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20 Killer Real Estate Agent Testimonials Examples & Review Tips for 2023

20 Killer Real Estate Agent Testimonials Examples & Review Tips for 2023

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In the competitive world of real estate, testimonials play a crucial role in building trust, credibility, and attracting potential clients. Well-crafted real estate agent testimonials can make a lasting impression, create clients out of thin air, and influence a buyer or seller’s decision to work with you.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of realtor reviews, what makes a good review, how to get endless 5-star reviews, and how to effectively use testimonials in your marketing efforts. We will share 20 killer real estate agent testimonials examples from our own clients that you can use as inspiration for your own testimonials.

Why Real Estate Agent Testimonials are Important

Real estate agent testimonials serve as social proof and unbiased endorsements of your services, helping you to build authority and trust with potential clients. Positive reviews can significantly impact your conversion rates and overall business success.

According to a study, testimonials and case studies are considered the most effective content marketing tactics in today’s market!

Here are our top reasons why real estate agent testimonials are so important:

  1. Convert potential clients – Smart potential buyers and sellers are going to do their homework every step of the way, including looking up a real estate agent online! If you have a ton of positive reviews from past clients, they know you are the best realtor for them and that they will be in good hands when working with you!
  2. Attract new clients – By building up a lot of positive online reviews, especially Google reviews with a Google My Business profile and specific social media platforms, you become highly searchable for prospective buyers and sellers looking for an agent in your real estate market who has had many happy customers! By leaving your contact information, you create new potential customers!
  3. Social proof marketing – Showcasing your hard work on real estate transactions for clients, how they’ve had such a great experience with you, and that you put clients’ best interests first, is one of the BEST marketing tactics ever. Just sharing great reviews on social media and your real estate website will create clients!
  4. Referrals from past clients – Past clients that had a great experience through the entire process of home buying or selling, will want to promote your great service to their good friends and family! By having them publicly review you for an excellent job, that makes it easy for them to continue to promote you by word of mouth!
  5. Build a killer track record – Prospective clients don’t care about your real estate company or whether you are part of a great team. They care about making the best decision on an agent who will deliver a fantastic experience! As you build up dozens of reviews, you will become a known Realtor in that local market and start getting referrals just by people recognizing your name as a market leader!

For a lot more details on why real estate agent testimonials are important, how to grow your reviews up quickly, and which platforms to request reviews for, check out our Ultimate Guide to Get Endless 5 Star Realtor Reviews!

What Makes a Good Realtor Review?

A good realtor review should be:

  1. Specific: The testimonial should provide details on the agent’s expertise, skills, and the results they delivered. It should mention particular instances or challenges that the agent helped the client overcome.
  2. Authentic: The review should come from real clients who have genuinely had a positive experience working with the agent. Fake or self-written testimonials can be easily spotted and damage your credibility.
  3. Compelling: A well-written testimonial should tell a story and evoke emotions, making potential clients feel connected to the reviewer’s experience.
  4. Raving: Hopefully it goes without saying, but it definitely needs to be a super positive review with positive feedback!
  5. Visually appealing: Including a photo or video of the client can make the testimonial seem more authentic and relatable.
Positive reviews create opportunities and content to get more clients!

Best Realtor Review Platforms

When it comes to collecting and displaying real estate agent testimonials, several platforms can be used. Some of the most popular platforms include:

  1. Google: Google My Business is an essential platform for any local business, as it directly impacts your search engine ranking and visibility. Encourage clients to leave reviews on your Google My Business profile to boost your online presence.
  2. Facebook: Facebook business pages allow clients to leave reviews and testimonials, which can be easily shared with your network and reach a broader audience.
  3. Zillow: As one of the largest real estate platforms, Zillow is a go-to source for many potential buyers and sellers. Having positive reviews on Zillow can significantly enhance your credibility in the industry.
  4. As a dedicated platform for real estate professionals, is an excellent place to collect and showcase your testimonials.
  5. Next Door: The biggest neighbor network, you can actually build up a business profile and showcase your services locally with Next Door.
  6. Alignable: Alignable is a relatively new local business network that you can request reviews on and build up a profile.
  7. BiggerPockets: A platform geared for real estate investors. If you are an investor focused client, getting reviews on here from clients who are also on BiggerPockets can pay off big time.

