realty in early 2021

Grant Cardone eXp Partnership

In early 2021, Grant Cardone and eXp Realty Founder, Glenn Sanford, both took part in the annual 10x Growth Conference event hosted by Grant and his company. Since then it has been rumored that eXp Realty and Grant Cardone would form some type of partnership…but what?

Like we mentioned earlier, the Grant Cardone eXp Partnership will give all eXp agents and personnel access to the trainings and assets of Cardone University in addition to the 50+ hours a week of live real estate and business training offered in eXp’s revolutionary eXp World and eXp University system.

On top of that, Grant Cardone will headline at major eXp events in 2021 including eXp’s annual shareholder’s summit in May and EXPCON in the fall.

Why the Grant Cardone eXp Partnership is Important

If are unfamiliar with eXp Realty, here is a quick rundown:

eXp Realty is the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the history of North America. Currently operational under the banner eXp Global in 13 countries around the world including: Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, South Africa, India, Portugal, Italy, France, Hong Kong, the UK, and Australia, eXp Realty is truly a revolutionary real estate company.

Agents at eXp enjoy one of the most financially sound models in the entire industry built on 3 income streams and wealth-building opportunities for agents including company stock awards and revenue sharing on top of traditional sales.

eXp also provides agents and brokers with the single biggest and most advanced outsourcing system to run your business with historically low overheads in the form of eXp World, a cloud campus environment with over 1,000 paid employees available 24/7 for agents and brokers to access to run their business.

eXp World demonstration
eXp World is a live interactive business outsourcing system for brokers and agents.

But why is the Grant Cardone eXp partnership important for both eXp Agents and real estate professionals across the world?

For eXp Agents, having access to Cardone University will be a major asset in all aspects of their business. Grant Cardone’s renowned training systems derived from his own experience in real estate, marketing, and business based on the 10x principal will allow agents at eXp to build both business skillsets and mindsets in order to take their business and careers to the next level.

As for brokers who are not yet with eXp, this partnership set’s the precedent for other real estate companies around the world to team up and collaborate with colleagues in new and exciting ways. As a real estate broker, your job is to provide systems and support for your real estate agents, at eXp you can do that by leveraging all of eXp’s training and assets while eliminating your own business overheads and freeing up your time.

What the Future Holds

showing the future of real estate is bright!
What does this mean for the future of real estate?

With this absolutely ground breaking announcement from eXp and Grant Cardone, the future looks bright for the real estate industry. As we’ve all experienced or seen through our pandemic era, the emergence of new technology has created a shift in mindset for real estate entrepreneurs to look towards a more collaborative and borderless future in the industry.

The Grant Cardone eXp partnership has opened the flood gates for an untapped future in global collaboration between real estate giants and we should all be truly excited to see what the future holds for this industry!

To learn more about how you can take part in our movement at eXp Realty, click here!

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