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5 Study Tips to Pass the Real Estate Exam (CRUSH it!)

You’ve finished all your courses and are now ready to take your real estate licensing exam! Passing the real estate licensing exam is probably the most important step in getting your real estate license. Although the test isn’t particularly difficult, it does cover a wide range of materials and requires a decent amount preparation.

We recommend 5 simple real estate exam study tips to help you prepare for and pass the exam. Since each state has their own version of the exam, we only broke it down into general strategies you should employ when you’re studying.

Remember, once you pass the test your journey is just beginning! Choosing a brokerage may be the most important decision you make. Be sure to check out our free broker comparison sheet and check out this revolutionary brokerage option every savvy real estate agent should consider. Here are 5 study tips to help you crush the real estate exam!

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1) Write Down Everything to Memorize it

Studying for the real estate exam is like studying for any exams or tests. One of the most well known real estate exam study tips is to write down the important or highlighted sections in your courses.

When you write something down, it forces your mind to focus on that subject. So when you write down the important facts that will likely be tested on the exam, it will help you memorize the material better. We know that writing everything down can take some more time and little bit more effort, but it’s a proven method that will help you do better memorize the material that you will be tested on.

Usually in the course material, certain information will be bolded or highlighted. Try to write down all of that information. Most of the time, if a piece of information is being featured in some type of way it means that it will be tested on in the exam!

Here 5 real estate exam study tips to crush the exam! Yes, you still need to study.
writing down important information is one of the best real estate exam study tips
Writing stuff down helps you remember!

2) Review quizzes and tests

When you’re going through your courses, whether online or in person, you will have periodic quizzes and tests at the end of each section to monitor your progress. Passing those quizzes and tests are usually a requirement in order to complete your courses, but they can also be a great studying tool for the real estate licensing exam.

Reviewing your old quizzes and tests is one of the most effective real estate exam study tips since the course providers have designed their courses based off the state’s real estate licensing exam. Usually, those questions are designed to mimic the state and national real estate licensing exam questions in both format and content.

One of the best studying resources out there is the quizzes and tests that you’ve already taken in your courses. Go back and review those quizzes and tests to make sure that you are familiar with the format of the questions. There are also tons of free practice tests on the internet, once you’ve gone through your old tests, try some of these and see how well you fair. A good rule of thumb that I have is to make sure that you are consistently getting at least 80% of those questions correct.

3) Rewrite questions you missed

The third of our 5 real estate exam study tips ties in both the first and second tip. When going back through your old quizzes and tests, rewrite the questions that you’ve missed. Going back to the first tip, writing down the questions you missed is a good way to memorize the right answer and which questions you need to be more careful on during the exam.

take notes for your real estate licensing exam. Rewrite the questions that you missed on tests and quizzes, it is a great way to focus on your weak areas.
rewrite the questions you missed

Also, focusing your time more on questions that you’ve missed can really help you optimize your studying time, especially if you have a tight daily schedule and do not have an extended period of time to study. Since you missed those questions, it makes sense to go over those topics more than others because you already know the right answers to the ones you answered correctly.

A good way to do this is to mix up the questions every time you go back and practice so you won’t just be memorizing the order of the questions. And throw in some questions that you got right as well, especially ones that are similar in formatting, wording, and content to the ones you got wrong.

4) Build your own practice problems and teach it to someone else

One of the best ways to test how much knowledge you actually obtained from something is to try and explain that subject to someone else. If you can teach another person something, then you definitely have a good grasp on the material that you learned.

Start by coming up with your own practice problems, then when you’ve been able to answer all your own questions correctly, try to explain it someone else who haven’t taken the real estate courses. A great way to really be confident when going to take your real estate licensing exam is to be able to think like the test writers. So if you can come up with your own questions, it is a great sign that you already know what you will be asked on the exam.

The best way to show yourself and others that you have. mastered a subject is by being able to explain and teach the subject to someone else.
Teaching is Knowing!

A good question format for this strategy are math problems. Since you can essentially plug in any number for those types of problems, coming up with your own problems and solving them correctly is a great way to see that you can answer those questions correctly. And if you can teach someone else to do those same problems, then you’re really ready to pass the real estate exam.

5) Focus on areas you had difficulty with

This one kind of goes back to what we talked about in tip number 3, but on a larger scale. Instead of just looking at the questions that you missed on previous tests and quizzes, figure out which sections you had the most trouble with. Once you’ve done that, go back through that section or go through a crash course on that subject and try doing your end of section tests again. You should see some progress each time you do that.

One of the things that all aspiring real estate agents struggle with is finding the time to study. A lot of aspiring real estate agents are doing this while working a full time job or going to school full time. It is crucial that you are able to optimize your limited study time so that you give yourself the best chance to pass the real estate exam.

Using real estate exam study tips can help you work smarter and save time

Focusing on areas that you are weaker in can help you take advantage of your study time and really make sure that there aren’t any questions in the real estate licensing exam that will completely stump you. Now that’s a good sign that you will pass the real estate exam!

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Ready to Crush Your Exam?

The real estate licensing exam isn’t a particularly difficult test, but you do need to know what you’re doing. Since being a real estate agent requires that you are a qualified expert in the field of real estate, demonstrating that you have a thorough understanding of national and local real estate laws when you pass the real estate exam is essential to your success. Here are the 5 study tips you need to remember to help you pass the real estate exam:

With our 5 real estate exam study tips, you will be more than ready to crush the real estate exam and take the first steps to becoming a rock star real estate agent.
You’re Ready!
  1. Write Down Everything and Memorize is
  2. Review quizzes and tests
  3. Rewrite questions you missed
  4. Build your own practice problems and teach it to someone else
  5. Focus on areas you had difficulty with

With our 5 awesome real estate exam study tips and a badass work ethic, you will pass the real estate exam with no sweat!

I followed these real estate exam study tips and passed the exam: Now What?!

After passing your real estate exam, you will need to pick a sponsoring broker. It is usually better if you already have some companies in mind so you can start interviewing them right away after you get your license. Once you’ve done that and have finished all of your trainings and mentorship program, you will be ready to crush it out there as a real estate agent!

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