I recommend putting two platforms, but no more than three, in a review request to clients. For more on the platforms you should use and why, check out our Ultimate Guide to Get Endless 5 Star Realtor Reviews!

How to Get Real Estate Agent Testimonials and Reviews

Tips to Get Positive Realtor Reviews

  • Overdeliver: Go above and beyond through out the whole process with your clients. Going the extra mile with your effort and customer service will make it a no brainer for your clients to take great pleasure in writing a good review for you!
  • Add Value AFTER Closing: This sounds counterintuitive, but customer service shouldn’t stop when you get your check at closing. Providing assistance and advice AFTER closing will really demonstrate your commitment every step of the way and prime clients to provide that review exactly when you’re going to ask for it!
  • Have Great Transaction Partners: Having a fantastic entire team can create the ultimate positive real estate transactions. Be sure to use your best lender, title, and inspector partners whenever possible!
  • Give a Super Memorable Closing Gift: What if your gift was so amazingly unique that your clients HANG IT ON THE WALL and think about you every time they see it? That is impactful for your reviews AND for future referrals! (See the gift I prefer that is absolutely unforgettable here: Ultimate Guide to Get Endless 5 Star Realtor Reviews!)
Charlie's Best Gift Idea for Realtors
Charlie’s favorite Realtor gift to create ravingly happy clients!

How to Ask for Real Estate Agent Testimonials

  1. Timing is Key: You don’t want to wait too long to ask for a review, but you also don’t want to hit them too fast. Be sure to have served your memorable closing gift first, provide value and assistance post closing, and THEN ask about 2 weeks after closing!
  2. You have to ASK: The most straightforward approach to getting testimonials is to ask your clients directly. This seems like a dumb statement, but you wouldn’t believe how many agents NEVER ask for a review. Clients won’t know to review you unless you ASK!
  3. Personalize the Request: While it is a good idea to have a template – feel free to copy mine below – you should always personalize it. Say something about them, their home, ask how they and their family are doing, etc. It’s important to show it’s not just a copy paste template and that you still care–because you do!
  4. Keep it Simple: Make sure you’ve put the links directly to where they can put their review and ask them to copy and paste to the other platforms you’d like reviews on. Put your primary first, and never ask for more than 3. I ask for Google and Facebook, and then BiggerPockets only if they are a real estate investor.
  5. Follow up: A friendly reminder email can help encourage clients to leave a review. Be sure to personalize your message and express gratitude for their business.
real estate professional
Client happiness = great reviews!

For a LOT more detail and grow your real estate agent testimonials quickly, be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Get Endless 5 Star Realtor Reviews!

5-Star Realtor Review Email Template (Steal this!)

e is the EXACT email template I use to request my real estate agent testimonials – feel free to copy, paste, and make it your own:

Hey Nick and Liz!

How is everything with the home? My landscaper will be reaching out to you to help with your sprinklers and get you a lawncare quote. Please let me know what else I can help with!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your trust and I appreciate the opportunity you gave me to serve as your Realtor!  Reviews and referrals are key to my business as a real estate professional serving military families. If you were happy with my service as your 5-Star Realtor, would you do me a huge favor and review me on the platforms below?  

[Google My Business Review Request Link]

[Facebook Realtor Business Profile Link]

If you BOTH could provide a review on both Google and Facebook, it would be much appreciated!  (Feel free to use copy paste for each website!)

I really enjoyed getting to know you. Please reach out any time if there is anything in the world I can help you with! And if you know anyone else I can help, I would be honored for the opportunity to assist them in any way I can.

Thanks again! Your Realtor and Neighbor,


And now here are the reviews that this simple email resulted in:

This email template has never failed me, unless I sent it WAY too late! Don’t forget to keep following up with clients post close and request reviews within a few weeks of closing.

How to Use Realtor Reviews in Marketing

How to Display Real Estate Testimonials Examples on Your Website

There’s only one place to put raving real estate agent testimonials on your agent website: where prospective clients will see them! It’s important to either have one of your favorite reviews or a testimonial carousel (that automatically changes agent testimonials) right at the top of the page.

I choose to showcase a testimonial that will resonate well with my target clients: military movers. You may not know what a “PCS” is (Permanent Change of Station), but my military member and family clients will! So for my prospective clients, it’s perfect:

Real estate agent testimonial example for website marketing
A review I showcase near the top of my agent team’s homepage.

