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What CRM does eXp Realty Use? 5 KVCore Benefits

what crm does eXp realty use
What Crm Does eXp Realty Use?

Real estate agents around the world have heard of eXp Realty as the first ever agent-owned cloud brokerage in history. eXp has grown to become the fastest growing real estate company in North America and it is all due to the revolutionary eXp Model. As a cloud-based brokerage, eXp does not own any brick and mortar locations allowing the real estate brokerage to give eXp agents ownership in company stock, passive income through the revenue share program, and a fair commission split.

The eXp model has changed the real estate industry and real estate professionals around the globe are rushing to partner with the brokerage from new agents, to team leader and brokers, and the most elite agent in some markets as well.

Many agents are familiar with certain components of the eXp model such as the monthly fee, virtual office system, and eXp’s proprietary back office system eXp enterprise. What many agents don’t know is that as an eXp Realty agent, you also get access to world-class lead generation tools and a top CRM platform to help you generate quality leads and close more real estate transactions.

In this article, we will answer the question “what CRM does eXp Realty use?” and explain the 5 top benefits of eXp Realty’s CRM platform. Whether if you are a first year agent looking to close your first transaction or a top agent looking to grow your business to the next level, eXp’s CRM will help you upgrade your real estate game.

What CRM Does eXp Realty Use?

What Crm does eXp Realty use?

This is a question that a lot of agents want to know the answer to before joining eXp.

eXp is partnered with a company called Inside Real Estate and offer the KVCore CRM and lead generation platform to their agents as a part of the $85 monthly fee at no additional cost.

Because eXp’s CRM is not proprietary to the company we can easily compare what it would take for a normal agent to get KVCore vs getting KVCore at eXp.

KVCore costs agents a $1500 set up fee and at least $300 every month ongoing as long as the agent want to use the platform on the “open market”. At eXp Realty, agents get access to KVCore for only $85 a month with no additional charges as a part of a “group discount”.

This is a huge benefit for agents because now you can have access to a world class CRM system without having to invest a ton of money for it every month by simply joining eXp.

On top of receiving access to a package of free business cards, exclusive training from top-producing agents, ownership opportunities in eXp World Holdings, and revenue share, agents at eXp also get discounted access to a world class CRM!

KVCore offers agents one of the top CRMs in the country and there are many reasons to use the KVCore CRM at eXp. Here are the 5 benefits of the KVCore CRM.

5 Benefits of KVCore CRM

  1. You OWN The Leads
  2. Bulk Upload Contacts
  3. Automated Follow-Up
  4. Pre-Existing Drip Campaigns
  5. Campaign Sharing

1) You Own The Leads

real estate professionals

One of the first benefits of KVCore CRM is that you actually own all of your leads instead of the brokerage.

A big concern for many agents when it comes to using a CRM provided by a brokerage is that the brokerage will end up owning those leads and contacts after the agent decides to leave the brokerage.

This creates a bad situation for the agents because in most cases, the brokerage will then immediately start contacting YOUR leads and competing with you to turn those leads into clients of their own.

At eXp Realty, you have access to the KVCore CRM, since KVCore is NOT owned by eXp, you can enter your contacts into the KVCore CRM without any fears or concerns that eXp will end up owning those leads. By using the KVCore CRM, you can be sure that you will have full 100% ownership of all of your leads and contacts and that the brokerage will not compete with you if you decide to leave at any point.

This also means that you can easily download and transfer your leads’ contact info from KVCore at any point whether if you want to switch CRMs or change brokerages. By using the KVCore CRM you have full control and ownership of your leads that you worked to generate.

2) Bulk Upload Contacts

The second benefit of the KVCore CRM is that you are able to bulk upload and download your contacts into and out of the platform with ease.

Many agents have concerns about switching CRMs or using a new one simply because they don’t know whether or not they can easily transfer their leads’ contact info into a new CRM without having to input them manually.

Luckily for eXp agents, KVCore actually has a function where the system will automatically bulk upload your contacts from a spreadsheet into their CRM platform FOR YOU if you choose to do so FOR FREE.

