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How to Find The Best eXp Realty Sponsor

How to find the best exp realty sponsor

How to find the best eXp Realty sponsor

Are you looking to join eXp Realty but are not sure how to get started or who to even talk to?

It is no secret that new agents, experience agents, team leaders, and brokers are flocking over to eXp Realty in the past few years, making eXp Realty the fastest-growing brokerage in the real estate industry world by agent count. But how do you actually join eXp Realty?

In order to join eXp Realty as your new real estate brokerage, you first need to pick a sponsor. EVERY eXp Realty agent has a sponsor and there is no additional cost!

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What is an eXp Sponsor?

Agents that join eXp Realty are sponsored by an existing agent at the company. This means that if you want to join the brokerage as an agent or associate broker, you must choose a sponsor: an eXp Realty agent.

For many agents, this might seem like a new or unfamiliar process, but it can be a big deal and one of the most important things to consider when joining eXp

Your sponsor at the company absolutely matters, for both you and your sponsor.

This is because eXp Realty has left the growth side of the brokerage completely to its agents through the revenue share model.

For you, choosing the right sponsor to join eXp with can make a big difference in your success at the company, success in your real estate business, and success in your real estate career because of the additional value that a sponsor is able to provide.

For your sponsoring eXp agent, having you name them as your sponsor upon joining the company will allow them to earn revenue share, paid to them by the brokerage, through your production activity.

They are getting compensated for their efforts for not only helping eXp grow the brokerage but also helping the agents and associate brokers that they sponsor smoothly transition into eXp Realty and its systems and develop a long and prosperous business partnership.

But the million-dollar question remains: Who is the Best eXp Realty Sponsor?

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How to Find the Best eXp Realty Sponsor?

As stated on eXp’s official Independent Contractor’s Agreement for agents, your eXp sponsor is the most influential individual in your decision to join eXp Realty. Ideally, your sponsor is the agent who convinced you to join the brokerage.

The best eXp sponsors will help you with your transition to eXp Realty. Although not required, a good eXp sponsor will also provide you with additional value on top of what is available to you at the brokerage and help you build a wildly successful real estate career.

Here is a snapshot from our ICA (Independent Contractor’s Agreement), The document you sign to be an agent or associate broker of eXp Realty:

The actual value and impact of your sponsor go way beyond simply influencing you to make the decision to join eXp. Like I alluded to earlier, picking the best eXp Realty sponsor can literally make a million-dollar difference in the long run.

Although not in the official job description, it is generally accepted by eXp agents that it is the sponsor’s job to make sure that an agent joining eXp makes a smooth transition from their old company so that their business doesn’t miss a beat.

Many agents who are transitioning from a traditional brokerage, a brick and mortar brokerage, are not used to the work style of the cloud-based brokerage systems of eXp, and it is up to the sponsor to help you make that transition and support you along the way pointing you to the right resources and providing systems to help streamline the process.

But the job of the sponsor does not stop there.

What Does an eXp Realty Sponsor REALLY Do?

Most agents who join eXp Realty are interested in some degree to take part in the revenue share unique opportunity and want to build their own line of agents to one day become financially free with a residual income stream. Although there are plenty of agents who join with years of success or hundreds of deals under their belt, that success in sales might not necessarily translate to instant success in team building and agent attraction.

Learning how to attract agents to eXp Realty can be extremely challenging for those that have no prior recruiting experience and even if you do possess the skillsets, the eXp business model is extremely complicated and may be difficult for you to explain in the beginning.

That is why choosing the best sponsor at eXp Realty is crucial for agents that want to be successful in their real estate business and building their revenue share real estate team. Our team’s top agents and our agent experiences can help you grow your income streams, your leads, your transactions, and help you achieve financial freedom.

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Choosing an eXp Sponsor

Earlier we talked briefly about what your sponsor’s job is and what they are responsible for. But that is just the bare minimum of what a sponsor needs to do at eXp.

What separates the best eXp Realty sponsor from any other agent at eXp is the dedication that they show to the agents in their revenue share organization through the extra value that they provide to them.

How to Find The Best eXp Realty Sponsor

The best eXp Realty sponsor is someone who not only has shown a track record of success in their own revenue share business, but also someone who is willing to invest more time into their agent’s successes than their own.

Because of the way that eXp’s revenue share model is set up, by investing in your team’s success you are by default, investing in your own success. And history has shown us that the most successful sponsors at eXp are those who focus more on their agents’ success than their own personal success.

But what value should you expect from the best eXp Realty sponsor?

Well, that’s actually completely up to you.

Different sponsors and their organizations (we will touch on this in more detail later) will offer different value stacks for your business. Some offer additional sales training on top of the 80+ hours of training that eXp offers, others will offer training and coaching on wealth creation and real estate investing.

What your sponsor and their organization offer will depend on the skillsets of the 7 sponsors above them and the value that they all can bring to the table collectively.

But one thing that the best eXp Realty sponsor should offer is assistance when it comes to agent attraction. eXp Realty provides a ton of great resources, coaching, mentorship, and training when it comes to sales and production as an agent, but if you are at all interested in the revenue share aspect of the business, most of your training, coaching, and resources will come from your sponsors.

