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How to Join eXp Realty in 2024

how to join eXp Realty
How to Join eXp Realty in 2024

In this article we break down the steps to know for you to know how to join eXp Realty so that you can make the transition to eXp without any headaches. Joining a new real estate brokerage can be stressful and slow down your business if you don’t do it correctly so we want to make sure that you are able to join eXp with no hassles and start your new chapter in real estate the right way!

How to Join eXp Realty -6 Steps + Bonus

  1. Find a Sponsor
  2. Fill Out the Onboarding Application
  3. Sign Your ICA
  4. Transfer Your License
  5. Update Your Realtor Board and MLS
  6. Dominate
  7. BONUS

1) Find a Sponsor

How to find the best exp realty sponsor

The first step you need to do in order to join eXp Realty is to find a sponsor at eXp Realty. What is a sponsor?

Your sponsor is the agent that you join eXp “with”, this can be any agent who is already at eXp Realty and it DOES NOT MATTER where they are located, it can be any eXp agent in any state, in any country.

Finding a sponsor is CRUCIAL if you want to know how to join eXp Realty the RIGHT WAY because they will be the ones who will guide you through your onboarding process as much as you need them to.

Also know that you MUST join eXp with a sponsor because of how the growth model works at eXp Realty. Agents who are already at eXp are COMPENSATED BY THE COMPANY through a tiered residual income system structure called revenue share by growing the company and SPONSORING other agents to eXp.

Agents who do not have a sponsor that joins eXp will be RANDOMLY ASSIGNED a sponsor in their local area, which is not favorable if you want to have access to specific exclusive additional training, coaching, support, and resources from your sponsors. Also note that you may NOT change your sponsor once you have already joined eXp UNLESS you leave the company and rejoin 6 MONTHS LATER.

To learn more about the importance of finding a sponsor at eXp read our article on How to find the best eXp Realty Sponsor.

2) Fill Out the Onboarding Application

Step 2 in how to join eXp Realty is to fill out your onboarding application.

Your onboarding application is a NON-BINDING digital application that you will submit to eXp Realty’s onboarding team so that they have the information available to send you the CORRECT ICA (Independent Contractor’s Agreement) according to the state you are licensed in or the country that you wish to join eXp through.

Note that your Onboarding Application to join eXp Realty is NOT a binding contract and that it is simply an INTAKE form in which you express your interest in POTENTIALLY joining eXp someday in the NEAR FUTURE.

eXp Join Application

Another important thing to remember is that the Onboarding Application is where you will NAME YOUR EXP SPONSOR whom, if you remember, you can NOT change once you have submitted your application, so be sure to already have a sponsor in mind when you go to fill out your application.

On the application you will give eXp some preliminary information about you such as your name, the email you wish to use to associate with the company, and your license number and which MLS and Realtor Board you wish to associate with.

Treat the onboarding application as the FINAL STEP OF YOUR DUE DILIGENCE on eXp Realty. Note that you filling out this onboarding application is the ONLY WAY for you to receive a copy of the ICA to review.

3) Sign Your ICA (Independent Contractors Agreement)

Once you have submitted your onboarding application the next to join eXp Realty is to sign your ICA or Independent Contractor’s Agreement.

The Independent Contractor’s Agreement is a boiler plate contract that all agents who join eXp MUST SIGN in order to OFFICIALLY associate with eXp as a real estate sales agent or broker associate.

Sample of eXp ICA to join eXp Realty

On the ICA you will give your bank account and credit information so that the company knows how you wish to pay your monthly fee and how they can pay you your commissions and revenue share. This is also the place where you will give eXp your tax and social security information so that you can be sent the proper 1099 forms at the end of each year to file your taxes with the IRS.

You will also be reminded again of who your sponsor is in the ICA and will be able to confirm your selection there.

Once you have signed the ICA, you will be sent a copy by the company and will have the ability to file it away.

NOTE: The ICA is a DIGITAL contract that is sent to the agent through HelloSign, a digital signature app.

4) Transfer Your License

Now that you have signed your ICA, in order to officially join eXp Realty you will have to transfer your real estate license to eXp in your state’s licensing department back office.

Because each state uses a different system to manage their real estate licensing department and the process varies state to state, you will receive specific instructions by your specific state’s broker team at eXp via email a few hours or days after you received your ICA depending on the review process.

