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25 Best Real Estate Blogs For Agents in 2023

best real estate blogs

Looking for the best real estate blogs to stay current with the latest trends and strategies? We wanted to give you a hand with our personal favorite list of blogs you can add to your reading list.

The real estate market is constantly shifting and as an agent, it’s important to continuously be in the know, yet with so much on your to-do list, it can seem impossible to keep up.

This is why turning to real estate blogging content is a good idea for busy agents.

To help save you time, we sorted through hundreds of real estate blogs, looking for the best of the best. Then we compiled our favorite blogs into this list to get your reading list started.

By reading the right blog posts, you can stay on top of industry news, identify trends, build your skills, and benefit from seasoned pros’ advice.

From training tips to industry news, you’ll find a little bit of everything.

Select a real estate category below to get started:

Real Estate Blogs For Agent Training

Turn to these blogs to find helpful how-tos and training tips to grow your real estate business.

1) Agent Wealth Hustle

Agent Wealth Hustle Blog

If you’re trying to level up your real estate business, you’ll love Agent Wealth Hustle (that’s us)! From finding clients to marketing your services, you’ll find everything you need to know about real estate here.

Plus, we offer some great free lead-generation training (sign up below) to help agents achieve success. You’ll also want to check out the free downloadable resources like the Open House Sign-In Sheets. We offer a wealth of knowledge for new agents, and seasoned agents alike.

Whether you’re new to the game or not, you’ll definitely want to read this post: Why Most Realtors Fail: 1 Thing Nobody Tells New Real Estate Agents Until They’re Licensed

2) The Close 

For actionable tips to help you close more deals, turn to The Close. From real estate humor to prospecting templates, you’ll find a wealth of information on this site.

In addition to the free blog content, you can pay for annual membership to The Close Pro to access editable social media posts, scripts, and video training.

Be sure to check out this post if you’re looking for a laugh: 18 Funniest Tweets (+Top Real Estate Twitter Accounts to Follow)

3) National Association Of Realtors 

Since 1908, the National Association of Realtors has been providing real estate agents with education, resources, and advocacy. With such a legacy, it’s no wonder the NAR blog is a go-to for training tips.

From economic outlooks to emerging technology in the world of real estate, this blog covers a wide range of topics.

If you’re interested in modern technology such as AI and its impact on real estate, read this post: What Is Computer Vision & How Will It Revolutionize Real Estate?

4) LabCoat Agents 

This blog doesn’t just have a great name; it’s a deep dive into the science of real estate. From mindset tweaks that can help you succeed to using texts to send follow-up messages, you’ll find loads of content to help you improve. 

LabCoat Agents also has a podcast, so if you’re more of an audio learner, you can also tune in and listen. 

If you’re looking for new books to read, check out: 7 Best Real Estate Agent Books for Beginners. Some of our favorites made the list! 

5) Tom Ferry 

When it comes to real estate, your mindset matters. If you have the wrong mindset, your business won’t take off, and you’ll be left in the dust as competitors pass you by.

Luckily, Tom Ferry is there to help you realign your thinking. On this blog, you’ll find helpful tips and advice on how to stay focused and motivated even when the market gets tough.

In today’s climate, we recommend starting with this post: Be the Light in Uncertain Times: 6 Ways to Create Certainty as a Real Estate Agent

6) Real Estate Topics From The National Association Of Realtors

An association as large as NAR doesn’t just have one blog. It oversees several (and honestly, they could all be on this list, so check the rest out too!)

This blog dives into industry issues and legal advice. It’s a great place to learn about best practices related to marketing, competition, the fair housing act, and property rights.

Each post is super short and to the point, so it’ll only take a few minutes to read. Plus, since it’s from a trusted industry expert, you can count on this source for reliable news. 

If you’re wondering about the legal aspects of cold calling, take a few moments to read this blog post: Telemarketing & Cold-Calling


Ryan Serhant, from the shows Million Dollar Listing New York and Sell It Like Serhant, delivers real estate tips and tricks that you won’t want to miss. The best part is that you don’t have to live in New York City to benefit from this content. 

The SERHANT blog shares some state-specific resources, SEO tips, and strategies for growing your company. In addition, you’ll find courses, in-person events, and plenty of videos. 

If you’re dreaming of creating your own branded website, head on over to this post for some actionable advice: How To Build A Successful Real Estate Website Easily 

Blogs for Real Estate Investors

Are you looking for more information about investing in real estate? If you are, here are a few of the best blogs for real estate investors. 

8) Bigger Pockets

biggerPockets real estate blog

Bigger Pockets was founded with one mission: to provide people with actionable advice on how to succeed in real estate investing. The team regularly publishes content about investing basics, housing market trends, and more to fulfill that mission. 

