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7 Motivational Real Estate Team Building Activities!

real estate team building activities to improve real estate team culture.

Building a real estate team culture can be quite difficult, but it is possible to do with the right amount of effort. Real estate teams are made up of many different people from various backgrounds and experiences. Some members may be new to the industry while others have been in it for decades. This diversity makes building a unified company culture that much more challenging. The good news is that there are ways for real-estate team leaders and brokers to improve their team’s overall environment by implementing practical tips into their businesses immediately!

7 Real Estate Team Building Activities For Brokers & Team Leaders:

  1. Share Your Mission
  2. Encourage Agents to Work Together
  3. Build a Structured Plan
  4. Create and Maintain Accountability
  5. Recruit the Right Agents to Your Team
  6. Allow Your Agents to Have Some Fun
  7. Develop Leaders

1) Share the Mission of Your Real Estate Team

The first real estate team building activity is to share the mission of your real estate team with all of the agents on your team. Real estate agents are eager to learn how they can be successful in their careers.

For example, realtors who work for eXp Realty have the Real Estate Fast Start training program where all new agents start with a week-long orientation which gives them an introduction into the company’s culture and mission.

Real estate teams should strive to make sure every agent on their team understands why each member is important as well as what role he or she plays within that organization. Having this common understanding among your agents will build unity between members of your real estate team because everyone knows what goal they need to achieve together through sharing information, working hard, and cooperating towards attaining success!

If a real estate team leader is not clear on the mission of their team and why their agents should be excited to work towards their goals, then it is difficult for team leaders to motivate or influence their agents later on. Real estate team leaders should be very clear about what they are trying to accomplish through their business, how everyone can help achieve this goal together, as well as why it is important for them all to succeed!

2) Encourage Agents to Learn from Each Other

real estate team leaders should encourage mentor agents and mentee agents.

The second of the 7 most effective real estate team building activities is to encourage mentor/mentee relationships between your agents.

Real estate agents are eager to learn from each other in order to improve their business and grow their income. Real estate teams need to encourage this exchange of knowledge by providing opportunities for agents on your team who want to mentor those who do not have as much experience or vice versa!

If a realtor has some great strategies that they learned over the years but is unwilling share them with others, then it can create an atmosphere where no one wants to help anyone else out because everyone feels like they will be taken advantage of if they share what information they know with newer members! This can create jealousy amongst the agents on your team and create a scarcity mindset, which will hinder the development of new agents that join your team.

3) Create a Detailed Structure in Your Real Estate Team

One of the most important ways for a real estate team leader to create culture within their real estate team is to set a structure within their team where the agents can share ideas with each other on how to improve their businesses.

Real estate teams are made up of very different personalities and it is important to create a structure within the team so that everyone can be heard without anyone feeling dismissed or taken advantage of. Real estate agents who feel like their ideas will not get acknowledged by others may decline to share them, which means they will never have an opportunity to improve on those strategies!

In order for realtors in your agency or real-estate company to continue sharing new ways they find clients and make deals happen with each other long term, you need to set aside time at regular intervals where every member has a chance to give feedback as well as listen respectfully when someone else shares their insight.

This allows members of your team a platform where they do not get intimidated by other agents in the group. Real estate teams that have a culture of open communication are able to share ideas freely, which will lead to an atmosphere where team members can grow their businesses together!

Setting aside time for weekly meetings or masterminds at regular intervals throughout the week for agents to give feedback can be a great way for the agents on your team to be familiar with each other and share ideas.

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4) Create and Maintain Accountability in Your Real Estate Team

Maintain accountability in your real estate team.

On top of creating a structure for agents on your team to share ideas, creating and maintaining accountability throughout your team should be one of the most important things to consider as a real estate team leader.

Accountability can be established by having clearly defined goals at different intervals that agents on your team can be accountable for. This could mean setting weekly, monthly, or quarterly goals that everyone needs to achieve in order to stay on track!

