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120 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas in 2024 (Free & Paid Strategies)

120 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas in 2024 (Free & Paid Strategies)

120 lead generation ideas for agents

Generating real estate leads can be a challenge, especially with the way the market has been in recent months, so today we bring you this ultimate list of the 120 real estate lead generation ideas you can use to grow your real estate business.

Whether you’re a new agent looking for free real estate leads or a more seasoned realtor with money to invest in paid leads, we have a ton of strategies you can use in this comprehensive list.

So, if you’ve been wondering how to get more real estate leads, you are in the right place.

Download the Free Real Estate Leads Guide

Before we get started, make sure to download the full list of 120 real estate lead generation ideas so you can refer to it later.

Not only will you get the full list of real estate lead ideas, but you’ll also learn about specific eXp Realty programs, tools and features that are free for our team, plus lead gen strategies you can get coaching on.

Let’s get into it!

Free Real Estate Leads 

Wondering how to get free real estate leads? There are more ways free ways for real estate lead generation than you might think. 

We’ll be covering:


woman on phone

1. Tik Tok: Want to build a big following fast? Post <60 second videos that quickly grabs attention and provides value to the viewer! But be sure to use something like LinkTree to capture leads.

2. YouTube Channel: Build your evergreen organic lead flow by leveraging YouTube! Still the #2 search engine in the world, the opportunity is BIG.

3. YouTube Shorts: YouTube’s answer to Tik Tok is being promoted a lot to viewers. If you do tall format video, keep it <60 seconds so you can post on other platforms so you aren’t dependent on one platform.

4. Facebook Business Page | Post and Engage: Invite your sphere of influence to your agent business page, consistently post value-add content, and engage your potential customers for free leads! Use your squeeze pages too.

5. Facebook Business Page | Review Build-Up: With more Facebook reviews you’ll appear in searches for a local agent. Look the part when clients search for you online!

6. Facebook Messenger & Chatbots: Offer value to leads on Facebook/Instagram and ask them to PM you (not the other way around). Engage and be helpful! Use Chat Bots like ManyChat to auto-engage on your biz profiles.

7. Facebook Communities: Growing a niche Facebook Community where you are also the group’s real estate expert is a great way to attract local clients!

8. Instagram Posts: Leverage value-add posts & local hashtags to appear in new leads’ feeds! Use LinkTree or your website to capture leads.

9. Live Social Videos: Live videos get a LOT of views, even if there aren’t many while you’re live. Leverage while it’s hot with live value-add videos.

10. Facebook & Instagram Reels: Platforms are promoting tall format video! Build an audience and get lots of views quickly with reels. Use LinkTree to capture!

11. Facebook & Instagram Stories: Facebook & Instagram promote stories higher than posts and show them to users more! Take advantage & share stories often.

12. Post Listings To Facebook Groups: Share listings and open houses in bigger Facebook groups to grab attention and generate buyer leads

13. Twitter: Be active and use local area hashtags. Become the expert!

Squeeze Pages

Hold on – what exactly is a ‘squeeze page’?

Essentially a squeeze page is a type of landing page used to collect email addresses only. It’s different from a longer form landing page, which collects more user information and shares a lot more information too.

14. Seller Squeeze Page: An automated, instant home valuation tool on your website that you can post/share anywhere to collect seller leads for free.

15. Single Listing Squeeze Page: ​​A single listing page that can be shared on social media to collect interested buyer leads for free.

16. Property Search Squeeze Page: Set of listings matching search criteria as a shareable page for social media to collect interested buyer leads for free.

17. Market Report Squeeze Page: An automatically generated local real estate market report page that can be shared on social media to collect leads for free*

Online Real Estate Lead Generation Sources

real estate website on laptop

These free online lead generation tools are perfect for real estate agents to use no matter what your current business strategies are.

18. Agent Website (with listings, lead gen, CRM, and marketing): Professional, agent-branded website with listings from your MLS that requires viewers to provide contact info can turn leads into clients with lead gen tools and a backend database/CRM

19. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Perhaps the most underused opportunity in this list – write search-engine-optimized blog posts to rank on the first page of Google for local real estate keywords. Grab those leads as #1! 

20. Website SEO Tools: For a done-for-you website CRM, be sure to use search engine optimization tools on your website to rank high for keywords in your local area on search engines!

21. Email Newsletter: Send a regular email newsletter that adds value to stay top of mind and update your lead/sphere database.