I also choose to have a rotating review carousel further down at the bottom of EVERY single page. That way any prospective lead consuming the free value and resources I provide on my website will bump into a positive review. It will make them thing: wow this article was helpful and this seems like a great team with my best interests at heart. I should reach out!

Real estate agent testimonial example for website marketing
Example Real Estate Agent Testimonial from my own agent team website in a rotating carousel.

Using Positive Realtor Reviews on Social Media

Simply and easily create sharable graphics for social media featuring your reviews! You can use pictures of the home as well if you’d like. You can also share videos talking about how happy you are about your latest review every now and again.

Here’s a real estate agent testimonial social media graphic (instagram, Facebook, etc) that I created in 5 minutes with Canva:

real estate agent testimonials template example for social media graphics

Sharing social proof of your excellence WILL attract new clients TO you! And as a Realtor, I use Canva every single day in my real estate business and I suggest you do too. Look at all these customer review templates you could leverage:

real estate agent testimonials templates for social media graphics

Other Ways to Leverage Realtor Review Samples in Your Marketing

Be loud and proud about your positive reviews… everywhere! You can showcase them:

  • In magazines
  • On postcards and mailers
  • On banners for events
  • In email newsletters
  • On social media as graphics
  • On flyers, handouts, and door hangers
  • Read them in social media videos like reels, shorts, and tik toks
  • Display a favorite or two in your email signature
  • Share them on YouTube videos

Here is how we state clearly that we are a 5 star real estate agent team on a flyer:

Perhaps my FAVORITE way to use positive real estate agent testimonials is to encourage a prospective buyer or prospective seller to go look at your reviews online! This is BIG. Because you’re saying to a lead that your track record is both so legitimate that it’s searchable, but you are also saying that it SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. Boom, lead closed!

Reviews are a great lead generation technique when used in combination with others. Here are 119 more realtor lead generation ideas:

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20 Killer Sample Reviews for Realtors

Here are some of my favorite review for me and my team as great real estate agent testimonials examples:

Charlie is the best! He is a great person and a great agent. He went out of his way to help answer questions and do research before, during and after the deal. He helped us acquire an amazing property when we didn’t think it would work out (we were a back up offer) and made sure everything stayed on track with a very tight timeline. We will definitely be working with him again in the future!

Charlie and his team were awesome. We worked with them while living in Guam and they accommodated all of our needs/wants no matter the time difference. Charlie went above and beyond to make sure that we were taken care of throughout the entire process. Extremely knowledgeable on military home buying/VA loan. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking in the area!

Charlie is an excellent real estate agent and investor and absolutely wonderful to work with. Not only is he extremely thorough and professional, but also he is fun to work with. I highly recommend him and his team for real estate needs 🙂

Charlie was truly exceptional. He was always willing to go over and above! Moving from Ohio, he was always available to answer questions, even video tours of properties as they went on the market! He is versed in dealing with other agents, any issues were quickly resolved! Charlie and team made the PCS to Florida an extremely easy process! I could always count on them! Highly recommend!

You will not find a more patient, hard working, professional, honest Realtor. Being first time home buyers is intimidating but Charlie made the process so much easier than we were expecting. He has been proactive in informing us of crucial details and information we would not have been aware of otherwise. Highly recommend Charlie to anyone that is searching for a realtor

Charlie is a wonderful Realtor and he has the knowledge & patience to assist anyone looking to buy or sell real estate for their personal home or investment property. He always puts his clients’ needs first and will be there every step of the way!

I cannot recommend Charlie enough to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Florida panhandle. He went above and beyond to guide us through our journey as first time home buyers during an out of state military move. His military background, experience as a real estate investor, and level of trustworthiness set him apart from other realtors. His impeccable responsiveness and experience working remotely with military families also contributed to an outstanding experience. You cannot go wrong with Charlie no matter what your real estate goals are!

Charlie and the team has been stellar! They are quick to answer questions and extremely knowledgeable about the market and current prices and strategies. I’d highly recommend using them for buying or selling properties. You will not get better service in the area!

Charlie was awesome throughout the entire home buying experience and afterwards as well. It was our first time buying a home, and Charlie was able to answer all our questions or find an answer for us if he didn’t know himself. Despite my wife and I having unpredictable schedules, Charlie did an excellent job making time to meet with us for showings, and was always responsive to texts and phone calls.