You can also sign up for a free account to access more investor-specific content and a community. Connecting with others is key to success, so you’ll want to sign up for this. 

Bigger Pockets also shares some well-written opinion pieces like this: Calm Down, Short-Term Rentals Are Doing Fine

9) REtipster

If you don’t like the gimmicks often accompanying real estate investing, you’ll appreciate the transparent nature of this blog. The founder shares investing strategies that work and teaches you how to avoid some common pitfalls. 

With several courses, a comprehensive terms library, and tons of blog posts, you’ll find plenty to keep you busy on this site. It’s one of the best places to learn about real estate investment.

Speaking of terms, if you’re just getting into land investing, this post is a must-read: Learning the Language of Land Investing: A Beginner’s Guide to Common Terms and Definitions 

10) InvestFourMore

Discover everything you need to know about long-term rentals on this blog. Its posts dive into financing, locating properties, rehabbing, and other real estate topics. 

The author, Mark Ferguson, also has several books and courses available. That’s not all. You’ll also find a comprehensive education center. It’s well-organized so you can quickly navigate to articles of interest. 

For an honest look at some of the dangers involved with rentals, you’ll want to read this post: 5 Times I Was In Danger As A Real Estate Investor: Part 1 Threatened With A Gun (Then you should go ahead and read the other posts in this series, he’s got some crazy stories to share!) 

11) RealWealth

 RealWealth is the go-to source for real estate investing. As you might expect from their name, this blog is focused on wealth-building, asset protection, and strategies for sustainable profits.

Its articles and guides share the pros and cons of different types of investing, from apartment complexes to foreclosures. You’ll also find a great podcast and a couple of books, so you’ll want to explore all the helpful content.

If you’re worried about the state of the economy these days, give this post a read: The Real Estate Investor’s Recession Survival Guide

12) FortuneBuilders

The Real Estate Investing Blog from FortuneBuilders is full of helpful resources. You’ll find information on raising capital, analyzing deals, and more.

The blog also has several posts dedicated to helping investors develop the habits needed for a successful career in real estate.

You’ll also find a blog, courses, and additional content. With so much advice, you’re sure to learn something new, even if you’ve been in the field for years. 

For those just getting started with commercial real estate, this post is a solid introduction: Commercial Real Estate Investing 101: How to Get Started

13) Apartment List

Real estate investing and being a landlord often go hand-in-hand, so it’s no surprise that Apartment List made the must-read list.

While part of the blog is designed for tenants, there’s a whole section dedicated to those in rental property management.

You’ll find various topics, from keeping your clients happy to social media marketing advice for rental properties. There’s a ton of content, so you won’t have to worry about running out any time soon.

If rental price changes are in your future, start by reading this one: Guide to Negotiating Rent Prices with Tenants

Blogs About The Real Estate Industry

The blogs in this section are more about the industry at large than investing or building your own business. However, given their insights into a wide range of real estate topics, you won’t want to miss them either. 

14) HousingWire

housing wire real estate industry blog

With over 10 million unique annual visitors, HousingWire is a happening spot for all the latest real estate news. You’ll also find plenty of analysis and housing market predictions to help you stay informed and up to date.

The company also offers a print or digital magazine for further reading. Plus, there’s a great podcast to listen to if you prefer audio.

For an example of how this blog can help your business, check out this post: The evolution of the more productive real estate agent

15) Inman

Known for creating quality pieces for real estate professionals, Inman features innovative and timely blog posts.

You’ll find articles on tech, information about industry experts, real estate marketing advice, information about the latest housing data, and more. You also have the option of a paid subscription for even more content.

If you’re looking for tips on how to improve your TikTok game, add this post to your reading list: TikTok’s latest feature will help you reach even more potential clients

16) NotoriousROB

With articles, quick takes, and a podcast, you can decide what type of real estate content you want to consume on the NotoriousROB site. 

Some of the content is only for VIP subscribers, but much of it is free for everyone. You’ll find interviews with the biggest names in real estate, helpful articles about market conditions, and opinion pieces on real estate litigation. 

For an introduction to some of the key characters in the current real estate scene, read this post: The Seven Most Interesting People in Real Estate in 2022

17) The Real Deal 

While this is a source of daily news, not a traditional blog, it still made our list because of the quality content it publishes.

The Real Deal shares the latest stories from the world of real estate. It covers location-specific news from New York, South Florida, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Texas. You’ll also find pieces of national interest. 

Reading the latest news from this site is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date on the industry. However, you only get a limited number of articles for free. If you want to keep reading, you must pay for a subscription. 