22. Email / Text / Voicemail Automated Smart Campaigns: Create customizable marketing smart campaigns (drip campaigns) with email, text, video, & more tailored to each lead that enters your CRM! Chose a CRM with starter templates. 

23. Branded Client Home Search App: Similar to a website, but mobile! A branded smart app you can give to clients to search homes sets you above the rest 

24. Text Codes: Text ‘House’ to (123) 456-7890 for a free homebuyers guide! Collect phone numbers to your database to auto-market to. 

25. Fully fill out, keep updated, and build up reviews on your profile for the possibility of getting free leads.

26. Fully fill out, keep updated, and build up reviews on your profile to encourage free leads.

27. Fully fill out, keep updated, and build up reviews on your profile for the possibility of getting free leads.

28. NextDoor: Create a NextDoor profile, be active, and add value as the NextDoor neighborhood’s real estate expert. Don’t forget to request reviews! This is a great place to use squeeze pages as well

29. Alignable: A new platform, Alignable is a growing network of small businesses. Be the first to be active, get reviews, & give value!

30. Google My Business Profile & Reviews: This underused strategy allows agents who consistently post and build up lots of 5-star reviews to rank high on Google for free when people are searching locally for a real estate agent!

31. Craigslist: People still browse Craigslist for real estate! You can post your or other listings (rules vary by state) to get free buyer leads!

32. Online Forums: Engage in online real estate related forums, like BiggerPockets. Be the known local real estate professional by providing value! 

Traditional Free Lead Generation Ideas For Real Estate

couple entering open house

There are some things that never get old, and that’s why you really can’t overlook these free ‘traditional’ real estate lead generation ideas. After all, connecting with people IRL (in real life) makes more of a lasting impression than anything else.

33. Past Client & Sphere Of Influence Referrals: Serve your clients well, and they will remember and refer their friends! Be sure to stay top of mind and check on them often.

34. Host Open Houses For Other Agents: It’s free, just requires a few hours! Hosting open houses for other agents is a great way to meet & collect buyer leads!

35. Client Appreciation Parties / Events: This is an awesome way to remind your past clients how much they loved you so that they will refer more business your way!

36. Cross Promote Small Businesses: Offer to promote businesses to your clients (local shops, services, lawn care, etc.) in return for promoting you!

37. Business Cards: Hand out & leave cards with anyone you network with & talk to! Note: leaving cards in random places without engaging the people there isn’t going to do anything. Be sociable & likable!

38. Sphere Of Influence Outreach: Hey Beth, what’s new in your life? Engage your friends, family, & acquaintances frequently and offer value to stay top of mind and to see if they or someone they know needs real estate help!

39. Door Knocking: No, it’s not dead! Canvas your neighborhood. Bake cookies. Walk around and meet people, add value, and drop off goodies & flyers about the market and your services!

40. Call FSBOs: Another free lead source, offer homeowners having trouble with for sale by owner help and value. They may let you list if the home sits due to a lack of exposure, expertise, & marketing.

41. Call Expired Listings: Expired listings are free to call, so call and be sure to offer a better plan and value to get the homeowner’s home SOLD.

42. Show And Tell Your Business: Don’t forget to WEAR your business, SHARE your business, & tell everyone you encounter that you are a real estate professional! 

43. Offer Free CMAs & Consultations: Working for free up front is part of this biz! Be genuine and offer value like Comparative Market Analysis and Sales Consultations for free to draw business & demonstrate how valuable you are! 

44. Host An Informational Seminar / Webinar: First-time home buyer, seller tips, & other value add seminars in person or online are a great way to create interest & get leads! 


realtor at networking event

45. LinkedIn: This is actually a great social media tool for agents. You want professional clients and to be the area’s professional agent? Be active and engaging on LinkedIn! Befriend local professionals. 

46. Join Clubs & Groups: Become the go-to real estate expert in a group you’re also passionate about to have a great client source!

47. Investor Networking & Investment Groups: Attend or start real estate investor networking groups to meet people who are actively & repeatedly buying/selling properties!

48. Place Of Worship: Become the go-to real estate expert at your place of worship to have a great client source! Add value at every turn.

49. Fitness Clubs / Classes / Gyms: Become the go-to real estate expert at your gym or fitness classes to grow a client source while improving your health!

50. Garage Sales: Garage sales might mean home sales! Get out there network!

51. PTA & School Involvement: Get involved at your kids’ school and make yourself known as the neighborhood’s real estate expert by sharing knowledge

52. Join The HOA / COA: Who has intimate knowledge of your neighborhood real estate? The HOA! Be the level-headed real estate agent for easy leads.

