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The Truth About Joining eXp Realty as a New Agent

The Truth About Joining eXp Realty as a New Agent

I came to eXp Realty as a new, part time agent. In my second year I hit six figures PART time. In my third year I left my cushy 8-5 government job and went into real estate full time! But, this will not be everyone’s story. While there are many incredible benefits at eXp Realty, the truth is that eXp Realty is not always the right fit to start at for some new agents. I may be the only eXp agent to admit this fact, but I believe in the value of being honest – this is the right way to help others succeed.

So, should new real estate agents join eXp Realty? Let’s talk about it.

Question mark symbolizing raising the question: should you join eXp realty as a new agent?


Should you join eXp realty as a new agent?

If This is You, You Should Be at eXp:

All these people have completely clear value and monetary benefits by joining eXp Realty (whether they realize it yet or not):

  • Real estate agents with even a little experience
  • Team leads or agents wanting to build scalable teams
  • Part time agents / agents wanting to transition on their own terms
  • Top producers
  • Luxury agents
  • Commercial agents
  • Investor agents
  • Broker/Owners
  • Agents wanting cash flow, retirement, healthcare, and/or ownership/equity

After starting and spending years at eXp, I’m completely certain that ALL of these agents should be at eXp Realty, and if you don’t understand why, simply reach out and we’ll show you – and then you can decide for yourself!

But there is a category that is missing from the list above of agents who without a doubt should be at eXp, and that’s new real estate agents.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of eXp Realty as a new real estate agent.

Pros of eXp Realty as a New Agent

  • Maximize profit from the start: 80-100% commission and low $16K cap.
  • eXpand mentorship program: New agents assigned a local mentor for first three transactions (more about the mentorship program). And if you don’t like your mentor, you can always get reassigned.
  • 80+ Hours a Week of Live training from top national agents: With eXp World and Workplace, agents can take training hand selected from the top agents in the 83,000+ company and collaborate with them on a daily basis.
  • Sponsorship Team Support: the right Sponsor can catapult your success as a new agent at eXp by providing coaching, mentorship, resources, courses, tools, training, advice, and masterminds above and beyond all the value already provided at eXp.
  • Powerful CRM with lead generation: kvCORE is included, which provides website linked to local MLS, free and paid lead generation tools, customer management, marketing automation, drip campaigns, etc.
  • Accessible support staff: Hundreds of staff members including broker, admin, finance, IT, legal, contracts – are immediately accessible in multiple ways!
  • Time and location flexibility: Agents can train and get support from anywhere, without having to commute, schedule, or waste time.
  • Best option for part timers: So many Realtors start part time – for good reason: you don’t know whether you will be successful. If you need the option to work, train, and get support part time, or transition to real estate on your own terms, this is the place!
  • Join a team: New agents have the option to join local eXp agent teams, but that brings me to the cons…

Cons of eXp Realty as a New Agent

  • Mentor matching isn’t perfect: Sometimes it takes a while to get a new agent matched up with a the perfect local mentor. Luckily, you can get reassigned if you want!
  • Teams aren’t always available: If you want to join an agent team and there isn’t one yet in your area (we can search for you), then you have two options: go elsewhere or build your own team (my team lead built a successful team as a new agent!).
  • No office-based support (usually): While some brokerages that come to eXp keep an office, it isn’t common as we don’t pay office overhead. If you need a space, eXp provides free access to shared Regus workspaces.
  • Sponsor support varies – Your sponsor choice MATTERS. They should be the agent that most influenced you to join eXp BY SHOWING YOU that they will provide value and direct support forever. Learn more!

How to Succeeded as a New Agent at eXp Realty (or anywhere!)

You only need three things to be successful as a real estate agent – take this in because this will be true for ANY brokerage you end up at:

  1. Hustle
  2. Mentorship
  3. Education

Let’s break this down, because it is so important:

Be Willing to Constantly Hustle

It doesn’t matter where you’re brokered at. You as a real estate agent are running your OWN business. If you aren’t willing to put in work, hustle, go get the training and education you need, build your social media presence, and go work every possible lead, then it is going to be tough to succeed. Getting licensed is the EASY part.


You need to be willing to actually put in the work as a real estate agent.

You have to be willing to take matters into your own hands, to take the initiative, and be willing to hustle. Be someone who goes out and SEEKS the help, support, mentorship, tools, and training that is provided to you. 


Simply joining eXp realty as a new agent doesn’t guarantee your own success or failure, your own work ethic does. Agents with hustle are INCREDIBLY successful anywhere they end up at. And if you have hustle, you can easily succeed as a new agent at eXp Realty.

Find the Right Mentorship

It doesn’t matter HOW much hustle you have if you don’t have someone you can go to with questions as a new agent. Yes, at eXp you have a sponsor that can also point you in the right direction. But your local mentor is the person that will give you the one on one you need to succeed.

Once you join eXp realty as a new agent, you will be paired up with a local certified mentor, that is the person that you will get the most guidance from as an agent. You may not need to follow your mentor around in person, but you might want that option. That’s why a mentor is important for EVERY new agent!

As sponsors at eXp, we like to match new agents up with mentors in their areas so they know exactly what kind of support they are going to get. That way we can guarantee that you have a higher chance at being successful immediately!

Put Your Education First

You have to have two things when it comes to education:

  • A drive to get educated – the amount of education a brokerage provides only matters if you take advantage of it!
  • Access to the best possible education – like live training from top agents in the nation!

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. Ben Franklin

Great trainings only come in handy when you are willingly attending them and trying to get the most out of every session. A great class means nothing if the person attending is zoned out and has no desire to learn.

Combine a desire to learn with top notch training and you are well on your way to become a successful real estate entrepreneur!

So, Should New Real Estate Agents Join eXp Realty? It depends on your hustle factor!

Not all brand new agents with no experience will do well at eXp Realty right away. But anyone with enough hustle can succeed here!

Whether they start at eXp Realty or not, many agents will likely come to eXp in time due to the overall value, especially for agents with experience. Our growth is astronomical, so statistically speaking it’s only a matter of time.

If you have hustle, and are good with the cons I described above for new agents, then you will do just fine at eXp realty as a new agent – especially if you have the added value and support of a great sponsor!

Should new real estate agents join eXp Realty? The choice is yours, but it is definitely worth comparing to other brokerages available in your market.

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