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How Do I Choose a Sponsor at eXp Realty?

How Do I Choose a Sponsor at eXp Realty?

How Do I Choose a Sponsor at eXp Realty?
Your sponsor at eXp realty is the agent that influenced you the most by showing you their willingness to support you and provide value!

In the past few years in the real estate industry, eXp Realty has exploded onto the real estate scene as the fastest-growing real estate brokerage in the history of all of North America. A unique and revolutionary brokerage model, eXp Realty offers agents new and experienced a-like one of the most unique value propositions in the industry, combining cutting edge and top-notch technology, stock ownership, and wealth-building opportunities with high commission splits.

One of these real estate career altering wealth building opportunities is the unique process for agents to join eXp Realty which is also an unique opportunity for agets at eXp.

To join eXp Realty as an agent, you must be sponsored to the company by an existing agent at eXp Realty. This is one of the most important things that determine your success as an eXp Realty Agent.

Your sponsor at eXp Realty can be any agent in the world that eXp has a presence in. This one unique system has created a wealth of opportunity for both new and veteran entrepreneurial agents and has allowed the company to grow from 20,000 active agents world wide in 2019 to over 86,000 in 2023!

Choosing the right sponsor at eXp Realty has made our agents very happy! Charlie Cameron and Kobe Xin are two of the best sponsors in the company.
Choosing the right sponsor at eXp has made many agents very happy!

But what if you are filling out an application and have no idea know who to put down as your sponsor at eXp realty? After all, there are over 87,000 prospective agents at eXp to choose from.

Finding an agent at eXp to sponsor you may seem like a daunting task for many agents interested in joining eXp. Since this is such a new concept, it’s not always clear what you should look for in a sponsor at eXp Realty, whether you’re a brand new agent or a top producing veteran.

That’s why we decided to compile a list of things to look for when you are trying to decide who to put down as your sponsor at eXp Realty and give you an idea of who the best eXp Realty sponsor is.

If you find yourself asking “Who Should Be My Sponsor at eXp Realty?”, KEEP READING because this could be the difference between SUCCESS or FAILURE.

The goal of this post is to help you prepare for your first steps in the official process of joining eXp Realty, looking for a sponsor at eXp Realty, by giving you information on exactly:

  • Why Having a Great Sponsor Matters
  • What a Sponsor’s Responsibilities Are
  • What Separates a Great Sponsor from an Average Sponsor
  • How to Pick the Ideal Sponsor According to Your Unique Goals
  • The Best Sponsoring Organization at eXp Realty Today

Why Does Your eXp Realty Sponsor Choice Matter?

There is no question that eXp Realty is the single most industry disrupting brokerage in the world today. They don’t just call any company the “Amazon of Real Estate”.

How to Choose a sponsor at eXp Realty
Some great things that other companies are saying about eXp Realty LLC in the past few years! Pretty impressive right?

But with such a revolutionary model comes a lot of growing pains for the many agents that have foresight to take advantage of this massive opportunity. The eXp Realty business model is unique and never seen before in real estate, but that also means that is is complicated and for agents that unfamiliar with the concept.

That is why your sponsor at eXp Realty should be the agent that you turn to before you are ready to onboard in order to get a full understanding of just how the eXp Realty brokerage model works.

Having a great resource at the company to walk you through exactly how the brokerage operates including the fee structures, monthly fee, desk fees, commission split, and technology tools like eXp World (eXp Realty’s cloud-campus environment) will make the difference between an agent who is making an informed decision on joining eXp Realty versus an agent who really doesn’t know what eXp Realty is all about.

For more information, contact us by clicking the button below for FREE consultation on whether eXp Realty is the right fit for you.

Having a great sponsor at eXp Realty not only matters when it comes to deciding whether to join eXp or not, your choice in sponsor can also have a massive effect on your success at the company had you already decided that you are ready to join.

Whether if you are a brand new licensee or a former broker owner who decided to roll your entire team over, it takes some time to fully onboard and adjust to the new and better way of doing business.

Having a good sponsor who is just a phone call away and takes an active role in your success will impact your real estate business at eXp to a large extent!

Your sponsor at eXp Realty matters because they are your business partners and will be the person that is your main advisor and resource when it comes to getting accustomed to the tools, trainings, assets, systems, and resources at eXp Realty. Now that doesn’t mean that your sponsor will or should know everything there is to know about eXp Realty, it just means that they are knowledgable enough to be able to point you in the right direction when you begin to feel lost and stuck or ever have a question that you need answered.

Handshaking over a computer to show the level of support a great sponsor should provide.
Having a great sponsor at eXp Realty is like having a great partner

The final and most important reason why your sponsor at eXp Realty matters is because your sponsor is your personal compass, partner, and advisor when it comes to revenue sharing at eXp Realty.

