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The Top Real Estate Teams in the US by Sales Volume

In the competitive market of real estate, the achievements of the top real estate teams are a testament to their expertise, strategic acumen, and dedication to service. These elite groups have distinguished themselves through their impressive sales volumes, which reflect not only their ability to close deals but also their capacity to navigate market trends and client needs effectively. The ranking of the top real estate teams by sales volume offers insight into the industry’s best performers and underscores the hard work and innovative methods that propel them to the forefront.

The Top Real Estate Teams in the US by Sales Volume

Measuring success in the real estate sector involves a complex array of factors, among which sales volume stands as a critical indicator of a team’s prowess and market influence. The top real estate teams secure their status by pooling together diverse talents, employing cutting-edge technology, and engaging in thorough market analysis to deliver exceptional results. Their sustained performance contributes significantly to shaping the housing market and serves as a barometer for consumer trust and satisfaction.

What Makes the Top Real Estate Teams?

The most successful real estate teams share several key qualities that set them apart:

  1. Strong Client Relationships: Top real estate teams prioritize building and maintaining strong relationships with their clients, leveraging an existing client base for continued success.
  2. Local Market Expertise: These top real estate teams boast extensive knowledge of the local market, enabling them to provide valuable insights and advice to their clients.
  3. Access to Exclusive Listings: Leading teams often have access to exclusive listings, including off-market properties, giving them a competitive edge in the market.
  4. Effective Team Collaboration: Top real estate teams excel at working together cohesively, often blending new talent with seasoned mentors to create a dynamic and successful team environment.

By embodying these qualities, top real estate teams are able to consistently deliver exceptional results for their clients and maintain their status as industry leaders.

Who Are the Top Real Estate Teams?

Top real estate teams are evaluated based on various criteria, such as the number of transactions completed or the profitability of their deals. Collaborating with these top teams can significantly benefit new agents, helping them advance their careers. Experienced agents can also benefit from working with top teams, as they often receive more leads and successfully close more deals.

At the pinnacle of such success stories is eXp Realty’s The Lion League, which stands out as a premier team in the industry. These top real estate teams, often composed of skilled agents, contribute significantly to their respective companies by leveraging collective experience and expertise to facilitate transactions that propel them to the top of sales volume lists.

The Top Real Estate Teams in the US

An aerial view of a cityscape with various real estate team logos and buildings representing the top 50 teams in the US by sales volume

The landscape of the United States real estate market is characterized by highly efficient and successful real estate teams. These top real estate teams distinguish themselves through impressive sales volume, setting industry benchmarks. For instance, the Robert Slack Team has amassed over 400 agents, translating to nearly $1 billion in sales as of 2019.

Similarly, the Jason Mitchell Group, since its establishment in 2006, has accomplished over 24,000 transactions, culminating in $11 billion in sales. These numbers are not just indicative of their dominance in the market, but also of the trust and efficiency they offer their clientele.

Data from the previous calendar year reveals that RealTrends acknowledges these teams in The Thousand – a list showcasing the top 1,000 U.S. real estate professionals by sales volume. Within this prestigious list, one can find mega teams that have managed more than $8.3 billion in sales, contributing to a significant portion of the industry’s transactions.

Teams such as these are essential to the real estate sector, demonstrating steadfast performance and a commitment to high-volume sales. Their successful navigation through the complexities of property transactions affirms their position as leaders in the field. The sheer volume of sales and transactions underlines the relentless drive and proficiency of these top teams, making them an integral part of the U.S. real estate economy.

The Best Real Estate Teams to Join: eXp Realty’s The Lion League

The Lion League distinguishes itself within eXp Realty’s expansive network by emphasizing an ‘agents first’ philosophy, fostering a supportive environment that is conducive to professional growth. This approach not only benefits the real estate agents affiliated with The Lion League but also resonates with clients who receive exceptional service from motivated and well-supported representatives. The culture of collaboration and innovation within The Lion League serves as a beacon for agents seeking to advance their real estate career within an organization that values their contributions and facilitates their success.

Choosing where to build or continue a real estate career is a decisive step for agents who aim to reach new heights in sales and customer satisfaction. The success of a real estate team, exemplified by The Lion League’s performance, can be attributed to a fusion of strong leadership, robust support systems, and the aggregation of individual agent expertise, all of which contribute to a dynamic and prosperous real estate endeavor.