This means that you can simply provide KVCore with a spreadsheet of all of your current leads and the vital information that you have such as their phone number, email, address, and name. And then KVCore will automatically help you upload those leads and their contact info into the CRM with the correct labels so that you can easily filter and work your contacts.

The ability to bulk upload contact information of your leads is a huge time saver for agents and makes it very easy for agents even those with big databases to transition from their current CRM to the KVCore platform if they choose to do so after joining eXp.

3) Automated Follow-Up

The 3rd benefit of the KVCore CRM for real estate agents is that it can automatically follow up with your lead for you periodically through automated emails and text messages.

By using the KVCore CRM, you can automatically link your email and phone number with the platform and set up automated drip campaigns that follows up with your leads as you on set days and times.

This means that you will be able to automate a big portion of your follow up through the KVCore CRM and save time in your day instead of spending the time to follow up with your leads manually every day. With KVCore, you will not have to worry about losing your leads or clients due to lack of follow-up because the platform will help you automatically follow up with your clients even on days when you don’t feel like it!

Not only is this a big time saver for agents, it can also help increase your conversion rates. Having an automatic follow up drip campaign for your clients will allow you to build rapport with them even when you are out generating new leads, showing homes, going on appointments, etc.

This means that when a new lead comes into your CRM (through a yard sign, facebook ads, etc.) you won’t need to rush to your phone to respond to that lead because they will automatically go into your KVCore CRM and KVCore will send them the appropriate message automatically.

4) Pre-Existing Drip Campaigns

The 4th benefit of KVCore CRM is the fact that you have access to pre-existing drip campaigns the moment you sign up to the platform and can begin using it instantly.

KVCore has an entire library of pre-built drip campaigns that you can use to follow up with your clients without even having to build those campaigns yourself. All you need to do is simply match the right campaign to the right lead and KVCore will start automatically following up with that lead using a pre-built campaign.

KVCore’s pre-built drip campaigns last up to 720 days, meaning that you can have your leads automatically followed up on your behalf for 2 years if you wanted to!

Having access to existing and pre-built campaigns means that agents do not need to spend countless hours working on developing their own drip campaign just so they can begin using the benefits of the KVCore CRM platform. Agents using KVCore can plug into the system on day one and start leveraging the platform immediately by simply using the drip campaigns KVCore already provides!

5) Campaign Sharing

Lastly, the 5th benefit of KVCore CRM is that you can actually share custom made drip campaigns with other agents if you wish.

On top of the pre-built campaigns inside the KVCore system, agents can build their own custom campaigns and tailor it to their market, their lead, and their own style. But not only can you create your own custom campaigns on KVCore, you can actually share them with other agents whenever you choose using a simple process.

Each custom made KVCore campaign has a “campaign token”. A campaign token can be copied and shared with other agents who also have access to KVCore so that they can copy and clone an existing campaign from someone else’s KVCore into their own KVCore platform.

All they would need to do is copy the campaign token and paste it in a designated area of the KVCore Smart CRM area of the back office to clone an entire campaign into their CRM.

Campaign sharing makes it easy for agents with teams and partners to share campaigns that they have created and customized with their team members and agent partners so that they can create and give their agents an added benefit for being on their team.

Another more “hidden” benefit of campaign sharing on KVCore is the fact that many successful agents are actually able to monetize their success within the real estate industry by selling the campaigns that they have created and used to success to other agents in the industry to create a second of third stream of income.

Join eXp to Experience the Benefits of KVCore for Only $85/Month!

Now that you know the answer to the question “what Crm does eXp Realty use?” and the benefits of the KVCore CRM, it is time to take action and experience the CRM for yourself by joining eXp for only $85/month!

On top of world class CRM, Kvcore also gives agents their own IDX website that they can use to generate leads through creating squeeze and landing pages to capture lead information!

Want to learn more about the benefits of KVCore at eXp? Click below to book a call to see how you can get KVCore for only $85 a month at eXp!

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