Who you join at eXp will be your main resource to turn to as far as understanding and building the revenue share component of eXp Realty goes! Your sponsoring eXp agent has a vested interest in partnering with you to build your revenue share group!

If your goal at eXp is to build a large organization through revenue share by attracting fellow agents to join eXp with you then one compelling reason to choose one sponsor over another is how much effort they will help you when it comes to building revenue share and attracting agents.

Agents join eXp for different reasons, but the single most enticing one is the opportunity to build a global organization of agents with eXp Realty’s revenue share program.

If you don’t know what revenue share is, feel free to reach out to us to learn more.

By choosing a great sponsor at eXp Realty, you will not only have someone who will help you build your own revenue share organization with you, but you will also get access to the same tools, systems, and resources that they have and their sponsors have in order to succeed on an elite level. We will go into detail what these tools and systems might consist of later on in this post.

What is a Sponsor at eXp Realty?

Your sponsor at eXp Realty is the eXp agent who influenced you the most to join eXp. Here is a snapshot from the application:

From the eXp Realty Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA).

BEFORE you pick your sponsor, keep these important points in mind:

  • Your sponsor is not necessarily the eXp agent that talked to you first
  • Your sponsor is not some agent you found online but have never talked to
  • Your sponsor is not your buddy you know that happens to be at eXp
  • Your sponsor is not a local team leader in your area you’ve heard about

Your sponsor is THE eXp agent who was the MOST INFLUENTIAL in your decision to join.

Can it be any of the people I just mentioned? Absolutely!

But who should it be? Your eXp Realty Sponsor SHOULD be the agent that influenced you not by their fame or quickness to jump on the opportunity to be your sponsor, but rather:

Your sponsor at eXp Realty should be the agent that influenced you the most to join by showing you that they make your success a priority.

This is often overlooked, which is why our inboxes are flooded with agents new to eXp asking us for help even though they already have sponsors.

A sponsor’s role should be about building relationships with motivated agents and putting their success first. A sponsor succeeds if and only if YOU succeed and we truly mean that. Feel free to contact us and book a FREE strategy session for more information.

To recap here are just a FEW of the roles that an eXp Realty sponsor is supposed to do for you:

  • Show you the unmatched and incredible value of the eXp Realty model
  • For new agents, match you up with an awesome local mentor
  • Answer any question quickly, or pointing you to the person or resource that will get you the answer you need
  • Dedicate time and effort to help you succeed as a real estate agent
  • Help you grow your business to any size you desire
  • Provide access to mentorship, training, tools, and masterminds from top producers in their sponsoring upline of top eXp Realty agents
  • Teach you how to invest in real estate as a cash flow source
  • Help you build your own local, national, or international team of agents (if that eventually becomes your desire!)

To clarify, your sponsor IS NOT your assigned eXpand Mentorship program mentor, nor are they your local team lead if you join a team. It just so happens that my sponsor IS my team leader, but that isn’t very common. (If you have questions about these things, just ask us in the chat widget in the bottom right corner!)

What Makes a Great Sponsor?

Team showing that a great sponsor at eXp Realty has a great organization backing them.
A great sponsor has an organization to support them

So now that we have gone over exactly what a sponsor at eXp Realty does and why it is so important for you to choose a a great sponsor you are probably wondering what exactly separates an everyday average sponsor and a great sponsor at eXp Realty.

There are a few things that can separate an average sponsor and a great sponsor. And that ultimately comes down to the value that a sponsor provides. Here are a few questions that you can ask a potential sponsor to determine whether or not they are a great sponsor or not.

  • What trainings/tools/systems do you provide on top of the trainings/tools/systems that eXp provides?
  • Can you show me some of your tools/trainings/systems so I can see them for myself?
  • Who are your sponsors and what value do they provide for their organization that you have access to? Will I also have access to these?
  • How many agents do you sponsor currently in your organization?
  • How much time per week will you dedicate to helping the agents you sponsor succeed?
  • How much time per week will your sponsors dedicate to helping in their organization succeed?
  • What trainings/tools/systems/coaching do you or your sponsors provide to help me build my own revenue share organization?

As you can probably see, a great sponsor at eXp Realty is someone who not only provides more value for the agents in their organization, they are someone who comes from a great lineage of sponsors at the company.

More often than not, once you choose your sponsor, you are not only getting the value that they provide for you from the tools and trainings that they have created, you are also getting access to 7 or more of their sponsors and the tools that they offer their organization.

Some discerning factors of a great sponsor are the number of agents they have sponsored to the company and the amount of time they and their team spends on helping their agents succeed each week. Since your sponsor’s main role is to help support you with agent attraction and revenue share, their success in and dedication to revenue share should be a big factor when it comes to them being a great sponsor or not.

Make sure that you ask your potential sponsor at eXp Realty to see the tools and trainings that they have for yourself! A lot of times people over promise and under deliver so make sure to actually see these promises.