Why Choose the Lion League?

The Lion League, under the banner of eXp Realty, offers a unique combination of resources, training, and support that are unmatched in the real estate industry. It stands as a testament to Glenn Sanford’s vision of an agent-centric brokerage, where real estate professionals are empowered to achieve new heights. With personalized coaching and access to an extensive network of experienced professionals, The Lion League agents are equipped to excel in various markets in over 20 states in the US and even multiple countries outside of North America.

The Lion League’s expansive reach and consistent track record of nurturing top-tier talent place it firmly at the pinnacle of real estate teams, not just within the United States but on a global scale.

Analyzing Sales Volume

A chart displaying the top 50 real estate teams in the US, ranked by sales volume, with clear labels and a visually appealing layout

Sales volume is a critical indicator of a real estate team’s performance, reflecting both their ability to attract and close deals.

Key Factors Influencing Sales Volume

Several elements play pivotal roles in a real estate team’s sales volume. First and foremost, market conditions such as supply and demand, interest rates, and economic trends significantly impact sales potential. Additionally, a team’s efficiency, use of technology, and network can either amplify or hinder the volume of sales.

  • Market conditions: Supply and demand, interest rates, economic trends
  • Team efficiency: Use of technology, transaction management
  • Network: Size and effectiveness of the agent network

Sales Volume Benchmarks

Benchmarks for sales volume help in distinguishing top-performing teams from their peers. They are important for setting targets and understanding the industry landscape.

  • The Thousand: A list of the 1,000 top real estate professionals based on previous year’s data.
  • Top Mega Teams by Volume: Teams with unusually high sales volumes, often in the billions of dollars.

The Role of Team Structure in Performance

A group of interconnected gears turning smoothly, symbolizing the efficient and effective teamwork of the top 50 real estate teams in the US

In real estate, performance hinges significantly on team structure, with each size category demonstrating distinct operational dynamics and sales outcomes.

Small Teams

Small real estate teams typically consist of 2-5 agents. Such teams often benefit from a close-knit dynamic that allows for flexible roles and a personalized approach to real estate service. They tend to focus on building strong client relationships and can quickly adapt to changes in the market or client needs. However, small teams might face challenges in scaling their business and managing a large volume of transactions simultaneously.

Medium Teams

Medium-sized teams, usually numbering between 6 and 10 agents, strike a balance between the nimbleness of small teams and the resourcefulness of larger groups. This team structure enables the delegation of specialized roles, such as dedicated listing agents or buyers’ agents, while still maintaining a cohesive unit that can support rapid growth and larger transaction volumes.

Large Teams

Large real estate teams, comprising approximately 11-20 agents, start to experience the benefits of substantial resources, such as robust administrative support and a wide array of specialty roles. These resources give large teams an edge in marketing power and the ability to handle a higher number of listings and transactions, leading to significant increases in sales volume.

Mega Teams

Mega teams are powerful players in the real estate industry, often having more than 20 agents. Teams like the Robert Slack Team dominate with exceptional sales volumes, driven by a vast network of agents and specialization. This size allows for comprehensive market coverage, high-volume sales, and the ability to harness extensive data and trends to predict market shifts, though it requires meticulous management to ensure consistent performance across the board.

Revenue Share Organizations

Revenue share organizations are a new type of top real estate teams that allows agents to keep more of their commission while enjoying the benefits of additional resources, structure, and systems of being a part of a team. Teams like the Lion league at eXp are revenue share organizations rather than traditional top real estate teams, allowing agents to run their business independently while supporting them like any other top real estate teams would.

Top Real Estate Teams by Brand

A graphic showing the branding of a real estate company

In the competitive market of real estate, certain brands stand out by hosting some of the highest-performing teams in terms of sales volume. These teams are recognized for their extensive networks and market expertise. Below is a detailed breakdown by brand.

Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams hosts a notable number of top-performing real estate teams. The brand’s philosophy emphasizes training and technology, which has attracted a robust cadre of real estate professionals. For instance, KW’s mega teams managed over $8.3 billion in sales, reflecting the brand’s effective cultivation of high-caliber realtors.