Now every sponsor will have their own philosophy when it comes to agent attraction and team building, but once again, if history has taught us anything, it is that the most successful teams at eXp are those that work together and truly embrace the 7 tier structure of the model, something that I will explain in detail in the next section.

eXp Sponsor vs Sponsoring Organization: What no one talks about

How to Find The Best eXp Realty Sponsor

Having the best sponsor at eXp Realty is a great thing, but joining the best revenue-share organization is (literally) 7 times better.

If you are familiar with the revenue share model at eXp you know that revenue share cascades 7 tiers with different compensation percentages for each tier.

This means that you SHOULD have immediate access to 7 different partners and 7 levels of support. But in reality, it is very rare to find an organization that works together all the way from the sponsor to their 7th tier agents. That’s why the best eXp Realty sponsor has an even better sponsoring organization where all 7 (sometimes even more) levels of fellow agents work together as a top team and have access to the same value and resources.

If you are not familiar with eXp’s 7 tier revenue share model check out the ultimate eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator for a deep dive overview.

A great sponsoring organization is different from a great sponsor in that a great organization will already have a pre-built ready to use system set in place for ALL of their agents as opposed to only having one on one support from your direct sponsor.

Revenue share team building is a very different business that requires different types of skillsets than being a sales agent so having to re-learn how to successfully build and run a team will be significantly more difficult if you do not have any structured learning or systems.

Think of it like a first-time business owner opening up their own fast food joint vs buying into a franchise model.

Having a great sponsor is just like starting your own business from scratch with a great business partner while having a great sponsoring organization is like buying into a successful franchise. You and your partner might do great, but you will have to figure a lot of things out on your own and take the time to create your own systems. But if you have a great system, you will already have a full suite of tools and systems ready for you to plug in to from day one.

Now that doesn’t mean that by choosing a great sponsoring organization you will immediately be successful in building a revenue share team without failing at all. You will still have a lot to learn but it will be much easier and much quicker for you to learn a good system and be successful than to create one completely from scratch on your own.

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The Best eXp Realty Sponsor

An agent finding the best eXp sponsor

Now that you know what to look for in a great sponsor and why it is important to not only find a great sponsor for your personal support but also a great organization above them for a great system, how do you decide who is the BEST eXp Realty sponsor?

That is up to you to decide.

You know what to look for in terms of personal support. The best eXp Realty sponsor puts their agents’ needs before theirs and knows the difference between real success and personal success.

You also know what makes a great sponsoring organization. 7 tiers of agents working together and helping each other in a pre-built system that any agent can simply come in and duplicate for themselves.

So now it’s up to you to do your due diligence and interview different sponsors and organizations to see which one fits those criteria so that they are the best eXp Realty sponsor for YOU.

Since we mentioned some of the important things to look for in a great sponsor, here are some tips that you can use when you are interviewing your potential sponsors.

Interviewing Potential eXp Realty Sponsors

  • Decide how much time you want to dedicate to revenue share and make your goals clear with your potential sponsor.
  • Write down one thing that is the MOST important to you when it comes to additional value. (i.e. Sales training, social media, investing, team building, video marketing, etc.)
  • Ask about their personal success when it comes to revenue share
  • Ask about their agents’ success when it comes to revenue share
  • Ask how much time they dedicate to helping their agents each week. Determine if they have a set time block to do that task each week.
  • Ask to meet their sponsors, all 7 if you can, and determine what value they can provide for you
  • Determine if they have a clear and streamlined system for agent attraction. Ask to see any components that they describe.
  • Remember that they will be your business partner and that you can not easily change your sponsor at eXp. Make sure you and your partner can have a good working relationship both professionally and personally.

Bonus: The #1 Fastest-Growing Organization at eXp Realty!

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of the post and we have a special bonus for those of you that did!

We want to help you get started with your journey to finding the absolute best eXp Realty sponsor and start you off by pointing you in the right direction. And what better way for us to do that than by introducing you to the #1 fastest growing group at eXp!

Our Group at eXp Realty offers the single biggest value stack for real estate agents across the world with the top tools, resources, training, and systems to grow your business digitally and build true wealth and freedom as a real estate entrepreneur.

Coming from the single most successful team in the history of eXp Realty, our group offers untouchable value from the most responsive personal one-on-one direct support in the company to the most sophisticated attraction system in the entire industry. These exclusive resources include:

Exclusive Value From The Best Sponsorship Group at eXp Realty

  1. Direct and responsive One on One support
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  14. Negotiation, Communication, and Productivity Strategies to Increase Production and Build Skillsets
  15. Have Your Real Estate Investment Deals Analyzed with Experienced Multi-Family Investor and Syndication Partner of over 194 Units
  16. Team Building and Lead Generation Strategies to Build a Production or Investment Team
  17. Partners with Two of the Biggest Organizations at eXp Realty with Access to Multiple Top 100 Influencers at eXp Realty.
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  19. FREE Downloadable Resources including social media templates, scripts, presentations, calculators, deal analyzers, etc.
  20. AND MORE

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For more eXp Realty details, check out our comprehensive About eXp Realty – Everything You Need to Know article.