Wondering what type of real estate coverage you’ll find? Check out this post to better understand what you’ll discover: US home prices drop annually for the first time in 12 years

18) Economists’ Outlook From The NAR

You can’t compile a list of the best real estate industry blogs without including one from the NAR. The folks there seriously publish expert advice that all agents should read. 

These posts have plenty of statistics, charts, and facts to back them up. They’re well-researched and reliable. However, they’re written in a conversational style which makes it easier to read about mortgage rates, interest rates, and key housing trends. 

Here’s an example of the quality writing you’ll find on this site: A Stunning Stat: There Are More American Households With Pets Than Children 


Learn all about the hottest markets and gain vital local market insights through the blog. In addition to the regularly published articles, you’ll find consistent video updates to help you keep up with the rapid changes in the industry. 

A trusted resource in the industry, also collects data and publishes the results in an easy-to-read format. Staying current on these stats and market trends is essential for agents, so add this blog to your list.

Check out this report to stay on top of the latest trends: February 2023 Monthly Housing Market Trends Report

Real Estate Blogs for Homebuyers and Sellers

Last (but certainly not least) let’s examine some blogs specifically designed for homebuyers and sellers. These sites provide valuable information to people buying or selling a home. Reading them is a great way to help you serve your clients. 

20) Redfin

Redfin real estate blog

A news site for home buyers and sellers, Redfin provides information about the latest trends in residential real estate. You’ll find plenty of advice on mortgages, home improvement projects, and what to look for when purchasing a house.

It provides detailed information on improving your home’s value, interior design, and more.

Buyers can also find a list of homes for sale in their specific state or city. For example, North Carolina is divided into several popular cities, such as Garner, Matthews, and Mooresville. This makes it simple for buyers to see what’s available.

Sellers will find all sorts of useful tips, such as those in this post: 37 Book Organization Ideas: The Ultimate Expert Guide

21) Zillow

As one of the most popular real estate marketplaces, Zillow also offers plenty of great posts in its blog, Zillow Porchlight. This blog covers more than just real estate trends and home-buying tips. 

You’ll also find content related to home maintenance, DIY repairs, making memories in your home, and unusual homes from around the globe. 

Suppose your clients are wondering what to do during the closing process. You could send them a link to this post as an additional resource: 5 Things to Do Before and After Closing

22) Trulia

Another popular site for real estate, Trulia’s blog has a wide range of topics related to buying or selling a home. You’ll find tips on how to get the most money when selling, information about property taxes, financing and budgeting advice, and information about the newest trends in home design. 

The buyer’s story is a popular series of posts on this site. These stories look at the experiences of real people who went through the process of buying a home. This can provide valuable insight for first-time buyers and sellers alike.

Here’s an example: My home buying story: How this single D.C. woman found her first home

23) Keeping Current Matters

Improve the way you educate your clients by reading the content on this blog. The helpful infographics and articles cover a wide range of real estate topics. 

The company also offers a subscription, which gives you access to personalized blog posts, social media graphics, buyer and seller guides, market reports, and other educational tools you can provide your clients. It’s a great resource for customizable graphics. 

For example, this colorful infographic explores why buying is better than renting: Buying a Home Makes More Sense Than Renting 

24) Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

From the company that produces the beloved magazine, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate’s blog is an excellent source of information for agents. You’ll find content related to interior design, entertaining, buying and selling, and home maintenance. 

The Ask a Pro feature is beneficial. It allows readers to submit questions and receive answers from real estate professionals. Previous inquiries have run the gamut from backyard privacy options to spare room design ideas. Each one has tips and advice to help make the project a success. 

We thought this one was a great idea: Ask a Pro Q&A: Turning a Basement into an Entertainment Room

25) Houzz

Houzz is a great design inspiration source for buyers and sellers. This blog provides content on numerous topics, such as home decor, landscaping, decorating through the holiday season, and remodeling advice.

Agents can use this information to help their clients create the perfect space for their needs.

You’ll also find plenty of videos and pictures on this site. For clients who prefer a visual, this feature is very helpful. You can quickly pull up a similar design to what they’re looking for and often find links to the exact materials used.

For example, we love the stunning kitchens in this post: 7 Dreamy New White-and-Wood Kitchens

25 Real Estate Blogs To Come Back To

By reading through these blog posts and keeping up with industry trends, you can stay informed and provide your clients with valuable advice.

Whether you’re looking for design inspiration to share with your clients or tips to make more efficient sales pitches to increase your home sales, each of these real estate blogs we mentioned offers something unique that could benefit your business endeavors.

Take a few moments to explore the content on each one; chances are you’ll find an article or two that will help propel your career forward!

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