In that email will be step by step instructions given to you by your eXp state broker as to exactly how you can transfer your license (either from a different brokerage or from inactive status) to eXp Realty in accordance with your state’s compliance and officially join eXp Realty in your specific state.

5) Update Your Realtor Board and MLS

After you transfer your license to be associated with eXp and officially join eXp Realty you will need to update your Realtor board and MLS system of your new association with eXp Realty.

This again will vary depending on the specific Realtor Board that you are associated with and the step by step instructions on how to do so will be given to you by your state broker in your specific state so that you can make the transition with no problems.

Once you have updated (or joined if you are a new agent) your Realtor Board and MLS, you will have completed the process to officially join eXp Realty!

6) Dominate!

The FINAL step to join eXp Realty is to activate your eXp Passport, an account that will allow you to log into all of eXp’s proprietary tools, and DOMINATE in this new chapter of your business and real estate career!

In the past few years agents have been racing to join eXp Realty in order to take advantage of an opportunity that has never been seen before in real estate to build wealth through 3 distinct streams of income, not to mention take advantage of the tools, resources, and support that the brokerage offers to agents of all experience levels.

Joining eXp has been a MASSIVE career move in the careers of now over 86,000 real estate agents around the world that has not only changed their business but also their lives. The only question is…Who’s Next?

BONUS – How To Transition Your Team or Brokerage Over to eXp

Although eXp has many valuable assets that can be leveraged by individual real estate agents, it has undoubtedly EVEN MORE VALUE for Broker owners and Team leaders. Birthed out of the last real estate recession in 2009, eXp Realty’s founder Glenn Sanford literally created the eXp platform for Brokerages and Teams to run their businesses through with lower overhead and more growth opportunties.

This is precisely why in the past year alone, over 700 independent brokerages and teams have decided to join eXp Realty and partner their existing business and influence with eXp. So the question arises, how do teams or brokerages join eXp?

Quite simple actually.

As a broker or team leader, you will sign up to eXp first either as an individual sole proprietor or if you run your business through an entity as that entity in the same process described above, and then the agents on your team will sign up with you as their sponsor.

There is one additional step that some brokers and team leaders like to take when joining eXp in order to transition their business over without any leaks or kinks, and that is by first signing a LOI or Letter of Intent to join eXp Realty.

The LOI is intended for Team Leaders, Brokers, Broker Owners and Office Managers
who intend to have their agents and/or team members join eXp Realty prior to their own transition because it allows your agents to join eXp and name YOU as their sponsor even though you have not officially joined eXp.

Note: The LOI is only valid for a maximum of 90 Days and will be subject to approval by eXp Realty, to learn more about the LOI process at eXp for brokers and team leaders please refer to our Letter of Intent Policy and Procedures Guide.


Can I Join eXp if I Have Active Listings?

Yes you can. You would simply transfer your listing over to eXp by setting up an agreement with your current brokerage (usually a referral agreement equal to your current brokerage’s commission split). Your current brokerage MUST FIRST RELEASE your listings in order for you to transfer them over to eXp.

Does eXp Have Cap Deferment for Agents Who Already Capped at Their Current Brokerage?

Yes, eXp does have cap deferment fro agents who already capped at their current brokerage. eXp Realty honors the cap anniversary date of your PREVIOUS brokerage. Read more about eXp’s cap deferment policy

How Can I Join eXp Commercial?

You would go through the same process described in this article except you will not be required to join a Realtor Board or MLS system.

Will the Process to Join eXp be the Same if I Am Joining in a Country Outside of the USA?

Yes, with a few slight differences depending on the country you are joining eXp from. You will fill out an application that is specific to your country with your sponsor and then you will be directly in touch with the Broker of Record in that country to get your ICA signed and documents reviewed. You do not have to join a Realtor Board in a country outside of the USA, but will have to have the proper licensing and certifications required in your specific country to practice real estate with eXp.

Where Can I Find a Sponsor to Join eXp Realty With?

Refer to our How to Find a eXp Realty Sponsor article or Click Below to talk to us directly and join a leading group at eXp and get access to exclusive additional training, coaching, mastermind calls, and more!

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For more eXp Realty details, check out our comprehensive About eXp Realty – Everything You Need to Know article.