53. Network With The Military Community: Military families are required to move every few years. Network, be a VA loan expert, understand their challenges, and take care of them for referrals from an endless stream of moving clients.


54. Partner With Home Builders: Network with and become the listing agent of choice for local builders to get an amazing stream of new home listings!

55. Attorneys: For better or worse, people need to sell homes to get out of legal situations (like divorce or death). Network & be the referral agent of choice to help solve problems for local attorneys.

56. Banks For Short Sales: Learn the short sale process and partner with bank real estate reps to list short sale properties before they go to foreclosure.

57. Talk To Apartment Reps: Meet apartment leasing representatives. When tenants are considering moving out to buy a home they will refer them to you!

58. Wholesalers: Wholesalers do a lot of marketing to find sellers–and many sellers would rather list than sell to the wholesaler. Partner! 

59. Lenders: If you give a lot of business to a partner lender, they will refer leads that don’t have an agent yet to you! 

60. Title Agents / Attorneys: While it doesn’t happen that often, a lead is a lead! A title agent partner will sometimes refer clients your way, be good to them! 

61. Home Inspectors: When you have a go-to inspector that you refer a lot of business to, they will refer clients right back your way. 

62. Property Managers & Vacation Rentals: If you work with investors to sell rental properties and short-term rentals, partner with property managers! Be their go to sales agent that brings clients & they will send business to you. 

Additional Free Lead Gen Strategies for Realtors

63. Market Sale Incentives: Builders and some sellers will offer additional incentives to buyers, like concessions, lower interest rates, upgrades, improvements, and more. Market those incentives to get buyers! 

64. Build An Investor List & Send Opportunities: There are TONS of real estate investors & investor communities. You can quickly build a buyer list by offering to and sending out real estate investment deals on a frequent basis.

65. Credit Repair Help: Offer to coach future buyers who may not be able to buy yet due to a low credit score to help increase their score! They will be grateful & choose you to help with their first home purchase. 

66. HUD Home Marketing: Market yourself as a HUD home buyers’ agent or work with HUD to become a HUD sales agent to get through your broker. 

67. Offer A Free Moving To The Area Guide: Create a resource-packed guide to your local area for people moving there. Give it away in groups, on social media, & in businesses for lead contact info & add them to your marketing!^ 

Pay By Lead: Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

paid advertising


The huge benefit of paying for advertising to generate real estate leads is the data and insights you receive. No matter where you’re advertising you’ll learn more about your prospective clients by how they interact with your ads.

So, look out for opportunities to test new online ad campaigns so you can optimize your creative, copy, and targeting to increase engagement and your ROI.

68. Facebook Ads & Retargeting: Facebook ads with retargeting are an inexpensive way to get leads. Be sure to set up your drip campaign to identify the hot leads from the cold ones.

69. Facebook / Instagram Listing Carousel Ads: Use carousel ads with property listings to boost ad spend performance for leads. Use automated drip campaigns after!

70. Google Display Ads & Retargeting: Display ads with retargeting are an inexpensive way to get leads. Be sure to set up your drip campaign to identify the hot leads from the cold ones effortlessly.

71. Google Pay Per Click: Pay Per Click (PPC) is another inexpensive lead source. Be sure to use automated drip campaigns here too!

72. Making it Rain Ads: Done-for-you ads that generate higher converting leads. Again, don’t forget that smart campaign!

73. Zip Code Farming: Target seller marketing to specific areas/zip codes of neighborhoods you want to sell! Homeowners move every 8 years on average so save costs by not marketing to recent sales.

74. Property Boost Ads: Have a listing or open house? Run ads on Facebook with a single button press to draw in buyer leads and promote the listing and open house to prospective buyers! Win listings with this ability.

75. Tik Tok Ads: High-converting ads with a LOT of eyeballs? Look no further than Tik Tok! If you are leveraging the platform for agent lead generation anyway, boost your visibility. Use Linktree or similar! 


76. Handwritten Cards: Write cards or even have cards done for you that appear handwritten with tools like Handwrytten – even integrate this into your CRM as a drip campaign touch action!

77. Auto-Gifting Your SOI & Past Clients: Use automated gift mailing services like MailboxPower to remind your friends and clients that you’re the best agent ever! Brand your gifts for an even powerful top-of-mind push.

78. Custom Closing Gifts to Remember: Leverage SUPER unique closings gifts (think customizable Etsy gifts) that are so cool they’ll never forget how awesome you are and will want to refer and work with you again in the future

79. Referral Thank You Gifts / Cards: Anytime anyone refers a client to you, send a card with a gift! Show your appreciation and they may send more your way! You can leverage Handwrytten to easily send cards WITH gift cards.