Now a lot agents are going to be tempted to choose a sponsor based on their fame in the company as leaders. Now that may be a great choice since they have a proven track record of succeeding in revenue share, remember that you are getting all of the tools and resources that they provide if you are sponsored by an agent in their organization. Also some of these eXp pioneers have become so successful that they have been given executive positions in the company, that means that they will have a lot more responsibilities on their plate and as a result, less time to help you with one on one support.

If you are going to choose a top level executive as your sponsor at eXp Realty, make sure that they are providing support that no one else at the company is providing. For more information, contact us below or send us a message.

So… How Do I Choose a Sponsor at eXp Realty?

Listen, it’s actually pretty simple. Is there an eXp agent out there that you’ve been talking to that has been responsive, helpful, and been adding value? Have they been open about eXp Realty’s model, EVEN IF it may not be the best option for you at this time? Have they been courteous and kind? Then THAT person would clearly be your sponsor.

If you don’t have that yet, feel free to contact us for more information or book a private one on one consultation call. Simply send us a chat (bottom right corner) or hit the button below and we will not only get you on the right track if eXp is right for you, but also support you FOREVER:

The Leading Group/Sponsor at eXp Realty

It is 1000% true that not every sponsor is created equal. We know because every day new eXp agents reach out to us directly for help instead of their actual sponsors.

With all the information that you are equipped with now on what a sponsor does, why choosing a great sponsor matters, how to choose a sponsor, and what a great sponsor does, you can see now a great sponsor isn’t just a great partner, they’re giving you access to a great organization.

And that’s exactly what you get with the Lion League.

It doesn’t matter what your real estate experience is! We have helped brand new real estate agents get their business off the ground and solo agents start their own real estate team!

What eXp Realty Sponsorship with The Lion League Means for You

There is already so very much to love about the revolutionary brokerage model at eXp Realty. But IN ADDITION to all of that, here are just some of the additional value that Charles Cameron and Kobe Xin provide to our sponsored agents at the Lion League at no additional cost:

  1. Direct and responsive One on One support
  2. Weekly Live Mastermind Coaching Group with Nationally Recognized Real Estate Leaders to Grow Your Business
  3. New Real Estate Agent Success Facebook Group to Boost Your Network and Learn from Others
  4. Private Slack Channel for Instant Access to Team Members and Shared Resources
  5. Private Membership to the Revenue Share Training Academy with over 100 videos on How to Build a International Team of Agents
  6. Weekly Live eXp Explained Presentations to Help You Grow Your Team of Agents
  7. FREE Agent Onboarding Videos and Checklist to Guarantee a Smooth and Streamlined Transition
  8. Real Estate Investing Fundamentals Course with over 150 Videos on How to Build a Real Estate Investment Portfolio from Start to Finish
  9. Weekly Real Estate Investing Mastermind Coaching Call to Increase your Knowledge and Network in Real Estate Investing
  10. Private Social Media and YouTube Marketing Consulting on how to Become a YouTube Influencer and Build a Channel of over 35k Subscribers
  11. Private Presentations from a Top 100 Influencer at eXp Realty for Brokers, Team Leaders, and ICON Agents
  12. 24 Hour Support and Guidance from your Sponsors Guaranteed to Point You in the Right Direction
  13. Negotiation, Communication, and Productivity Strategies to Increase Production and Build Skillsets
  14. Have Your Real Estate Investment Deals Analyzed with Experienced Multi-Family Investor and Syndication Partner of over 194 Units
  15. Team Building and Lead Generation Strategies to Build a Production or Investment Team
  16. Partners with the Two of the Biggest Organization at eXp Realty with Access to Multiple Top 100 Influencers at eXp Realty.
  17. Over 14 Hours a week of Private Training, Group Coaching, Masterminds, Private Presentations and Support.
  18. FAST START to Setting Up Your KVCore Website and Generating Leads
  19. Private Team Events at Real Estate Conference and Events
  20. AND MORE Commitment towards the growth of your business!

We understand that one brokerage model isn’t right for every agent. But we also know that THIS model is worth a serious and in depth look by every single real estate agent. The good news is…you don’t have to make that decision on your own!

What’s the next step?

Reach out to us directly today to learn about eXp Realty and SEE FOR YOURSELF if it – and our relationship-based sponsorship at the Lion League – is right for you:

Learn More About eXp Realty & Our Free Partnership Team!

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If you are interested in joining the best brokerage for agent growth, compensation, and opportunity in the world, be sure to partner with the best sponsorship team in the world as well! We provide additional training, tools, coaching, partners, collaboration, masterminds, and resources for your success!

We believe in massive growth and financial freedom for all real estate agents! Live your dream real estate lifestyle with us.

For more eXp Realty details, check out our comprehensive About eXp Realty – Everything You Need to Know article.