If you are not clear on what you want your team members to do then it will be difficult for them to know how they are doing and whether they need to step up their game or not. On the other hand, if a real estate agent feels like they are constantly being micro-managed by a boss or manager then they may feel discouraged and unmotivated which could lead them to leave your company.

Real estate agents are not employees who receive a salary, they are independent business owners just like yourself, so it is important to find a balance between giving them the freedom they need to succeed while still maintaining a level of accountability.

A real estate team leader can improve agent productivity and morale by creating an environment where agents are constantly encouraged and feel like their work is being seen and appreciated. This can be done by setting goals for each member of your team that are achievable but challenging, providing feedback regularly, and celebrating small victories along the way!

If you want to keep more agents on your team then it is important to create a culture where everyone feels motivated to do their best. Achievable goals, feedback, and acknowledgment for effort go a long way in motivating Real Estate Agents!

5) Recruit the Right Agents That Fit Your Culture

Finding the right agents to join your team is probably the most important aspect in determining your real estate team’s culture and identity. After all, culture is built by the actual agents themselves.

It is important to recruit agents that are in alignment with your team’s culture and goals. Real estate teams that have a specific focus or niche often do better because the agents share a common interest or goal.

When interviewing potential new real estate agents, be sure to ask them about their previous experiences working with other real estate teams, what they are looking for in a new opportunity, and how they like to work best.

If you can find an agent who already has some of the same values as your team then it will be easier for them to assimilate into the group!

On the other hand, if you hire an agent that doesn’t quite fit into your team’s culture then it could lead to tension and conflict down the road. It is important to be mindful of this when recruiting new members to your team so that you are not wasting your time and energy trying to recruit an agent that you will not retain in the future.

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6) Build Comeraderie Amongst Team Members

When the agents on your real estate team are comfortable enough with each other to call each other their friends, then you know that have created the perfect culture for your real estate team.

One of the best ways to build comradery among your team members is by having fun and relaxed activities. This could mean going out for a happy hour after work, playing games together during company meetings, or even taking a group trip somewhere!

The more bonded your team becomes, the harder it will be for them to leave when another opportunity comes their way. Real estate agents are more likely to refer other agents to join the team if they have had a good experience working with you and your team!

Creating a culture where agents feel comfortable being themselves is key in building lasting relationships that will help keep your real estate business running smoothly. If you can help the agents on your team blur the line between their work and their life in a positive way, then you would have accomplished something very few team leaders have achieved.

7) Encourage Agents to Become Leaders

encourage real estate agents to become leaders.

Lastly, the most effective real estate team building activity for team leaders is to find ways to develop other leaders from the agents on their team.

Leadership is an important part of every team and company, but it does not always have to be the manager or owner who provides leadership for their agents. Real estate teams that are built on a foundation of leaders succeed because everyone understands the importance of being accountable for themselves. This makes them more successful than other real estate teams where most people feel like they only follow orders from a single leader!

One way to encourage Real Estate Agents to become leaders within your team is by having agency meetings at different times throughout the day instead of all in one big meeting once per week! One morning meeting could provide information about goals, tasks, etc… while another afternoon meeting might allow them time to share ideas with each other and brainstorm solutions together.

Breaking weekly or monthly meetings up into smaller groups with different times is a great way to encourage Real Estate Agents on your team with different skillsets and specialties to take the initiative and build their leadership skills.

Real estate agents are some of the most driven people in business, but it is important for real estate leaders to give them opportunities to develop themselves as individuals. Real estate teams that have strong agency cultures don’t just succeed because they have good ideas or marketing plans—it’s because everyone shares accountability for one another!

If you can find ways for each agent on your Real Estate Team to feel like an individual contributor then I guarantee that you will see amazing results from all of your hard work building culture within your company!

Motivate Your Real Estate Team with Us!

Creating a Real Estate Team takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but it’s definitely worth it in the end! When done correctly, a real estate team can help you take your business to the next level while improving agent productivity and morale. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to creating an amazing culture for your real estate team!

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