Coldwell Banker Realty

With a well-established reputation, Coldwell Banker Realty houses numerous teams that achieve substantial sales figures yearly. Their commitment to innovation and customer service allows their realtors to secure a place among America’s best. Teams affiliated with Coldwell Banker consistently perform at the top of the industry.

EXP Realty

EXP Realty, a cloud-based brokerage, is rapidly gaining recognition with its unique business model that has proven successful for participating real estate teams. The brand supports an array of top-performing agents who leverage cutting-edge technology and a global online community to increase sales volume and efficiency. Joining the revenue share organization with the right sponsor at eXp is crucial to an agent’s success. Revenue share organizations act as your real estate team and provides agents with exclusive tools and resources above and beyond just what the brokerage provides agents.


The prestigious Sotheby’s Real Estate brand is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. Their teams are comprised of adept realtors who specialize in high-end properties. The brand’s commitment to excellence and an international presence enables Sotheby’s teams to offer unrivaled service in the luxury real estate market.

Marketing Strategies of Top Teams

A graph showing the sales volume of the top 50 real estate teams

To maintain their position at the pinnacle of real estate sales, the top real estate teams employ strategic marketing approaches that utilize both digital and traditional channels. These strategies are tailored to engage potential home buyers and sellers effectively, ensuring maximum visibility for their listings.

Digital Marketing Initiatives

Top real estate teams invest significantly in digital marketing initiatives to reach a broad audience. They often have professionally designed websites that are optimized for search engines, ensuring that potential sellers and buyers can find them easily. These websites typically feature high-quality images and videos of their listings, alongside detailed information to attract and retain visitor interest.

  • SEO Optimization: They incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to increase their online visibility.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Utilizing platforms like Facebook and Instagram to showcase properties and share customer testimonials.
  • Email Marketing: Implementing targeted email campaigns to keep clients informed about new listings and market trends.

Traditional Marketing Channels

Despite the surge in digital tactics, top teams do not neglect traditional marketing channels, recognizing their continued relevance in certain markets.

  • Print Media: This includes high-quality brochures and direct mail campaigns to targeted neighborhoods.
  • Networking Events: They attend and sponsor local events to establish relationships with potential clients and industry professionals.

By combining digital prowess with time-tested traditional methods, these real estate powerhouses create comprehensive marketing campaigns that resonate with a diverse array of clients.

Success Stories

A bustling city skyline with towering skyscrapers and a prominent real estate office building, surrounded by sold signs and bustling with activity

In US real estate, a few teams stand out for their remarkable sales volumes and performance. The teams listed have each carved out a unique position in the market, demonstrating expertise, strategic growth, and unparalleled customer service.

The Loken Group, Inc

The Loken Group, Inc has consistently made a name for itself by achieving impressive sales volumes. They have established a robust presence in their market, serving an extensive customer base with professionalism and efficiency.

The Mike McCann Team

Renowned for their deep understanding of their local real estate landscape, The Mike McCann Team has earned accolades for their sales prowess. Clients trust them for their reliability and the high level of service they provide at every stage of the transaction.

Lucido Agency

Lucido Agency excels through a combination of innovative marketing strategies and a steadfast commitment to client satisfaction. They have not only met but exceeded sales expectations, becoming a juggernaut in the industry.

The success of these teams reflects the dynamism and potential for outstanding achievement in the US real estate market. Their stories inspire others aiming for similar success and confirm that strategic planning, dedication, and client focus can lead to remarkable results.

The Lion League

The Lion League is the premier revenue share group at the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the world eXp. Agents at the Lion League enjoy additional benefits such as private trainings, masterminds, coaching, tools, and systems completely for free above and beyond the eXp business model.

As one of the top real estate teams at the fastest growing brokerage ever, agents who have partnered with the Lion League have enjoyed tremendous success regardless of their experience in real estate. From brand new agents to those who have been in real estate for the past 30 years, real estate agents have found success in their business and as a result their personal lives by associating with the Lion League at eXp.

Real Estate Career and Agent Development

A bustling real estate office with agents collaborating, phone lines ringing, and charts displaying the top 50 teams in the US by sales volume

In the competitive real estate industry, agent development is pivotal. Successful top real estate teams often attribute their high sales volume to the growth and training of their agents.

