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5 Free Open House Sign-in Sheets: Editable Templates

5 Free Open House Sign-in Sheets: Editable Templates

free open house sign-in sheets

Looking for some free open house sign-in sheets you can easily customize? We’ve designed 5 sign-in sheets you can edit in Canva and then download and print with ease.

These printable open house sign-in sheets are ideal if you’re hosting an open house for another agent or for your own listing.

Once you download the real estate open house templates also make sure to check out the open house tips at the bottom of the post – helping you generate more qualified leads to grow your real estate business.

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Open House Sign-in Sheets Customizable Elements:

All 5 of these open house sign-in sheets have the option to edit the following:

  • Colors – add your own brand colors, change background colors
  • Text – agent contact details, date, change font type, etc
  • Images – update with the property image and realtor image

You can use these easy-to-customize templates and make them your own in the Canva app.

Download The Free Open House Sign-in Sheets:

Add your details below to access all 5 of the free open house sign-in sheets.

5 Free Open House Sign In Sheets

1. Basic Open House Sign-in Sheet

Collect your guests’ names, email, and phone numbers when they visit your open house.

You can also customize this printable template with your brand colors, logo, property photo, and address, or if you need to print quickly – simply update the logo and address.

free open house sign-in sheets

2. Simple Open House Sign-in Sheet

A different variation of a simple, printable sign-in sheet for your next open house. This time you can include your own agent photo in addition to the broker logo, address, website, and property image.

free open house sign-in sheets

3. Colorful Open House Sign-in Sheet

This clean, yet colorful open house sign-in sheet is perfect for customizing.

On this free open house sign-in sheet you can also take note of whether your guests are working with an agent or not.

Change the colors to suit your brand and easily edit all of the other information (in Canva) to update the property details. Then you are ready to print!

open house sign in sheet

4. Detailed Open House Sign-in Sheet

This open house sign-in sheet is another excellent option, especially if you want to record more details about your visitors.

This open house template includes:

  • Basic contact information
  • It asks if the guests are working with a realtor
  • Information on your guest’s intentions – are they just looking, planning to buy within a year, need to buy now, or have a house to sell?

As with the other templates you can easily edit in Canva and then print as a PDF.

open house sign-in sheets

5. Straight-forward Open House Sign-in Sheet

Collect the core information you need from your open house guests on this sign-in sheet template and find out if they have a real estate agent or not.

To edit, go to Canva. Then you can update every element – text, images, and colors!

free open house sign-in sheet

Tips for your next open house

realtor showing guests around open house

Having access to these free open house sign-in sheets is a great first step, but to go alongside this, here are some helpful tips for your next open house.

Print Extra Open House Sign-in Sheets!

Make sure to print extra free open house sign-in sheets to have on hand for future needs. Keep them in your bag or care to easily access them.

Get your guests to sign in as soon as you greet them.

You don’t want to be pushy – be welcoming, kind and ask politely for them to sign in before they have a look around.

Get to know your guest’s intentions

Are they…

  • Actively looking for a property?
  • Looking to start their property search soon?
  • Looking for an agent to work with?
  • Wanting to sell their house?
  • Just curious?

Take note of this while they’re looking around.

Provide Added Value

Think about creative ways you can make great first impressions at your open house. with added value.

For example:

  • Have fresh basked cookies ready to offer, when they sign-in
  • Include a draw for a local restaurant
  • Share information on similar listings nearby, that you’d be happy to show them (if they do not have an agent)
  • Listen to their needs. Simply listen and show interest – this simple gesture goes a long way.
  • Do your research. What are the best schools in the area? Where’s the closest park, church, or community center?

Follow up

Don’t forget to follow up, especially if you have another similar property listed in the area.

Even if you don’t, you’ll still want to follow up with those who are looking for help. This is why understanding your open house guests’ intentions is so important.

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