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#1 Best Real Estate Transaction Checklist Templates

#1 Best Real Estate Transaction Checklist Templates

Whether you’re a Realtor out there doing your real estate thing or you’re a real estate transaction coordinator, nothing makes your life easier to go from contract to closing than a great real estate transaction checklist!

All real estate agents should leverage a real estate checklist template to ensure that nothing is missed, from the moment a real estate contract is signed through the closing date.

In this post, you can download our free real estate transaction checklists! These customizable checklists are absolute real estate agent lifesavers. This also can serve as a TC checklist.

Download Transaction Checklists:

Get your free customizable real estate transaction checklist templates with seller and buyer transactions with single transaction printable sheets and multiple transaction trackers here:

Importance of Using a Great Real Estate Transaction Checklist Template

How well a transaction goes can make or break the experience for your real estate clients. And with the increasing importance of great online Realtor reviews and referrals from satisfied past clients, you can’t risk delivering an unsatisfying experience! Customer service is everything in this business!

The best way to ensure you deliver the best experience possible for your clients, ensure you complete tasks, get tear jerking amazing online real estate agent testimonials, and get client referrals from happy past clients, is to use a repeatable list: a real estate transaction checklist!

Not using a real estate transaction checklist template will leave you stressed to the max!
Not using a real estate transaction checklist template will leave you stressed to the max!

Your real estate closing process isn’t complete without a real estate closing checklist template, for both Realtors and real estate transaction coordinators. This will allow you to master task management by providing all the relevant information for each transaction.

Key Elements of a Great Real Estate Transaction Checklist Template

A great transaction checklist needs to incorporate five key elements:

  1. All of the key steps and important details to a typical buyer or listing transaction
  2. Critical due dates as directed by the signed real estate contract
  3. Ability to easily track multiple transaction statuses at once in one place
  4. Ability to print more detailed single real estate transaction checklist templates
  5. Buyer and seller tailored transaction checklists
Using a real estate transaction checklist template will simplify your life and blow up your business!

Our free real estate transaction checklist templates incorporate all three of these elements! Check those out below for instant download. But first, let’s review key steps in buyer and seller transaction.

Key Steps in a Buyer Real Estate Transaction

While transactions can differ by state and locality, there are key steps usually involved in EVERY real estate buyer transaction that we would want captured in a transaction checklist real estate template. Let’s touch on them:

Pre-Contract Activities

While a transaction checklist typically covers from contract to closing, let’s first touch on some of the pre-contract activities required to get to that point!

  • Requirements Discussions – Understand your clients’ goals
  • Search Alert Setup – Direct MLS home criteria search alerts
  • Financing Pre-Approval – Get your client approved to buy
  • Home Search & Showings – Show homes and make offers
  • Get it Under Contract – Negotiate and win the day

Now that you’re under contract, the real transaction coordination begins!

Printable real estate transaction Checklist Templates
What one of the printable templates in our real estate transaction checklist templates google sheet looks like!

Buyer Transaction Activities

A buyer real estate transaction checklist template needs to contain the following, at a minimum:

  • Contract, Key Dates, & Contact Information to Key Parties: Title, Seller’s agent, Lender, Buyers
  • Earnest Money Deposit
  • Contract & Transaction Info Sent to Broker
  • Financing Process Initiated
  • Inspector and Insurance Recommendations Delivered
  • Inspection(s) Scheduled
  • Inspection Reviewed
  • Repairs Requested / Negotiated
  • Repairs Scheduled
  • Appraisal Ordered
  • Survey Collected / Ordered
  • Repairs Completed / Verified
  • Appraisal Completed
  • Utility Providers Info and Phone Number Sent
  • Insurance Binder in Place
  • Clear to Close
  • Closing Time/Location Scheduled
  • Cash to Close Delivered
  • Closing Gift
  • Closing Day
  • Final Contract Paperwork Uploaded
  • Review Request

It’s SUPER EASY to see how something could get lost in the fray, especially if you have multiple transactions going at once!

Personally, as a new agent, once I hit four transaction in escrow at once, I started to really drop the ball–not intentionally, of course–but this was starting to hurt my performance for my clients which is never a good thing!

Key Steps of a Seller Real Estate Transaction

Now let’s review the key steps of a seller real estate transaction. There are far fewer pre-contract activities with a listing, because the listing agreement is usually the very first step (besides winning the listing!).

Seller Transaction Activities

A listing real estate transaction checklist template should encompass the following, at a minimum:

  • Repair & Preparation Recommendations
  • List Price Strategy Recommendation
  • Listing Pictures (and Clean)
  • Listing Created & Details Collected
  • Showing Plan (and Lockbox)
  • Yard Sign and Rider
  • Seller’s Disclosure & Addenda Done & Uploaded
  • Listing Active
  • Open Houses Scheduled
  • Open Houses Completed
  • Coordinate Showings
  • Feedback Collected
  • Adjustments to Sell
  • Under contract!
  • Contract Paperwork Uploaded & Circulated
  • Coordinate Inspection(s)
  • Coordinate Appraisal
  • Coordinate Survey
  • Negotiate Repairs
  • Coordinate Repairs & Verify Complete
  • Schedule Closing Time/Location
  • Closing Gift
  • Closing Day
  • Final Contract Paperwork Uploaded
  • Review Request

As you know and by the list you can tell: there is always a big opportunity for something to get missed in any transaction. So let’s fix that by using a great real estate transaction checklist template!

Downloadable Real Estate Transaction Checklist Template

Download our free, digital, real estate transaction checklist template at the top of this post!

More free resources, downloads, and checklists:

Should You Hire a Transaction Coordinator?

The advice I give to our free national agent team – learn more about joining us for growth and freedom here – is that you should work through your first handful of transactions yourself.

This free, customizable real estate transaction checklist template is perfect for guiding you though transactions without a transaction coordinator.

However, if you want to really grow your business, you are going to need a transaction coordinator. There are three main reasons for this:

  1. Task Overload from Multiple in Escrow: Once you have a few transactions in progress at the same time, it becomes REALLY easy to miss something important.
  2. Your Most Important Activity is Never Transaction Management: Your most important activity is getting the next client and getting them under contract!
  3. Scale Requires a Lead Gen Focus: If you want to scale your business and promote to a team leader, lead generation is the name of the game to do that. If you’re bogged down in transactions, you can’t focus on that.

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