Additional Pay By Lead Ideas

80. Zillow Premier Agent: Zillow’s paid lead generation program. Pay to play on Zillow 

81. Paid: Connections plus paid lead generation options.

82. BiggerPockets Featured Agent: Become a BiggerPockets Featured Agent – a paid program for real estate investor buyer leads – for repeat clients.

83. Be a Exclusive Agent for buyer and seller leads.

84. Cold Calling Platforms: Platforms like REDx make cold calling easy for pulling lists, auto-dialing, multi-dialing, and tracking lead progress. 

85. Zillow Premier Agent: Zillow’s paid lead generation program. Pay to play on Zillow

86. Paid: Connections plus paid lead generation options. 

Pay By Platform: Material Lead Generation Ideas

87. Flyers / Door Hangers: Create custom flyers and door hangers either with brokerage-provided marketing materials or Canva to prospect around! 

88. Mailers / Postcards: Send mailers and postcards for marketing to an area or to surrounding homes after a sale to stay top of mind as the agent in the area who is crushing it. Long-term commitment is key. 

89. Branded Magazine / Newspaper: Yes, you can even create and send branded newspapers and magazines, and while expensive, it has a big impact.

90. Newspaper / Magazine Ads: Another way to stay top of mind is by being in your prospects’ newspapers and magazines. Local material is best. 

91. Radio / TV Ads: More expensive but an effective way to get your name out there, especially if you focus on local media outlets.

92. Sponsored Ads in Local Businesses: A great way to get exposure and stay top of mind in the local community you serve.

93. Sponsor An Event / Tent / Table: Sponsor a table or booth at your local events! You know the usual events–offer something unique or of value and network! 

94. Distressed / Pre-Foreclosures: Purchase pre-foreclosure and distressed property lists to market to, mail to, cold call, etc. Help solve the seller’s problem. Combine this with cash offer programs like Express Offers. 

95. Absentee Owners: Purchase absentee owner lists to market to see if they are tired of owning and ready to move on. Solve their problem! Combine this with cash offer programs like Express Offers.

96. Run Contests / Raffles for SOI: Nurture your prospect database by rewarding your biggest fans! Create participation required contests/rales/giveaways. 

97. Professional Seller Guidebooks: Woo your listing leads into listing clients with killer professional seller guidebooks and listing books with tools like Authorify

98. NextDoor Premium: Pay for sponsored posts as a featured agent in NextDoor. Get more views and have the ability to post listings. 

99. Car Magnets / Decals: Tell everyone you know you are a real estate agent! A great inexpensive way to do that is with magnets and decals. 

100. Signage / Billboards / Benches, etc: Want to stay top of mind? Put your face on signs, billboards, benches, and anywhere else you can think of. People notice! 

Pay By Referral: Lead Generation Ideas

lead generation

101. Corporate Relocation Programs: This is where a brokerage partners with a company for employee relocations. Complete qualifications and join your brokerage’s corporate relo program for handed-to-you clients!

102. REO Partnership Programs: Complete qualifications and join your brokerage’s Real Estate Owned (REO) program–another name for foreclosures–for foreclosure listings handed to you.

103. Business Affinity Programs: This is where a brokerage partners with a company to be the go-to real estate servicer. Complete your qualifications and join your brokerage’s Business Affinity program for more clients! 

104. Express Offer Inbound Leads: Express Offers now markets nationally to bring in seller leads for enrolled agents! Get seller clients that close fast. 

105. Agent To Agent Referral Network: Give outbound clients to other agents for a 25-30% commission split or get inbound clients from other agents! Leverage your brokerage’s national/international network or groups like this

106. Cross Refer with Commercial Agents: Know commercial agents? Oer to take on their residential clients as referrals and refer commercial business back to them.

107. Join A Production Team – Leads For Splits: Join a team within a brokerage that provides leads in exchange for a commission split. For some, it may be more convenient than doing your own lead gen, but you’ll need to learn to grow.

108. International Referral Partners: In an area with a lot of international buyers? Partner with agents in different countries to offer referrals for clients.

109. SellWhenever: SellWhenever gifts an upfront cash incentive to homeowners in return for agreeing to list with you when they sell. 

110 – 120: Lead for Referral Split Programs: Check out these real estate lead generation companies that specialize in referrals. There is typically no upfront cost as you just pay a broker-to-broker referral fee upon closing.

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