Growing as a Real Estate Professional

To excel in a real estate career, individual agents must continuously hone their skills and market knowledge. Licensed realtors benefit from understanding the latest trends, technologies, and regulations within the industry. They must be adept in various aspects such as:

  • Negotiation: Sharpening negotiation skills can lead to more favorable deals for clients.
  • Marketing: Utilizing both traditional and digital marketing channels effectively.
  • Legal Knowledge: Staying updated on real estate law to ensure compliance in transactions.

Real estate agents should take advantage of continuing education opportunities. This might include attending workshops, webinars, and industry conferences geared toward professional growth.

The Role of Mentorship and Training

Mentorship and training are essential for developing knowledgeable and confident real estate agents. Mentorship provides newer agents access to experienced realtors who can offer guidance on navigating complex deals and client relationships. Training, on the other hand, equips agents with the necessary tools to succeed in their roles.

Key components of effective training include:

  • Sales Techniques: Learning innovative sales strategies to boost performance.
  • Client Management: Building long-term relationships with clients through excellent service.
  • Technology: Understanding the use of real estate CRM and other technologies for efficient operations.

Teams that invest in comprehensive training and mentorship programs often see a positive impact on their sales volume, as agents are better prepared to meet the demands of the real estate market.

Utilizing Technology and Innovation

A modern office with agents using digital tools, charts, and graphs. A team collaboration on innovative real estate strategies

The top real estate teams in the US have embraced cutting-edge technology and innovative resources to maintain their dominance in sales volume. They utilize these tools for improved data analysis and enhanced customer relationships.

Leveraging Big Data

Big Data serves as the backbone for real estate businesses looking to thrive in an increasingly competitive market. It provides a substantial resource in understanding market trends, predicting consumer behavior, and sharpening investment strategies. For instance, the Robert Slack Team employs an expansive database of over 400 agents, contributing to their near billion-dollar sales volume. By analyzing vast amounts of data, real estate teams can identify lucrative building opportunities and optimize portfolio performance.

Customer Relationship Management Tools

Effective use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools is a hallmark of top-tier real estate teams. These teams leverage CRMs to track client interactions, manage leads, and ensure seamless communication throughout the buying or selling process.

The Future of Real Estate Teams

A futuristic cityscape with sleek, high-rise buildings and advanced technology integrated into the architecture. The skyline is dotted with the top 50 real estate team logos

The dynamics of real estate teams are evolving with the changing landscape of the property market, influenced by technological advancements and shifts in consumer expectations. Top real estate teams are leveraging insights from data analytics and new sales strategies to position themselves effectively in a competitive environment.

Predicting Market Trends

Real estate teams that consistently rank as the top performers understand the importance of predicting market trends. They invest in advanced data analysis tools to interpret market signals and forecast future activities. By analyzing economic indicators and demographic shifts, these teams anticipate changes in housing demands and tailor their strategies accordingly.

Adapting to Consumer Behavior

The success of real estate teams is increasingly tied to their ability to adapt to consumer behavior. With the rise of digital platforms, consumers have greater access to property listings and market information. Top real estate teams respond to this by enhancing their online presence and utilizing customer relationship management systems to provide personalized experiences. They are also adopting mobile technologies to ensure they can meet their clients’ needs promptly and efficiently.

Real estate experts suggest that the future of real estate teams will likely emphasize specialized roles within the team structure, allowing each member to focus on their strengths, from lead generation to closing deals. The current trajectory shows that teams who are adaptive and tech-savvy will continue to thrive in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

Shifting to New Models

Lastly, as we see changes emerge in the real estate industry, real estate teams are beginning to shift to new models to create more symbiotic relationships with their agents and the clients they serve. Revenue sharing models at forward thinking global independent brokerages have allowed team leaders to retain more of their top agents by providing the agents with more opportunities such as the ability to build a team themselves.

As we move forward in the real estate industry, it is important for team leaders and agents to explore these new opportunities and models. To learn more about how you can partner with one of the top real estate teams at the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the world today, click the button below to learn more about how we are helping both agents and team leaders alike at the Lion League revenue share group at eXp!

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