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Grow a Consistent Stream of Clients Coming to YOU

The hardest thing about real estate is learning how to get clients.  The formula for more clients is rather simple: hustle plus consistency!  The days of chasing leads is over: it is time consuming, unproductive, frustrating, and completely unnecessary!  You can easily build continuously growing streams of clients reaching out to YOU to help them buy or sell a home.  Learn more about organic lead generation tactics to become a market leader and ways to systematize your business!

Old School vs Organic Lead Generation

Don’t be fooled by old school agents who haven’t changed their profile picture in two decades. Any agent can quickly become wildly successful in real estate all through easy-to-implement lead generation strategies.  You don’t have to sit and cold call for days on end. You can bring clients to you while you sleep. 

Door knocking, cold calling, and paper advertising aren't very useful anymore!

Old School Lead Generation is DEAD!

While you CAN succeed by cold calling, door knocking, and other old school lead generation strategies, they aren’t necessary in today’s day and age. Many agents struggle because they are told these time or money intensive methods are what they should focus on – this is TERRIBLE advice, as these aren’t at all necessary!  These methods typically demoralize and deter new agents.

organic lead gen

Organically Generated Clients is Where it's At!

By leveraging inexpensive or free strategies, you can build multiple streams of incoming leads and automatically apply a marketing campaign! You can build evergreen, organic lead generation sources that continuously and at no cost bring clients to you. Some  favorites are YouTube, Google, Facebook, Blogging, and Instagram. But it doesn’t stop there! Learn more below.

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These are the best ways to start learning about lead generation:
Here is the VERY brief version of how to generate leads that become clients.  There are only three ways to get clients:
  1. Be a market leader that everyone knows so that you have an endless source of new clients from referrals from previous ones! Obviously this isn’t usually an option for brand new agents but this is the goal!
  2. Hustle for leads.  This takes time and consistency but is a free way to build an evergreen, organic source of clients that works forever.  Youtube, Blogging, Facebook communities, getting good reviews on just a few platforms, and growing your sphere of influence are all worthwhile options! Choose just a few and stick to them! These WILL pay off in the long run.  Keep marketing to your sphere of influence using a good CRM your broker should provide.
  3. Pay for leads.  This could mean joining a team or getting agent to agent referrals that cost a portion of your commission, or it could mean paying for many leads via Google, Facebook, Instagram, Zillow, etc. and working through those leads to find clients.  Both will cost a lot more than hustling, but can result in quicker near term wins. Some are cheaper than others, but you need to have your automatic text/email/etc. marketing drip campaigns all set up.  Your broker should provide you with these tools, if not you’re in the wrong place!
Don’t worry, we will be adding more content soon on all of these lead generation topics!  We could talk lead gen details for hours – and we do!  Schedule a call to come to our weekly mastermind where we discuss all of these tactics in detail.  

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One way to get leads is to join a team that provides them. But beware, not all teams provide leads! To learn more about teams vs going solo, read this.  Check out our teams page!  If you need help finding a team to join, schedule a call!  

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