Charlie is a genuine real estate professional! Tell him your real estate goals, and he will build a strategy and plan to get it accomplished. He’s a very responsive and customer focused agent!

We needed a house and fast! We got relocated to Fort Walton Beach with less than 3 months notice, we originally contacted someone to help us but they were not a good fit for us. We reached out to Charlie and he was so lovely, asked us everything and told us everything we needed to know about the area and with his added military background it helped us so much. As we had to buy from afar we were completely in his hands, trusting his judgement on the houses and location for all things we couldn’t see/feel from pictures and videos! He did an amazing job and we are truly happy and couldn’t recommend him more!!

Charlie is an absolute ROCKSTAR of a Realtor – he truly CARES about his clients, goes above and beyond in all he does, and has the knowledge and skills to do what others can’t for you.

Charlie’s been a phenomenal agent for me. He helped me find a vacation rental (Airbnb) in the Panama City Beach area. He created a highly relevant MLS search with notifications, showed me how to calculate the expected return from the property (pro forma), and worked diligently on submitting offers and finally getting the deal done. He’s super knowledgeable about the areas he works in and about vacation rentals in general. I learned so much from him in just the past month. I can’t say enough good things about Charlie and I highly recommend him to anyone in the Destin/Miramar Beach/Panama City Beach area!

I work with a lot of real estate agents across the entire nation, and Charlie Cameron is one of the very best! Not only is Charlie a real estate investor, and successful agent, but he is a veteran who understands the ins and outs of the VA loan as well!

Charlie was truly exceptional. He was always willing to go over and above! Moving from Ohio, he was always available to answer questions, even video tours of properties as they went on the market! He is versed in dealing with other agents, any issues were quickly resolved! Charlie and team made the PCS to Florida an extremely easy process! I could always count on them! Highly recommend!

Charlie is the best! He is a great person and a great agent. He went out of his way to help answer questions and do research before, during and after the deal. He helped us acquire an amazing property when we didn’t think it would work out (we were a back up offer) and made sure everything stayed on track with a very tight timeline. We will definitely be working with him again in the future!

We couldn’t have been more pleased with Charlie’s service! My wife and I moved here from out of state and bought without seeing it in person. Charlie is honest and has your best interests in mind over just making a sale. His quick and solid advice locked down our house for us in a time where houses were going really quickly. He took care of everything and even helped us out when he did not have to. I would recommend Charlie to all homebuyers!

As a military family, we purchased our first home from halfway across the world, so we put a lot of trust into Charlie and his team to advocate for us in our absence. As first-time homebuyers, we had numerous questions that Charlie and his team promptly provided answers to. When we found our dream home, Charlie and his team jumped on it right away by setting up the walkthrough and guiding us on how to make an appealing offer to ensure the house could be ours. If you want a personable, helpful, and communicative team, I highly recommend Charlie Cameron!

My husband and I had the opportunity of working with Charlie recently and he was the absolute best! He had our best interests at heart and gave his honest opinion about each home/area that we asked him to look at. This was a big thing for my husband and I as we were currently living in another state. We are very grateful that he was our realtor and would recommend him to anyone looking to buy/sell their home.

Charlie is a man you want in your corner. His knowledge of the real estate market, investments, short term rentals, and VA benefits is impressive and he is willing to use that knowledge to your benefit! Charlie delivered massive value from start to finish and helped me get a performing investment property under my belt all with his guidance. Couldn’t recommend him enough!

Charlie has been the most knowledgeable agent I’ve worked with. He negotiated a great deal for my purchase and then handled the transaction like a pro! Keep in mind this was a transaction where the selling side threw everything but the kitchen sink at us but Charlie kept the deal alive and we closed for over $20k under list price!

Conclusion: The Power of Real Estate Agent Testimonials

Getting reviews is just one of many techniques you should be using in your real estate business to grow your leads and closings! Want more strategies to grow your business? Download our 120 Real Estate Agent Lead Generation Ideas List:

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To learn more about…

  • How to get reviews as a brand new agent
  • The gift I use that creates raving past clients
  • Mistakes to avoid when asking for reviews
  • More details on why reviews are important
  • How to avoid bad reviews
  • How to respond to reviews (and why it matters)
  • And a LOT more in depth on how to ask for reviews

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Get Endless 5 Star Realtor Reviews!

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