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Invest in Your Future as an Investor Agent


Turn Commissions into Cash Flow
to Achieve Financial Freedom

The era of selling homes until you’re 80 years old is over.  By creating multiple streams of income specific to real estate agents that continuously grow, we can achieve financial freedom while we sell homes! 

You have a unique advantages to invest in real estate!  Combine that with earning equity and cash flow from your broker, and you can create financial freedom as quickly as you desire.

Leverage Your License to Build Financial Freedom!

Most real estate agents never build additional income streams or own cash flowing property.  Why?  They don’t know why they SHOULD!  It’s quite simple: FREEDOM!  

By creating a financial situation where you no longer have to sell a home to put food on the table, you can provide yourself and your family with an entirely different and incredible lifestyle. You can wake up each day with a choice. If you want to sell houses for fun and profit, great! 

Now you have the freedom to choose what the rest of your life looks like! And the kicker is: you can do this as quickly as you’d like. You don’t have to wait until your sixties or eighties to achieve financial freedom. 

If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. - Warren Buffet Quote

Ever Wonder Why Real Estate Agents Typically Work into Their Sevenites? NO Exit Strategy!

Most brokerages do not allow agents to maximize their own income, do not provide a built in exit strategy, and do not help agents build financial freedom. That means you will have to save and invest hard on your own to ever retire. Unfortunately, maximizing retirement account contributions for 40+ years likely won’t be enough.

Three Fantastic Ways to Build Your Real Estate Exit Strategy

Learn to Generate Cash Flow for Financial Freedom!

Alternatively, you can achieve financial freedom in just a few years by building multiple streams of income while selling real estate.  The two simplest ways to do this as an agent are to invest in cash flowing real estate and to build cash flow from your brokerage (like revenue share).  We help real estate agents everywhere achieve financial freedom!

Financial Freedom for Agents - Click a Link to Learn More!

Real Estate Retirement Challenge

While it is possible to eventually reach a real estate agent stock market retirement, there are generally six reasons why real estate agents NEVER retire.  Every real estate agent needs to focus on turning commissions into cash flow. Choosing one more commission check over cash flow isn’t a viable long term financial freedom strategy.  Here’s a guide on how to build financial freedom for real estate agents.  

Leveraging Real Estate Investing as an Agent

Most real estate agents never own investment real estate.  Do NOT overlook the massive advantages of investor real estate agents.  There is a gigantic list of unfair advantages of real estate investing that every agent needs to know about.  

Through real estate investing, you can build monthly cash flow, grow equity, reap forced and natural appreciation, leverage tax benefits, and build wealth not possible through any other investment vehicle.  You can invest and scale even faster with the best brokerage for investors.  Be sure to join a top investor agent team!

Leveraging Revenue Share Cash Flow

Have you ever gotten paid by your broker?  Revenue Share is an opportunity to build cash flow and a sales exit strategy by helping other real estate agent succeed!  There are many reasons why revenue share helps agents retire early and achieve financial freedom.  It is a scalable income stream that can grow on it’s own.  Agents can replace their commission income and scale revenue share to any monthly amount! It is totally possible to retire early with revenue share!

Leveraging Broker Equity Awards

It is even possible to retire early with stocks.  This can be a long and drawn out growth path but you can accelerate it by earning additional stock awards!  Real estate agents can now own the company they work in by becoming shareholders and earning equity in the company via stock awards while they sell real estate. This is a bonus on top of commission, revenue share, referrals, or any other perks! A bonus equity program speeds up your financial freedom progress!

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You don’t have to work until you die. In fact, you can become financially free as a real estate agent rather quickly if you leverage these income streams right away!

How awesome would it be if your broker paid you to help other real estate agents succeed? Welcome to revenue share – a scalable income stream and exit strategy!

EVERY real estate agent should be a real estate investor – an agent’s advantages are just too good to ignore and the cash flow and wealth benefits are even better!