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Agent Team Building


Why Every Agent Should Build a Team

Solo agents have limits that team leaders can blow right past! Once you know how to create leads, the next step you can take toward exponential business growth in real estate is by starting your own team – where everyone wins together by focusing on helping other agents succeed!

Solo Agent vs Team Leader

Even as a brand new agent, you can scale a team, locally, nationally, or even internationally, to build a real estate legacy. To understand the difference between a team leader and a solo agent, let’s take a look at where each falls under Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant.

Solo Agents are Limited

A solo agent does everything on their own and may have one or two assistants or vendors to help them in their business. As a solo agent, you will always be an essential piece of your business operations and will never be able to remove yourself from the business. 

Team Builders are Limitless

A team leader creates systems and outsources their business to the agents on their team the employees on their staff. As a team leader, you are inclined to help your agents succeed because that is how you can remove yourself from working in your business and work solely ON your business. 

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The question all new agents have: Solo Real Estate Agent vs Team.  Which makes the most sense? Let’s break down the pros and cons of joining a real estate agent team – or even starting your own!

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Do you need to be a broker to start a team? Actually, pursuing a broker’s license will not help you scale easily and quickly. 

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